Pokexperto Day 4 (UPD5)

Starting early today.  3am.  Maybe I’ll fall asleep soon.  Maybe not.  Anyways we’re still waiting for confirmation that any of this is actually legitimate.  Just sayin’.

  • #538 Judo pokemon that can be seen here.  Apparently that karate outfit is part of it and it has red skin with big eyes and nose.  #539 Judo Evo which is taller and thinner and now has blue skin… has one eyebrow and a large nose.  Pure Fighting-type line
  • #540 Kurumiru Bug/Grass -> #541 Kurumiru Evo which is wrapped in a leaf with only it’s eyes and mouth showing Bug/Grass.
  • #542  A Leaf Insect Pokémon, a Phylliidae (http://bit.ly/atUO9q). Stands on two legs, with a leaf skirt and arms. Head is like Kurumiru’s.
  • #543 Pictured above Bug/Poison -> #544 Ugly cocoon with two eyes on opposite sides -> #545 Centipede-like pokemon Bug/Poison
  • #546 Pure grass type, pictured -> #547 Pure grass type, pictured (Really?!  Couldn’t be part flying with those clouds…?)
  • #548 Pokemon seen in daycare (pictured), Grass-type
  • #549 Evolution of daycare grass-type, female-ish with bulb-dress and flower crown.  Pure grass again
  • #550 Basurao (has two forms, one has red stripe and red eyes; other has blue stripe blue eyes and is more aggressive looking) Water-type

<3 pokejungle

ps- Maiden also compiled a list of other stuff Experto staff has said: Psuedo-legendary Dragon line is Dark/Dragon, two fossil pokemon exist (a bird and a turtle), Aloe is the normal type gym leader, and there is a Water/Ghost and a Fire/Ghost pokemon. <3ys Kriffix here. Kudos If you find this. I seriously think this Melkor guy is a load of bull-poop.

  1. PJ,you have CST too? what state do you live in?

    And maybe the kurumiru evo is like a ninja or something?

  2. You haven´t added this to this post or the previous one.

    538: Judo Pokémon, appeared on musical (http://dlvr.it/4bfls). Kimono stays. Rocky red skin, big eyebrows and nose. Pure Fighting Type.
    539: Judo Pokémon. Taller and thinner than pre-evo, with rocky blue skin and kimono. Big nose and eyebrow (yes, only one).

  3. Wait kimono or gi? Either way, it’s kind of weird for pokemon to have pseudo clothes (I’m looking at you jynx, hitmonchan, machoke and machoke)

    1. Pokexperto appears to mean gi. Unfortunately he doesn’t seem to have anyone with Japanese skills on his team, hence the fakes he made a while back have the “Mijumaru” and “Yanappu” name copied and pasted from elsewhere.
      It really makes you wonder how he’s doing this at all. None of his rumours have suggested an ounce of translation which is weird considering his material should ALL should be in Japanese. The only slight sign of this is how he knows the types. But why does he know this before the names?
      I keep getting myself worked up thinking this guy is a hoax. I have a lot more reasoning and things I’ve noticed beside this to suggest that is the case, but I’m kinda holding it in atm because I don’t wanna rain on the parade of all the people that want to believe him.

      1. I joined the crowd just so I wouldn’t get dissapointed with the starters if they turned out to be real. It worked wonders for me that’s for sure 😉

      2. That is very true.
        maybe they have no idea of what they’re doing, that may be why there taking so long to update this stuff.

        1. NL, been trying to contact you for a while now!
          Do you have facebook or something? There’s something I wanna discuss if you have a spare 10 minutes.

      3. It could be that he can’t read the Japanese names of the Pokemon he’s revealing. It would make sense, really, considering that his Twitter posts calls them “Kurumiru’s evo” “Tadpole evo”, and etc. Types can be very easily found out with the icons in the in-game Pokedex entries or their stat pages, since they’re coloured tabs like how they started in RSE/FRLG. Discovering the types would be easy without translating that way.

        1. I hope you’re right, because I truly want to believe in that final Pokabu evo. Just every fibre of my being is forbidding me to believe this guy for some reason.
          I have some other reasonings for him possibly being fake, but i’m waiting to discuss them with someone before I go public.

          1. It’s already grown on me. Hey, at least he has a cooler design than Magmortar and Rhyperior. Nothing can beat those fugly fellows. xD

            Best way to get through it is to believe to a certain degree that they’re real, so if they are real, you won’t be as disappointed/angry. P:

        2. He cant say the name of the ones that havent been revealed or any of the
          sprites,because he might get in trouble with nintendo.All he can probally
          say is the descriptions of the pokemon

      4. Do the japanese games have type symbols just like the english version? Maybe he saw the typing symbols and deduced their typings based on the colours.

  4. Some info Hiro has posted in PxP comments or forums:
    -Aloe uses Normal type Pokemon.
    -There isn´t any Dark type gym (RAGE)
    -There is one Fire/Ghost Pokemon and one Water/Ghost Pokemon. Also, an Electric/Ground type.
    -The pseudo-legendaries of this generation are Dark/Dragon type.
    -The fossils of this generation are a bird and a turtle.

    1. Fire/ghost seems like it can be based on a pokemon from japanese Ghosts. I don’t really know what it translates to in english, “ball of fire” seems weird, but I geuss the most accurate

        1. Yes, that.

          It kinda does look like it can be an umbrella+octopus or something. That would actually work.

    2. Sorry but I think these are fake. Fossil bird and turtle?(LOL almost wrote turdle)
      Also I believe Aloe uses Fire type Pokemon. Why u ask?Well here:
      -Her shadow is red
      -She is a chef and chefs use heat 2 cook!
      -The town that her gym is in is a railway station town right? Well 2 me that town looks either,
      Rock typish,Ground typish or Fire typish.
      At First I thought Aloe was grass since cooks use herbs and spices.

      Dento’s shadow was green and he turns out as a Grass Gym Leader,so why not the same for Aloe?

      P.s-The 2 gym leaders are chef and cook, what if the other leaders have an everyday job aswell?

      1. She’s not a chef, she works at a museum. Her gym is one, it’s (presumably) where Plasma steal the fossil from, since you can see her at the top of the screen with the player when they do.

    3. I’m sorry. As far as I know (I’ve read all the responses), Hiro has not said anything about a Fire/Ghost or a Electric/Ground.

      Another user was the one that said that. The fact that Hiro didn’t say this is false may be a clue, but he didn’t post that information.

      See you!

      1. But Pokexperto is the MAIN spanish Pokemon site. It would just be far too risky for him to produce a fake of this magnitude. He’ll lose all of his respect and the fans will tear his site apart if this all ends up being a hoax. Serebii is considered by most to be the main Pokemon site, this would be like him producing an elaborate hoax and leading people on for months, with the release of the game finally proving that it was all a lie. Not that anyone has any respect for Joe anyway though, so he wouldn’t lose much….actually that was a bad example in the first place XD.

        1. that is true. All the other spanish pokemon sites seem to upload fakes, and it seems experto is at the least reporting the news. There are so many things pointing “FAKE” and so many things pointing “TRUE” I really can’t decide to believe this. I’ll be prepared if they do, though.

          1. Ya. Not to be racist, but I noticed that in general, the spanish sites seem to be the most gullible and “in the wrong” in Pokemon matters. The only aware of 2-3 English Pokemon sites that post fake information and call it truth, but I’v came across many Spanish sites that do this XD. Also there are literally 1000’s of spanish sites stealing people’s fakemon designs from DeviantArt and posting them in their own Dexsites claiming that they created them. I’v had to visit a few of them and report them to their hostsites to see if I could get content removed for friends.

            If this is a lie, Pokexperto is going to turn into a battlefield XD.

          2. So that makes him the main source automatically , I guess.

            I’ve already seen a comment saying if this is fake lets go thrash pokexperto, so I’m hoping that it’s not fake, it’s good for all of us 🙂

        2. Pokexperto isn’t actually the MAIN spanish site. It’s a minor one. The main one is ZonaSafari.

          As for people not having respect for me? Please. If that was true, my site wouldn’t be the most visited. Don’t jump on the stupid 4chan bandwagon just because they don’t want the starter evos to be real.

          1. I’v joked around with you on Gamefaqs many times Joe. You should know that you can’t take what I say seriously. Don’t doubt our respect for you XD.

          2. Your “source” says that they are real, as does Pokexperto. Why dont you ask your “source” about the others? Even show him/her/it some of Hiro’s fanarts.

          3. It’s funny, Weygard, how you post something in such confidence saying no one respects Serebii, yet when he shows up to retort (which I can tell you didn’t expect) you play the “Just joking” card. Regardless if you DO joke with him on Gamefaqs, that was obviously not a joking message until he showed up, of course. >__>

          4. you can doubt my respect instead. also, respect doesn’t correlate with page views or bandwidth use. nice wishful thinking tho.

            anyways, not to start a commotion here, can’t wait until these are all proved fake~

  5. Have to be careful as there are three ppl posting info on PxP’s site’s forum, Melkor (or DrakYami here), Hiro and some person that goes by the name I’m a Ghost. Just try not to mix things up w I’m a Ghost’s assertions.

    I’m pretty happy they’ve moved from making a bunch of butterflies and moths (mothim, dustox and beautifly are my fave though), which was sort of redundant since they were all either bug/flying or bug/poison. Although they could’ve done my madagascan sunset moth bug/ghost w it’s dead corpse skull caterpillar. And a death moth bug/dark 🙂

    1. Actually, Melkor and Hiro are PxP. No more people.

      Hiro also said in the responses not to believe what ‘I’m a Ghost’ says, and also revealed some of his information as fake.

  6. Oo oo I’m also hoping the blue squid we saw from the pokemusicals vid a while back is the water/ghost 😀

  7. A water/ghost Pokemon!?
    (Please be true!)
    Too bad I’m choosing Mijumaru… ¬_¬

    Now all we need is water/fire so that there’s a water combo with every other type.

  8. These pookemon are so faaaaaaaaaaaaake I actually started to laught! Judo! Ha!
    Althought the Kurimuru evo sounds ok…

    1. You seem to have an issue with word final “t” there…

      And why is Judo so funny?
      If they can make Hitomlee and Hitmonchan and Meditite, what’s so weird about Judo?

    2. Um the judo pokemon was already shown.In one of the offical videos you can clearly see
      a pokemon in a musical with a kimono and if you like at its skin its red like.We just didnt see the face yet

  9. awesome if its true.
    finally they start using type combinations which I’m making fakemon of since always LOL, like the water and fire ghosts (with ghost secondary :D, we need more like that) and more pokemon with dragon as secondary (one of mine also being dark/dragon XD).

    If they make ice/electric, bug/dark, fight/flying, dragon/electric or a rock/dragon fossil, they basically picked all of my exotic combos lol (fire/psy and ground/dark are also already tehre <3)

    1. A fighting rooster would feet perfect with the Fight/Flying combination.

      ps- It seems we are going to have such an exotic combination as Bug/Electric (Denchura)

      1. There was a fake Farfetched evo looked like a Fight/Flying, thar would be good maybe next generations.

  10. I already posted it in another topic, but nobody seemed to read it:

    Hiro just gave us an anticipated description on Kibago’s second evolution stage (the one that then evolve into Ononokusu), and I would translate it and share it with us:

    -”It is bigger. The horn is a little bit smaller. Longer tail. Some skin turn reddish. And those things in his mouth (fangs) grow extremelly. I would say it could glide with those things (the last part is a joke-like)”

    Some things were difficult to translate literally. Anyway, there is the Spanish original post:

    “Es algo más grande, el cuerno lo tiene mas pequeño, le crece la cola, se le añaden algunos tonos rojos y la cosa esa de la boca se le vuelve muuuuuy larga. Yo diría que podría planear y todo”


    1. “It’s bigger, it has smaller horns, the tail will grow, you add some red and that thing in his mouth again soooo long. I would say that could plan and everything

  11. i hope this is true
    fire/ghost-big ball of fire- ability: levitate
    water/ghost- deep sea creature
    dark/dragon- kibago line
    judo pokemon: hope they learn karate attacks
    ground/electric: hope it learns solarbeam
    fossil turtle: ash’s first fossil
    fossil bird: terror birds, protobirds, may look like golduck and blaziken
    ps don’t know why pj is forbidden to be mentioned in beach, can you tell us please what happened to make you banned in beach and whho banned you?

  12. If all the abundant info that Pokexperto gave is fake, it will be like, the biggest trolling ever.

    1. Yo, Pokexperto, I’m really happy for you, imma let you finish, but that fake corocoro scan with the fish and shikijika evo silohuette was the greatest trolling of all time. OF ALL TIME!

  13. I hate serebii so much cuz he only posts truth, that isn’t a bad thing but u know it would be good to post something to keep the visitors interested and hyped… like what paul does 🙂 you rox PJ oh and on serebii…. those kids are far too strict with battle rules when the game has set rules in them already…. and serebii I hope you read this…. Screw the Rules I’m an american! If the police don’t enforce, I don’t follow lol

    1. 2nd new character from the beta sheet that confirmed kibago, reveald koromiru and miju’s and smugleaf’s first evo, has been revealed on serebii, NOT PXP, and he is introduced in the 4th new episode and he is head of the battle club, enjoy 🙂

    2. I don’t even know how to respond to stupid posts like this.

      First, you HATE Serebii for posting confirmed information? Oh my, his bad? Of course we love PJ for giving us some rumors to stay interested, but why in the hell would you go out and say you hate someone for posting pure facts? Seriously, shut up.

      And the American thing… I wish I could slap you. >___> You shame other Americans.

  14. More info from Pokexperto:

    -Swanna does NOT evolve
    -Chllarmy DOES evolve
    -Meguroko DOES evolve TWICE
    -There are TWO legendary TRIOS appart from Zekrom/Reshiram/The Ice Dragon Pkmn.
    -There is a Dark/Steel combination on an ordinary Pkmn.

    ps. The Fire/Ghost and the Electric/Ground has NOT been confirmed by pokexperto yet.

    1. Attention! Pokexperto revealed the Number of Legendary PKMN!

      Victini + Zekrom/Reshiram/theOther + the TRIO + a second TRIO + Three event Pokemon at the end of the Pokedex

      13 Legendary Pokémon!

      1. Victini + 3 events doesn’t make sense. He’s already said there are FIVE event only, and we know Victini, Zorua, and Zoroark.

    2. Meguroko evolving twice is a little weird, considering its card version has 70 HP. Final evo must be mega uber tank of doom pudding.

      1. I have heard it alleged (but never confirmed) that the Expoerto crew are using sprites and some promotional material of all the new pokemon obtained through his job on the official magazine. But other than that, maybe Hiro’s just a really good artist? 😛

          1. They’ve never claimed to have the game. Just sprites from a source close to the games (front, back and shiny for both of all the new Pokemon), and possibly some sort of promotional stuff, but I don’t remember who told me that so take it with a grain of salt.

          2. i dont remember they saying anything about their “source”. I assumed that they had gotten ahold of a rom or iso of the game. But that would also make sense.

    1. Same here. It does seem to evolve three times. But look at the Fight guy with the piece of wood, it incredibly does evolve twice.

      1. maybe the counterparts arent equal this time, like in 1st gen. Pidgey evolved twice, Spearow evolved once.

          1. I’m Spanish n.nU

            It seems that there was a little confusion before this answer. I’ll translate literally what he said:

            “I didn’t realize you were asking for a lengendary Pokémon. OK, there is a Dark/Steel pokémon (as I said before deleting the answer), but it is NOT legendary

            I’m sorry, there are so much questions I just miss something”

            The last part is crucial, and I don’t think you will have any problem in translating this: “pero no es legendario”

  15. More news form Hiro:

    -Gochirizeru and Rankurusu do NOT evolve.
    -Both Denchura and Desukaan HAVE preevo.
    -This centipede is the counterpart to the Bug/Grass pkmn, so probably they are not going to appear in the same game.

  16. I GOT startling revelation which proves Pokexperto has lied to us!! Can anyone who posts here try to get this out?!? it’s important… Like seriously. PJ or Ozymandis or anyone?!?

      1. Alright. Well im gonna post what i posted on the serebii forums.

        Quote “http://img833.imageshack.us/img833/6312/nokitty.jpg” There is no kitty in this picture. Posted by someone on serebii from youtube.



        Let me first quote pokejungle.

        “I was bit hesitant to post this a few hours ago considering that it originated from PokeExperto, and the only reason I’m actually posting this after a few hours of debating is because I finally got a clearer image and that makes it confirmed now. ”

        – September 6

        This was PJ simply stating that he was hesistant that this picture here was fake!


        The picutre originated from POKEXPERTO several hours before that scan came into the hands of people!

        Wasn’t EVERYONE saying that he had a siloutte (Forgive my spelling) of the cat first?

        Now that we received a HIGH QUALITY image, this just proves that POKEXPERTO had pasted the cat onto the image!!!

        If no body else can see it, then I’m mad. But basically

        The original picture of the cat emerged from pokexperto, he couldve taped the show and taken a screenshot. He would release the entire group shot WITH a picture of the cat, but he made sure that several hours prior he posted a siloutte. This makes people believe that he’s a reliable source.

        So basically. THIS JUST PROVES THAT everything he’s posted is false

        1. ….Yeeeeeeah, no.

          That image was from a commercial aired on Japanese TV. Everyone saw it. It’s not a fake. Pokexperto might still be lying, but the cat is real. This proves nothing.

        2. I’ve been saying this for a while now, the video with the cat was up hours before he made the silhouette. But for some reason everyone is ignoring this fact.

          I have more reasons to doubt him than just this one, including a super big one, but i’m going to trust in my webmaster’s beliefs for now and not reveal them as to not cause arguments.

          1. Everybody else said he posted the cat silohuette 3 hours before it aired.

            And a “super big one?” What is it? Do you have evidence he’s lying?

          2. I just do not believe this guy at all. Something seems odd. And most people are believing it as they’re desperate for some (any) information that they’d gobble anything up. Even if it’s ridiculously fake

          3. what is your “big reason” Kriffix?
            If it undoubtedly proves him wrong then why havent you told anyone yet?
            It doesnt matter what PJ thinks, if you can prove something then do it.

          4. Something about this whole situation is just to “unbelievably believable”, for the lack of a better word. It seems like things are just fitting together to cleanly, to… perfect. It reminds me of those crime shows where the murderer or whatever covers his tracks and the detectives have to double take and realize, “oh, this makes no sense, slippers taken off before jumping the in shower would point towards the tub, not away” (just one of the situations I remember clearly).

            I hope it’s not confusing, but the sheer convenience of this whole thing just doesn’t sit right with me.

        3. yeah and Melkor also edited the video on filb.de too didnt he? Heres a screenshot. http://img251.imageshack.us/img251/4404/filb.png
          If you watch the video. The cat is there. Go look for yourself.

          Whoever made the picture you posted is a liar.

          You all are just going to have to admit it. The starters evos are more than likely real, as are everything Melkor has leaked. Get over it. You will get used to them just as you did Mijumaru (aka the most hated starter from the outset)

          1. I don’t necessarily care about the starters evolutions. But I just dont trust Melkor or Pokexeperto or whatever. Until there’s definitive proof coming from Pokemon Sunday or CoroCoro that something that he’s posted is true.

            I just dont believe the silhouette, and i don’t care for information that he got right 4 years ago (DP English names)

          2. the thing is, if he IS telling the truth, then he got more stuff right than Serebii.
            Everyone praises Joe because he is renowned for posting the truth and only the truth, yet he has posted just as many fakes lately any PJ or WPM or anyone else.

            Also, since Serebii’s “source” confirms the starter evos, What is his “source”‘s opinion on what Melkor is revealing?

  17. Well, if Pokexperto is telling the truth, I’m so happy with Kurumiru. That leaf insect is insane, i’m loving it. It’s combination of my two favorite things, leaf and insect! (Btw my fav pok. is Leafeon for sure)



        1. It just seems like it can be that blue thing. The only other thing I can thing of is that pink thing from kirby

      1. It doesn’t really look like an octopus…although maybe it’s tentacles are just in a position near it’s head so it looks attached.

        So is pokexperto going to keep posting these silhouettes until every pokemon has been revealed?

        1. i think Hiro is just drawing the ones that he likes as they go along. Thats definitely not the evo of either worm.

  18. 544: A round cocoon with an eye on each side. All covered in spikes, 4 larger and 8 shorter. Ugliest one on Dex. Bug / Poison Type.

  19. From Hiro:
    * There are quite interesting type combinations on all THREE trios (including Reshiram, Zekrom, Dragon/Ice pokemon)
    * Swana does not evolve.
    * Chillarmy evolves. “Is a scam of evolution, but have one”.
    * Hiro confirms Meguroko (the crocodile) have 2 evolutions.
    * There are 16 new Dark type pokemon
    * Isshu have a Dragon type gym.
    * There are a Steel/Dark pokemon, is not a legendary.
    * There are 13 legendary pokemon: 3 trios + 3 event pokemon (like Darkrai, Shaymin, Arceus) + Victini
    * Gochiruzeru does not evolve
    * Desukan & Denchura have pre-evolutions

      1. Well, maybe when he said that the centipede is the “Weedle”, the counterpart to the other bug.

        And just now he has said that:
        -Hihidaruma (Fire pkmn) does NOT evolve

        1. i really like hihidaruma, but i was hoping he got an evo. no offence to sources but i hope this is false and he does evolve. also still hoping water starter’s final form is not legit

        1. I think he meant that the evo seemed useless of not original to him.

          Anyway, it does show that he disliked it.

    1. Only 4 event-only pokemon, and we know 3 before the game is even released… that’s rather depressing, actually.

        1. How do you define legendary? A one-of-a-kind pokemon that’s hard to obtain and usually has some sort of signature attack or ability? Check, check, and check. Since there’s been no mention of Zorua evolving, I’m thinking they’re like Manaphy and Phione, related but not an evolutionary line. At this point, Zorua and Zoroark ARE legendaries.

  20. Hiro has also added (in his twitter) his interpretation of what the Bug/Poison cocoon is. He said Melkor didn’t seem to comprehend the nature of that Pkmn.

    He said this Pkmn is a centipede rolled up in the shape of a cocoon. He like the design.

    1. Melkor runs the site, Hiro is like second in command or whatever. He is the only other person who has seen the “source images” whether it be the game itself, a list of sprites or whatever.

    1. because he was “ugly” and looked unintelligent. Basically people just look for something to hate, but eventually it grows on them, as the starters evos will/have.

    1. Every pokemon so far is awesome. the only one so far that i dont like (including unconfirmed) is Kabago, those fangs just look weird to me….

      1. yeh, it’s hard to see how the fangs fit into it in the art/sprites. the anime should clear things up 😀

  21. If all this turns out true (and I doubt it will all be fake) will the starter types be Water, Grass and Fire/Fighting? Missed potential right there, if I do say so myself.

  22. Umm.. Pokejungle i got some info for ya!!
    – on ZonaSafari.net they have a 2 part video of which the second part is the one that showed the purple cat!!
    But the thing is, when they get to that part the purple cat is no longer above yanappu or anywhere.

    Was the purple cat found out to be fake??

        1. I hope it evolves into different concept than Jumpluff. Actually cloud cotton is something different though.

          1. Well, it looks like a sheep (which fits since cotton is the “sheep-plant” or whatever people call it) so maybe it evolves into a bigger sheep.

          2. I’d prefer it to be a Dandelion rather than Cotton, it could be either.

            Kinda weird how it’s only grass though, looks like Grass/Flying.

      1. Did some research, seems like it might be based on the mythical “vegetable lamb of Tartary”, which among other things is based on cotton.

          1. *gasp* I remember that rumour! You mean it’s REAL???

            Man, and I thought Shaymin was a pathetic-looking legendary…. LOL

          2. No, it’s too early in the Pokedex to be a legendary. Besides, as I recall that same rumor said Reshiram was Ice/Dragon.

    1. My guess is Cotton thing’s evo. It looks like bloomed and ready to fly. It may be brand new line’s poke as well.

  23. Oh, so now Kriffix is posting secret messages? :<

    It's fun looking for little easter eggs like that. :<

  24. Does anyone know anything about that Best Wishes behind the scenes show that was meant to air today after DP 191? Or I’m I mistaken on the date, or the concept of a show. I saw it on PokeBeach, video is gone now, but I think you guys reported it also. I’ve been looking for it on here but I remembered that it might have been, and it was, PokeBeach I saw it on ^_^

    1. It comes on sunday its is like the crossover from Gen 4 to Gen 5 were their going to show a sneak peek
      at best wishes.Show parts of the game, and reveal 2(maybe more) new pokemon(Tabune and the Cat)

  25. ‘Pokexperto’ is so full of shit. He got a little fame now he wants to hog the spotlight before the games come out, then when they’re released he’ll be remembered as the guy who managed to fool everyone… except me

    1. Wow after he leaked all the english names before the english diamond and pereal games came out
      people still doubt him……SAD

        1. But alot of people are acting like their such badasses just beacause they think pokexpeto is fake just beacause they dont like the starters evo thats the sad part im talking about

          1. They’re just stating their opinion as much as you’re stating yours. And tbh I don’t think it’s entirely based on the starter’s evos; it’s more the fact he hasn’t given any actual proof to the fandom that any of the stuff he and hiro have said/shown is true. Descriptions, numbers, silhouettes, fanarts and a “secret source” don’t establish any truth to these imo. I could say I had a secret source and create an entire pokedex too, we all could. I’m just being sceptical until some confirmation that’s all.

          2. I know I respect people opinions 2 bro and I only belive 90 percent in what Pokexperto says but people should just stop trash talking him until the game come out to see if he was lying.
            Give him a little credit at least :] lets stop these b4 they turn into a flame war

    2. I am still in doubt, I want actual proof. Maybe Coro-Coro will confirm or deny some of the claims he has already made.

      1. Maybe PS will confirm some. In that case he’s got 2 more days of attention before the truth is revealed one way or the other.

  26. Hey Kriffix, sorry if I sound like a lifeless lump because of this, but can you please shed some of your light on me about why you think Melkor is lying? I could really use the boost. Seriously, I’ve got enough to worry about already, I don’t need pokemon ruined for me. It’s one of my only escapes!

  27. “Only 4 event-only pokemon, and we know 3 before the game is even released… that’s rather depressing, actually.”

    You know, maybe there are more legendaries waiting to be discovered, like Arceus or something. They may say there are 156 new pokemon, but that may not be true to hide some event pokemon like they tried to do in 4th generation (although as soon as the games will come out they will be found out probably XD)

  28. Don George will first appear in episode 4 of best wishes Battle Club! Mysterious Pokémon Appears.
    In the beta artwork I belive that umbreon is his. the mysterious Pokemon is probally the Reshiram that was
    shown during the trailer

    1. Isn’t the first episode something about Reshiram’s Shadow. I don’t see how the fourth one would have Reshiram too.

      1. Oh i think i heard that Shooti gets tsutaja the first episode and i know ash gets
        mijumaru but who gets pokabu? Ash maybe? or Iris

  29. #540 Kurumiru Bug/Grass ->
    #541 Kurumiru Evo which is wrapped in a leaf with only it’s eyes and mouth showing Bug/Grass.
    #542 A Leaf Insect Pokémon, a Phylliidae (http://bit.ly/atUO9q). Stands on two legs, with a leaf skirt and arms. Head is like Kurumiru’s.Yeah.
    543. Bicho/Veneno (Bug/Poison)
    544: A round cocoon with an eye on each side. All covered in spikes, 4 larger and 8 shorter. Ugliest one on Dex. Bug / Poison Type.
    545: Scolopendra Pokémon (http://bit.ly/cYSqJk). Silhouette here:http://bit.ly/asjnsT Color like first pre-evo. Bug / Poison Type.
    546: Pure Grass cloud Pokémon.

    …wait…so pure grass for a cloud pokemon….lame.

    1. It’s not fake. I watched that trailer on offical site, and i saw that cat with my eyes on offical site.

    1. That is the kind of Pokémon one of the creators meant when saying “you can’t assume the type of the new Pokémon”.

      Nobody would think this is Grass at first. (Still waiting for confirmation of the type)

    1. Watch It on the offical site and pause it before the title comes out its not fake so stop saying it is.

    2. The leak was unintentional. They removed the image so that those who didn’t see the ‘whoopsie’ version will be surprised on PS when they reveal it.

    3. dude relax and dont have a titty attack and the cat is real, you just dont want it to be real and please try not to insult other people here……….

      1. And there was an image with people around and screens around column. and there were two pokemons on upper screen, looks like it

    1. 100% the new oddish D: Maybe in exeggutor’s colors, ‘cos the one in the daycare had almost the same colors..

    1. They removed it because they noticed that it was an unconfirmed Pokemon. There are older videos of the preview that probably show the cat Pokemon.

      1. Actually it’s quite likely that these two will be revealed in corocoro, which’ll be released the day before the special airs. 🙂

          1. Hi. 15th is Corocoro. 16th is the Anime Special.


            Unless we’re in a time warp, 15th comes before 16th.

  30. What if Zekrom stole Pikachus lighting attacks forever and ash has to find out more about Zekrom
    and try to get them back while Getting all the badges.

    That would make a good plot instead of the same old Evil Team all 8 badges and blah blah blah

    1. I felt the entrance into the best wishes was just like when he first came to the hoenn region!!
      Pikachu got his electricity negatively magnetized (cause Team Rocket) and pikachu came down with a fever.. at the end of the of the show it was better!!

  31. I thought it’d be cool if the cloud thing was the first pure flying…… *sobs* no pure grass plz……

  32. That is NOT a cloud! It’s based on the Barometz, which is a sheep-plant, hence the Grass typing.

    You people need to stop clinging to the first description you read and do a little research; it’s the Ononosuku “mantis” thing all over again.

    1. Ah, I agree with the Barometz thing, heh, stupid colonizers, thinking cotton was a plant that grew sheep.

  33. Ken Sugimori, primary illustrator: I really struggled the most with the Water-type [starter] this time.
    Yusuke Ohmura, illustrator: There was talk of, “Wouldn’t a sea otter be good for the Water starter?” But it was a really close decision in terms of what this sea otter would become once it evolves. In the end, we decided to have it evolve into something with a completely different appearance.
    Sugimori: Of course, we want to make the starters into Pokémon that remain with the player throughout the game, so we hope to make them evolve into creatures that offer a surprise to the player. We always make an effort to throw in some twists and create third-stage evolutions that have an impact.
    Ohmura: There was also talk this time about dividing the three starters into Japanese, Western, and Chinese styles of design. Tsutaaja was based on Western design, and Pokabu was rooted in a Chinese style, so I was told, “Let’s make Mijumaru into a more Japanese-style design.” Someone even asked, “Can’t you make Mijumaru into a samurai?” [laughs]
    Everyone: [laughs]
    Sugimori: I worried about it for a while, and I eventually went to go see the sea otters at the aquarium. I happened to catch the sea lion show while I was there, and I became aware of the sea lion’s power. “Well, let’s try blending a sea otter and a sea lion,” I thought. I came up with the idea of making the shell on Mijumaru’s stomach into a sword (katana) and using it to fight, and that’s how I completed Mijumaru and its evolution.”

    Sea Lion : http://digitalchocolate.org/images/11-29-04-morro-strand/ca1-sea-lion-morro-strand.jpg

      1. Actually, from what I got from this, it proves PokExperto has been trolling this whole time. Ken said he wanted Miju to use a “shell katana” and have a “japanese-ness” to it. The PxP Miju final looks incapable of holding anything and looks more like a unicorn than a samuri.

          1. Oh, thanks, I forgot about that. That’s even more proof!
            It would atleast be water/fighting or water/steel.

    1. Ahh! Yes!!! I made a post on Bulbagarden forums a while back explaining that’s what I thought the line was based off of. Glad to see I was right :’D

    2. OMG awesome!!! I hope this si true! There is still hope for Miju to be a samurai even if it’s not part fighting ;-:

    3. Neither otters nor the sea lions have a huge horn growing out of their heads. And the last evolution does not have a katana…

      The idea sounds nice. Sea lions and otters do have similar shapes, and a combination of the two could work. I hope it’s execution is better then what we saw from pokexperto.

    4. Enough with the starters, I could care less how they look like right now besides it’s not like they are the only new pokemon in the game…….jeebus convert your energies into the topic at hand the new “supposed” pokemon shown above which i must say look very real to me so PxP has been pretty spot on so far i still have my doubts but you dont see me bashing him for it….*Sigh* I need some coffee

    1. Kinda funny how that picture had a grass sheep and a dark/steel pokemon.

      Now Melkor tells us we’re getting a grass sheep and a dark/steel pokemon.

  34. I think im the only one who doesnt like the sheep pokemon? >.<

    Im suprised how much the starter evo's have grown on me 😀

  35. PxP haters: You better swallow all that information as soon as possible.

    EPIC OWNED is not just enough.

    1. It only confirms the starter evos, not the entire dex.
      But granted, I was waiting for some sort of confirmation and it’s what I got. Now to start planning my team… Shimama, Hihi, Moguryu, Tsutaja… going to wait for more twitter news now! 😀

      I’m happy, my brain can finally stop hurting with this true or false stuff. 🙂

        1. (Why would I want to be epic owned? O.o)

          We will have an answer soon, one way or another. Even if everything PxP has posted IS true, I still won’t be epic owned. I retain a healthy level of skepticism, but I’ve acknowledged from the beginning that there was a chance that he was legit.

          1. I agree with you. I didn’t like the starters at first, but I accepted that I would get used to them if real. The massive amount of info that I keep trying to ignore so that I can be surprised when I play the game myself, but yet keep checking up on, may or may not be real, whatever. I eventually come to accept all new Pokemon…except the Glameow line and Stunky line…still attempting to get used to those. >.>;

            Though I admit I am now kinda hoping he is right, after revealing that there are 13-ish Legendaries (unless that was proven wrong, I no longer see anything about it in the comments). Legends are my favorite Pokemon, so the more the better. I’m not asking for more than Sinnoh, but the idea of going back to Kanto(5)/Johto(7) numbers had me worried.

          2. Yay cookie. <3

            And I agree with you, it was fun to track down all the different legendaries in DPPt.

  36. I thought 541 evolved into 542…. But they’re under different bullets? Does that mean anythign or not?

  37. OMG that new shadow that has like three leaves on it’s head has to be that pokemon that was in the yard of the “pokesitters” (?) where we saw chillarmy I think 🙂

  38. after all this fake not fake stuff. i dont take anything seriously, i’ll just wait til the game comes out

      1. Where does it say it’s a cloud?

        If it’s a grass type than it could very easily be based on a cotton plant….think about it.

  39. I do not trust Pokexperto, there are too many mistakes in his silhouettes (a similar stance that I hold toward the starter evos), and I have undeniable proof that either Pokexperto and/or Serebii’s information is false, because they conflict highly on a certain subject, though I chose to put that in this gif:

    Not entirely related, but Miji2’s feet are totally wrong in said evo art aswell (just decided to post this here rather than make a comment on an older blog post) :

    Here’s some info about Miji2’s face not being accurate too:

    BTW, that cloud pokemon’s wing design is bizarrely inconsistent, the left wing looks nothing like the right!

  40. Sorry if I didnt read all 300 comments…but where does these pokemon come from? How do they know?

    1. They’re coming from a Spanish website called Pokexperto. the leader of the site claims to have an inside source and these drawings are what someone drew while looking at the sprites/artwork/whatever the heck he has.

      Serebi, IIRC, confirmed that he did have A source, but it’s impossible to tell for sure what of this comes from his source and what comes from him wanting a laugh at stupid sheep fans.

      In short, PxP is (According to PJ) 85% legit, and thus his stuff is, too.

  41. thanks for posting all this stuff PJ!!! even if it’s not true who cares? i love just having something to look at and wonder about everday when i get home from school. Pokebeach, serebii and filb.de never really post stuff day to day.

  42. holy!!! better jump on the pokemon bandwagon! this information is just a gushing out now as if someone struck oil XD keep it coming! and hopefully this stuff is confirmed true…or I’m gonna Laugh my A** off sooo hard.

  43. The “cloud” pokemon are ADORABLE! I really hope he’s not lying about this because if it’s real I’m getting someone to trade that to me ASAP and he’ll be my starter instead XD

    1. Umm Its An Onion not a weed like oddish and what baby heracross theirs nothing here that even looks
      like a heracross

      1. nothing? That thing is a different coloured oddish..and the bug type has heracross’ face (and body in my opinion..just not bypedal but on 100).. Can’t I think what I want?

  44. The reason why I do not rely on your site is because you LISTEN to POKEXPERTO. He does NOT have the game. Get that through your DAMN THICK SKULL

    1. …lol? Am I supposed to take this seriously? xD Even though the article said that we have no proof this is real yet? lulz. If you want reading lessons just hit me up sometime.

  45. From PxP’s Twitter… ~~- 549: Grass Lady Pokémon. She wears a flower hat with crown. Big leaf on the back. Her dress is a leaf bulb, with 2 dark green leaves as arms

      1. hmm havent thought of that 😛 you could be right about that and my theory is a Meguroko the Ground Gator pokemon is within the next 10 numbers, i hope 😡

    1. i’m imagining a mawile with a dress and a crown
      maybe a princess-type design so maybe last in its evo-line

    1. if thats real… its english name is gonna be HeraOMFGWHATISTHATTHING
      and i see a white mew

    2. Do you think something that’s got a bad case of the Photoshop smudge tool is real?

      Didn’t think so.

  46. im gonna laugh when all this ugly stuff is proved fake…
    you ppl are trying to believe anything that comes up
    these THINGS dont even look like pokemon!

    1. who cares? no one is saying they are real. How many disclaimers does PJ have to put? stop raining on our parade. Are they real? who knows… does it matter? no because we are having fun looking at the pics and having conversation about them

    2. What are Pokemon supposed to look like, then?

      I mean, I’m not totally convinced yet of them being Pokemon, but that is still a stupid argument to make.

  47. The Pokemon shown in the commercial they are referring to in the daycare had a color scheme just like Exeggutor, with three distinct colors.
    Green top, cream middle (head?), then dark brown (root legs/body?).
    The “fanart” of it only has two colors, only the leaves on the head match. If you saw these Pokemon, wouldn’t you remember how many colors it had if it was as simple as 3?

    And those “clouds” on the yuramon/sheep thing could be cotton. We’ve seen two grass types with white fuzzy parts; Jumpluff (who is like a dandelion weed), and Shiftry (its “hair”).

    1. As you can tell by my chosen avatar-name im a huge Basurao fan!!

      What do you mean it doesnt have an evolution? it doesnt say that in the main page…
      Do you have information on this??

  48. Is it just me, or is the Isshu region overrun with grass types? xD

    (Assuming these are not fake, of course)

    1. No complaints from me =3 I’ve run out of grass types I’ve wanted to use. Assuming these real, they’re super cute and I’m pleased.

        1. Not the biggest fan frankly. I’m not saying they’re poorly designed pokemon… just commenting from personal taste xP

  49. Looks like I’ll have plenty of grass types to choose from this time around! Couldn’t find a decent one I liked for HG or Platinum. I’m excited to see the evolution of the daycare Pokemon! Hope it’s good so I can put her on my team. & hope it’s real..

    1. Yeah… I’m struggling to find a good grass type for HG @@; My Meganium just isn’t cutting it.

  50. Hey PokeJungle, where did you find the info about the pokedex #’s?
    i mean i see most of them on pokexperto(melkor) twitter, but i couldnt find the basurao entry..

    I LOVE BASURAO… well technically i love all fish/water dwelling creatures. (which is wierd that im gonna pick Pokabu lol)

      1. oh alright, hey while im asking about basurao..
        What do you think the chances are of basurao evolving?

        Someone in a comment just a few spots above this mentioned about the two forms + it not evolving so im curious.

          1. haha, i’ve seen that litte smile before. lol
            *Keeping my fingers crossed.. even my toes*

          2. If I’m not mistaken, Hiro said in the comments for one of Pokexperto’s articles, that Basurao does not evolve. It has nothing but a forme change.

  51. Y’know, I’ve decided that, after all that has happened, I am not going to be around the “news” when GenVI is coming out. Way to much hassle, people everywhich way saying “oh, I’ve got inside information, or, oh, we have so much stuff we can’t tell you just yet Dx.” The corocoro leaks are fun and so are the rumors, but when people start spitting out insider info that they can’t prove, it just gets… wrong.

    1. Basurao is and always will be awesome!! lol
      I wonder what triggers the 2nd (blue/even angrier) form???

    1. Yes i think pokexperto said that gear gets two evoultions.

      Anywho, also i think they started scanning the pokemon pia magazine in pokebeach. Looks rather good. Seeing mushurna standing up with his eyes open is a bit odd. O_O

        1. O.o I wonder how Gear will look like. And seriously. I think Busurao needs an evolution. I thought busurao would be Isshu’s magikarp. It’s saddening.

  52. Does anyone else it a bit strange…or, in fact, peculiar that Serebii is keeping so quiet about the fact that Pokexperto is posting all of this?
    I mean, think about it, it went from “Well, we can’t tell you…really….but yes they are real” to “Let’s post the entire Dex over Twitter”! Serebii is decidedly silent on this issue, how do you guys interpret this?

    Part of me wants to believe Pokexperto is TROLLING hardcore. Like, a huge middle finger to the community…because how could his source POSSIBLY authorize this sort of leak… =O

    1. I was thinking that if Serebii had inside info that proved Pokexperto fake, he’d have spoken up. And he said some of his info matches what Pokexperto has said, and so far nothing contradicts. So it could very well be real.

  53. Wasn’t there a rumor before that there was a pure grass type sheep pokemon? Those fluffy ones look decidedly sheeplike to me. ^_^

  54. Since most of PJ think they’re fake I think you should stop posting PokExperto stuff, and now we’re just getting bombarded with this constant stream of fake stuff it’s easy to overlook the stuff that’s actually real

  55. theres a strong chance there real, BUT there is a good chance that when the stuff said on the team was founf out by pokexperto somehow and he made the designs himself!

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