Exclusive Video: IR Trading (UPD1)

Aaaaaand I made a YouTube account for the site just so I could upload this 🙁  Normally I don’t bother with this sort of uploading because a gazillion other people do it before me.  However… this video is not one you’ve seen before.  Not groundbreaking by any means, but it does show that through IR trading you have full access to your PC box’d pokemon, not just the 6 you have on hand.  That is VERY helpful :3 Remember that to trade with infrared you must be physically next to the person you are trading with. Watch below:


UPD1: Also here are some fun things you can do with ‘Live Caster’.  Options are Pen, Eraser, and stamps.  Also you can change the color :3

<3 pokejungle

ps- Gochiruzeru’s stats… not too shabby IMO.  Competitive battlers would probably have more to say, but frankly in a newb’s eyes they don’t look too bad.  Little slow, and obviously not a physical attacker, but a viable PKMN I would think?

pps- Shikijika has an evolution…?