Experto stuff Part 3 (UPD8)

Hey Pokejunglers!

We’ve had a pretty awesome day, over 3 posts with tons and tons of info, we got over 40,000 views in one day, and best of all, you guys were extremly generous and donated all this money from your own pockets to keep MMC and PJN running. 🙂 On behalf of the entire team, we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts! Honestly we didn’t think anyone would donate, >.> but we didn’t give you guys enough credit apparently! Remember that donate button will be there for a bit so if you have some extra monkey and want to donate, smack it hard. So with that, here’s a small reward, some Experto twitter coverage. You deserve more, but this is all we got for now. Remember this is still not 100% confirmed so be wary. I feel really bad about this, we know so much info and we can’t tell you all of it just yet. Dx

  • Fanart for Yanappu Evo. Pretty much accurate, it just needs white-haired armpits. (See above image UPD: new art from unown!)
  • Dex # 532: A Fighting Type guy with a wooden plank. See image. (I know that this picture has been confirmed fake, but apparently they created it in order to show off the wooden plank Pokemon).
  • Dex# 533: Fighting Type guy with an iron girder. It’s stronger that its pre-evo and has a clown nose.
  • (UPD3) Dex # 534: Fighting Type guy with a concrete block in each hand. Its gotten huge and badass in the process. The clown nose isn’t all that funny anymore.
  • (UPD1) Kurumiru and its evolutions, as well as a Bug/Poison centipede and its evolution line, are not going to appear in the first half of the Pokedex. They find this very strange (This wasn’t directly from molker but he often does re-tweet this guys stuff so..)
  • (UPD2) More Dex #’s: 529: Moguryuu, 530: Doryuuzu, 531 Tabunne, 532:…. (?)
  • (UPD5) Dex # 535: A small tadpole. No arms, no legs, only a blue tail. Also two blue bulges on each side of its head. Pure Water Type.
  • UPD6: Dex # 536: Bigger tadpole with legs, still no arms.  Bulges everywhere now (smallpox?) Water/Ground
  • UPD7: Tabunne is normal type… Doryuuzu is Ground/Steel
  • UPD8: Dex # 537: Big frog, bumps all over, big… “mafia pose”.  Water/Ground

That’s all that melkor has put on his twitter at the moment, to be sure to check back periodically for any updates!

peace and love– ozymandis

P.S. My little brother dropped my laptop down the stairs. ;-; my poor baby…

P.P.S. It’s midnight here now. I have 3 tests tomorrow and I sould really get to bed. So I’m taking my leave for the night and I apologize in advance if anything else pops up! Allthough I’m not expecting melkor to post much else for a while. ‘Night! (Half day tomorrow w00t w00t!)