Don George + Best Wishes Preview

Imma split this post up from the last one :3

Don George – The manager of the ‘Pokémon Battle Club’ a facility that allows trainers to battle and perfect their technique. Sometimes he gives you advice when you try to teach new moves to Pokémon.


Is it just me or does it look like Shooti might get… tsutaaja?

<3 pokejungle

  1. My source confirmed that PXP is making all of these silhouettes and typings and facts up.

    Serebii also confirmed that my source confirmed it.

    1. Im sick of every1 sayng they have a source.If your not a webmaster u probally dont have a source

      Source for non webmaster:Means I pulled it out of my ass

          1. And you’re getting mad for no reason whatsoever. My source has confirmed that I’m acting like I’m an adult because I am one. That’s also been confirmed.

            Seriously though, PXP has no proof that anything they’re saying is true and all Serebii has done in his own defense is say that “his source would be upset” if he “started releasing what he knew.”

            It’s HELLA fishy and I know I’m not the only one that thinks that this entire thing is a hoax created by those Spanish derps to try and get a bunch of attention.

          2. We’ll find out one way or another soon. Everyone just needs to take a chill pill for a couple more days.

            (And Melchior… I have to agree that constant “My source” this and “My Source” that does get annoying, even to those with endless patience like myself. 🙂 )

  2. This has already been explained several times, people: The cat Pokémon is real, they just removed it from the video because it wasn’t supposed to be known yet.

  3. Why are people so surprised Shooti has Tsutarja? The last black and white preview gave that away.

  4. Just to confirm..did Melkor say #494 is Victini? Or just #000 in Isshu dex is Victini(which we already know) ?

  5. There are two smugleafs one male and one female that knows attract Ash gets all three starters just like a few generation


    Translated by a friend on Serebii Forums

    Ken Sugimori, primary illustrator: I really struggled the most with the Water-type [starter] this time.
    Yusuke Ohmura, illustrator: There was talk of, “Wouldn’t a sea otter be good for the Water starter?” But it was a really close decision in terms of what this sea otter would become once it evolves. In the end, we decided to have it evolve into something with a completely different appearance.
    Sugimori: Of course, we want to make the starters into Pokémon that remain with the player throughout the game, so we hope to make them evolve into creatures that offer a surprise to the player. We always make an effort to throw in some twists and create third-stage evolutions that have an impact.
    Ohmura: There was also talk this time about dividing the three starters into Japanese, Western, and Chinese styles of design. Tsutaaja was based on Western design, and Pokabu was rooted in a Chinese style, so I was told, “Let’s make Mijumaru into a more Japanese-style design.” Someone even asked, “Can’t you make Mijumaru into a samurai?” [laughs]
    Everyone: [laughs]
    Sugimori: I worried about it for a while, and I eventually went to go see the sea otters at the aquarium. I happened to catch the sea lion show while I was there, and I became aware of the sea lion’s power. “Well, let’s try blending a sea otter and a sea lion,” I thought. I came up with the idea of making the shell on Mijumaru’s stomach into a sword (katana) and using it to fight, and that’s how I completed Mijumaru and its evolution.”

      1. The rest of that seems to point to the starters being real though. Maybe he’s just referring to shell blade?

      2. But its different and is most likely based on a sea lion… which they said :b
        Also yeah that fanart the other guy posted shows the possibility :3

    1. Teh thing is, that final evo ain’t no Samurai. It certainly is an impact. How is Pokabu Chinese? Tsutarja Western?
      Anyway, I guess it’s time to accept all these Pokemon PokeExperto, curse you, is leaking. It’s the typings that I thoroughly detest though. I pray he’s lying about those. Should I actually pray? I will 😛

      1. First thing I thought when I saw them was king-snake, chinese pig and weird thing with samurai-moustache so I’d say they fit.

      2. Your points are all well and good but what a wasted opportunity, You’re doing a Samurai Otter, make it Fighting Type!

          1. True. That’ll be different, almost awesome. I’m actually liking it now xD

            BUT stupid PokeExperto says it’s just Water :K

    2. Well, that’s that. I’ll just have to see it in game. I’d have preferred Miju to be bipedal with shell fans or a shell sword, but this works I guess.

      1. My source confirms that we need Kriffix or someone else with sufficient Japanese linguistics skills to look at the source and determine whether or not it says what the OP thinks it does.

        Serebii also confirms.

          1. My source confirms that you’re mad.

            Also, stop what? I’m just saying that it’d be cool if PJ posted this in an update after his team took the time to translate it themselves and make sure we’re not being dooped.

          1. How am I trolling?

            My source has confirmed that I’m definitely not a troll. I’m just excited about B/W like everybody else and I’m tired of all the fake stuff that the Spanish attention seekers are passing off as legitimate.

          2. You know, I’m so going to post my “I knew it” video in reply to one your posts when you turn out wrong.

          3. Good thing the only chance you’ll get to do that is the day the game comes out and a few hours after while all of the information leaks.

            And I’ll be playing the game, so feel free to try to “I told you so”

        1. “my source says you are mad” “my source says i am not troll”
          well you nknow what, my source says that your just a 10 year old kid trying to be cool and look smart! will you stop that?
          hmmf, “my source” at least mention your source!

          1. melchoir sukkkkks.No 1 cares if u have the game have the game
            when it comes out so will a million other people

    3. Wow, that’s really neat! O: Definitely gives much more evidence that the starters we’ve seen are real. I’m happy, I like ’em. IDK about anyone else. xD

    4. Here’s a random thought. He said he was impressed with a Sea Lion’s power, not saying anything about his appearance. Is it possible that it could look like a sea otter… but, say, have a sea lion’s power?

    5. Oh… and he specifically says that he uses the shell like a KATANA… from what I’ve seen, the horn on the final evos head looks nothing like a katana. In fact, he’d have to use it as a mace or something.

  7. Idk why, but one of the host from Pokémon Sunday looks a bit like Hitler :S Don’t really like that idea. I mean, with that face he makes for the animated him, and that “moustache” it just looks like him :S

      1. Man I cannot escape the Hitler on Pokemon Sunday crap anywhere I go, please people for once in your life be oblivious to that fact.

  8. I just thought of something, Maybe the anime gets a reboot too, like pikachu’s back to square 1. (No powerplant thing from Kanto)

    1. I hope so. Pikachu’s been overpowered since the beginning of season 1 and for no reason at all.

      And Ash STILL can’t win a tournament. 😛

  9. This Is The Promo That the cat was on that was an
    Tv a few days ago.The new 1 after the episode that premired today didnt have the cat cause it was a spoiler

    Stop saying that the cat is fake and that Melkor photoshopped it their because unless Melkor magically put it in the commerical when it was on tv its real

    1. bath spa gift baskets?
      physical therapist??
      exclusive refinance leads???
      I don’t think your link is working… o.O

  10. I cant wait to the game comes out so these wars will stop

    But I bet even when the games r realesaed people will still be having these arguments about if its fake or not

    1. Looks nothing like the overworld sprite, minus the three leaf-like things on its head.

      I’m guessing it’ll be an Onion pokemon. Or a Pineapple pokemon.

    2. What is with them and having piles of uber cute pokemon??? My “Cute run” is going to be hard ‘cuz now I’ve got so many to choose from….

  11. Miju’s final should be Water/Fighting since Ken Sugimori states Miju’s evo is based on samurai and it’s using shell to fight. I really don’t understand.

    1. Now that i know the mijumarus evo is based after a sealion and that mustache is its whiskers
      it doesent seem bad I like it more now.But i thought Pokabu was going to be fire/fight?

    2. Fighting type is more “martial arts” so a fighting type samurai kinda wouldn’t make sense actually.

          1. Yes, i get it. I agree on using body, but i think that using sword is actually using body. It is based on how you move, how you are able to control your body and sword. So i still think it should be fighting.

          2. Actually I suppose you’re right in a way. Just remembered Gallade kinda uses a sword, and Pokexperto also mentioned some fighting types with weapons. (Yes, I know we still don’t have proof, just pointing it out.)
            Then again, Shell Blade is water-type regardless, and that one feels to me like it should be fighting-type if Miju became one since it’d be the actual “sword”.

    1. For some reason your posts went in the ‘spam’ folder ><; Sometimes WordPress is a bit too sensitive D: URLs trigger it, but your post is up now :3

  12. I’m hoping Miju’s final evo has a seashell shuriken. That’d be a sight to see! *not believing the unofficially confirmed evos until Nintendo reveals them officially*

    I’m also expecting Pokabu to evolve into a Fire-Dark type, because I think that would go better with its supposed bomb motif better than the Fighting-type. And I agree — Fighting would fit a lot better on Mijumaru’s evolutions.

  13. Is anyone here to comment on the character???!!!! LOL

    I like the character design. If he really does own an Umbreon like on the beta sheet, I will be happy (Eeveelution!) and at the same time confused. Isshu is supposed to be very far away from the other places, and old Pokemon are supposed to be basically nonexistant, right? Well, episode four, in waltzes a character from Gen II. O.o Is he also from Kanto/Johto/etc? Did an Eevee get very, VERY lost? Did he order it on the Pokemon world’s equivalent of Ebay?

    *sigh* Guess we’ll find out eventually. Or maybe not.

  14. I just don’t get it… Sugimori specifically said that someone asked for Mijumaru’s evolution to be based off of a samurai. And he also stated that he would turn the shell ON ITS CHEST into a sword. He never said anything about putting it on its head. :s And the supposed Mijumaru3 evo has a horn, not a sword. =/

    But seriously, if these starter evolutions turn out to be real… then I might not use my starter at all.
    Usually, I would’ve gotten used to these evolutions by now, but I still hate them to death. …*Sigh* I guess it’s time to find a Pokemon that can replace Pokabu. u_u

      1. If the Miju evo could stand up and use the horn-shell as a sword, the art would have shown it as a samuri, not as a unicorn.

      2. I was speaking for myself. T_T
        You have your opinion, and I have mine. And to me, it doesn’t even look like that Miju3 evo can even stand. Let alone hold a sword. XD

      3. The issue I’m having though, is that he has flippers… with claws… not feet. It’d be impossible for him to stand on two legs. Plus, if he is a sea lion, the legs are far too long.

    1. I agree, things don’t add up. It isn’t bipedal, which means it can’t be a samuri (it can’t hold a sword), It doesn’t have a shell katana, and it doesn’t look japanese. And regardless of this, samuri would be a fighting type, not a pure water type.

      I never believed the 3rd evo of Miju anyway, to many things were abrupt, it turned quadruped, grew a BIG shell on it’s head, grew a moustache and beard, got rid of the samuri top-knot and “clothing”.
      Basically, it took everything from the second evo, which is real, and said “Just kidding!”

    2. Whoa Calm down Charlie Brown and who said I said it stands up a uses its sword i thought it would put
      its sword in its mouth like okami.I probally still knows shell blade by the third stage soo this could happen

  15. Also, I think I understand now why Ash’s rival is named Shoot. Not only does it refer to his hobby as a Pokemon photographer (as in “to shoot photos”), but a shoot is another name for a sprouting plant, which explains why he gets Tsutaaja.

    Which makes me wonder: how is Dent’s name related to Grass-types? Usually, the name of a gym leader can give players a clue as to what type of Pokemon they use, but I can’t figure this one out.

    Of course, if the names of the other two leaders in his gym just happen to be named Kent and Brent (or something similar), then that would mean the gym’s theme would just be triple-battling.

    1. And his name isn’t Shoot, it’s Shooty/Shooti. With foreign words in Japanese, if they get a word that ends in ‘t’ or ‘d’, they use ‘to’/’do’ at the end of it. (Like Dento can be Dent) Since they didn’t name him Shooto, the vowel at the end is supposed to be there and supposed to be pronounced.

  16. In response to the sword conversation, I’ve often heard that a sword should be treated as an extension of your arm, so the body is still considered a primary part of swordfighting.

    1. This is true for all forms of weapon work. (Five years plus of training in Bujinkan Ninjutsu backing this claim up.)

  17. Another new from PxP:

    Gear DOES evolve TWICE.

    Hiro said that the 3rd stage is very similar compared to the 2nd one. He also said that Chillarmy’s evolution is also very similar to him. That is the reason why he find those 2 Pokémon the worst of the dex. X.x

    ps- Pokejungle. Why don’t you post the proof of the autenticity of the starter’s evolutions?

        1. It will be revealed today.

          They are going to reveal 10 Pokémon each day (definitions or artwork)
          So today we will end with the number 549. And tomorrow ’til 559 an it will continue like this until the 649 number.

          Gear is the number 599, so we will have to wait to the description of its evolutions ^^

      1. PxP = Pokexperto

        Chillarmy DOES evolve. But they say his evolution is to similar to him. What I mean is that he doesn’t change to much when evolving.
        That is. Sorry if I didn’t explain myself.

        1. You’re not the one contradicting yourself. It’s everyone who is “leaking” info. I heard it doesn’t evolve. Then it does. Then it doesn’t and is a gimmick. Now it does. O_o

          This is why some people don’t believe.

          1. Hiro always said Chillary evolved. The information may have been distorted before arriving you, which is very common.

            Even Pokejoungle has posted bad interpretation’s of pokexperto’s quotes as true.

            Pokemon that does NOT evolve include, Tabunne, Emonga, (those two don’t have a prevo as well) Swanna, Gochiruzeru, Rankurusu and Basurao (we don’t have information of any possible preevo of those already).

            * I asume Rankurusu does not evolve, because they said Gochiruzeru don’t.

      1. PxP means Pokexperto, I’m sorry it is confusing.

        And that onion question is going to be revealed very soon. But I asume it is obviously evolving.

  18. I wonder if the last two fighting pokemon and these two grass type are going to be spilt into different games. So the fighting type with the plank and the sheep is in White, and Judo and sweede(I dunno what it is.) is in Black.

    1. It would make sence since the two pyscic types are split maybe the two bugs 2 and wargle and swanna also

      1. Gah, if that happened and Wargle was in white. I’d have a really hard time choosing to get either that or Gothdoll

        1. If that would be the case i would think swaana would be in white cause it looks like a gentle pokemon and white looks gentle beacause of all the green forests and stuff and i think wargle would be in black just beacaue it looks like would belong their

  19. Pkmn #600: Gear’s first evolution
    Original comment on PxP:” Por Hiro en 09 Sep 2010 – 23:00 [+0200]
    @jamalapapa: Acero, la primera evolución de Gear. “<– he was asked about the #600 pkmn's type


  20. Alright, guys, I decided to pause the video during the pokemon sunday part… yeah… the cat thing was NOT there.

    1. Its not in this video this is after the last episode of diamond and peral the cat is in the commerical
      but they too it out of the prieview after the last episode cause its a spoiler

  21. He also defined Gear’s first evolution as a: “mixture of gears” (“Gear” meaning the thing, not necesarily the Pokémon)

  22. I already knew he’d get Tsuutaja. xD

    Poor Pikachu always seems to lose his electricity at the start of a new season.

  23. Apparently pokemon pia stated about mijumaru and how it’s evo’s may be.
    “… We thought, why not mix a otter and a seal? We always wanted a twist in the evolutions, and impact.”

    I’m sorry guys, I think the evo’s are turning out true. We’ll have to live with them.

      1. Alright, as I like to draw and I am (I don’t mean to be vain but…) a great artist, I’m going to draw a Mijumaru final evo that DOES look like a sea lion mix, yet looks far different than Mijumaru himself and is a samurai. Talk to me on Deviantart if you have any ideas for it-

      2. Well than that means he’s wrong then, huh? this came from an official gamefreak magazine, why are you denying it?

        1. What do you mean he’s denying it? He brings up a valid point. That THING is not a samurai. Yes, it looks totally different… but it is NOT a samurai nor does it weild a shell katana.

  24. I know by now that he’s probably telling the truth, he has too much backing up his info. But how did the Spanish guy a copy/rom of the Japanese game? And does he have Black or White ^_^ Probably both.

    So yeah, kind of supports the claims as to why these might be fake. But his info is far too accurate and the Pokemon aren’t very Fakemon. Frankly, I give up now. I need a hobby.

    1. They say nintendo gave him an early copy and nintendo said he cant post the names or sprites.Some people say nintendo gave him the sugimori art,and some people say he is fakeing it

  25. i cant wait for the games to be out not becasue i want to play them its because i cant wait till everyone shuts the f up and stops arguing and acting immature..if its not from a reliable source like coro coro or pokemon sunday or some thing like that then just dont take it seriously come on!

    1. and PJ i liked this site alot when i first stumbled upon it because there arent any arguments like other sites but now its becoming like them..but the site is still a really good one i check it at least sixteen times a day.

  26. “548: Grass Lady Pokémon. She wears a flower hat with crown. Big leaf on the back. Her dress is a leaf bulb, with 2 dark green leaves as arms”

  27. Alright, something I thought of today. Was the move ‘Hydro Punch’ ever confirmed? If it was, then who learned it? And if Mijumaru learned it, how would he be able to punch with his third evo?

    1. Although I’ve never heard of the Hydro Punch rumor, I agree that Miju3 is going to look odd using certain moves…

      Miju3 used Ice Punch! Lacking hands, Miju3 failed!
      Tsu3 used Scratch! Lacking arms, Tsu3 failed!

      …That does make you wonder about perspective movesets.

        1. Well it’d actually be possible for that. Staraptor used Close Combat. I can believe those as A.) To use Metronome, all you have to do is wag your finger. Moving his wings from side to side shouldn’t be too much of an issue for Togekiss. B.) Drain Punch brings me back to Staraptor, who I believe uses Close Combat with his feet and beak. Togekiss (according to the anime) is able to move his wings enough that it would be able to punch.

  28. One last thing:

    The only bright side I can see about the alleged evo typings is that I don’t have to evolve my Tsutarja. Since it apparently doesn’t gain another type, I can keep my Leavi cute and smug =)

  29. HEY! tomorrow pokemon peer is released right? with the charmander squirtle and bulbasaur thing and the interviews with the pokemon designers and designers of the game… so we could get new info?!

  30. In previous beginnings of new generations, people wonder why Pikachu isn’t uber-strong and not beating all the other rookies straight away. Up until now it hasn’t made sense but it seems like this time they will cover it.
    Pikachu can no longer use his electric attacks, I wonder how long that’ll last for (it seems to be more than a couple of episodes). It explains the use of Iron Tail a lot in teasers and pics though.

      1. That would be so interesting. I’d really like to see that happen, it’d be like Pokemon actually has a solid objective, trying to get Pikachu back his power! 😀

      1. Could you upload it to youtube? Or show me the video link in comment? ^^;
        Refeshing and clearing the cache don’t seem to work either… =/

      2. Could you upload it to youtube? Or show me the video link in a comment? ^^;
        Refeshing and clearing the cache don’t seem to work either… =/

  31. I just noticed something after watching that video again — Zekrom is the reason that Pikachu loses his electricity!

    Quick, Ash, to the nearest power plant! =P

  32. Ash gets a Tsutaaja also, this one belongs to Shooti, I doubt they would even care to show him catch it. And we see that this battle with Shooti’s tsutaaja takes place in the FIRST episode, before Ash gets Mijimaru. Mijamru is shown in a preview fighting a Tsutaaja, this is probably the one Ash catches. They advertised that Ash catches them all in one of the previews, I guess to promote them for the games.

    1. Yea I also think that Ash will get a Tsutaja,probably the female one that attracted Pikachu and the other one is Shooti’s

  33. Now, I dunno if someone said this but based on the preview…

    Ash MIGHT be given Mijumaru by Araragi after his Pikachu is unable to use his (YESH PIKACHUISMALE) electric attacks (Fridge Logic: WHAT IN ARCEUS’ NAME HAPPENED TO IRON TAIL AND QUICK ATTACK!? I’m pretty sure Pikachu has those attacks), if this anime is following the original’s footsteps, Ash might get Tsutaaja and Pokabu some way.

    1. But in the preview, didn’t they check up on Pikachu and realize it’s going to be fine? In Araragi’s lab, even.

      1. It’s vitals were fine but then afterwards they realize Pikachu can’t use electric attacks anymore and have to find a solution

    1. Looks like they’ve made Pikachu the weak link AGAIN.
      Sure he beat a Latios but he fainted afterwards, that jerboa needs serious redemption.
      Hopefully in Episode 4 he could get a new move to somehow fix this oversight.

  34. Look what I just saw… Right before Pikachu gets struck by the lightning:
    I took a screenshot of that… I noticed this on my iPod Touch while watching this video for the billionth time (I have no life)… Team Rocket on the left, Ash and Pikachu on the right, and THEY’RE FIGHTING OVER PIKACHU, WHO IS IN A NET… that part of the video made no sense ’til I paused it there.

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