Serebii’s Legendary Information

Here’s information Joe has released from his secret sauce.  You can take it or leave it if you’re the doubting type.  It is as follows:


  • 153 pokemon obtainable through gameplay with 3 more legendaries that will be distributable
  • #633-#635 is the psuedo-line, Dark/Dragon
  • #638 Steel/Fighting Legendary (Trio 1)
  • #639 Rock/Fighting Legendary (Trio 2)
  • #640 Grass/Fighting Legendary (Trio 3)
  • #641 Pure Flying-type Legendary
  • #642 Electric/Flying Legendary
  • #643 & #644 Reshiram / Zekrom
  • #645 Ground/Flying Legendary
  • #646 Dragon/Ice Legendary (<— I revealed)
  • #647 Water/Fighting Legendary (event PKMN)
  • #648 Normal/Psychic Legendary (event PKMN)
  • #649 Bug/Steel Legendary (event PKMN)
  • Hiun city has boats that will take you to various islands (random fact)[/spoiler]

So take this as you will.  It matches up with Experto’s information if you’re curious.

<3 pokejungle

ps- TOO MANY LEGENDARIES!!  *sob*  And thanks Joe <3  [Wow… PokeBeach is skipping Serebii credit?  I’m sure that won’t end well]

      1. We have 12 legendaries! Sinnoh had 14. Besides, there are plenty of new Pokemon this generation. Much more than Sinnoh.

        1. you’re very smart x’D
          12 legendaries are way too much in my point of view D: Doesn’t matter how many new pokémon live in the isshu region..

  1. First Bug Legendary XD.

    I find it hilarious that Serebii has confirmed such a large portion of what PxP has been claiming. I’m going to be laughing hysterically when even a single one of the pokemon he has revealed gets leaked from a “credible” source.

  2. I must say I’m liking the types. :3 Fighting-type trio and Dragon/Dark, especially.

    The Pokemon in between Resh/Zek and the third legendary seems a bit random, though. I would think they’d keep the trios together.

      1. I know, but that made sense since you couldn’t get Giratina in DPPt right then…. so will the same thing be in this one, with the third Legendary being later?

    1. Yea, I never use them. Using them in game proves that can’t even raise some “average” pokemon and need a legendary to get through the game/elite four.

    2. I love them but I never use them. Too strong and it is kind of a newb choice to use them. xD

      I only use them post games but never in online 😛

  3. So is the Ground/Flying one another important Legendary like Resh/Zek and the Ice/Dragon? I’m thinking maybe theres a nature-based pair as well.

  4. I’m suspicious of

    “#641 Pure Flying-type Legendary”

    : /

    Also Dark/Dragon Psuedo shouldn’t be on the list of ‘legendaries’ so might be better to separate it a bit XD This doesn’t sound like Kibago though… which is interesting.

    Also, if Dragon/Ice was part of the ‘trio’ why is it separated from Zekrom/Reshiram by the Ground/Flying Pokémon?

      1. Because you couldn’t get to Turnback Cave directly after Mount Coronet in D/P. So it’ll be the same with Resh/Zek/Icy. Resh/Zek is storyline, Icy is later.

  5. Normally I would care about there being too many legendaries, but seeing as this gen has 156 new pokemon I really don’t mind.

  6. The things Serebii says corolate whith what Pokexperto says. That means that either both are legit, or have the same source.

    1. That’s a very good question, maybe it is number 494 since it’s the first to come in the Isshu regional dex.

  7. Woot, Legendary happiness!

    Legends are my favorite parts of the game. I love tracking them down after the main game and I love the mythology behind them…and mythology in general. I won’t ever ask for more Legends than Sinnoh had, but I don’t ever want to go back to Kanto/Johto numbers, 5 and 7 respectively. Somewhere between the 10 from Hoenn and the 14 from Sinnoh would be good for upcoming generations.

    Now that I have confirmation on the number of legends, and sadly the types as well (tis what I get for being impatient), it is time to go into blackout mode until I can play my White version with my own two hands.

  8. Wait, didn’t PxP say there were FIVE event Pokémon?

    #647 Water/Fighting Legendary (event PKMN)
    #648 Normal/Psychic Legendary (event PKMN)
    #649 Bug/Steel Legendary (event PKMN)

    = 6


    1. I guess Zorua and Zoroark are as legendary as the shiny Pichu… Event pokémons, but not legendary.
      But you are right for Victini, my guess is to it’s either #648, but they wrote the wrong typing, or it’s #494 and the source didn’t count it because it wasn’t placed with the other legendaries.

      1. Yeah but the ‘5 event Pokémon’ was not specifically Legendary, it was all event Pokémon 🙂

        You are right, could be a typo there.

  9. Pokexperto said that pure flying is a part of trio, so i think that trio is:


  10. WTF, WHERE DID CAPTAIN JOE(serebii’s alpha memory wiki nickname) GET THIS INFO, THESE TYPES WERE MADE POPULAR BY LUCARIO,BRELOOM, POLIWRATH ETC, FFFFFFIIIIIINNNNNNAAAALLLLYYY, PURE FLYING, FIGHTING TRIO, BAD CHOICE, SINCE THEREARE TOO MANY PSYCHIC LEGENDS, I HOPE joe does get flamed by all of the pokefans *looking at wpm, pj, all his critics* because if he discovers that they are true in his discovery, expect him being a sore winner (he puked when doing the HG/SS TOUR)
    ps. we need a table to show where the rumours are coming from and if they arebtrue

    1. I’ve been doing this too. My source confirms that I have.

      Until Next Time, See Ya

      ^that’s how he actually does it

  11. His information is the same because PXP posted it.

    Serebii confirms.

    My source confirms.

    Until Next Time, See Ya

  12. 156 – 13 legendaries = 143 ‘normal’ Pokémon.

    There are many, many fighting Pokémon this time. I kinde wished the wood,steel,concrete Fight Pokémon would have a different typing then just fight.

  13. So you say you can get 153 in game!?
    Wait that cant be right. What about victini, zorua and zoroark!?

  14. On the 156 pokemon bs:

    The developers confirmed that 17 guys did “about 10” each for “about 170 new pokemon.”

    This means some did 9. Some did 11. Some did 10. Maybe one did 8.

    Realistically, this was the breakdown.



    Much closer than PXP’s BS.

    Provided nobody did 11, the number is 163. Also much closer to 170.

    Provided the guy who did 8 did 9 and one of the guys who did 9 did 10, 165. Again, much closer to 170.

    It’s not 156 pokemon. PXP is lying to your face and Serebii and others are eating it up and spitting it back out as fact.

      1. So how does this work out?
        You said 156 Pokemon, 153 obtainable in game…
        3 distributed legends at the end of the Dex, Victini at the beginning, and Zorua and Zoroark somewhere = 6 Pokemon,, meaning only 150 should be obtainable, right?

      2. 14 people doing 9 is not “17 people doing about 10 each”

        If it was that way, they would have said “17 people doing about 9 each”

      1. It’s not that I believe there are actually 166, you must be twelve if you thought that.

        I’m saying that 156 is unrealistic. By a long shot. This is based on the fact that the devs said “17 people doing about 10 each.” About ten means the majority did 10, some might have done less, some might have done more.

        The only way 156 is obtainable is through assuming that the majority of the artists did 9 a piece. IF that were the case, they would have said “17 people did about 9 each.”

          1. But saying 10 implies the number is close to 170.

            It could be OVER 170 for all we know.

            156 is 14 away. I highly doubt they would give an estimate that was 14 away.

        1. Wait, what? Given how easily annoyed you just got because you came up with the bizarre conclusion that there are 166, I’d say if anyone is 12 it’s you, but what a stupid way to reply to someone.. honestly you’ll get nowhere if you say someone is 12 whenever they point out one of your mistakes.

          Oh, and they said ‘about 10’ because it’s a round number, the same way you’d say ‘give me 5 minutes’ when you mean more

  15. Some awesome typings there but… where does this leave the (pre)evos of existing pokes? There was a rumour a while back that they’d come after Reshiram and Zekrom in the ‘dex, but now where are they? I want my Pinsir evo dammit!

  16. Aha!

    So we have

    “Serebii Legendary’s Information” vs “Experto stuff” (Instead of “Pokexperto Pokémon Information” or something like that)

    And the 2 o then provided the same evidence!!

    PXP is still rocking. Normal/Fight, take that.

  17. Wow out of all these pokemon announced, there is no ghost type. There’s 16 different pokemon right now, but no ghost type.

          1. LOL!

            I was thinking something more like a cloud. You know how very rarely it snows and lightnings at the same time.

        1. Maybe, cold electric pokemon. Pokemon based on an animal(choose one) and covered withThunder shaped icicles.

  18. Niiiice. I like all of these typings. Sounds like this will be an interesting batch of legendaries.

      1. hmm thats weird that 2 event only pokemon are in the middle of the dex.

        unless you can get them in the game?

        or they’re just being weird with the numbering

        1. Old CoroCoro scans say they’re not obtainable through normal play.
          I’m trying to think of a loophole as to why they would be in the middle of the dex, I came up with three possibilities.
          1.A gym leader/trainer (someone like N) has a Zoroa/Zoroark in the game which allows it to go on the Pokedex.
          2.obtainable in dream world.
          3.This is all a hoax.

          1. It’s a hoax. Kriffix. I’m with you on your suspicions. It’s so disgustingly obvious that PXP is completely making everything up on the fly. They might have “SOME” kind of source but there is no way in hell that they have all of the information they’re pretending to. Too many WTFs and WAITAMINUTES and discrepancies.

            Don’t believe anything PXP is saying.


  19. I LOVE IT!! I’m so happy!! I love the Water/fighting :D!! Let’s hope none of this turns out to be fake!

    Btw the starter evo’s are pretty much confirmed by the interview at pokebeach… if anyone did miss that… Sorry if everybody already knows it >w<


      1. yeah but I usually don’t include metagross line cause I just take one from each generation..and metagross is also too much different from the others..also if it is considered a pseudo legendary

  20. I was really hoping they’d show some restraint with the legendaries this time around… they really stop feeling special when there are so many of them.

    Oh well.

    1. Hey now. At least there are less legendaries in this generation than there were in IV. And at least there are a total of 156 Pokemon, so the ‘massive’ amount of legendaries don’t seem like they’re *that* much of a chunk. =P

      1. I’ve heard people saying there are 13 legendaries in V… if you don’t count phione, there were 13 legendaries in IV. Though you do have a good point about it being a smaller percent of the newly introduced pokemon than it was in IV.

        I probably just have the nostalgia goggles on, but it was awesome catching articuno/zapdos/moltres and especially mewtwo because you knew you had just gotten something very unique. But I understand it’s a matter of opinion – I’ve always preferred working to find that one genuinely rare or unique thing over constantly finding a bunch of semi-uncommon things.

  21. Lol 12 legendaries, that means if this was true, 1/12 or 1/13 or so of the new pokemon would be ‘legendary’.. it’d be about time to make a new ‘legendary legendary’ brand for actual rare pokemon

    1. 13

      3 – Fighting Trio
      3 – New Dragon Trio
      3 – Flying Trio
      3 – Event Trio
      1 – Victini (who oddly isn’t included int the Event section)

      *Note: Just cause I grouped them into a trio, doesn’t mean they belong together.

  22. the pure flying one makes no sense, since flying is the only exclusively secondary type. I expect that one to turn out having some primary type, or simply normal/flying. This reminds me of Chatot btw.

    The dragon/ice tells me that they are starting another trio pattern, while the old one is still not finished but is running out of interesting options. Or it’s not related to the main legends, explaining the guy between them (but that seems very unlikely).

    The fighting trio smells.
    Following the pattern of the past 4 trios, the fifth should be a ROCK member, and the other 2 any of the left ones: Ground, Dark, Grass, Poison, Psychic (leaving out secondary types like flying bug and dragon)
    The rock and grass one are a fit, but steel has no business being there, since there was 2 members in past trios (which is the max number of any type used (these being:ice, electric, fire, water, steel))
    Can you check if the steel/fighting one is misinformation?

    btw. still no poison legendary? ):

    1. This is what I said.. flying and no other type doesn’t really make sense, since it’s always either normal and flying, or flying and some other type. Flying is more of a secondary feature

      1. Yep. With the last 4 generations they showed us that there is no way there would be a pokemon of the type
        or simply
        If there wasn’t a single pokemon that could be described by the flying type as its main element, then such a pokemon is nonsense.

        1. if you read, you may notice its not like “oh water/fire is weird so it wont happen” but rather a logical conclusion.

      2. I wish I could edit my comments lol.

        For now I find this list fishy for at least 3 reasons:
        -trio doesnt follow pattern
        -pure flying
        -no psychic/fire event legendary

        1. Victini is 000/494. they’re showing what’s at the END of the Pokedex, not the beginning.

          That’s one reason down. 😛

          1. you need 156 to get from 493 to 649. you are saying victini is nr. 0 in natdex too, but regardless its 1 more new pokemon tehrefore 157.

          2. Victini is 000 in the REGIONAL dex, 494 in the National dex. It’s the first of the Isshu Pokemon. It’s not in the dex twice.

  23. Hiro has explained some things.
    -The Raijin Trio are like the Djinns of the Lampares riding in clouds.
    -The Fighting Trio are like horses.
    -The Water/Fighting is a little horse (Trio master?)
    -The Normal/Psychic (and Normal/Fighting) is a girl with a hat and long hair.
    -The Bug/Steel is a bug robot with a huge cannon in the back.

    1. “-The Normal/Psychic (and Normal/Fighting) is a girl with a hat and long hair.”

      what the hell? would make for one hell of a weird Pokemon.

      1. I’m confused too, there’s only one trio in that list. There’s no raijin trio :S I don’t think he meant the horse trio either because he mentioned them later.

        1. I see only 2 flying legends in the list, so that makes no sense.

          If you are including the apparently pure flying one, it makes even less sense.

    2. water horsie X3 teehee maybe it’ll look like those horse fish creatures from greek mythology hippocampus I believe they’re called or something like……..
      and bipolar mind crushing, bone crushing girl DO WANT *if real Xp*

  24. So if this Melkor guy has had the game for a week or so now, why has he only been posting descriptions of the pokemon one by one over such long periods? Wouldn’t you just hack the game and post a list describing all of the pokemon, or better yet just take a video? I guess he needs extra time to think this stuff up..

      1. i think most people kinda figured out by now that melkor doesnt have the game and is just bluffing bout the whole thing he may got a source but i highly doubt he has the game not even pre-ordered people got there game yet he couldnt even get the game imported yet

  25. pokejungle there is strong proof now that the starters evolutions are real, on pokebeach. its very dissapointing but ill try and try and try to like pokabus! ;( so u may want to post that

    1. no they not in a interview with Sugimori he said he made mijumaru line to be like a “water/fighting line where there shells on there stomach can be used as a sword(katana)” that thing they had on that picture looked nothing like what Sugimori is describing in his interview.

      1. yes but in that same interview he stated how the last evo of the water starter ended up being closer to a sealion which it’s the last evo does resemble

        1. in the interview translation i read on bulba he stated that he combined a sea otter and line together in the evolutions

  26. First Bug Legendary! 😀

    and another water/fighting!……and a pure flying! 😀 Sounds good if it’s true, many type matches that haven’t happened before.

      1. I hope it’s a scarab!

        I made a fakemon once that was Fire/Bug and it was a scarab. It just seems to fit, maybe because many images I’ve seen of Scarabs they look red/fiery. It would fit with the desert to have scarab type pokemon.

      2. Thanks 😀
        It looks like we might finally be getting a few decent bug pokemon, rather than the horrendously weak ones we’ve had so far.

  27. hey im diging the dark/dragon line im definietly gonna use that if its real the fighting trio is a little weird and also PJ you should check this out too i found on Bulbapedia. Sugimori actually talks bout the designs of the starters and how he developed the evolutions of them mijumaru last form sounds pretty badass i thought it would be interesting to show you if you didnt kno bout it already lol

    1. If you read a few comments above you, you’d see that we’ve known about the interview for quite a while.

  28. Not really related to this but noone’s gonna read the comments on an older post so here goes:
    Every Pokémon has its own card, even Minezumi and Miruhoggu. The “evolution” is actually probably just Shikijika. I have no idea how though, maybe it’s got special “blooming” forms in addition to the different season forms?

        1. PXP said that the Pokemonpia magazine doesn’t have a Shikijika evo.

          He’s saying Shiki’s evo doesn’t look like that.

          Serebii is saying the “shiki evo” might be a Tsutaaja evo.

          Instantly proves that they’re both making shit up because it’s OBVIOUSLY Shikijika’s evolution.

          1. You’re so anti-PxP it’s kinda silly. As I said, this hasn’t got anything to do with him, and for the record I thought he was wrong about this until right now when I noticed it might actually just be Shikijika.

          2. Can we wait until we can see more than just a tiny corner of the evo/whatever before we start hating?

      1. anyone looking at the picture and saying its not an evo of the season changing normal/grass pokemon we know as shikijika, I declare freaking blind.

        1. But why would they break the pattern like that?
          There’s Shiki’s four forms on the top, and bottom left is likely Shiki from the back, so why would they randomly throw in an evo in the bottom right instead of another pose or something like on the other ones?

          1. I don’t know why. It makes sense, but there is nothing on Shikijika that looks like this.
            Add that its of a darker colour, while all the other pokemon have simply different poses and always the same colours and shading.

    1. That could well be a generic ‘Grass pokemon’ page. The left one under Shikijika looks like Tsutarja’s mid-evo, and the right one looks like Yanappu’s evo. It’d be an odd way of doing things, and its odd considering the others are all single pokemon sheets only, but it’s possible. It should also be noted that we can’t seen the whole of quite a few, and that no other evos are on the same sheet as their pre-evolutions.
      On that note, it could similarly be another, as yet unknown pokemon, who also has seasonal forms, going from the left form to the right form. That would make that page not ‘Shikijika’s page’ but a seasonal or alternate form page.

  29. Well, Serebii said that there are 153 Pokemon obtainable in game, of a total of 156
    156 – 3 = 153
    Making only 3 event Pokemon, and that includes Victini
    thus, Zorua, Zoroark, and the Water/Fighting legendary are all obtainable in game…..
    Pokexperto, who said that there were 5 event Pokemon, just got PWNED!!!!!

    1. no, there are 156 Pokemon and out of that 3 are event legendaries (#647, #648,#649) + other event only Pokemon like Zorua and Zoroark

    2. You do realise, since Zorua and Zoroark evolve into one-another, he may be counting them as a single 1 of those 5 right? You don’t need both events to get both of them, so they could effectively count singularly.

    1. 1st of, they are Dragon/Element not the opposite.

      My guess is that Dragon/Ice legendary is superior to Zekrom and Reshiram and takes the role of the “guardian” for these main legends.

      1. Does it really matter which way they said the type? No.
        Ice/Dragon and Dragon/Ice are exactly the same, it makes no difference so stop being such a nit-picker.

        In fact I’m going to refer to it as Ice/Dragon all the time now, just to go against you.

        1. Check any pokedex. It always mattered since generation I.
          If you still believe Rhyhorn and Geodude are exactly the same type even though they are reverse no matter where you look them up, you are ignorant.

          1. The only difference is which type goes first. They are still the same as far as strengths and weaknesses are concerned.

            So no, it doesn’t matter.

          2. My point is: does it change anything? No. Do different moves get different STAB based on the order? Do different types only score super effective hits if they are listed in one order and not the other? Does it change the pokenon? Does it affect the pokemon at all? No. You just wanted to nit-pick and tell them they were wrong, when you clearly knew what they were talking about so the order made no difference whatsoever to how their sentence was/is read/percieved.

          3. Yes I sometimes try to make people aware of the fact that the order of types is not random, but the result of a decision from the people making these games.
            Whats the problem? I guess not a waste of posting space, since you wasted more of it with your own post about it. Now that I read it again, my post may have sounded a bit rude, I’ll try to work on that.
            And it wasn’t even the only point of my post, but rather a “btw” interesting fact.

            The order of the types indeed does not change a single thing game mechanics wise, but it’s still part of the pokemon.
            Voltorb is not green, Horsea don’t live in lava and Spheals primary type is not Water but Ice, unlike say Lapras.

          4. My problem is your just one of them people that always have to correct people, despite the fact they weren’t wrong at all. Yeah they got them the order mixed up, big whoop-di-doop, they didn’t get it WRONG, but you still had to come along thinking you had to correct them. The order didn’t stop you knowing what they were talking about did it? Nope, clearly not. Nit-picking that’s what you were doing.

            And it wasn’t an interesting fact. “1st off they are Dragon/Element not the opposite.” Is correcting someone.

            And I have no idea what you’re going about with Voltorb and Horsea. You’re just blabblering.

      1. Oh, because it’s blue? That makes no sense.

        I really dislike when people automatically associate types with colors. >.<

        1. In regards to a flame, the orange/yellow of a flame is actually colder than the blue part of the flame. True story.

  30. Ok, seems like stuff has happened since the last time I checked… has anyone had any startling revelations since?
    Sorry, I really don’t have time to read 200+ new comments.

    1. Oh, and hey, Kriffix, I was asking you some questions in that one post ozy made before it was merged with a different one. Basically it boiled down to “can I talk to you?” I would really like to hear what you have to say about Melkor being fake and all.
      P.S. I don’t have a facebook and I won’t make one.

      1. yeas same i want to here that there fake cos they are just to ugly! but there is so much proof there real!!

  31. i would like to know about these guy 🙂 # #633-#635 is the psuedo-line, Dark/Dragon
    # #638 Steel/Fighting Legendary (Trio 1)
    # #639 Rock/Fighting Legendary (Trio 2)
    # #640 Grass/Fighting Legendary (Trio 3)

  32. “554: Darumakka (it has tiny arms and legs, Fire Type), 555 Hihidaruma. Hihidaruma has alternative Forme (Fire/Psychic)

    There have been so many ‘alternative formes’ it’s ridiculous. I see no connection with Hihidaruma and Psychic. Wasn’t Hihidaruma shown in any of the previous Magazines? Because I’m sure a different forme would definitely have been mentioned.

    Now I honestly believe PxP is faking :/ Bring on Coro Coro! Give us answers dammit XD

    1. Maybe Hihidaruma gets cold when Winter comes and that cold feeling made its brain got pumped then he can perform psychic powers.

    2. yeah honestly pokemon cant do this bad a job, did u see that water pokemon pokejungle posted earlier? it was the ugliest thing ive seen and it had terreble coulor scheme

    3. So basically what you “see” in a Pokemon decides if it looks fake or not? Honestly?

      And what’s wrong with alternate forms? Maybe you would rather have each form its own separate species? How would that make you feel? Be lucky that they are the same species and don’t take up extra spots. It’s an alternate form for a reason: You don’t have to switch it.

      So really, we’ll find out quite soon if this is all real or not. But evidence points to it being legit. Might as well accept it.

      1. Stop being a Jackass, it’s called an OPINION.

        Hihidaruma has already been shown in Corocoro, so I see it as odd that this wasn’t mentioned when it first came out.

        Abnormalities like that let people question whether it’s real, and considering nothing PxP has said has been officially confirmed yet it’s not out of the question them being fake x__x.

    4. The connection between hihidaruma and being psychic may not be the pokemon hihidaruma itself but what it is based off, the daruma/dharma, a doll which you’d draw one eye in to wish for something, and then the other eye once the wish is completed. In that way, it could possibly be psychic because it causes the wish to be fulfilled.

      BUT even with that being said… I think it’s fake, lol.

  33. Also some fish have the capability to change colour in response to their mood. So maybe that explains why Basurao has two forms and one is aggresive

  34. I read the new legendaries. Got up…Sit down, read them again…..gleed… up spun around and sat down again.
    Pure Flying for the win.
    Rock/Fighting is new, I think.

    The three events dont interest me, since I’ll never get them. -_-

    Great news day today.

    1. ‘gleed’? O.o Do I want to know what that means?

      And it’s not over! We’re to the point where we could get Corocoro ealry leaks. Probably tomorrow, but it’s possible someone could put images up today.

      1. Gleed, is the noise you make when you’re really happy, you make a high pitched “Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” noise.

    1. rio of Beasts: The three Pokemon have in common that are of a fight and are quadrupeds. They are the new “legendary dogs”, but with new combinations of types.
      # 638: Type Pokémon Steel / Fighting.
      # 639: Rock-type Pokémon / Fighting.
      # 640: Ground-type Pokémon / Fighting.
      Raijin Trio: These three Pokemon are actually very similar to each other, are kind of geniuses who ride on a cloud. The pure Flying Raijin is very curious, hopefully you learn Respiro (well, does not matter) to see what remains.
      # 641: Flying-type Pokémon Raijin pure.
      # 642: Electric-type Pokémon Raijin / Volador.
      # 645: Type Pokémon Raijin Earth / Flying.
      Trio of Dragons: The typical dragons we know. The third will probably star in the third version, and is based on an energy source as cold as ice instead of heat or electricity.
      # 643: Reshiram, Dragon / Fire.
      # 644: Zekrom, Dragon / Electric.
      # 646: Dragon-type Pokémon / Ice.
      Legendary Event: Typical legendary that we should not see it until the end of time and this time did not last even half assault (or exit the game, go). The three designs are cool enough, and remember to Manaphy, Shaymin and Darkrai (not in design, functionality). There seems to be a replica of Arceus.
      # 494: Victini, Psychic / Fire.
      # 647: Pokémon Event Pony, type Water / Fighting.
      # 648: Event Pokémon shaped girl, type Normal / Psychic. His alternate form is Normal / Control.
      # 649: Robot Pokémon event, type Bug / Steel.

      1. Yes, that’s what Google Translate gave me, but others got something else, like for example that there was NOT a replica of Arceus. And what type is Control? Fighting type was called Lucha, so what is Control?

          1. You’re right, the original spanish says Lucha. My mistake. (Or actually, google translate’s mistake :p )

        1. Apparantly some translations are giving “there seems to be an Arceus replica” and some giving “there DOSEN’T seem to be an Arceus replica”. So I dunno.

          1. Could mean he’s pointing out that they didn’t try to make some sort of ultimate Pokémon like Mewtwo/Arceus as the last one this time?

        1. Nope, Respiro is Roost. He’s questioning what’s going to happen to it if it uses it since it makes you lose your flying type.
          Bulbapedia says “Arceus with a Sky Plate is the only pure Flying-type Pokémon, and it can’t learn Roost. If Roost is hacked and used, Arceus becomes typeless and is not weak or resistant to any type.” so that’d probably apply to this one too though.

        1. Jin means God. Kinda. Rai is a term for Electric. So Raijin means Electric God.

          It can be used to figure out other stuff in many video games. I remember one that has Bokujin (Or Mokujin.) Translates as wood/forest god.

    1. Though I agree it LOOKS off, real life Daruma dolls often have missing pupils. When you buy a Daruma doll it has no pupils. When you’ve decided on a goal or wish you draw in one of the pupils, then you draw in the second one only upon achieving it.

      So basically this different form seems to have a kind of “Lifeless no goal/dream” theme.

      I hope this is fake, looking at it it sure feels that way…yet I’m beginning to wonder if I’m going to end up owing Melkor an apology in a weeks time.

      1. Maybe if it doesn’t like you your wish goes away? 😛 You have to start over with a new wish.

        Kinda off-topic, but I think it would be completely awesome if, in the wild, the Daruma line had no pupils. Then, when you catch it, it gets one pupil. Then, when you fulfil something (Like beating the E4, filling the pokedex, a certain streak in Battle Subway) it gets the other eye. XD

        1. haha that would be cool. Only problem is that if that was the case it would go from being a Psychic/fire to just a fire. Major downgrade.

          Maybe it depends on its friendship level? :p

          1. There was that rumour about friendship being much more important….

            Not so much of a downgrade to lose Psychic typing, you lose 3 weaknesses with it.

  35. Update PxP: The legendary trio of beasts have been released and are roaming throughout Isshu. They may appear anytime soon.


  36. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! that is so fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that doesn’t look like a pokemon one bit! its a fat round blob thing which is a fire typw and looks like a water type with no eyes and mini eyebrows and i beleve hihidaruma has eyebros, its got fire eyebrows


      I’m sorry, but when someone answers that, then I’ll shut up.

      1. better than that, not weird and peculiar. lie with those eyes! this gen was going fine although all of these things from pokexperto look rubbish! compare that with any other pokemon it looks out of place!

      2. Um, it’s a huddled up, pupil-less Hihidaruma, who is blue. I think that should be pretty clear to anyone with reasonable vision.
        And remember people, blue =/= water or ice on all occasions. You should know – from simply using Bunsen Burners in school – that when burning hydrocarbon gas fuels, the more oxygen available, the more blue the flame appears. It’s perfectly plausible for it to be the typing it is.

        1. I remember the days before Gold and Silver came out, I was anticipating Heracross to be a Bug/Water type. WHAT A FOOL I WAS!


        I usually *enjoy* reading PJ’s fans’ comments. But lately people are going batshit about FANART. It’s an INTERPRETATION of the real art.

        Pokemon aren’t supposed to look like anything that is a set thing. They’re supposed to be different for a reason. Ohhhh my goodness. It’s an alternate form. Not a new species. It’s not taking up any spots. Don’t USE it if you don’t WANT to.

        1. Pokexperto is the best non-official source of Pokémon information in the world. It is. And it seems they will never give up in demonstrating this.

          PxP info: Fake
          Serebii info: True

          Same source. No justice.

          WTF R U TA?!

          But I prefer Pokexperto not to be so known, otherwise they will be more limited when showing information.

    1. I already translated that. It doesn’t confirm what Isshu is based on. It does however hint loads of new Pokemon and no new evos.

      The post I made a few days ago confirms that it’s based on new york though.

  37. Pokexperto’s twitter has updated with the following:
    pokexperto: 556: Dancing Cactus Pokémon. It has yellow eyes and spikes, and two pink flowers sprouting from the head. Two arms, no feet. Pure Grass.

    SO MANY GRASS TYPES! Thank god I love them. I sense a mono-type challenge for the 3rd game…

  38. The funny thing is that while Serebii and Pokexperto’s information for the legends matches up, both of their dexes start differently, Serebii’s starts with Tsutaja at #494, while on Pokexperto’s that number goes to Victini. Which pretty much means you can believe in one or the other, but not both . . . . . . . .

    And yeah, that artwork looks like an ice type, it even has “shortened” flame eyebrows, as if it’s too cold to ignite them properly. lol

    1. Serebii has said multiple times on GameFAQs and his forums that Victini is #494 in the National Dex. He probably hasn’t updated his website yet.

    2. Serebii just has yet to update since hearing Victini is no.000 is all. Theres lots of other out of date stuff in the sections of the site, but this can’t be helped since theres a lot of new information coming all the time so its hard to keep up. It’ll be fixed in time.

      1. Pokexperto posted that Victini was #494 on September 5th, 5 days ago, Serebii has updated on all the days since then. Are you trying to tell me that he didn’t have enough time to manage those numbers (it’s not even like he’s replacing the dex entries, artwork, or anything like that), yet he has time to update his main page every day AND constantly post at Gamefaqs? Don’t you think if he genuinely thought that Victini was #494 he would have stopped posting on Gamefaqs for just a single day to manage that? Besides, Bulbagarden has Tsutaja listed as #494 too.

        1. How am I supposed to know? All I know is that Serebii himself said #494. You can either believe his website or him personally. I believe him, obviously.

  39. 556: Dancing Cactus Pokémon. It has yellow eyes and spikes, and two pink flowers sprouting from the head. Two arms, no feet. Pure Grass

    More Grass pokemon…..Geez.

    1. I’d like to see more fire types… I mean, every game I’ve played, or I started with fire initial, or a late fire type in game. Grass and water have a lot of options!
      And this new description makes me think of a Cacturne and Bellosson having fun…

  40. All these Grass types…where are all the Water types?

    Oh wait, they’re all in Hoenn. Derp.


  41. According to Pokexperto, Fire/Bug looks like a Scarab. Desukan, Meguroko and now this, they all have egyptian influence.

      1. Yes, I wrote it above Meguroko.

        I love how they get into egyptian culture that has full of mysteries based on “animals”
        Next, i want an ibis please 😀

    1. Aghh! my fakemon idea came true! *does happy jigg* (although it’s probably a fairly common idea but I’m still over the moon to see this happen)

      Forget Hihidaruma my team will have a new fire pokemon now 😀

  42. Pure Flying legendary. Ha ha! Flying has always been a secondary type, and for one reason: it’s to show that the Pokemon has wings! Think about it — every Flying type (other than Arceus, because he needed a Sky Plate) has had wings. It’s essentially telling the player “It’s a (type) Pokemon with wings.”

    Of course, in Gyarados’ case, he’s Flying because he’s supposedly based on a myth about carps flying through waterfalls (something like that). The Hoppip family’s excuse is that they’re like seeds/pollen floating around on the air.

    So yeah, anyway, that piece of info alone throws up a red flag in my mind.

    1. I agree and like I said, a pure flying type is as much nonsense as a secondary normal type pokemon, ie none at all.
      I don’t believe it until I see it ingame and then I’d lose alot of faith in gamefreaks logic if it was true.

      If you add that people are saying its part of a trio who are all flying typed, but then the other 2 are just secondary flying while this one is primary, it goes even more in the direction of complete bull, not even considering their random order in the pokedex.

  43. Oops!! Sorry for my comment!! I´m new heh. 🙂 I was about to ask: Where did PxP talk about the Scarab?? Send a link please. 🙂

    1. It looks kind of like that sprite that was the fighting type holding a plank, but I don’t think that’s what it is

  44. Whatever it is, i love his pose, reminds me of Victini. XD Very proud of himself, I dunno, I get that vide.

    Desukan pre-evo is a nice idea !

    1. Makes me think of how most of the Pokemon he described as ‘arrogant’ in some way or another. 😛

  45. Drifloon is a balloon — what do balloons do when you let them go? They float away into the air.

    I think Drifloon is supposed to be a soul shaped like a balloon, so that would explain why it’s Ghost-Flying. Also, it evolves into a hot-air balloon, which is used to fly around. 😉

    ‘Kay, fine, maybe “with wings” was being too general. How about “with the capability of flight.” Though a large majority of Flying-types -do- have wings.

    Anyway, still not sold on the pure Flying Pokemon.

    1. I think pure flying means, it’s a pokemon that doesn’t have any feature other than flying. For example birds are normal/flying because they have the feature of a normal pokemon, gyarados is water/flying because it has water bla bla bla. So pure flying makes sense at some point if it’s only about air.

      1. note, that normal type is like a “no elemental feature” type, saying that it’s basically not of any of the other types. Because of this a pure flying pokemon would still end up being normal/flying. This logic is based on how the normal and flying type were used for the past 500 pokemon. normal is exclusively a main type (a Fire/Normal pokemon would be less than half normal, therefore simply Fire, while Normal/Fire is basically a pokemon that’s clsoe to being a full Fire Pokemon), while flying is exclusively a secondary type (it’s the only type that can’t describe a pokemon on it’s own)

  46. Calling it right now; The bug/steel robot Pokemon is the final one in the dex because Arceus can control every single Pokemon except this one, it was manmade. It also goes with the nature vs technology theme.

  47. I have final evidence on the proof of the starter’s illegitimacy. In an interview, Ken Sugimori said;
    I worried about it for a while, and I eventually went to go see the sea otters at the aquarium. I happened to catch the sea lion show while I was there, and I became aware of the sea lion’s power. “Well, let’s try blending a sea otter and a sea lion,” I thought. I came up with the idea of making the shell on Mijumaru’s stomach into a sword (katana) and using it to fight, and that’s how I completed Mijumaru and its evolution.”
    The evolution is not a sea lion, and it has no katana. Even if it did, how could it use them? It’s quadrepal.
    Starter evos are fake. Case closed.

    ~Prof. W.

      1. I’m still on the fence on the starter evolutions, but I have no idea what kind of samurai, or any kind of warrior, uses a helmit with a sword on it.

        It would be like if it had a spear in its second evolution and then started wearing a pickelhaube (a german helmit with a spearlike point) in the third stage. The point might look like a spear, but that doesn’t mean anyone can use it as one.

        1. I think that interview oddly gives strong support for both sides. it says mixing a sea otter with a sea lion which i think fits very well with his design and the katana thing supports that they are fake. based on that I think the starter evos are real and I really really hope im wrong T_T

    1. Finally, someone has a sensible argument! Even if its last evo IS a sea otter… that thing on his head is in no way a katana. D:

    2. I picked that up along time ago.
      The counter argument is still the same.
      “it can stand and use it’s horn as a katana”

      My countcounter argument?
      If that’s the case, the art would have shown it that way.

    3. How can you say it isn’t a sea lion? And as other people have said, I think the katana is on its head. And he also said the water starter evolves into something completely different, which is true. But I guess we’ll have to wait until the games come out to see 😉

  48. 557: A Hermit Crab Pokémon. Basically a crab with a big rock covering its back. Bug / Rock Type.

    Cactus doesn´t evolve.

          1. So that means this pokemon is not water type, but it’s based on an animal who lives in water just like Anorith. There’s nothing wrong with it.

  49. New tweet
    pokexperto: 557: A Hermit Crab Pokémon. Basically a crab with a big rock covering its back. Bug / Rock Type

    1. where the eff did the bug type come in o_0 it’s a crab. I’m gonna guess on it’s appearance to a bug or something

  50. According to my calculations, and assuming Melkor is correct on the pokedex, he has given us 60 pokemon so far. If the number on new pokemon is actually 156, then there are still about 96 pokemon he has left to reveal with about 84 being non legendary. Agian this is assuming all this information is correct.

  51. 557: A Hermit Crab Pokémon. Basically a crab with a big rock covering its back. Bug / Rock Type.

    Surprised that it’s not a water type.

      1. It should have been. :< Only 2 Water-types so far (3 with Hiyappu-evo) to fill allllllllll the water.

      2. I’m not sure if I did. I’m guessing if it evolved it would lose the bug and gain water. We’ll see soon.

  52. To everyone who gets troubles to update melkor’s twitter, click on the Rss flux icon a the bottom right of page.

    1. We’ll since I live in the UK. It’s usually around midnight here. Best thing is to check here when Pokejungle posts the news feeds about it. 🙂

  53. WAY too many legendaries. Not liking it. Can’t they just put these typings on regular Pokemon? Dang. T_T

          1. Serebii is not lying.

            Melkor might be lying, but some of the stuff he’s said is true.
            Anyway, only ~5-6 dasys left before ROMs leak and all this whinging stops and whinging about the designs/type spread/movesets begins.

  54. 558: A Hermit Crab Pokémon. The crab is holding a giant cube rock that is like 5 times its size. Bug / Rock Type.

    1. If they make a better Shuckle, I’ll be so pissed. Shuckle is already f—ing amazing, he doesn’t need an improvement.

  55. Ok, I got a few things to say:

    1) A scarab Pokemon?? I certainly hope so! 😀

    2) A new cactus Pokemon also makes me very happy, especially because it dances! I hope it’s cooler than Cacturne (who I honestly never liked all that much).

    3) For any other Disney fans out there: anyone else realize that there are now more Pokemon than Stitch Cousins? Lol

    1. 79, count them SEVENTY NINE Pokemon Experto and Joe have unleashed.
      We have 156- 79= 77 to go til the entire game is shown.
      That is if all is legit.

    2. Yeah, even Leroy has been exceeded!
      Now to add the alternates, to 79, we have..
      Mamepato’s final Spring transformation
      Basurao’s second kind
      Darumakka’s alternate color
      Hihidaruma’s alternate color

      So 83 now!

      1. Well before you add those, remember..
        Some pokemon like basurao and mamepato who have different forms arent technically more pokemon. like rotom and all its different apliances are just condiered the one pokemon not 6 or how many there is.

        1. Yes but from a design standpoint they are new ones too.
          Sure they are the same pokemon but wouldn’t they be part of the 17 x 10 tally?

  56. 558: A Hermit Crab Pokémon. The crab is holding a giant cube rock that is like 5 times its size. Bug / Rock Type.

    No water crab. 🙁

      1. i am not sure but i have seen some vids on youtube and people was like “WAW! i cant believe i am playing this game 5 days b4 the release!”
        i did not download it cuz i dont know how to use the”no$gba”thing

        1. Then they’re lying. I’ve done a search myself, and most “Pokemon Black/White” are actually modified HGSS games. Trust me, if the rom had leaked, we would be FLOODED for information. The rom usually comes out 2-3 days before the release.

  57. According to Pokexperto, Dark/Dragon line is hydra with 3 heads.
    And third legendary is dark grey with icy blue on tail,head and wings.

  58. PokeExperto is so full of crap. How, in the world, is that POSSIBLY not the Shikijika evolution?
    It has
    1) the same color scheme. EXACTLY the same color scheme. Dark Green Body, Light Tan Face/Chest, Yellow Ears. EXACT same.
    2) The same shaped ears. EXACTLY the same color scheme on the ears.
    3) The SAME white spotted-bush back with the exact same color scheme as Shikijika.

    1) We know it’s not the Tsutaja Evo as Serebii claims. Nothing on the Anime Sketch Artwork is REMOTELY that bumpy/jagged/bushy as what is shown. Also, if it IS Tsutaja’s Evolution, than the Anime Sketch cannot be real (impossible) and the starter evos we have now are impossible (completely possible)
    2) Why would a completely new Pokemon have these color/design similarities?
    3) Why would the Tsutaja Evolution/New Pokemon be drawn on the exact same sheet as all the Shikijika stuff?

    This is absolutely absurd. The fandom is literally SWOONING over the possibility of new info, we are stalking Pokexperto like a hawk. What does Pokexperto want? Celebrity status, recognition, sand ite views. What is he getting? All of that. What source could have possibly authorized this sort of blatent release? “Oh, yeah, go ahead and describe every single Pokemon via Twitter and your website, as well as their types. Oh, and the alternate forms”.
    I hate to say it, but he’s appealing to the naivety and yearning of the Pokemon community to spill all of this bullshit.

    >_< Why doesn't anybody acknowledge it?

    Current score: 0 +1

    1. I’ve acknowledged it!
      Like I’ve said before, the sheer convenience of this whole situation just makes it unbelievable.
      And theirs also a lot of “facts” that don’t add up, correlate with each other, or make sense.

    2. I’m also starting to doubt PxP because of this one thing: Ken stated that Mijumaru’s evolution would be based off of a samurai, so it’s more than obvious that that would make Mijumaru’s evolution Water/Fighting, amirite? But PxP says that Mijumaru would be a plain Water-type. And then he says Pokabu will be Fire/Fighting?! Seriously guys, we’ve had 2 firefighter (lololol) starter Pokemon in a row. They also say that B/W will be like a fresh start to Pokemon, so I don’t think Game Freak is THAT unoriginal to use the same typing for the fire starter for a 3rd time in a row. That doesn’t seem right at all. U_U

  59. The only thing that makes me doubt this, questionable sources aside, is the lack of Victini in this list. Surely in the national dex the little guy would be in here.

  60. Alright, everyone keeps saying stuff about the supposed Shikijika evolution in the how to draw thing.
    I noticed something else-
    On the bottom where Pokabu is, he’s blowing fire out of his nose and his tail is lighting up as if it’s the power source. This apparently is a big part of Pokabu’s design if they added it to the how to draw sheet, just as they added Mijumaru taking off his shell. Why would they take out his power source for his fire in his evolutions?

    1. I noticed that a while ago as well, but I didn’t connect those two together.
      Also, pokabu’s tail knob is red, while both of PxP’s are black, also, the yellow forehead seemed to just disappear.

      1. Exactly! And, I think I heard from somewhere that the yellow mark on his nose is meant to be a lighter. I don’t know if it’s true or not but it’s still notable.

          1. Well, while I hold this to be the major truth, we might find out before then. There’s still Pokemon Sunday and Corocoro, along with the rest of Pokemon Peer… so, who knows? Maybe this whole thing will end after Pokemon Sunday tomorrow.

            I can only hope.

  61. Holy jesus christ, so all the legendary’s are revealed now!?

    The Water/Fighting seems like it’s going to be awesome.

        1. In fact, the whole Fight legendary thing is based on horses and ponys.

          I know, a Grass/Fight horse is something difficult to even imagine. X___x

          1. OAO And months ago I was wondering if they’d center on a horse/unicorn legendary. OUO THIS JUST MAKES ME HAPPIER

          2. we’re a pokemon charlie……XD

            I find that hard to believe but if true then mijumaru evos being part fighting type may be true


  62. 559: Dark / Fighting guy

    Fanart for this one, it’s quite bad. As in it sucks. Like the typing tho, so…….

  63. Everything is now fake. I will be back on the 18th when the shenanigans are over.
    That is a ridiculous amount of legendaries and Gamefreak would never do that.
    Lies, Lies everywhere.

  64. What i see going on right now:

    “Water/Fighting Pony!? That doesn’t make sense at all! How does that possibly work? Wow that doesn’t look like Game Freak’s work at all! …



  65. Hiro from pokexperto has been revealing several pokemon typing and appeareance

    He said the dragon/dark pseudo legend pokemon is and hydra that starts with one head, then two in the frist evo and three in its last stage.
    He also said there´s a plant/steel pokemon that looks like an iron ball with green spikes that later become tentacles
    Hiro also drecribed the third legendary as a pokemon with a gray body and blue head, wings and tail
    Hiro said there are seven poison pokemon and seven ice pokemon as well.
    In addition he said there are two more bug/steel pokemon, one is a spider and the other is a bug with a knight armor
    He also said there is a pokemon that looks like a power ranger….don´t know how that would work LOL

    1. The “power ranger” Pokémon is a joke they have to refer to a Dark/Steel pokémon. We will understand it soon.

      1. Actually, somethings will be confirmed tomorrow, and half way through next week with the load of specials. 😉

          1. Well, we’ll know what’s real and fake before then, since some of the Experto Pokemon will be shown in corocoro if they are.

  66. I just noticed after a disappointment with chatot, there’s fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinally a Flying only pokemon. I thought Gf said flying was kinda like a type that came with others, kinda like how a drink at mcdonalds usually comes with a hamburger.

      1. Yeah, that’s true, but I meant you usually wouldn’t just order a drink a mcdonalds, you would get a hamburger, a drink and fries.

        Yeah, crappy example, sorry

    1. i’m thinking it would have to have something to do with wind/clouds (again?) or a tornado of some sort, to be pure flying, as anything with wings can usually be described with another type. maybe similar to the wind gods in wind waker that ride on tornados?

      1. That would make it not able to learn Roost(Although there’s already a way to do roost by just being flying and all it does is make all attacks normal damage.)

      2. It has to be something unlike what we saw for the past 500 pokemon, since not a single one had flying as it’s primary type.

        Because of this, I won’t believe that there is a pure flying type until I see it on my DS

        I mean, if it wasn’t like that, why would they have insisted on not doing it, by giving pokemon, which come the closest to this idea, some other type as main and put flying as the additional one. Like Swablu, they wanted it to be Normal/Flying. If we get a pure flying one, I have to ask, WHY did they avoid it for 4 generations?

    1. They’ll be here sometime in the next 40 hours. Hopefully a low-quality one tonight and full scans tomorrow.

  67. fighting legendaries= ancient heros
    flying legends= more birds, maybe pterosaurs
    water/fighting= head houncho of fighting trio
    bug/steel= scarab based on ra, maybe like winged dragon of ra

  68. -has anyone noticed that when google chrome translates Pokexpertos page, it changed the 3rd beast from grass/fighting to ground/fighting?
    -yayz for a grass legendary. hopefully it looks good so i could put it in my team(of ubers for online tourneys on another site)
    -the cactus is kind of a disappointment. dancing? really? another racist reference to mexicans(lombre/ludicolo anyone? i hate those pokemon, freakin racists >.>).
    -the raijins. hopefully the wont look ugly.
    -the 2rd dragons storyline sounds interesting, kinda like rayquazas.
    -water/fighting pony? reminds me of mijumarus “supposed” 2nd stage.
    -a shemale? i think the fighting version looks like a male because of the mane.
    -a robot with a cannon? how is that part bug?
    -wargle is basic?

    1. Lolwut racist? Lombre/ludicolo looked like they were based on mexican music and not mexicans. They also look like pinatas. I think they’re more like… party pokemon. They aren’t racist at all…

      1. i can understand lombre since in the anime(and dex) it states that it looks like a kid but ludicolo(i think) is way too far.

    2. A duck wearing a poncho and sombrero is racist?
      I would agree that the anime episode it was featured in was stereotypical, but come on. It’s not being racist at all.

  69. Wow guys, if that Dark/Fighting lizard with pants is real, I’ve found my favorite Pokemon. I could never decide before but this might be the one.

  70. 560: Dark / Fighting guy. Similar design to previous one, but orange head, with red crest. Has a hook at the back with pre-evo head, scary

  71. I’m going to bed now. For like 9-10 hours. It’s my sleep for the week. School = tiring. I want to wake up to more stuff/confirmation of stuff please. Thanks 😉

      1. Oh haha I didn’t realize that :p It’s a really good drawing by the way! Much better than those other fanarts he keeps posting

  72. NOW TO BREAKING NEWS: serebii joe has started ANOTHER FLAME WAR with wpm, because he used info that the troll melkor STOLE OFF SEREBII, this flame war has started on bmf, they are yet to get BANNED AGAIN on the forum, this time by archaic, because of the fact serebii got the info 1st, not beach (whose source is melkor), many fans believe that wpm should get fined.
    ps. i am thinking that the bug/steel bug robot with a cannon, might be associated with space pirates from metroid for an incoming invasion of earth.

    1. omg I want a link to this xD

      I do know however that WPM was a huge dick by not sourcing Serebii and was majorly rude when Joe talked to him about it.

  73. I’m very excited for a Bug type legendary, though a LITTLE disappointed that it ended up being Bug/Steel. (I was hoping for Bug/Ground or Bug/Dark).

    I don’t normally use legendaries, but, my Bug-type team will welcome its new super-powered legend with open wings/claws/etc :3

  74. Oh man, I really hope Pokemon Sunday ends this whole thing.
    Y’know, I don’t care if they’re real or not anymore (well, I don’t want starter evos to be real, but…) I just want this to be over with. I’ll be super very happy if I was right and this whole thing’s been a super elaborate trolling.

    That and I hope Corocoro starts to leak soon as well.

          1. That made me believe them less. Mijumaru’s final evo is NOT a samurai, nor is it japanese in the slightest. Also, the shell is not on his chest and it would be impossible for him to weild it like a katana.

          2. Ok, so apparently Bulbapedia didn’t write about this. They said the final evo was a mixture of a sea lion and an otter

          3. I came up with the idea of making the shell on Mijumaru’s stomach into a sword (katana) and using it to fight, and that’s how I completed Mijumaru and its evolution.

            This sentence you made as proof that it doesn’t have katana on it’s stomach… he never stated anything about it being on final evolution’s stomach… he only said that he got the idea of removable shell and it’s usage as katana after he designed Mijumaru and it already had the shell on it’s stomach… so he used the idea of removable shell-katana on other stages ^^

            Not enough proof of it being fake for me…

  75. Um, no, actually, if you know how to count, there are less legendaries than Sinnoh. Stop whining.

  76. PJ I just read your team page and just found out you have a kind of elite four goin on …. just wanted to let you know

  77. judging by the description of bug/steel legendary, i am thinking it will be as big as a scarab from halo, ice dragon might be like blue eyes white dragon, hope the normal psychic needs an item to change forme, hope there are 2 pseudo legendaries: kibago line and hydra line, hope the legendaries have sig moves and hope that their dex entries will reference prev gen legendaries.
    ps hope there is EPIC battle music
    pps when the bug/steel is in its own movie, have it against arceus
    ppps it is official, beach has been downgraded on my fav pkmn website list, being replaced by pj

    1. I’ve always considered PJ to be far more superior than Pokebeach. That guys an arrogant dick.

      PJ is far better for rumours, speculation and fast news whilst Serebii has everything on the one site which is easy to navigate. PJ and Serebii <3

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