Experto stuff Part 3 (UPD8)

Hey Pokejunglers!

We’ve had a pretty awesome day, over 3 posts with tons and tons of info, we got over 40,000 views in one day, and best of all, you guys were extremly generous and donated all this money from your own pockets to keep MMC and PJN running. 🙂 On behalf of the entire team, we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts! Honestly we didn’t think anyone would donate, >.> but we didn’t give you guys enough credit apparently! Remember that donate button will be there for a bit so if you have some extra monkey and want to donate, smack it hard. So with that, here’s a small reward, some Experto twitter coverage. You deserve more, but this is all we got for now. Remember this is still not 100% confirmed so be wary. I feel really bad about this, we know so much info and we can’t tell you all of it just yet. Dx

  • Fanart for Yanappu Evo. Pretty much accurate, it just needs white-haired armpits. (See above image UPD: new art from unown!)
  • Dex # 532: A Fighting Type guy with a wooden plank. See image. (I know that this picture has been confirmed fake, but apparently they created it in order to show off the wooden plank Pokemon).
  • Dex# 533: Fighting Type guy with an iron girder. It’s stronger that its pre-evo and has a clown nose.
  • (UPD3) Dex # 534: Fighting Type guy with a concrete block in each hand. Its gotten huge and badass in the process. The clown nose isn’t all that funny anymore.
  • (UPD1) Kurumiru and its evolutions, as well as a Bug/Poison centipede and its evolution line, are not going to appear in the first half of the Pokedex. They find this very strange (This wasn’t directly from molker but he often does re-tweet this guys stuff so..)
  • (UPD2) More Dex #’s: 529: Moguryuu, 530: Doryuuzu, 531 Tabunne, 532:…. (?)
  • (UPD5) Dex # 535: A small tadpole. No arms, no legs, only a blue tail. Also two blue bulges on each side of its head. Pure Water Type.
  • UPD6: Dex # 536: Bigger tadpole with legs, still no arms.  Bulges everywhere now (smallpox?) Water/Ground
  • UPD7: Tabunne is normal type… Doryuuzu is Ground/Steel
  • UPD8: Dex # 537: Big frog, bumps all over, big… “mafia pose”.  Water/Ground

That’s all that melkor has put on his twitter at the moment, to be sure to check back periodically for any updates!

peace and love– ozymandis

P.S. My little brother dropped my laptop down the stairs. ;-; my poor baby…

P.P.S. It’s midnight here now. I have 3 tests tomorrow and I sould really get to bed. So I’m taking my leave for the night and I apologize in advance if anything else pops up! Allthough I’m not expecting melkor to post much else for a while. ‘Night! (Half day tomorrow w00t w00t!)

  1. They said that the Grass/bug Pokémon and its evolution together with a Bug/poison centipede and its evolution, are not going to appear in the first half of the Pokedex.

    They found it weird too.

    This is the original post on the comments, it is in Spanish:

    “Es hora de revelar una información pequeña pero importante debido a la extrañeza (justificada porque los de Gamefreak no lo habían hecho hasta ahora) de la no aparición de los gusanos.

    El gusanito hoja, su evolución, el ciempiés venenoso y su evolución no saldrán hasta pasada la mitad de la Isshudex.”

    The post is by Maestro Arena (SandAlquemist on twitter) Pokexperto often retweet his tweets so it is suposed he is the “pokexperto’s team” as well.

    1. I think they forgot to add it and now they’re talking about it because it gets too much reaction. I’m sure what he was posting is fake.
      They found it weird too, hmm, really?

      1. Or maybe Gamefreak finally became OPEN MINDED and decided to do the dex in a different way, no the usual, boring “starters, bugs, birds, rodent”.

        1. that’s not how it works.

          the problem is forest appears between Aloe’s town and Hiun city so there should be at least one bug pokemon in first half of pokedex.

    1. oh ahaha maybe i should rephrase that. xDDD
      my laptop screen went all cracked and ugly Dx

      allthough…just for the “lawls” of it…i won’t rephrase it xD

  2. Epicness!!!! OMG i love the evolution of Yanappu!!!!! the sprite did look weird so i wasnt sure wat to say but if it looks anything like this i will for sure have it on my team!!!!
    P.S. Do u think Koromori will have an awesome evo O.O

      1. XD normally that would upset me but that was too much of a funny comment to be mad XD
        but honestly i’m hoping that it gets an awesome one :/

  3. No fishes yet….. Isshu waters must be uninhabited….

    It’s still wierd that the bugs are so late. Usually the dex goes in rough order of appearance, so not having the bug until late, maybe this gen’s Viridian/Ilex/Petalburg/Eterna Forest is later?

    1. There is too a fish pokemon! Theres that one Basurao guy you can find on the 5th gen pokemon section of serebii.

      All that aside, I can’t wait to get my hands on Elvis PARSLEY<3

      1. Elvis Parsley, LOL

        I meant in the Pokedex order that PxP is posting. No bugs, no fish. It’s getting a bit unbelievable at this point.

    2. No the forest is between the 2nd city and Hiun city. That means bugs should appear before the desert ones (doryuuzu etc.)

        1. Yeah but it’s weird that we barely got any fish pokemon…i dont wanna only be seeing mamanbou and aqua yanappu everytime i’m surfing
          to be honest i couldnt really care about the bugs b/c they r all gonna be unusable like all the rest of the bugs except for Yanmega of course but i digress

          1. i wasnt refering to Basurao as the monkey but yeah i hope i see a couple of more fish or something b/c i wanna see who’s the magikarp/feebas of this generation

  4. “”Honestly we didn’t think anyone would donate, >.> but we didn’t give you guys enough credit apparently! ”

    Sure helps when you say you’ll reveal info when you reach your goal.

    1. ahaha well it wasn’t our intention at first, we were originally gonna reveal that today anyways, but we were told to hold off on it until a later time, so we just put it in there as like “we know it, and it’s coming” 😀

      1. Saying “We’ll post it if we reach the target”
        “$55 more until we reveal the type”
        etc. was the whole intention. It’s extortion and I can’t believe Paul stooped that low

          1. As a joke? Telling people that if they donate, he’ll show something is not a joke. It’s getting people to give up their hard earned cash for flimsy pretense

          2. i think ur kind of taking this a little too seriously Serebii ur acting like he’s exchanging drugs for money or something

          3. well to be fair, it did seem like that, and paul did apologize from the bottom of his heart for making it seem like he was selling information.

            serebii can have his opinions we can have ours. 🙂
            he’s still the pokemon news god. ><

          4. I got the intent behind that. I didn’t look at that post and think “OMG if I givez moneez I getz info!” I thought “Hmm. He’ll reveal it regardless. That’s just how he is.”

          5. whatever.
            i still will go behind paul on this, i know for a fact he didn’t mean for it to seem that way.

            so um..conversation over please? 😀
            i don’t wanna make it seem like serebii and PJN are having a fight. 😛

          6. “i don’t wanna make it seem like serebii and PJN are having a fight. ”

            Well then maybe Paul shouldn’t make comments like;
            No backroom dealings guys. I’m not Serebii. I’ll give you what I know <3
            when he does the exact same thing.

          7. i’ll give you that one, paul sayin’ that was abit much, but again he was just tryingt nto make a reference joke, as much as i know that i doesn’t seem like a joke to you since it your website and i’d get pissed if you lashed at PJN on your website for any reason even if you ment it as a joke. (allthough i don’t think you’ll ever do it.)
            but you know as well as i that paul loves serebii so he doesn’t say these things as trying to lash at you guys.
            so um…argument over please? 😀
            friends? 🙂

    2. It doesn’t strike me as very mature to come in and rag on the webmaster of another site, even if you were mentioned in a post. However, that is just my opinion.

      We’re all Pokémon fans, excited for information about the upcoming games. Call me naive, but I don’t see why we can’t attempt to have some bit of solidarity here!

  5. Another tweet:

    534: Fighting Type guy with a concrete block on each hand. It got huge and badass in the process. The clown nose is not funny anymore.

  6. Melkor’s showed you all the sprites, we get it. Oh well, he’s gonna show the rest of us on the 15th, so I’m sure we can all wait. Seeing 10-15 twitter updates and a few fan-arts is fun.

    What happened to: “No backroom dealings guys. I’m not Serebii. I’ll give you what I know <3"?

      1. Regardless, he obviously plans on completing this text version of the dex up to 156 by the 15th, when he’ll post the sprites to prove that he was right, and be able to protect his source because the games could possibly have leaked/be ready to leak by then.

        Besides, posting erratically means more views. 🙂

    1. well he said that and then he later said we couldn’t reveal certain stuff until a certain time. 😛

      this whole BW leakage is serious business. xD

      1. I guess that includes names. At least I don’t think he’s revealed any names of new pokemon. Is that too much information or is this feeling of suspicion for a reason :/

    1. hmmm….you call yourself ying, i am 100% sure this is real but..were did you get this from?and what will you post soon?

  7. Yet another tweet.

    535: A small tadpole. No arms, no legs, only a blue tail. Also two blue protuberances each side of its head. Pure Water Type.

        1. ooooh. it better be an eevee evolution. that will also means there would be other old pokemon evolutions

  8. This artwork was firstly posted in here, by an user called “unown”. Then, another user show it to Melkor, and he says it is pretty much similar.

    This is not a Hiro’s painting. He is out today, so we will probably not have a new silouette today.

  9. This new tadpole sounds like the pre-evo of the blue squid-like pokemon shown in that musical trailer…

  10. Can’t wait for this game now. Such a great review.

    Well shocked that the Bugs aren’t early. Strange that alot are single types too.

    Also Ice/Dragon could be cool. But how to beat it.

    1. Erm… Ice dragon actually is a pretty bad typing for a legend. He’s got weakness from Rock, Steel, Dragon, and Fighting. Plus he loses his fire resistance.

  11. We hava had a evolution line envolving three stages of Rock type, then the same with Fight, now it seems to start another one with Water.

    It reminds me of that part in the first Pokedex in which we have four of these happenings one after each other.
    Poliwag and evos, Abra and evos, Machop and evos, Bellsprout and evos.

  12. 536: A bigger tadpole. Has developed legs, still no arms. Blue color, white tail. Three protuberances from head, four from body. Water/Earth.

    I think he means Water/Ground type. Which is cool.

  13. 536: A bigger tadpole. Has developed legs, still no arms. Blue color, white tail. Three protuberances from head, four from body. Water/Ground

    More than Poliwag…Mudkip?

  14. More details:

    – There is a candelabrum pokemon.
    – New pokemon ground/electric.
    – 2nd Gym is Normal type.
    – No dark gym.
    – New pokemon Fire/Psychic (not Victiny, another no legendary pokemon)
    – New fossils. One is a bird.
    – Less legendary pokemon than 4th gen.
    – Another dragon pokemon. In the end of dex. No legend.
    – New pokemon with a lot of immunities.

    Enjoy it.

    1. Candelabrum Pokemon eh? If I had to guess a typing, I’d be tempted to say Ghost/Fire, which we would be awesome! But that’s just my guess.

  15. hey, im the guy who did the yanappu2 fanart,

    heres another quick one to prove it was me,
    more based on the comment re: white arm hair…

    just wanted to say im doing this all for fun, and if any poke site, PJungle first 🙂 want’s me to do “fanart” mockups in the future, let me know.


        1. XD Just a crappy sketch gonna make something better *_* Supah awesome Cherrim drawing coming soon ! è_é

  16. I’m not going to lie, but that tadpole thing is kinda creepy if true. It’s like some sort of Teletubby fish.

  17. Is it just me or is this whole Pokeperto thing a little iffy. The pokedex just doesn’t really add up tbh. Why would the monkeys be before the regional bugs. I also doubt the starter types

        1. We’ll just have to wait and see then. It does make sense that they want to do things differently, since all of the previous Gens’ Pokedex orders were copied off of the first Gen.

          And thanks. 😀

  18. Sent pokexperto an email yesterday regarding kurumiru and it uncharacteristic #..
    this is what he told me : “It is the actual order. This is an entire new region, old structures simply don’t work here.”

    Also pokejungle or any other people running the site today i got a question for you, You guys mentioned a centipede pokemon.. is this the same one that was in a post a little while back and was said to be possibly fake?

    1. I don’t remember mentioning a centipede pokemon @@; If I did I was probably referring to the fake one and saying “watch out… this is fake”

  19. That Tadpole is very odd, but I kinda like it in a way….

    It looks like a megaman character got it’s head chopped off though XD

  20. Guys, I’m believing more and more- PokExperto is fake. Some guys on the chat did point out that he said Koromori has a heart eye before official release. These designs are not something Nintendo or GF would do, especially the clown. The tadpole looks like a retarded character from a preschool show or something. Either way, this guy is fake. Also, notice that he just started displaying all these “Pokemon” after he started to get lots of attention. He is fake. Thank god.
    ~Prof. W.

    1. He thought Koromori’s nose was an eye, simple as that. I did too when I first saw it.
      Mime Jr. is a clown, and sort of Mr. Mime too, plus there’s already been two Pokémon this gen with clown noses (Mijumaru and Gear) so I don’t see why they wouldn’t make a clown. If you’re referring to them having weapons, that’s also been done before with Farfetch’d, Cubone and Mijumaru.
      Several Pokémon could be said to “look like retarded characters from a preschool show”, since that’s just an opinion. :V
      Also, I thought he got attention BY displaying all of these, not before. Or am I wrong?

      1. Final starter evos are what really drew attention to him, but this is bringing a lot more additional info. I like hearing about the tweets, but I’m taking them with a grain of salt. I’m just going to wait for the official revealing of all of them straight from an official source or the game itself.

        1. Oh, those came from him? I didn’t know.
          And yeah, I’m taking them with some salt too, delicious. :V Seriously though I know this might be fake, but I like most the stuff he posts so I wouldn’t mind him being right. Also he’s giving us something else to discuss than the starter evos so that gives him some bonus points.

  21. Yeah i think someone found the image of the centipede on google (or something), it was really blurry though..
    Also one last question i had on my mind, has there been word on any possible fossil pokemon? (exp. omanyte lol)

        1. Pokexperto referred to fossils Pokemon in some of the responses in their site. They said they are NOT dinosaurs, but a bird and a turtle.

          They also said there is a centipede Pokémon.

          1. Wow i hope theres a archaeopteryx pokemon, i can see it in my mind now and it would be awesome.

            and maybe the turtle is that thing that has a dome on its back. (i think it was a minor character in ice age 2 meltdown, it at one point had a reed in its nose like a snorkel) lol

          2. I love turtles :3 Turtles and crabs… only water types I really like. Kingler has always had a soft spot in my heart and Crawdaunt was one of my favorite GenIII Pokemon 😀

          3. An archaeopteryx would be really cool and seems likely, but I wouldn’t mind a “terror bird” or a Dodo either.
            I’m aware Dodo is less likely since it’s not that old, but hey, it’s the Pokémon world!

          4. Wow, that turtle skeleton is totally shoking, and after knowing what kind of bird is an archaeopteryx I find it awesome as well.

            As a curiosity, I would really like a parasaurolophus Pokémon, but I think I’m not having it. Maybe it is somewhat represented with Kibago.

          5. Well, it may perfectly be. “Turtle” is a very vague definition, and we already have several turtles in the game.

        2. Hey Thexel, thanks for checking!! 8)

          Im just excited theres at least fossil pokemon!! i’ve always made a fossil team and these new guys will defenitely be awesome.

  22. I feel like I should dislike this new tadpole pokemon……but he’s growing in me in a “I’m a helpless decapitated but cute head” kind of way. :3

  23. Pokejungle, you obviously have some info at your end (considering the 3rd legendary type yesterday). Can I just ask whether the Ice/Fighting polar bear and Electric/Ground Elephant could be true? I doubt you’ll give me a straight answer if any at all though.

    We have seen no Ice types so far and it’s my favourite type, so I’m worried they’re going to be neglected. Can you indulge anything there? Or just anything at all, unless Pokexperto is the only one who can…

    It’s worth a shot me asking, right? 😛

  24. PJ I just stood up for you on Serebii. someone was saying that your not reliable due to always posting rumors. I then told him you are just as reliable as Serebii and WPM, and if it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t get PS news so fast.

    1. I know… I get annoyed with that too (I’m Jigglychu on SPPf) They make it sound like PJ made up all the rumors himself. >_>

  25. Doh! Hiro revealed half-an-hour before the Pokémon 538 in the responses of their site, if I would have post it here it would have been awesome xDDD

  26. I hope the frog looks cool, I love frogs ♥

    PS: kibago’s supposed evolution looks like a cat, LOL…

  27. New tweet:

    538: Judo Pokémon, appeared on musical. Kimono stays. Rocky red skin, big eyebrows and nose. Pure Fighting Type.

  28. Couldnt find my last post they i uploaded.
    – I talked to (melkor) from the contacts option.
    – I asked if there would be newer Fossil pokemon in B/W and this is what they emailed back:
    “There are indeed fossils in BW, and they are in fact pretty good looking.”

    Not sure if you have this kind of info yet PokeJungle, if not i hope its useful!! and maybe even post worthy. lol


  30. I think we are being watched. I said on serebii that they have hardly said anything about the gyms then he says there is no rock gym, then someone on Serebii said they wanted a poison/dragon hydra pokemon then he said there will be no poison/dragon pokemon just now.

  31. feel really bad about this, we know so much info and we can’t tell you all of it just yet. Dx

    This is exactly why I highlight when I read >_> *highlight the end of the first paragraph*

      1. I’m not trusting much of anything until I see 100% confirmation by Gamefreak/Nintendo. Not even the force.

  32. Tadpole kinda looks like a Servbot, though in all looks very little like a Pokemon. I hope this one is fake.

  33. Hey…can someone tell me the email adress for Pokexperto?! the direct one. If you can thank you. 🙂

    1. Go to the website, hover your mouse over the Pokexperto box (above twitter/youtube buttons), click on contacto in the list that show while hover on pokeexperto box!!

      From there its simple, replace your name where it says nick (you’ll see what i mean), replace the email.. well with your email, and leave the thing that says “valoracion web” alone.

      Then you type in your message and when your done click the “enviar mensaje” button and your message is sent, they answer after a while (not a long wait).

  34. very instering the only problem i have are the evos of the starters and that tadpole pokemon…but mostly the tadpole..and if its true i’m glad there’s more pure fighting types…and that dog pokemon that was talked about(if there was one i dont remeber) reminds me of fanart i seen in a youtube video..

  35. well its good the other pokemon are better, now i come to think of it i really like miju 3 and pokabu 2, i havent seen pokabu 3 well enough yet so its hard to say if im going with pokabu or mijumaru

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