3rd Legendary (UPD)

I’m hoping more details leak soon so I can report them to you!  I will be vigilante!  I really want to see this beast.  And since Gen V main legendaries seem to have super powered tails… I wonder how they’ll work that in for an ice type :s

*Disclaimer: Information contained in this post has not yet been verified by Nintendo.


I’d like to offer an apology because apparently there is a small group of users who feel like I “sold” information because I promised to reveal the 3rd legendary’s typing at the end of the day IF we met my fundraising goal.  That was not the case.  I was going to reveal it regardless and once I saw that there might be some confusion I put that right in the post itself.  I feel that my fans and I have a very deep understanding of each other and I only have the utmost respect for the visitors of my site.  If I didn’t I wouldn’t take the time to write out a heartfelt note of regret about how my actions may have been perceived.  With hosting + upgrading forums + covering bandwidth for this month my costs will exceed $400.  That is the only reason I turned to my fans in the first place.  I hope that all hatchets can be buried 🙂  If for any reason you want your donation back because of this just ask.  I am a reasonable person and this site is a labor of love for me born out of my interest in pokemon and desire to create a website that differs from it’s peers.

<3 pokejungle

ps- Sorry Serebii!  I’ll give you what I know <3  Oh and I hope no one thought I really wouldn’t tell you the typing if I didn’t reach $200 @_@;  By latest count we are at $165 so… $35 more dollars to go!!

pps- Perfect score from Famitsu has been confirmed.  It looks like all 4 editors chose Pokemon as their ‘Best Pick’ as well (from what I can read).