Black & White Rumors V (UPD2)

We’ve finally reached Rumor post V for Gen V!  Here goes :3  Remember not to take these as fact until they are PROVEN.

  • IV Values now have 8 kinds instead of 6
  • There will be some kind of modification for the pokemon coming over from previous generations to fix their stats
  • 4 EVs per battle
  • Gaining Effort values has also changed
  • Hidden Power now varies in base power between 60 and 70 (UPD)
  • No new natures are being introduced
  • 26 new abilities
  • 156 total new pokemon (5 being distribution-only) [This correlates to what Experto has said]
  • Hypnosis accuracy lowered to 55%, Dark Void’s accuracy now 50%
  • Triple Battles and Rotation Battles are encountered many times
  • PokeShifter is mentioned as being… less than desirable
  • Random Match has two modes; 6vs6 Single and 4vs4 Double
  • Random Match adheres to Battle Tower rules
  • New rule called ‘Fresh’ which allows only pokemon trained in Black/White can be used
  • Battle Subway has a WiFi component
  • DSi users will be able to participate in events at McDonalds in which they can scan a barcode to receive an item or pokemon
  • New HM to change seasons

Separate rumor pointed out by SymphonicMuffin.  These are the alleged abilities of the Pokemon Peer Kanto starters:

  • Squirtle: Shell Armor
  • Charmander: Flame Body
  • Bulbasaur: Poison Point

Also since I’m posting this up anyway, a separate rumour also from a guy claiming to have read PokemonPia was brought to my attention a while back. It suggests the same thing only with Bulbasaur having ‘Chlorophyll’ instead of ‘Poison point’.

That’s all for now :]

<3 pokejungle

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      1. ….go check out the “game mechanics” section of any good pokemon fan-site.

        IVs are individual values. They determine base stats if I’m not mistaken.

        EVs are effort values. You gain them from making a pokemon fight specific pokemon. Each Pokemon gives effort values for a specific stat and a specific amount. These determine how your stats end up being distributed.

    1. People should really stop saying “first comment”, it’s not impressive when they get it, and it’s ridiculous when they don’t.

  1. apparently the new abilities for the 1st gen starters are –
    Squirtle: Shell Armor
    Bulbasaur: Poison Point
    Charmander: Flame Body

    i’ve just been looking on 4chan.
    but it was apparently from 2ch.

      1. They’re claiming its from Pokemon Pia. But to be honest that’s not saying much since I found this one a few days ago by another guy claiming it was from Pokemon Pia.
        フシギダネ ようりょくそ =Bulbasaur = Chlorophyl
        ヒトカゲ ほのおのからだ =Charmander = Flamebody
        ゼニガメ カブトアーマー =Squirtle = Shell armor

      1. no clue.
        i’m not even sure if the translations are “correct”
        ‘just going off what i heard.
        [is still trying to find a place to learn how to at least read Japanese T_T]

        1. i found a sweet torrent of 2 gigs worth of books in pdf form and mp3 audiobooks with accompanying text. it shouldn’t be hard to find. it sure helped me a lot, especially with kanji. tokyo was easy enough to remember since it’s a tree with a rising sun behind (eastern) it and a royal lamp-type shape that symbolized capital cities (capital).

          1. really?
            i’ll have to check it out.. and download something to open torrent files with.
            thanks for telling me~

  2. Haha my bad Drake my bad. I just check this site addictively lol dangit I have to learn a whole new system of ivs and evs??? GF is really sitting on my crackers with this one…?

    1. We can all call it a new experience. It gives those who weren’t that good with IVs a second chance at a new system

      1. …..And those who just barely figured out the IV/EV system like my sister burst into tears of frustration. 😛

  3. 8 instead of 6…

    Accuracy and Evasion? What else is there? Unless there is a new stat entirely…


    Dark Void having 50% accuracy…


    The rest is acceptable I suppose.

      1. Darkrai and Smeargle.
        But now that I think about it, Dark Void might hit all opponents in a triple battle so I guess a lower accuracy wouldn’t be too bad.

  4. “Chance of waking up has been changed to 60-70%”

    I’m sorry but what. It’s talking about Hidden Power, at least from what I saw.

      1. No problem ~__~

        But what do you mean with “8 kinds”? The translation I’ve read had it as “IVs now have 8 levels”. Your translation makes it seem as if we’re going to have two new stats, which we already know we won’t…

        1. I know very little about the particulars of IVs. So I was going off the assumption that this was changing from 6 values to 8

          1. Well, I just hope this is your “noobiness”, as having eight different IVs, all of them ranging from 0 to 31, would truly be a mess…

            I mean, what’s the point of making EV training easier if you just fuck over even more with the worst part of pokémon raising, those goddamn IVs…

        2. Oh, so the 8 levels is per stat? So instead of having 0-31 we’ll have 0-7? O.o That’ll make stat breeding a heck of a lot easier.

  5. Fresh rule and the region being mostly pure types now I see what they meant when they said there aiming for a younger audience

    1. Oh, and speaking of Smogon, according to them, that same rumor says you get 4 EVs per battle and seasons can be changed at will via HMs.

      1. O.o A time travel HM…. that’s really messed up. Can you imagine that IRL? I mean, most HMs you could see being used in real life. But a season changer? What would happen if 4 people got a hold of that HM and all used it at the same time?

        What happens to the plants growing? What happens to animals/Pokemon that hibernate when you skip winter???

        (Yeah, I know it’s ‘just a game,’ I’m theorizing here)

      2. The first thing that came to my head when I read about the season-changing HM was the Rod of Seasons from Oracle of Seasons.

  6. 8 IVs instead of 6…I always thought one of those IVs were friendliness considering the more I cared for my Ampharos in HG, the more it dodged attacks from the opponent’s Pokemon (an example is that time I fought Lance’s Charizard…was gonna use a Sacred Ash, but Amphy managed to dodge two attacks from the dragon that could have killed it).

    And once again, I wish I can donate to your site, pokejungle ;_;

    1. Yea and sometimes my Glaceon uses blizzard and it says “________ avoid the attack” or something along those lines. If its not accuracy and evasion, i dont know what it could be because happi es and sadness probably arent the 2 new values.

      1. It’s just probability. Your Glaceon’s Blizzard misses sometimes because the attack has a miserable 70% accuracy. This means that the chances of its missing two times in a row are 9%, which is very, very possible!

        Same for the Ampharos problem. If it were programmed in the games we have now that happiness affected accuracy/evasiveness, most of the community would definitely know of it.

  7. Hey Paul, i’ll make sure to donate to the site. I have a job so its the least i can do. Oh and did you get the email I sent you?

    On another note, these rumors sound interesting, wouldn’t be surprised if everything on this list was true.


  8. Ivs are individual values of pokemon. They range from 1 to 31, and add bonus stat points. They differ between pokemon and makes each one unique. Ivs cover HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed. An ideal pokemon has 31 in each stat. Ivs also determine hidden power types and power.

  9. I wonder how “fresh” mode would work? Could you only use B/W pokes? Or could you still use past-gen pokes so long as they weren’t transfered from an older game? (breeding/dreamworld)

    Assuming it’s even true, that is.

    1. I think it would be any Pokemon raised in B/W, the point being that it would level the playing field for the sake of those without access to previous generation tutors and stuff.

  10. if there’s gonna be an hm to change seasons, what’s the point of making seasons last a month in the first place?

    ps does any notice zekrom looks like a metal gear(mech carrying a nuke, theorized made in the 60’s)

  12. I looked at the rumor, thought it wasn’t really a good one, but I thought it said it didn’t have many triple/rotation, but it would give you some battles.

  13. Okay, I can’t understand a single sentence that previous poster sent… ”OTL

    So, 8 IVs instead of 6? I wonder if Evasion and Accuracy will be more important stats in these games, maybe? It adds up if you consider those as a possible two stats to have IVs for. O:

    1. Are you talking about me?

      this is just a thought, but how can there be more stat’s if there’s already been a picture with vitini and rakurusu’s stats?

        1. Ok I get it now. PJ mistranslated and said that there would be 8 IV, but I looked at the original post and I think it means 31 to 8 IV

          1. only up to 8 IV would make everything so much easier.

            Yeah, getting 8 31’s would probably be around the percentage of another planet with life nearby.

      1. Nononono, I wasn’t. I meant the person above you (dinoman007), but your comment popped up before mine got to post. ^^;

        If that’s the case, then whichever stats they would be won’t be able to be enhanced through EV training. That’d be… quite interesting, actually. O: It’s difficult to actually think of another possible stat that would be useful in battle.

  14. Wow this better not be true, they need to remove IVs and EVs entirely, not add more!
    Oh and a HM that can change seasons? That’s gonna ruin the length of the game.. I thought it’d be like you wouldn’t be able to get to blah blah gym until the season changes next month, it would extend the life of the game greatly (assuming you dont just mess with the clock), and I’m sure there would be plenty of stuff to do until the season changes.

    1. What’s wrong with hidden stats and values that make Pokemon even more individual and useful in battles? :I

      If they never had EVs or IVs, battling would be too simple and dull.

      1. Not to mention, without IVs and EVs pokemon would be a lot more skill based and a lot less boring grinding based

  15. Dark Void’s accuracy being 50% only sucks. Darkrai just lost is ace to be usable in tha Uber Tier. Anywyaz i can’t see how can the other 2 IV’s be. HP could get an IV but…yeah

    1. I had a wierd thought of them being Accuracy and Evasion, since there’s not really any other possible stats that could affect a Pokemon’s performance in battle. It’ll be interesting to find out. :V

  16. I wonder if theres Wild triple battle encounters. Makes sense for these pokemon that “travel in packs” yet we never see them in packs >_>. This would be good and bad as in Faster wiod battles and more exp. Or if they have powerful multi hit moves that can take out half your team… O.o

    Btw has anyone seen a screenshot of it raining in the game? i dont think ive seen one at all

    1. I think it was raining in kanoko town or wherever the demo takes place
      I think it’s only in spring or summer though

      1. Ahh ok i probably just missed it then. I need moar news on version exclusives and their evolutions 😡

  17. I can see the reason to the season HM, because they know that you can “mess” with the clock, so instead of going out and change it and go back again, then just use the HM and you’re ready to go :3

  18. I actually see these as being true. They seem actually really plausible.
    And with the extreme amount of information that’s being provided by pokexperto I think my opinions on him are changing… very slowly.

    Still pretty dissapointed that there are no evos/prevos of previous pokemon… I read a rumour somewhere ages ago that there’ll be a few pokemon related to previous pokemon after the elite four. This is coming from the same-batch of rumours which have all proven to be true, all coming from the same source. So i’m still hoping for that 🙂 if only i could find it…

    Anyway 🙂 156 pokemon new pokemon… And I really am looking forward for the legends..
    Buuuut. If it were true that 5 are distribution pokemon… That would mean three of them are Zorua, Zoruak, and Victini.. So there’s only two more available?

    Sinnoh had… Manaphy, Phione (Counting it coz there would be no way of getting it without having a manaphy expcept trading), Shaymin, Arceus, Darkrai… Any more?

    1. Hmmm. Theres that jirachi event i think idk if thst counts or not 😡
      And i think a regigigas event for platnuim where u need regis from a movie event to unlock him. Idk about the second part but im lime 80% sure there was a regigigigas event

      1. Well I was counting only 4th gen unobtainable poke’s… But if in the case of Regigigas in Platinum, then yeah, that’s another one.

        I wouldnt count Jirachi although getting it is very hard if you’re not near an event place..

      2. Oh and also the Gracidea flower to get the alternate form of Shaymin and that Key to access Rotoms alternate formes…

          1. Well… We already have two of them don’t we? The shiny beast to get Zoroark right? And we get Victini upon release?

  19. THE ONLY HM RELVANT TO THIS REGION IS DIVE, SINCE THERE IS A DIVABLE AREA, but i wonder what 27 new abilities could the creaters be thinking of,plus can they PLEASE CHANGE the abilties of the legendaries with pressure, since in the leadup to HG/SS, they promised alternative abilities to ho-oh and lugia, and the only legendary that can change its ability is Giratina, with its origin form, but these 2 new IV can support other attacks & friendship.
    ps pj, there are some members of beach that gay, most notably kronar

    1. You don’t need to caps abuse in your comments. No one will take them seriously if you do. :I

      They most likely will add some new abilities to already existing Pokemon, and like with what they’re doing with the Kanto starters in the Dream World, they might do that for legendaries too. Who knows?

    2. Hmm lol no, they never promised new abilities. That was just a silly rumor from 2ch. Just like Whitney having an Extremespeed Tauros.

  20. EVs make no sense. In HG, my Flaaffy battled lots of Magikarp, probably over 8, but only got 1 speed level. Besides it takes way too long and battles becomes unbearable for us who don’t EV train.

    1. It’s also because you only battled eight Magikarp, when the maximum number of EVs you can have in a stat is 255! You only gave your Pokémon about 3% of the extra speed values it could be getting.

      (but yeah. EV training can get reeeeally old.)

      1. Power anklet + Pokerus + Dead Magikarp = 10 EVs as opposed to 1. So instead of 255 (252 useful) battles, you could do it in 26. Add in the fact that the first 100 can be done with vitamins, and you’re down to 16 battles. Yeah, that’ll take forever. 😛

        1. They didn’t mention if they were using power items/rus, so I assumed otherwise.

          (which was probably stupid of me to do in the first place. and i could have stood to mention that in the first place, too D: sorry!)

          1. No prob. A lot of people assume that EV training takes forever, but with the right preparation it can take not very long at all. 🙂

  21. The accuracy of Hypnosis going down stinks 🙁 My gengar already seems to have heaps of trouble ever putting other pokemon to sleep. :/

    I like to sound of fresh…

    Ev’s are changing too, I never paid attention to Ev’s up until now really. I might start ev training a bit in the 5th gen…

  22. From what I’ve heard, the undesirable part of the Pokeshift is apparently the inability to transfer items. I sincerely hope this isn’t true.

    1. It does make sense, though. with almost 100 TMs available in DPPtHGSS, they’d have to keep those AND add the region-specific ones. I’m not sure the completionists want to track down 150 TMs.

      1. What’s stopping them from making the old TMs change into their generation V counterparts? For instance, if TM01 teaches Shadow Punch in B/W, why shouldn’t a TM01 containing Focus Punch in HeartGold change to a Shadow Punch TM in B/W? It wouldn’t be beyond their means, I’m sure. Same item, different effect. Not impossible.

        And no, before anybody says anything, there is no proof for Shadow Punch being in TM01! That was a made-up example, so nobody interpret that as a rumor!

        1. I can see it now…..

          5 year old: WAAAH My Earthquake turned into Flash! Mommy this game is broken! Gimme my Earthquake back!

          I think that would just recklessly confuse the snot out of most of the younger players, and quite a few older ones, too.

  23. PLEASE made modification on old evolution methods too.

    I mean Eevee should evolve into Leafeon with leaf stone. What’s the logic behind this, radiation from leaf stone isn’t affecting Eevee, but a piece of rock is.

    1. That rock is just a mega Leaf Stone. Same with the ice rock, it’s a huge, uber-powerful Ice Stone. Eevee can’t evolve by normal Leaf Stone/Ice Stone because it wasn’t exposed to them early enough in its geneology. Its DNA has finally warped to the point where it can be affected, but only with large amounts of radiation, more than any commercially-available Leaf Stone. Hopefully, in the next generation, the evolution will be encoded well enough for it to evolve with small levels of radiation, in order to make the evolutions easily obtainable.

      1. I don’t want to make trade to get a Leafeon, and if it’s going to be like that further generations i will be so sad. Maybe they will think logically like your post and make modification on some evolutions.

        1. Then again, there are a LOT of illogical things in Pokemon. Like a surfing Rhydon. Or a Diglett using Aerial Ace. But still.

          1. I’m wondering if i get eevee in black & white after national dex, would i be able to evolve it. Or how will they make location evolutions work. Maybe they will add items like mossy rock, icy rock and coronet rock.

  24. More PxP stuff!~~
    550: Basurao. Two Formes. One is green with red stripe and eyes, other with blue stripe and eyes. Second seems more aggresive. Water Type

    the shellios of this region i presume?

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