3rd Legendary (UPD)

I’m hoping more details leak soon so I can report them to you!  I will be vigilante!  I really want to see this beast.  And since Gen V main legendaries seem to have super powered tails… I wonder how they’ll work that in for an ice type :s

*Disclaimer: Information contained in this post has not yet been verified by Nintendo.


I’d like to offer an apology because apparently there is a small group of users who feel like I “sold” information because I promised to reveal the 3rd legendary’s typing at the end of the day IF we met my fundraising goal.  That was not the case.  I was going to reveal it regardless and once I saw that there might be some confusion I put that right in the post itself.  I feel that my fans and I have a very deep understanding of each other and I only have the utmost respect for the visitors of my site.  If I didn’t I wouldn’t take the time to write out a heartfelt note of regret about how my actions may have been perceived.  With hosting + upgrading forums + covering bandwidth for this month my costs will exceed $400.  That is the only reason I turned to my fans in the first place.  I hope that all hatchets can be buried 🙂  If for any reason you want your donation back because of this just ask.  I am a reasonable person and this site is a labor of love for me born out of my interest in pokemon and desire to create a website that differs from it’s peers.

<3 pokejungle

ps- Sorry Serebii!  I’ll give you what I know <3  Oh and I hope no one thought I really wouldn’t tell you the typing if I didn’t reach $200 @[email protected];  By latest count we are at $165 so… $35 more dollars to go!!

pps- Perfect score from Famitsu has been confirmed.  It looks like all 4 editors chose Pokemon as their ‘Best Pick’ as well (from what I can read).

      1. Just cause it came from there doesn’t mean it’s real 😛 but i like it,
        In your opinion, how reputable is Pokexperto?

          1. i trust you 100 percent PJ. also i have wanted to say this for a while but i love your site compared to others mainly because the people here are more down the earth.

      2. That means “In my mind”…

        You just used this to get money for your site.

        However, I still believe you.

          1. true, although that encouraged them.
            I would donate but i donèt have a job and have no money to spare.

          2. They donated after being tempted. Again, Paul, I have nothing but respect and admiration for you and your work on this site and the unique community it has– but today’s events have left a slightly sour taste in my mouth

          3. John get over it running a site is sorta expensive and most sites have a donation feature, that Paul waited for so long before actually saying something about it or posting it is awesome and shows that there is an obvious need for the money so…yea and have some soup 🙂

          4. It’s called a DONATION for a reason, meaning you have choice in the matter. Pokejungle wasn’t demanding money for the information (information you would find out in 6 days anyways) she was just saying if she got enough money she would reveal some more info out of gratitude. Get off your high horse and if you don’t want to donate, then don’t.

  1. Interesting… Makes me wonder if that list of types and numbers is also right seeing as it said the third legendary would be this type.


      1. I agree, almost all of their info is fake. Just wanted to show what it could possibly look like :]

        1. Sorry for the double post, but I do believe this to be more legitimate than some of the other info on that site. I have actually seen this image twice, it has been described by two different people, with the same description. The pokemon also follows the design of the powerful tail, with icicles and snow coming out of the back of it. I can’t absolutely confirm it, but this pokemon has a very good chance of being real. You don’t have to take my word for it, but you’ll see on the 18th :>

        2. Please, please, please don’t tell me you actually think that… abomination could actually be real? There’s no way in hell. It’s so poorly designed, and even if it was fanart depiction, the third member to the trio won’t have three heads.

  2. The third legendary being Dragon/Ice would be awesome~! And I would like to see what they’d do with its tail, since apparently Game Freak has a little fetish for super powered butts. :B

  3. Anyway, disappointed with typing , but should be an interesting poke xD

    What i generally dont like about the newer legedaries is that they dont have the simplicity of the old ones

    The newer ones are mostly about looking all uber and superstrong

    Its kinda like dragonball stopped being fun when goku came up to like ultra saiyan xD

    But i must admit those tails are pretty damn sweet, and in the trailer where you see them moving animated, they convinced me so much more

  4. I wonder what color it will be since it will be plastered on the 3rd genV pokemon game box art. Purple? or Gray? Also would it be uniformly one color like Reshirom and Zekrom or have a wider palate.

    Thnks PJ, wish I could help w a donation but I’m unemployed 🙁

  5. Pokejungle I just got word that there are 3 secret pokemon set to return in Black and white more info will be released on the 10th of this month is a special book called Pokemon Pia

  6. I thought of Fighting/Dragon is more resonable cuz that will make the trio like energy source legendaries…..

    Fighting represent the kinetic energy…..
    and tbh i was suprised 🙁 i rly wanted legendary fighting pokemon….

    but thanks for the info Pokejungle 🙂

  7. PokeJungle did NOT use info for money, we all love this site<3, so people donated, & he would've revealed it anyway, like it says in the post.

  8. HEY PJ! I have an idea, a wonderful idea. Why dont you use your secret source to either prove or disprove PxP as a troll, so we can nuke his site with fan filled RAEG! How about it?

  9. lmao
    big surprise here.

    also, i keep getting errors when trying to access this site, is this just me?

      1. it happens every single time i try >_<
        and to add to that, my internet security is saying deviantART is a dangerous place..
        but 4chan and 2ch are perfectly fine.

  10. Well I believe this 3rd legendaries is likely but could also NOT be possible, after all, Pokemon Black and White are much different from the previous generations. So the 3rd game could just have the two beings in it, not a 3rd one, just a little food for your mind!

  11. lol it IS like kanto’s birds but with dragon typing. so far….. I like it and I’m not even into dragons o_0 but ya I specualted this with the rest of the fandom of it being ice MAINLY BECAUSE I subconciously connected the typing pattern mirroring that to the kanto birds

    1. I wonder if this was actually planned by nintendo. I guess we’ll see more relations as more info comes out and the 6th region, if there is one : P

  12. The first legendary is white. The second is black. Ok, these are the names of the games. But what color the third legendary will be?

    1. i personally think a nice red or gray color would go nicely with the typical “white of snow”.
      but that’s just me personally~

      so Scarlet/Gray?
      who knows~

        1. i wouldn’t be surprised.
          but i don’t think a rainbow colored thing that blasts snow seems like something that would actually happen.
          after all, we already have Ho-Oh, the supposed “rainbow pokemon”

          plus, it seems to make more sense if they’re going for a grayscale-ish type of theme this time around
          [all of this is IMO]

    2. Maybe as Symphonic Muffin said, but I think somewhat chrystaline or something w colors reflecting from it, they’ll call the third game Pokemon Spectrum like the electromagnetic spectrum of light that we can see. It will be made into the official pet pokemon of the LGBT community, lol j/k on the last part XD

  13. On unrelated news. Pokemon black/white has received a perfect score from Famitsu who seems to be giving them away like candy lately. Not that I’m doubting the quality of these games 😉

  14. 1) probably a ice machine for a tail. They will combine just like in the first ‘pokemon special’ manga with articuno zapdos moltres and form…
    Mega Ultra Slushie DRAGONNNN

  15. Pokejungle im ur biggest fan in the whole world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ur like…MY IDOL
    I wanna write about u and publish it :3

      1. I am pokejungle, I follow this site every day, i check it every morning before school xDDDD i like the blog style

        1. Sorry, I’M his biggest fan. Fuck, if he didn’t have a boyfriend, I’d stalk him.

          …just kidding about that last part, PJ. You’re really nice, though. I enjoy this website thoroughly and I really would like to meet you in person and talk about Pokemon.

          What’s funny is that you were actually recently IN Chicago, which I live near. I guess I missed my chance, huh? Ah, well. I’m still following this site and I really do enjoy it. I like how you post rumors to get the hype up, but make sure that people don’t take it seriously. I respect that. Keep up the great work, PJ! 🙂

          1. I guess I’ll take that as a compliment 🙂 I’m in Chicago a lot frankly so maybe sometime! Might be there again yet this month. :p

            Thanks <3

    1. Please tell me I’m not the only one who thought of Stephen King’s “Misery” when this was said… :S

      1. Well it does have a good base.
        It needs to serve as a Wuji for Yin and Yang, it serves as the container for the two and keeps them at peace.

  16. This makes me sick, your “fans”? im sorry adam lambert how can you call people ur “fans” excuse me mr clay aiken that means you think of yourself as superior to the readers of this site why don’t you call your “fans” pokepals? that seems original and nicer

    1. …you have been trolling my site all day 😐 Last warning. IP addresses are tracked so even if you switch your name I still know exactly who is writing what.

      1. Lol, trolls make me laugh. Sit in ya computer and trololololol until you provoke someone.

        In defense of pokejungle, if one follows a site they ARE A FAN. Pokepal is something close friends call one another, as in a club or so. And if you think that’s MEAN, they you obviously hang around with the wrong sites. What else do ya think pokejungle has to call his readers? YOU DERPDERP.

        Sorry, felt the need to point this out ^.^;

        1. xD I’ve heard certain Pokemon been called “Derp” or even characters, but never have I seen someone call a troll a derp.

          Hahaaa. I am now pleased for the day with your comment. (:

  17. I just had a revolation if the starter final evos are real perhaps mijumarus final form walks like how its picture looks but when it battles it stands up on its hind legs so Im see Mijumaru’s line up still being Water/Fighting, Pokabu’s line up being Fire/Steel, and tustaja line up being Grass/Poison

        1. hmmm now that i look i kinda see that. i guess we will find out in a couple weeks then. either way i am most likely picking pokabu.

      1. I thought you had a difference source…so it came from that website? all the news released in the last couple days came from this one website..

        I sort of believe him though..his site looks established..it would be foolish to post all of these fake crap unless he is planning to abandon his website or something. lol

  18. Gen 5 Legendary Pokemon: Ice, Thunder, and Fire? Sounds a little like the Gen 1 legendary birds: Arcticuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. I believe this generation of Pokemon is taking the “best” elements of the previous generations and putting a twist on them. They’re finally going back to their roots.

          1. squirtle squirtle squir.. what the F***

            I think thats how one of the pokemon robot chicken episodes go, it had squirtle and pikachu and squirtle was freaking out about saying that word over and over again.

    1. You know you’re right.
      Though the only odd thing about this is that this last dragon isn’t a type opposite for Giratina as the others are type opposites to Dialga and Palkia. These guys have to have some sort of connection to Arceus or at least the last Dragon trio.

        1. just some user on bulbapedia, and a member of the forums, I see yah around from time to time, I also think your on my friends list, whatev

          1. Ah, I see Bulbapedia users are spread everywhere, garnering info for the predictions thread XD

            Liking this site in particular, though : )

        2. -Le gasp- You don’t know Kalishnakov, Ryuu? Everyone knows Kalishnakov at BMGF. You know, Myth Busted? Dancing Walrus as Jamie.

  19. “I guess I’ll take that as a compliment 🙂 I’m in Chicago a lot frankly so maybe sometime! Might be there again yet this month. :p

    Thanks <3"

    No problem! Maybe when we both get imported copies, we can learn Japanese together! xD

    Again, joking about that last part, as I assume you know it based on being able to translate stuff yourself. I'd love to have you teach me, though! :3

    But really, being able to play imported copies together would be quite fun, I'd think.

  20. Dude Pokejungle I hope you aren’t taking too much crap from people about holding the typing of the new legendary “hostage” or anything. I support ya bro and I knew you’d tell us anyway haha. I promise I’ll help you out if my college money comes in tomorrow. No doubt.

  21. So is this a parody of all the “MY SOURCE SEYZ” that’s been plaguing the fandom for the past couple days

  22. omg omg pj i thought you were a girl im so sorry plz forgive me ;_;

    anyway im getting anxiety since the games come out in 10 days =(

  23. All 10’s are rare in a Nintendo(GameFreak) game(yeah sorry guys famitsu is a biased magazine)
    Good news though. I’m liking B/W a lot and the only thing thats upseting me is the rumor about IV”s and stuff. Oh well even if it’s true I’ll get through it:)

  24. Cool. I’m confused by how the typings will relate to the story, well it doesn’t really have to i guess looking at Dialga and Palkia’s typings and then them relating to time and space.

    Thanks for your info <3

    1. It most likely has to deal with Nature Vs Technology, being free vs imprisonment.
      I believe it concerns N and his rumored brother S, and their opposing views and N’s growth and discovering the wrongfulness of both their views.

      1. Team Plasma reminds me of an animal protection group. The costume for the remind me of that one group…

        GF is such a daredevil:)

  25. I’ve been thinking about what could be the color for the Ice legendary.
    Rainbow color is quite plausable.
    We have Black and White, Black as absence of light (ironic, it makes light like TRON), White which is light.
    The rainbow has effects from these two forms of light, Black absorbs, and White reflects.
    The only trouble with this theory even though Aurora could easily be caused by this guy (yes I know Deoxys does it too for communication), is that White begets rainbow through a prism. Then again we could have a Pokemon that is responsible for summoning said legendary that serves as a prism. Like Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie in Sinnoh, it could be roaming.

    1. I don’t know a whole lot about this but I heard something red goes with yin and yang so that’s a possible color too.

      1. But also think in terms of multiple opposing elements, Zekrom and Reshiram.
        White vs Black (obvious)
        Nature Vs. Tech
        Soft vs. Hard (material)
        Tiger vs Dragon (popular yin yang bases)

        However, one opposite contradicts a legend, within Feng-shui.
        In terms of elements, Tiger (Reshiram) would be Metal and Dragon (Zekrom) would be Wood. Zekrom in Feng shui would be green.
        The boxart supports the concept of Yin yang in the way of containing the opposite’s color.
        Here’s more fun yin yang facts- http://feng-shui.lovetoknow.com/Yin_Yang_Dragons

        Ice would stop the aggression between the two.
        Red is associated with Yin and Yang only in Taijitu shuo.

        This will give you ideas- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yin_yang

        1. While what you say is true, I don’t see how that would rule out the possibility of the third dragon being red. Atleast there’s SOME relation to yin yang unlike rainbow. :V

        2. So what you’re saying is we have another rayquaza on our hands? I would be pretty dissapointed if the conclusion is that Ice/Dragon appears and Zek and resh are all calming down and stuff, that’s exactly the same thing that happened in emerald.

          1. It’s true, because according to Ruby and Sapphire, both Groudon and Kyogre are capable of creating a cohesive whole. Groudon can create lava and Kyogre can cool the lava to create land.

  26. I doubt it’d have a snow tail like lots of people are assuming. It’d more or less have to be some sort of plasma, and the only plasma related to ice in any way (afaik) is an aurora.

      All three concern with Plasma!!!
      The inspiration for Team Plasma’s namesake.

      1. That’s not what I said. I said if any sort of plasma is related to ice, that would be an aurora, so that’s the most likely thing for its tail to produce.

  27. hope the ice dragon learns psychic and EARTHQUAKE, cause it is 2x weak against fighting, 2x weak against steel, 2x weak against rock, like dialga, normal damage from fire, like palkia, normal damage from dragon and i hope this pokemon is a chinese dragon as zekrom=european dragon and finally reshiram=wyvern & i hope sugimori does a wicked design of this pokemon.

  28. Thanks PJ =D
    I would donate but alas, im a bit too young 🙂

    Either way, I respect this site 100 fold more than Pokebeach. I’m sorry but WPM is freaking douche. People are able to express their opinions no matter what, and it isn’t helping that he’s copying all his information straight from Serebii. When has he ever been the first to reveal information? Once! And PJ defended him. Now he’s slandering people who even mention PJ? Two-faced dickhead. He sounds like the biggest dweeb. >.>

    Sorry for the rant but PJ <3
    I used to check serebii first for information, but your site the past couple of months… I believe is much more friendly and reliable. And if I were able to donate I would.. 🙁

  29. When I saw the typings of the legendaries being fire and electric, I already saw how everyone would be saying the third is obviously Ice. This comes from the made up idea of people who don’t dig into small details (ie the majority), that Ice, Electric, Fire is the most usual/common legendary type combination.

    I had several points which put the odds for Dragon/Ice near zero, some of them being:
    -no legendary type trio has ever been repeated
    -there is a system/pattern behind the chosen types for each generation (I can elaborate on that sometime if anyone wants me to)
    –these legendaries are breaking the pattern completely if they turn out to 3 equal legends
    -their primary types are Dragon, unlike with what we saw in gen IV (Water/Dragon,Steel/Dragon,Ghost/Dragon.. these 2 are Dragon/fire & Dragon/Electric, not the other way around)

    all these point to the 2 big guys as being totally unrelated (to other) legendaries (the other ones that dont fit in anywhere till now were Groudon and Kyogre*)

    and include that Gamefreak is (at least to me it seems like that) intentionally unpredictable

    so maybe there will be a third equal legend, but they would still be something we havent seen before. But if this third one turned out to be Ice, it would make no sense as to why they would want to do this, it would feel really unoriginal and like some random fan decided that with 0 thought behind. As I said though, GF might again just be messing with everyone by doing unexpected things.

    *Note about Groudon/Kyogre
    unexpected types, they have a bigger bro in Rayquaza, which is superior to them(anti-ability,a 2nd type, 3 color patterns instead of 1, better stats etc), hence they are not a trio, TBS of 670, which was totally new and has no relation to your common 580 legendary….

    1. GameFreak is always messing with our brains. you’ll think it’s ice, but then maybe they’ll go creative, but then again they may want us to think that etc.etc.etc.

      Rayquaza may have better stats, but weaker than kyogre( yeah I know that’s not your point, just a little ranting) because he gets easily killed by Ice from other legendary, I think he can stand some Ice moves from pokemon. But hey, that’s why the focus sash was made:)

    2. ‘This comes from the made up idea of people who don’t dig into small details (ie the majority), that Ice, Electric, Fire is the most usual/common legendary type combination.’

      What? Fire/Electric/Ice trio for legends has only happened once before. What do you mean “Most usual/common”?

      1. Read again.
        or short version:
        “this comes from the MADE UP IDEA that Ice/Electric/Fire is the most common type combination”
        So that’s exactly what I was pointing out – it just happened once, like the rest of them.

  30. According to 2chan, secondary Kanto starters trait:
    -Bulbasaur: Toxic Point
    -Charmander: Flame Body
    -Squirtle: Shell Armor

    Let´s wait for the Eeveelutions. I want to know Flareon´s second trait.

  31. Dont any of u guys think the skeleton dragon in the black and white trailer(where team plasma are with a dragon skeleton and theres flashing lights everywhere)is the 3rd dragons fossil?

    1. I still say that skeleton represents both Reshiram and Zekrom like the statue in Eterna.
      Or it could just be a Dragonite/generic dragon skeleton and they need the skull of a dragon to resurrect Reshi/Zek or something like that.

  32. Your comments are a nice read before school 🙂 I like Yannapu evo.

    Can you also imagine the third legendary like crystal and spectrum coming from behind it bed reflecting out on the box art? So crystaline works. Rainbow sounds too childish compared to black and white.

      1. Well if the 3rd legendary ends up being the membrany 3 headed dragon thing then i would expect Pokemon Prismatic. That sounds cool.

        Someone way earlier mentioned Scarlet, which would be a nice throwback to Red.

        But most likely, its going to be Grey/Gray or maybe Chrome

  33. I was thinking it could be black and white or grey. Y’know, something no one expects. Cuz Reshiram and Zekrom look NOTHING like their types. XD

  34. Melkor updated again:
    “Uhm, some people say the heart is the nose. That could very well be the case with Koromori Evo. Ok, heart thing in the middle of the face =P”
    “529: Moguryuu, 530: Doryuuzu, 531 Tabunne, 532 …”
    Tabunne evo incoming?

    1. I thought it was the nose straight from first glance.. The little tufts to the sides of it are covering it’s eyes. Plus it’s a bat so it locates by hearing

  35. Hiro SUPPOSEDLY did a fake battle screen of it. Looks like that is either HG or SS’s battle screen isnt it? The background and HP boxs and stuff. So he took the effort of putting the sprites on a fake screen and either haxxored it into his game, or faked a picture of him holding the DS playing the game? RIGHT….

  36. I’m not liking this pokemon-by-pokemon reveal (as many have said). He’s just spoiling it for everyone else. I think the worst thing is the pictures he’s putting up showing us what they ‘could’ look like. It would be a lot better if he just gave us types, and not full-blown images etc. At least keep it a semi-surprise. Plus just giving types gave us better (and more intelligent 😛 ) discussions than “omg that chiseled happiny looks awful” lol.
    Ah well, only a week and a bit to go! yippee 😀
    oh and good news about the famitsu rating/3rd legendary. At least they’re giving us new type combinations in that department…

  37. if you dont want spoilers then dont come here. Simple as that. A majority of the community enjoys spoiling the game in its entirety before playing it, myself included. Theres nothing wrong with finding out the pokemon *shudder* a week before the game comes out in japan.

  38. Quite unrelated to this thread, but BlueSky states that Isshu region is based on Manhattan.

    1. PokemonPia had a comment on the cover saying it was “In New York?!” so it’s not surprising.

  39. hhhhhhmmmmmmmm, there is a theory on beach that says that the rem rom tails resemble rockets, thus the 3rd legendry’s tail is middle of a rocket, by the way pj, if the today show in australia replaced the cast with the top 4 pokemon website webmasters&admins, you would be richard ried, serebii=andrew bolt, wpm=richard wilkins, coronis= cameron, archiac= kyle, xous= aker, dmaster=ray hadley, ozy=michelle mahon, sm= stupid weatherman,pmj:?,

    1. …….what. i don’t quite know how to respond to that LOL ( the last half) interesting theory for the first half tho….

    2. interesting theory. Im still betting on a “infinite” themed snake with its tail in its mouth as the third legendary.
      However, i also have a theory that there are 2 more legendaries which will not be revealed before release. The turbine tails on Reshiram and Zekrom make them machine-like. The game has a theme of nature Vs. technology. That would mean that logically there should be two version specific nature themed legendaries.
      I find it odd that nobody else has thought of that…

      1. Well, that’s where I’d disagree. Reshiram’s tail is a torch, and Zekrom’s tail is an electric generator. Fire against electricity, to me, represents nature against technology.

          1. I’m going to throw in Black City and White Forest then, I have a feeling they’ll be linked to the Reshiram and Zekrom somehow.

  40. hhhhhhmmmmm, i’m thinking zek’s and resh’s abilities ACTUALLY DISABLE electric/fire attacks since in the 1ST BW episode, according to our good friend serebii, zekrom, whilst shown in a shadow, starts a storm that DISABLES pikachu’s electric attacks, does that mean the 3rd ice/dragon can ACTUALLY DISABLE ice type attacks?, if proved correct, 3 on3 with the legendary birds will end in the dragons winning, OOOOOOHHHHH NNNNNNNNOOOOOO!!!

  41. Reviews mean nothing to me, I make all my judgments myself.. besides.. Famitsu gave Bayonetta 40/40 too and I’ve played it, it’s mediocore, ‘good’ at best.

    Oh and where did you get the info that the third legendary is dragon/ice?

  42. They said that the Grass/bug Pokémon and its evolution together with a Bug/poison centipede and its evolution, are not going to appear in the first half of the Pokedex.

    They found it weird too.

    This is the original post on the comments, it is in Spanish:

    “Es hora de revelar una información pequeña pero importante debido a la extrañeza (justificada porque los de Gamefreak no lo habían hecho hasta ahora) de la no aparición de los gusanos.

    El gusanito hoja, su evolución, el ciempiés venenoso y su evolución no saldrán hasta pasada la mitad de la Isshudex.”


    The post is by Maestro Arena (SandAlquemist on twitter) Pokexperto often retweet his tweets so it is suposed he is the “pokexperto’s team” as well.

  43. Hey pokejungle i asked Pokexperto.com (Melkor) through email about whether the rumors of fossil pokemon were real or fake.. since i only heard of them from others comments.

    He emailed me back just now and told me this: “There are indeed fossils in BW, and they are in fact pretty good looking.” -Melkor

    i wasnt sure if you had this kinda info already so i figured i would let you know. Since its pokexperto i know its not 100% confirmed yet, but its possible to be real.

  44. I hope for new eeveelutions 😀
    We need dragon eevee
    Flying eevee (floateon?)
    Ground eevee
    Fighting eevee
    And last but not least a normal type lvl up evolution
    Oh and im interested to see what the other trio will be like (birds regis whatever)
    Anyone have an idea?

  45. OK, one thing I don’t understand at all.
    Where is the so-called picture(even if it’s fanmade) of the 3rd dragon?
    Sorry, I’m just really really confused about all of the topics you guys always suggest.

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