Experto pt (UPD7)

I know that I was just having a discussion with Kryzz about this and whether or not we should post Experto information BUT… I found his first twitter update today to be very interesting.  Hit “show” for images!



  • #551 Meguroko Ground/Dark #552 Meguroko Evo, stands on two legs w/ spiked back Ground/Dark [Wow, look what pokemon we identified before that now seems to match this description… hm…]
  • UPD1: #553 Meguroko’s 2nd Evo bigger.  meaner. and red.  Ground/Dark
  • UPD4: #554 Darumakka Fire type (Also has a BLUE alternate form that is Fire/Psychic) #555 Hihidaruma Fire type (Also has Fire/Psychic alt form)
  • UPD4: Legendary trio will roam Isshu (ew, roamers)
  • UPD4: #556 Dancing cactus pokemon, yellow eyes… spikes… pink flowers.  Grass type
  • UPD4: #557 Hermit crab pokemon.  Crab with a rock covering its back… Bug(!?)/Rock [I used to have a hermit crab.  It died while I was in Japan.  Sad day]
  • UPD5: #558 Hermit crab evo- bigger and holding a cube shaped rock.  Bug/Rock
  • UPD6: #559 Yellow lizard-like pokemon Dark/Fighting
  • UPD7: #560 Evo of lizard, very scary looking.  Has a hood on the back of its head and a red crest Dark/Fighting

<3 pokejungle

ps- Does this seem to add to Experto’s credibility in your opinion?  Thanks Hejiru for the image!

P.S. This is ozy speaking. Now i have editing powers! 😀 Imma just copy and paste what I had in my last post: Piramekino and Oha Suta just revealed that for the entire of next week, they will be showing segments on their shows about Pokemon Black and White! Each of these shows air on weekdays so we’ll be getting alot of info for sure! Allthough, this doesn’t mean that all the info they show will be new, it could be old news or it could be new details on old news. So, don’t expect them to show any new Pokemon. Also, our local translator Kriffix has translated some bits of the Masuda interview in PokePia and it is now confirmed that there will be NO evos for past generation Pokemon.