Black & White Rumors V (UPD2)

We’ve finally reached Rumor post V for Gen V!  Here goes :3  Remember not to take these as fact until they are PROVEN.

  • IV Values now have 8 kinds instead of 6
  • There will be some kind of modification for the pokemon coming over from previous generations to fix their stats
  • 4 EVs per battle
  • Gaining Effort values has also changed
  • Hidden Power now varies in base power between 60 and 70 (UPD)
  • No new natures are being introduced
  • 26 new abilities
  • 156 total new pokemon (5 being distribution-only) [This correlates to what Experto has said]
  • Hypnosis accuracy lowered to 55%, Dark Void’s accuracy now 50%
  • Triple Battles and Rotation Battles are encountered many times
  • PokeShifter is mentioned as being… less than desirable
  • Random Match has two modes; 6vs6 Single and 4vs4 Double
  • Random Match adheres to Battle Tower rules
  • New rule called ‘Fresh’ which allows only pokemon trained in Black/White can be used
  • Battle Subway has a WiFi component
  • DSi users will be able to participate in events at McDonalds in which they can scan a barcode to receive an item or pokemon
  • New HM to change seasons

Separate rumor pointed out by SymphonicMuffin.  These are the alleged abilities of the Pokemon Peer Kanto starters:

  • Squirtle: Shell Armor
  • Charmander: Flame Body
  • Bulbasaur: Poison Point

Also since I’m posting this up anyway, a separate rumour also from a guy claiming to have read PokemonPia was brought to my attention a while back. It suggests the same thing only with Bulbasaur having ‘Chlorophyll’ instead of ‘Poison point’.

That’s all for now :]

<3 pokejungle

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