Pokexperto Day 4 (UPD5)

Starting early today.  3am.  Maybe I’ll fall asleep soon.  Maybe not.  Anyways we’re still waiting for confirmation that any of this is actually legitimate.  Just sayin’.

  • #538 Judo pokemon that can be seen here.  Apparently that karate outfit is part of it and it has red skin with big eyes and nose.  #539 Judo Evo which is taller and thinner and now has blue skin… has one eyebrow and a large nose.  Pure Fighting-type line
  • #540 Kurumiru Bug/Grass -> #541 Kurumiru Evo which is wrapped in a leaf with only it’s eyes and mouth showing Bug/Grass.
  • #542  A Leaf Insect Pokémon, a Phylliidae (http://bit.ly/atUO9q). Stands on two legs, with a leaf skirt and arms. Head is like Kurumiru’s.
  • #543 Pictured above Bug/Poison -> #544 Ugly cocoon with two eyes on opposite sides -> #545 Centipede-like pokemon Bug/Poison
  • #546 Pure grass type, pictured -> #547 Pure grass type, pictured (Really?!  Couldn’t be part flying with those clouds…?)
  • #548 Pokemon seen in daycare (pictured), Grass-type
  • #549 Evolution of daycare grass-type, female-ish with bulb-dress and flower crown.  Pure grass again
  • #550 Basurao (has two forms, one has red stripe and red eyes; other has blue stripe blue eyes and is more aggressive looking) Water-type

<3 pokejungle

ps- Maiden also compiled a list of other stuff Experto staff has said: Psuedo-legendary Dragon line is Dark/Dragon, two fossil pokemon exist (a bird and a turtle), Aloe is the normal type gym leader, and there is a Water/Ghost and a Fire/Ghost pokemon. <3ys Kriffix here. Kudos If you find this. I seriously think this Melkor guy is a load of bull-poop.