CoroCoro leaks (UPD5)

Click “Show” for pictures!



  • Yanappu – Grass Type – Grass Monkey Pokemon
  • Baoppu – Fire Type – High Temperature Pokemon- New move called Bursting Flame which effects all nearby opponets
  • Hiyappu – Water Type – Water Pouring Pokemon- Has a new move called Boiling Water that is a water type move, but can cause burn
  • Emonga – Electric/Flying Type – Flying Squirrel Pokemon. New attack Eleciball. The difference in speed determines attack power. Like a reverse Gyro Ball. It may be quite devastating if it can learn agility!

UPD2: 2 New scans:

  • Yorterri (yooterii) (Yorkishire terrier) – Puppy Pokemon – Normal type – Ability: Pick-up or Vital Spirit.
  • Basurao – Violent Pokemon – Water type – Abilities: Reckless/Adaptability. There are two forms, in each game both are findable however their encounter rate is different.
  • Choroneko – Ill Natured Pokemon – Dark type – Abilities: Limber/Unburden
  • Tabunne – Listening Pokemon – Normal type – Abilities: Healing Heart/Regeneration*
  • Monmen – Cotton Ball Pokemon – Grass type – Abilities: Teasing Heart*/Slip Through*
  • Churine – Stump Pokemon – Grass type – Abilities: Chlorophyll/Own Tempo
  • Tamagetake – Mushroom Pokemon – Grass/Poison type – Ability: Effect Spore
  • Baffuron – Headbutting Cattle Pokemon – Normal type – Abilities: Reckless/Herbivore
  • Dangoro – Mantle Pokemon – Rock type – Ability: Sturdy
  • Mebukijika – Seasonal Pokemon – Normal/Grass type – Abilities: Herbivore/Chlorophyll [Shikijika evo]
  • Desukaan – Casket Pokemon – Ghost type [?!] – Ability: Mummy*
  • Ononokusu – Chin Horn Pokemon – Dragon type – Abilities: Rivalry/Mold Breaker. Has a new attack called Dragon tail which forces the opponent to switch. Devastating with a Stealth Rock user.
  • Denchura – Electric Spider Pokemon – Bug/Electric type – Abilities: Compoundeyes/Tension*
  • Doryuuzu – Deep Earth Pokemon – Ground/Steel type – Abilities: Sand Scatter*/Sand Power* New attack drill-liner is a high critical hit Ground-type move.
  • * denotes new ability

UPD3: Guess starter page IS real

  • Tsutaaja evo: Janobii
  • Pokabu evo: Chaobuu
  • Mijumaru evo: Futachimaru
  • Team Plasma : Gatis (Geechisu) Gatis is in fact NOT the boss of team Plasma, but rather a high ranking member who gives orders!
  • N has a Choroneko
  • As reported here before, there will be 3 Gym Leaders in the first Gym. Dent (Dento), Pod (Poddo) and Cone (koon).
  • The starter you chose dictates which you battle.
  • Dream World is accessible even without Black and White. You borrow Makomo’s Munna. (gameplay is likely limited this way)


  • Reshiram and Zekrom’s have new attacks; Cross Flame and Cross Thunder. When used one after the other in a certain order it produces different effects.
  • If you use Cross Thunder followed by Cross Flame, it creates a giant fireball in the air which is then dropped down upon the opponent.
  • If you use Cross Flame followed by Cross Thunder, It creates an explosive ball of energy which engulfs the opponent.
  • Whichever Pokémon uses the attack second seems to be the one who gets to deal the damage to the opponent.


  • In Hiun City there is a building where you can answer a question which allows you to unlock the transfer machine. みんな ハッピー かんたん つうしん (Everybody happy easy connection)
  • Here are the options in the menu
  • Continue (not technically visible, but presumably)
  • New game
  • Mystery gift
  • Battle tournament (*omg!*)
  • Game settings
  • Wi-Fi settings
  • Microphone test
  • Use Transfer Machine

<3 pokejungle

ps- these match Experto’s descriptions.  Guess he was right >3

pss-Kriffix here! Sorry about the Melkor conspiracy theories! I’m making up for it now with super-speedy translations. Most of the stuff you are reading here has been posted here first! Whats more is that I’ll be translating Pokémon Sunday here live as it airs!

Also thanks to Ozy for hunting down the more elusive scans, and a big welcome to NL our newest member of Team PokéJungle! (Name color tentative!)

  1. Wow, I hope this is real! Pokabu and Mijumaru’s evo both look really cool there. Same with the other two monkeys in the trio. =)

    1. I would type out a big elaborate response to these, but I’m laughing so hard at all the doubters that I can’t seem to find the time to write very much.

    1. We aren’t really using that site again are we? Didn’t that already prove the starter evos to be FALSE… when it is pretty certain they’re legit?

      1. The scans are allegedly “photos”. If it was a real photo (take one and try it) then it would show up as a single image, with no clearly defined lines around the starters. Yet you clearly see heavy editing around the starters and the text etc. Archaic suggested the scans are likely fake, as well.

    2. You aren’t interpreting those results correctly…

      The analysis suggests these haven’t been photoshopped.

        1. Two different images have no relation to one another. ELA is concerned with a single image. Neither of those show evidence of manipulation, because (discounting edges in the new one) the colors are consistent.

          In either case, these results are untrustworthy, as it requires work to be saved to a jpeg instead of something more intelligent like xcf or psd.

          Either way, these are most likely fake, as names to not match up to the (albeit blurry) anime leak names.

  2. wheter the scans are fake or real (im leanin towards real), mijumarus evo looks absoulutely epic in this pic (i wish it was water/fighting though) and the fire monkey looks great as well cant wait!!

  3. It looks quite convincing, however I see no glare. It looks way too HQ, and Mijumaru’s final evo pretty much has to be Fighting-type. They wouldn’t have two starters with the same dual typing.

  4. Wasn’t the name of miju’s 1st evo already confirmed to be rakononushi or something like that from the anime beta art sheet?

    1. Honch is right. There was never a sadfish that I thought was real, now way, nothing ever happened like that.

  5. Lol… i guess i shouldnt have tried convincing people they were fake a week ago. i feel no better than those people who come to my door to convert my family to some other religion =x

    but anywho hiyapuu and baopuu look pretty kickass
    i wonder if theres a reason that the starters have a different ‘font’ for their japanese text…
    miju looks like hes gonna pick up he dual shells and kick some poke-butt 😛

  6. I believe some people here clearly remain in denial. These look as real as it gets. Get used to it people, these are your new starters, take em or leave em. There’s just no use fighting it anymore.

    If they were, by some miniscule chance, fake, then they are fakes of a HIGH caliber.

  7. The names on these scans don’t match up with the names on the anime character sheet from a while back. Check it.

  8. I just want to say that I think the starter evos look SO much better now that we have the Sugimori art.

      1. You have a good point there, but Mijumaru and Pokabu kept their names, just sayin’. (Haven’t checked the others yet)

      1. well on the beta art sheet….the bat next to jessie had it’s name listed as koromori…and when it was revealed about a week later it’s name was koromori…the names didn’t change

        1. As Sab_Mas said, Tsutarja is listed as ‘Ivy’ and Mijumaru is listed as ‘Rakono-something’. There are many reasons this scan could be fake, but the names on the anime beta sheet is not one of them.

  9. How many times do we have to go over it? They’re FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE.

    Wotter3 can’t even hold a sword. What kind of samurai can’t hold a sword?

    And let’s not forget the interview…
    “Sugimori: It’s as they said. Many different things went into the Pokemon. For example, with the Fire-type Pokemon, the pipes from furnaces and ironworks went into the shape of the body and the markings.”

    There are no pipes on either of the fake Pokabu evos.


    1. he was not talking bout Pokabu or its Evo he was generalizing fire pokemon in general, read the whole thing before jumping to a conclusion

  10. Fake.
    The first shown picture of Smugleaf and Wotter’s evos were from the settei, which are prints used to provide shading/scale/expression/etc references for the show’s artists. In this image, they are completely traced over. Game art is separate from anime art, so it would be different.
    And even though the text is almost too small to read legibly on the settei, their names are noticeably different in this “scan.” What I can make out on the settei, Smugleaf’s evo’s name is “Kunaneeku” and Wotter’s is “Uunoete” (this one is a bit too fuzzy).
    I don’t see anything pointing towards legitimate.

  11. Zomg soooo uncool about Pokabu’s typing. What.. A disappointment. Can’t believe that Miju2 isn’t part fighting, especially by that image.
    But Baoppu looks nice.

      1. I’m not commenting on whether they’re real/fake any more I’ve had enough with dumb people (not you of course lovely).

        Even if the scans are fake though, the starters are still real, so it hardly matters.

        1. Except that the recent interview proves Pokabu2 fake, and Smugleaf2 and Wotter2 are shitty traces from the anime art.

          FAKE FAKE FAKE

  12. Hey pokejungle staff if you guy are a little skeptical of these scans because the start evolution names don’t match up with the beta art, remember that Tsutaaja “Ivy” and Mijumaru “Rako-something”. So I wouldn’t expect these names to match up either.

    1. Nah, I’m fully open to beta names being simply beta names 🙂 It is more the page numbers and to an extent the image analysis

  13. Is there a difference in the page numbers? I dont mean the actual number, but the way they are shown. pg. 15 is grey, and pg. 5 is in a yellow circle.

  14. I’ll admit I was wrong about the starter evos…. Please God, I know I don’t believe in you but let me learn to love Miju’s final evo. Ahmen.

  15. As cool as this is, I don’t think that the water monkey’s head matches the one we’ve seen (even if just a small bit) as the sprite we saw has a lotus-like bit on its head and this just has some bubbly mass.

    1. i agree with shadow on this on the sprite it looked like a tear drop thats going in a spiral but thats just me

  16. Omg, the monkey trio is awesome. Totally makes up for the somewhat silly miju third stage.

    Unless all of the monkeys also evolve into unicorn dogs. >.>

    Very well done if fake. Bravo either way.

    1. weynard right cuz in the 100% real scans theres no blue boxs around them just some orange probably due to the color of the page

  17. I can debunk this a million ways. Page size, quality of image, pixel analysis, names, sprites, the fact that the starters evolutions being shown in corocoro is highly unlikely, and the closeness of the printing to the edge of the page.

    Sorry to inform you but these are indeed fake.

      1. The red part hasnt been blended with the rest of the background. It just invades the picture and stands out. In this case it’s unprofessional considering the rest of the image has background layers being blended through the entire thing.

        It’s not legitimate or Coro-Coro really need to fire their designers. It’s just too sloppy to be real.

  18. So it begins…

    I didn’t really hate the starter evolutions, nor did I really like the direction they decided to go with them, but I can deal with them if these are indeed real.

        1. The interview proves it.

          Wotter lost his samurai theme and can no longer wield his shell like a katana due to having NOHANDS.

          Pokabu2 and Pokabu3 both lack furnace pipes.

          FAKE FAKE FAKE

          1. 1. You’ve clearly got a very interesting idea of what a Samurai actually looked like.
            2. It has thumbs, so it could still stand on its hind legs, remove it and use the shell. Or use it like a narwhal does.
            3. He didn’t mean he’d have furnace pipes growing out of him, just that they used images and ideas of furnaces like pipes to influence the design.

          2. 1) I know what a Samurai looks like. Uninarwhalrus resembles one, but has no sword.

            2) He doesn’t have thumbs, and his body isn’t shaped for standing on two legs. He’s quadrupedal. And if he used the horn like a narwhal, he wouldn’t be wielding it like a sword, now would he?

            3) I still don’t see pipe imagery at all.

          3. Anonymous… Clearly you didnt see imags thaty were taken close up to it hands cause THERE IS THUMBS!!!

  19. The sprites are fake. They’re all in the exact same positions as the sugimori art, which is highly unlikely.
    And I agree with Rai_wolf, there is no way they’d release evolutions of the starters before the game release.

  20. oh dear, why why archaic why, now you put a 10 ton tanker on the bonfire, so that ignites the starter evo debate, when there is another debate about b/w legendaries, also about wpm stealing info off serebii. *brings in a metalstorm gun and aims it at both wpm and melkor*
    ps. looks like xous will be drawing the 5 gens again
    pps. what is the error rate of error anlysis and when is the contraversy going to end.
    ppps. did wpm tell you pj, that he has a curse with laptops, 3 broke down, 1 got stolen by a guy on a bike.

  21. ok im done wit this but really tho from my past two experiences with corocoro from the last two gens i have never seen them reveal the starter evos im not saying its fake or real #just a thought on some real shit. if its real i can deal with im taking a liking to the water starter anyway.

  22. Uh…ain’t it suspicious that CoroCoro leaks those evos? You sure ’bout these stuff? I ain’t believing one single tidbit of these scans. With all the rumors and the flame wars and all.

    And apperently, a flame war has been made by the Pokemon webmasters of popular fansites. Try to stay out, pokejungle xD

    1. i think they might be fake now that i look at the one with the starters on it when have the sprites every matched the artwork?

      1. lol anonymous your hilarious but the sprites match the artwork which never happens in game so i think those might be fake

    1. This is the first time we had 3 gym leaders at one gym.
      3 types taken care of right off the bat, depending on what starter you started with.

      1. Aww poor…. what’s his name. I like him too… BUT I agree PJ, he isn’t as hot as Poddo. pun intended.

  23. hey wait wasnt emonga revealed in corocoro already? why would it be revealed again and on the same page as the monkey trio? thats a little suspicious if you ask me

      1. Ya, we don’t even have an official sprite for Emonga yet do we? I thought previous sprite for him was made by the same guy who did the first Gigaisu pre-evo.

          1. i cant remember either i thought only two of those sprites was fake like the fake tabunne and gigasu pre-evo

          2. oh found it yeah PJ said that emonga sprite was faked but still why would emonga be on a page with the monkey trio wouldnt they get a special page

  24. in the picture with the tsutarja evo as the opponent, it says that it’s using “gurasu miKIsaa”
    i thought it was “gurasu miKUsaa” could be wrong though…

  25. i’m calling fake on the one with the starter evolutions. the lettering style for the names are different from the pages with the CONFIRMED monkey trios and gym leaders and the general art style of the magazine page doesn’t seem to match up.

  26. Man those starter evos look legit!
    I now have more respect for Pokabu thanks to Pokemon Pia and his evo designs.

    1. Agree on Pokabu. His evo is probably my favorite. I just don’t know if I can stomach another fire/fighting starter.

  27. Wait, how does the first gym work again?
    like, you walk in, solve the puzzle, then what?
    Fight all three, or get a choice?

    1. you fight the pokemon/leader super-effective to your starter. it’s probably why ash with mijumaru fights dento!

    2. oops nevermind.
      i didn’t even read >_>
      anyways, now we know why dento can leave the gym in the anime.
      he has siblings/friends to take care of the gym. Like misty.

          1. Yeah… I feel like making a Mexican joke about that. 😡

            Part of my family is Mexican though… only love to hispanics <3

          2. vVv I’m hispanic 😀
            and i thought it was kinda offensive.
            but i didn’t spazz out or anything.
            Just laughed.

        1. Misty was way better…i wish they would of brought her back for the anime…whenever they do that thats when i’ll start watching it again

  28. On the page with Emonga it says it learns エレキボール Electric Ball
    The page with the blue haired waiter has his name more than once. It says コーン.

  29. Pokebeach has this now:

    Dento (Grass), Poddo (Fire), and Kon (Water) are the Sanyou City Gym Leaders. As stated in the previous post, the Gym specializes in Grass, Fire, and Water. Depending on the Starter Pokemon you choose, you will face the Gym Leader of the type that is stronger than you (like when you battle your rival in previous games). They will use their elemental monkeys and possibly other Pokemon of their type.

  30. Aaaa aaaa aaa

    I’m spazzing out



    Now all we need is a Dark leader and an Electric leader this gen and I might just melt into a fangirl puddle

      1. Well whatever, still Poddo

        and I think there were like, brief seconds of an Electric leader


        1. The question is really why would the important starter evos would be so far back in the booklet.
          Also CoroCoro doesn’t usually come with a booklet.

      1. i think that too PJ i think the others are legit but that one wit the starters its just something bout it like why do the sprites make the artwork that never happens ever.

      1. sorry, i didn’t read through the comments.
        i felt like i had just figured out the meaning of life or something x)
        forgive me.

  31. Oh, gee.
    So apparently the names of the waiters are corn(maize) related.
    Dent (Dento) = Dent Corn
    Pod (Poddo) = Pod Corn
    Corn (Ko-n) = Corn

    1. Wait, so it’s like.. Dento is Dent Corn, whatever that is…
      Is Poddo like corn kernels? Or maybe popcorn?
      Kon is just.. corn.

  32. DESUKAN. OMFG. He’s been pretty much a lock for my tem from a start, but I think I found my favorite gen V Pokemon. O_O

    1. Sweet! Bison live near my area! It’s a little silly, but having a pokemon based on an animal my area is associated with (South Dakota) makes me feel special! :p

      1. Around where I grew up, I actually saw Bison, as someone in the area raised them. I also see a lot of deer, so yeah, now that you mention it, it is kind of cool to see something you recognize.

        1. My geology class in high school went on a field trip to the badlands once, and we were just standing around outside, and this wild bison just walks right up to us! It got really close, and made me a little nervous, but the guide said it was okay since HE came to US. It was really cool though and I got some cool pics. Every time I see a bison now I’m reminded of that time, so I might have to nickname him something worthy of that memory! <3

  33. Damn look at desukan he looks pimp
    Oonokusu is pretty tight too
    What’s up with the fish are there 2forms or something……….

  34. I hope so much that the starter evos are fake… atleast the final evos for Miju and Tsuta..
    The monkeys look good though, which is a surprising thing for me to say because I hate monkeys

  35. O_o why does the mushroom have a pokeball on it’s head ??! Hmmmmmmm………………
    Is it just me or does anyone else feel empty inside from the news?

    1. No no i feel empty inside too. Its stuff we either already know or isnt too exciting. plus the every fun factor they STILL dont know the starter evos.

  36. Mushroom’s head is a POKEBALL? ok. Really like Desukan and Doryuuzu and Ononokusu and rock thing and Bison and…. well all of them actually! Except Tabunne, who just topped my list of UGLIEST pokemon ever.

      1. *It pulls ZIP down it’s back*

        OMFG IT’S A HORSE!

        *It’s pulls down another ZIP*


        *broom falls over*

        Family Guy reference 😉 I hate Tabunne, the fugly cow.

  37. we now have full proof that experto was wrong melkor specifically said shikiajika did NOT have a evolved form SO HA! in yo face pokexperto!

    1. How many times does it have to be said. He never said it didn’t evolve. He said what was originally mistaken for a piece of the evolution*which I think may have been one of the bushes on the antlers* was not representative of the evolution, or something, and that the evo had big antlers. So, actually, he was completely right.

      1. well excuse me im just going off of what pokebeach had on its site which said pokexperto said shikajika didnt evolved i even read the comments on his site when they was talkin bout but whatever

    2. Uh, Hiro said in the posts Shikiajika evolved. And a lot of Pokemon described by Pokexperto are appearing in Coro Coro.

      U MAD?

  38. Oh yeah, you missed an ability on Yooterii, it should have Vital Spirit too. Not only did that one post say it, but I can see it well enough on the screenshot of Yooterii.

  39. I think that the starter page is fake, the rest is real, but the starter page is fake: the name reveal isn’t the same as the others, and there are only 18 pokemon. Counting the “real” pages makes 18, so there’s no room for any more.

  40. Woooow. I guess this makes up for Poka2’s unappealing typing. The bison is really awesome, I must have. & Shiki’s evo is so much nicer than I’d have expected. Loving the more dramatic seasonal changes. The Pokeball-shroom is interesting.. to say the least. I’m so friggin excited now!
    The only thing I’m afraid of is that I’ll have a terribly hard time choosing only 6 Pokemon..

  41. I’m having trouble seeing how Churine is the “stump pokemon” as it doesn’t look much like a tree stump.

    1. According to Pokexperto, it’s evo looks like a Tree GingerBread man…goat thing. So I would consider it sort of a Stump, but not this one XD.

      1. the way he described the evo… maybe it’ll resemble a fawn or satyr, goat human hybrids who are spirits of nature X0 that’d be sooooo effing awesome if so

  42. i’m in love with the head butting bison pokemon and the deer evo 😀 the only one i dont like is the thing with the pokeball head

    1. Yeah I was expecting a super cool psychedelic mushroom or something vicious and fantastic. Oh well. Is it supposed to evolve?

  43. I’m going to just go on and post my fan-art of #537, the final evo of the Frog Pokemon again so you all can bask in it’s REALNESS. Since a large quantity of his leaked pokemon have just been confirmed, it is also undoubtedly true now. Keep in mind that it will not look exactly like this, Melkor said that it’s quite close though.

    1. I saw the scans and then I confirmed Pokexperto was real then I thought about your frog then I jizzed. I WANT IT.

      But now I don’t know if I should use it or Hiyappu’s evo for my water poke 🙁

  44. I’m now 99% convinced the starter evos are real (and I really want them to be FAKE T_T) the scans are just too well made to be fake; the last fake corocoro with the sad fish was obviously fake cause it looks like crap >_>. I have read all the comments and all the arguments about how they are still fake, but I have fallen to the dark side D;

  45. Hey there are two new attacks you (and all other sites, don’t know why) have missed on the Corocoro leak.
    Netto (Hot Water) – a water type attack which may cause burn used by Hiyappu
    Tobichiru Honoo (Fire Spark) – a fire type attack that may also damage pokemons standing by in double/triple battles used by Baoppu

  46. Is it me or is there too much grass pokemon…
    Wheres the rest of the types :\

    Also is the dog/cat gonna be version exclusives??

        1. Victini, Starters, Darumakka and Hihidaruma, Baoppu and evo, rumored fire/bug scarab and evo, Reshiram. That’s all I can think of right now o.O

    1. if the dog/cat are version exclusives i hope the cat is in white..wasnt a rumor that its evo is a panther? so being in white makes since if its true because of the forests and the do for black cause of the snooty rich girls that have lap dogs haha….but then again it is pokemon so who knows

  47. ono’s art= 99% similar to xous’ drawing of it
    hope there is a forest b4 1st gym because 2 of the waiters: dento and kon, have pokemon weak to them
    it is official, desukan is 1 of the best ghosts along with spiritomb, giratina and rotom
    gigasui pre evo= official budew lookalike.
    da three monkeys, officially one of the most annoying pokemon
    ps. finally art for desukan, big mole, gigasu and ono
    pps. wow lots of adapting pokemon
    ppps. *aims new bug/steel legendary’s cannon at melkor for theft*
    pppps. on friday, hope we get sugimori art for many more pokemon.

  48. So. A lot of people who were saying Pokexperto was posting a lot of fake shit. How do you feel to be so owned?

      1. Okay, thank you! One of my friends likes Shikijika and I was debating on showing her the scans. I didn’t want to show her and they end up being fake!

        1. Well unless shes a nazi or something, why does it matter if they end up fake ?? XD Anyway, I’m fairly certain that they’re real. I don’t see any one bringing up any evidence that would say other wise.

          1. Well, I just didn’t want to give her fake information. I didn’t want her to get all excited and fall in love with it, and then find out it’s not a real pokemon.

    1. Ya that’s pretty close. It’s supposed to end up as a mustached Shihtzu if you wanna continue to believe PxP. Should look pretty cool.

      1. It’s possible he got breeds confused like I did earlier. I grew up Shit Tsus (both my neighbor’s and my aunt’s) and that is NOT a Shit Tsu.

        1. Ya he probably could have. They look similar enough for one to make that mistake, especially if he had never saw that type of terrier before.

  49. I’m in.
    Who thinks that the waiters/gym leaders will be a triple battle kind of match on the Third version?

  50. So PokeBeach said the starter page is real because it was released by the same person at the same time what the hell. I give up after 3 generations of fire fighting.

      1. Ya… I’m one of the strongest believers in those starters. I just don’t think that particular scan is real. I could be wrong, but it just doesn’t seem to match in my opinion.

  51. Yeah it doesn’t look that real to me either. But then again…neither did the starters. O.o
    I love these pokemon. I better find every single one of these pokemon shaped out of icing on my birthday cake.

  52. I was wondering….what if Shikijika’s female form looked different? XD Because doe don’t have antlers.

  53. >Grass/Fighting is Athos, the Pokemon Courage.
    >Rock/Fighting is Porthos, the Pokemon Corpulence.
    >Grass/Fighting is Aramis, the Elegance Pokemon.
    >Water/Fighting event Pokemon is Dartacan. The four of them are horses (Rock/Fighting has bull horns).
    >Event Pokemon Normal/Psychic (with alternative Normal/Fighting mode) is a girl and is based in Constanza Bonacieux.

  54. wow umm….I wish i was more excited over this XD I think I was getting to sppoiled with pokexperto twitters evey hour but atleast this proves he was right even the artwork is scarily exact especially for the rock an plant.

    I won’t lie though nothing in here is catching my personal interests as of yet =/ might change later

    monkeys are pretty cute their poses do follow the hear no evil speak no evil see no evil

    buffalo has an afro and bling on it’s horns, which highly amuses me XD

    love the cat’s look, very sneaky like, it’s panther evo should look badass

    tabunne is taking chansey’s spot as a nurse pokemon, thinking those extendable phone earlobe things are like stethascopes to hear the heartbeats of pokemon?

    can’t see the stump guess it ot cut off. hearing pokeexperto’s description of the evo makes me hope it’ll turn into a faun or statyr

    basurao’s second form looks better, love the backwards death glance it’s giving

    do not like rock

    deer looks to realisticy compared to the cartoon baby, leaves quite a contrast.

    looking more on this page I say I like the funky buffalo and fire monkey the best XD

  55. REALLY like Denchura! Far and away my favourite Pokemon this generation! Move over Kurumiru, you’ve been left behind. (At least until my 2nd play-through xD)

  56. So I’m guessing that little rock-eye pokemon will be the new geodude of Isshu? I can now say that caves will become a LOT more interesting 😀

  57. Did anyone else notice that the top line of the box at the top of the starter page is completely straight? A photo from that angle should make it looked slightly curved due to how the page is sitting.

    1. Not necessarily. The Pick-Up ability was available prior to the Following Feature. Before HGSS, the Pokemon may randomly receive an item after a battle.

  58. Imagine, an electric yellow ‘-apu’ monkey with a diamond shape on the tip of the tail. Rofl, the ‘apu’ reminds me of Abu from Aladdin! xD

  59. I’m guessing that the mushroom pokemon will be an illusion for pick-up items just like a substitution for electrode who in Emerald you can encounter if you click a pokeball on the floor in Team Aqua’s base (where you get the masterball)

      1. i liked it from the day it was leaked. Everyone hates how its fat and ugly, but seriously… its wearing suspenders lol

  60. Good to see that it’s finally confirmed. ROFL @ teh haterz.

    So how many more CoroCoro pages you think there are left?

    I’m hoping there’s a random screenshot somewhere in it accidentally showing the tadpole.

  61. Yay, Melkor really is legit! This looks to be the best gen yet imo, loving nearly every single one of these Pokémon. 😀

  62. well i think im putting my starter in the pc. But honestly I think they will grow on me.I just don’t want them to. nooooooo

  63. No way I’m keeping the starter for more than 1-2 gyms. Maybe less than that depending on where the ones I like are distributed throughout the game.

  64. Starter + ReshiZekrom page is fake.
    The numbers don’t match with other scans, also JAPANESE READ FROM RIGHT TO LEFT PEOPLE, how could you not see that.

    1. yea it totally does look fake. Page numbers dont match other pages.The pages dont match eachother.Also the person used outer glow or inner glow (photoshop term) to make the pages look like they are connected.Also (14) and (15) arent leveled.(14) is lower

  65. well we cant find out till the 15th then, but i didnt think they would release the starters evos today, although it doesnt matter cos the real ones we see will probably look alot like them

  66. I think that pokexperto is jizzing himself now 😛 Not that i don’t understand, i would do that too if i had pulled out what he did xD

  67. I made a fanart that shows Mijumaru’s final evolution to be both real while still having a katana please look at it D: i think by now it is real, but for those who still don’t believe maybe it will sway you. It fulfills the interview that said how it was sea lion inspired (making it real) and the fact that it uses a katana (making it fake) Please comment I want to knoe what you guys thing XD i wished it was fake but by now i give up……. its probably real >_>

      1. LOL XD well they just confirmed real so i guess this guy is real too. guess im picking the grass starter >_>

  68. The starter scan is completely and totally fake!

    The page numbering on the bottom goes from 15 to 14 from left to right, instead of 14 to 15, and Reshiram’s nose is magically floating over the crease of the page!

    That scan is fake, fake, fake, fake FAKE.

      1. on serebii, its says that ir learns a move called afro bash and on the picture u can see this black scribble ball that kinda reminds me of an afro.

      2. i absolutely hate it. Just looks weird…. I think Hiro confirmed that it evolves too -.-
        just imagine a gangsta minotaur -.-

    1. I really hope Aloe doesn’t have Buffaron… that might ’cause some problems with localization a la Jynx

  69. Hmm, there’s still speculation about The Starter page being fake ^^

    Yay me!

    And people who say were just in denial, f*** off.

  70. My only problem is why Fire/FIGHTING? Why can’t they be creative for once? Why is it even Fighting? It’s still the “Fire Pig” Pokemon. Now I hate Pokabu, happy Game Freak? Mijumaru is now my second favourite. At least I don’t have to evolve my Tsutarja. *is not happy* Also thank you Corocoro for leaking while I was asleep so I could wake up to new info. Pokemon Sunday Tonight!

    On other topics: Love the Monkeys. Ha! Shikijika has an evo! Why did PxP say it didn’t? o_O Plasma Leader is scary cool.

    Ok how is Futachimaru the “Meditation” Pokemon? It looks like it’s about to fight. Ken, what?

    Zorua is so old news, bless =3

    I like the Gym Leader idea. Tsutaaja is so cool, I happy not to evolce it <3

      1. I already read but thought you were talking about someone else. Leader, Admin, whatevs. He’s still cool.

        1. PxP DID, i repeat DID DID DID DID DID
          say that Shikijinka had an evo! Why is everyone saying otherwise? He said its evo had huge antlers. This was Hiro in the comments on one of the pages. Nobody even once HINTED that Shikijinka did not evolve. Where are you people coming up with that argument? WOW you seriously need to learn to read whats going on before speaking.

  71. Is it just me, or does Shijika’s winter evo look like it could be a member of ABBA?
    Also you only fight one of the Dento gym leaders? That’s a bit upsetting 🙁 I wonder if you can come back for the other two..

      1. maybe u do. say u first fight dento, fourth badge will be what your starter is strong against so poddo, and finally for the last badge u fight the same type.

  72. i like pokabus second evo i just think that its nose is not right and that its fire fighting again…. i dont understand whats good about fire fighting? is it one of those things that will come like the profs named after trees???

  73. I knew that pokemon was a cotton ball/plant and not a cloud. Nobody listened to me however :/

    Looks like pokexperto is telling the truth though, there are a few inconsistencies but they’re probably due to miscommunication with his sources. He does know something after all.

    A bit sad Desukan is just Ghost type…..but I’m still having him on my team anyway <3 Does it say the typing of the starter evolutions?

      1. There fake, IMO.

        But remember my little munchkins, there not the final evolutions, they could always get another typing for there final evolution!

        1. I know ay 🙁

          I hope this info is fake, and Mijumaru’s evo is re-coloured with white!

          It looks so Ninja, with it’s shells on it’s side to chuck like Ninja Stars :O

  74. On the bright side, we don’t know what the 2nd evos for Tsutarja and Mijumaru’s typings will be. But we can be pretty certain that Miju won’t be a Water/Fighting anymore 🙁

    1. OUGH!

      It’s classification (If it is indeed the real Cocoro leak) says it’s the “Training pokemon”

      Sounds like it trains in Martial arts, or Samurai stuff (H)

      Oh yea!

      1. Futachimaru – Mijumaru’s evolution – Water – Meditation Pokemon – 0.8m – 24.5kg – Torrent

        From PokeBeach,

        1. Still, it’s relating itself to some sort of ninja meditation thing, I just read the Training thing off Serebii..

          The final Mijumaru evo is so fake.

          1. No it isn’t. They’re basing it on a Sea Lion 🙁
            That means Tsutarja’s one is real also 🙁
            But the typing is what I want to be fake.

  75. Awesome!! Such an amazing magazine this month!! Desukaan couldn’t have been better!!

    And also, Pokexperto WAS right ALL the time. Learn to believe instead of crying or looking for little errors in their descriptions.

    EPIC OWNED is not just enough.

    I hate your scepticism.

    1. Well congratulations! After that smug comment, you have one more to add to people who dislike you (“hater” is too strong a word). Sure, you got it right, but skepticism is only natural. As far as I was concerned, until now, there was no proof either way.
      Unrelatedly, that starter evo/legendary special attack scan is either fake or from a different magazine.

  76. Is it just me, or the sprite image in this Cocoro leak look awfully fake. The colouring just is weird.

      1. I didn’t see your post XD

        We should name him Abbadeer! or maybe Dancing Deer (sung like “Dancing Queen”) :p

  77. I’m pretty sure even though we all knew that Mamanbou wasn’t a Luvdic evo it isn’t even water but NORMAL. A heart shaped sunfish incredibly similar to Luvdisc. (This just screams pachirisu and emonga) however I do like how they made Mamanbou out to be the ultimate supporter!

  78. Also, why is GF hell bent on making Mijumaru miserable? 1st Stage: it looks sad. 2nd Stage: it looks angry/sad. Alleged 3rd stage: it still looks sad.
    And you wonder my people hate you. Blame your creators.

    And they totally took the smug out of smugness D=

    The irony is, when these were first leaked, I was one of the few who actually liked the Pokabu line, it was my favorite there, though I would still be choosing Tsutarja. I was thinking Fire/Steel or Fire/Rock or even Fire/Dark ‘coz of the Blackness xP But after finding out its “real” typing, I hate it now xD

  79. Isn’t it a bit strange that some of those official images are exactly the same as the pokexperto images? I mean if he only had sprites, wouldn’t these be in a different pose? :S I don’t know what’s real any more…

    Baffuron, Mebukijika and Denchura look really cool. I also like that there is a mushroom pokemon, I wonder what’s it’s evolution (if it has one) will look like.

    I’m also fine with the second stage of all the starters, the Sugi art of them makes them even more acceptable. But I still can’t get over Miju’s final stage…

    1. -maru is a common male name ending. Futachi is a blade.
      Chao…. umm, I forget. XD Bu is pig, same as Pokabu.

  80. And Melkor´s coverage continues!

    561: A Flying Mask Pokémon, seems aegyptian. Only one eye, two golden wings without feathers. Very strange. Psychic / Flying Type.
    562: Desukan Pre-Evo. Floating black body with two big red eyes and big arms. Holds a human mask at the bottom. Pure Ghost.
    563. Desukan.

  81. Okay I think its crazy how people STILL don’t believe the starters evolutions… its so crazy yo! They wanted to have a confirmation if they were real or not. Now they got one, but won’t believe it?! OMG… :b

  82. 1: Dento – Grass – Churine lvl 10, Yanapu lvl 12
    Poddo – Fire – Darumakka lvl 10, Baopuu lvl 12
    Koon – Water – Tadpole lvl 10, Hiyapuu lvl 12
    2: Aloe – Normal – Yorterrie evo lvl 16, Buffalon lvl 18
    3: ….. – Bug – Poison Caterpillar final evo lvl 22, Kurumiru final evo lvl 22, Denchura lvl 25
    4: ….. – Ground – Meguroko evo lvl 26, Unknown pokemon lvl 26, Doryuuzu lvl 28
    5: ….. – Steel – Bug/Steel spider lvl 30, Unknown Pokemon lvl 30, Gear final evo lvl 33
    6: ….. – Ice – Unknown Ice type lvl 38, Unkown Ice type lvl 38, Unknown Ice type lvl 40
    7: ….. – Flying – Swana lvl 43, Koromori Evo lvl 43, Unknown Flying lvl 44, Wargle lvl 45
    8: ….. – Dragon – Kibago 1st evo lvl 47 x2, Unknown Dragon lvl 48, Dark/Dragon lvl 50

    1. Yeah I think its fake too… just made up from PxP info and the new Pokemon!
      We saw a lightning Badge on the badge holder, which there isn’t on this one :b

      1. It is fake I already said I made it. I posted on Pokexperto to ask how close to was to the real thing

  83. oh, whoever can edit the main post,
    Dangoro – Pokemon – Rock type – Ability: Sturdy

    you dont have his classification on there, it just says “pokemon”

  84. There are few things that i just HATE about the new starters XD

    1. Pokabu’s FU**ING FIGHTING TYPING FOR 3RD TIME. Come on.
    2. Mijumaru’s evo losing it’s epic looks in the last stage. I just can’t understand how they came up with that.

    Other than that, they’re cool design wise (miju’s last evo is BADASS, but not as his evo. Would look better as a different pokemon :<)

    1. man if they r d starter evos i would like 2 die
      not talking abot 1evo talking about 2nd they r 2 ugly &…….

  85. I don’t know why, and don’t judge me for this but, *bites lip* all of a sudden I really love the starter evos! There I said it!

  86. deep inside my heart, i still believe this scan to be fake (mostly the starter evo)..
    Its too early for coro2 to be leaked in a nice quality scan.
    The other months issue always come in a blurry photos, and later, 1-2 days, in a nice quality scan.

  87. Denchura, and Desukaan Love Frickin’ epic, and so do all the others! (LOVE yorkshire terrier mon*)

    *I new there would be a dog pokemon because on pokebeach he had the translation to an interview with Sugimori and co. and they were supposed to draw things they really liked, and in the interview one of them said they really like dogs so they drew a dog

    p.s. I believe sugimori said that about 17 people worked on the pokemon, and each of them made about 10! (17×10=170 pokemon!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    1. i think what is going to happen is:
      -Everyone will believe the original number, 150 something, dont recall, dont have time to check.
      -Everyone will buy Black and White
      -Everyone plays through the game until you get National Dex

      Even though they “say” that there arent any evos of existing pokemon,they added SO many last gen, theres no way they are just going to stop this time. Not to mention all of the pokemon who are going to be worthless for ANOTHER 3-5 years waiting on an evo like sableye 🙁

      1. It’s just that last time they made a big deal about evos. Saying waaaay before release that gen 4 would focus on evos of previous generations.
        This generation has had no such warning nor clues. I think it may be worth not getting your hopes up dude, because everything suggests its just not gonna happen.

    2. 156 isn’t that far of when you think about the fact that all it would take is a few of the people to do only 8 or 9 to get this number.
      anyway 156 is confirmed now! 😀
      It’s the most we’ve ever had, even beating generation 1. Let us celebrate! 😀

  88. Hey wait! I just realized why they gave ash miju! because he had to face dento so that Dento would like and travel with him. Because you face the leader that’s good against your starter

  89. nickname for my pokabu line:porcikane: kane after the famous wwe wrestler,
    looks like miju’s 3rd evo may learn m’horn or it can use its front flippers to use the katana.
    finally a big non poison snake, definatley putting it in my ss team
    wwwwwooooooohhhhhhoooooo, big nuclear like combo attack, if there is cross blizzard, it will amplify it by a lot, hope it also applies to spacial rend and roar of time as it would be wicked, if the new bug/steel legend has something better, it would make this gen.
    ps. i wonder what other legends have combined attacks
    pps. ahh mummy: the zombie ability which substitutes abilties with this ability
    ppps if plasma destroys modern tech, will there be steampunk.

  90. If Team Plasma is in fact designed with a chess theme in mind as I theorized when I first saw the grunts, it seems that Geechisu will be a middle-ranking “admin”. The grunts seem to be designed after basic Pawns, while Geechisu’s outfit features many Rook-like features (the top of his “cape” strongly resembles the top of a Rook). Going by this logic, if the chess theme is actually existent and not just a coincidence, there will be a King and Queen with higher rank (pretty much confirmed) with at least one Bishop (the religious-looking figures seen in a recent trailer) and at least one knight (yet to be seen, I think) with a lower rank.

    They may also designate random grunts to be “Knights” and there may only be a King rather than King and Queen, but I digress.

    1. Also one more thing I left out. We haven’t seen the knight yet but we have seen N. The official symbol for recording a Knight’s moves is “N”. Not trying to say anything but just wanted to put that out there.

  91. Leaked starter evos are slightly different to the Corocoro ones. Not slightly for Mijumaru. Slightly for Pokabu. Almost exact for Tsutarja…

    1. OK Mr. Cool.

      I hate the starters! The Grass one is like the exact same to the first evo for it! GRSAAHH

        1. Quote= ” I haven’t seen a single one of your comments be mean or sarcastic”

          That’s great 🙂 I don’t want to sound mean!

          Why do you want me to shut up? 🙁

          1. Sorry, it’s just I got really annoyed by the comments where you actually joking, because I didn’t know you were just joking

  92. Everyone get over the starters! I’m sick of all the complaining and “OMG gotta be fake I just know it! Just shut up and learn to accept them. People have been complaining for a week and its SOOOOOOOOOOOO annoying. If you hate them so much then you don’t have to use them K??

    1. Using a starter is so.. mandatory for some. Every pokemon game I journey with my starters. It wouldn’t be the same.

      Actually, they haven’t been officially approved, for stop thinking were disillusion.

      1. they’re pretty much confirmed. I have no doubt at this point considering the 2nd evos were confirmed in corco coro and pokexperto has been 100% right about everything. So i would just deal with it at this point. And a lot of you are delusional

        1. Look. Just shut up, speculation is saying some of the Cocoro scans are fake. how did they obtain such high quality scans already?

          1. Stop being immature and face it. This is what i hate about some pokemon fans. They just can’t accept things that they don’t like. Deal with it. These scans definetaly arn’t fake. If these scans didn’t have the starters evos in them then you would have not problem with so many scans being released at once. You are in denial and you are going to be proven wrong. You only want me to shut up because you know i’m right and you dont want to deal with the facts. Anyways i’m sick of talking about the starters. Can’t we talk about the new pokemon and features in the issue?

    2. Lol. I am annoyed of all this “IT’S FAKE!” stuff too. But, I myself can’t accept them, well not pokabu’s evolution. I had doubt when believing these evos in the first place because Pokexperto said they were confirmed. The whole event back in ’07 considering pokexperto’s gen 4 english name’s list made me doubt his information but, at the same time made me believe in it because he has had confirmed insider information before but used it for “other things”.
      I just didn’t like it when people called “FAKE!” for absolutley no reason except for those GIFs(which in my opinion was not valid proof for it being fake).
      I’ll just use Mijumaru, I personally love his final evolution. 🙂
      Tsutaja’s final is epicness as well. Pokabu’s last stage, my opinion of it already changed after typing this whole paragraph. 🙂

      1. Yay i belivied Melkor for the same reason you did I hated when people called him fake with the dumbest reasons like the sillhoutes which were supposed 2 be fan art he even said it was.LOL when the game comes next people will be calling the games fake next.

        1. I also believed in him because he was releasing all this information so confidently. Melkor is smart enough to know that he would lose all of his visitors if they turned out to be fake. Why would he risk that? He knew they were real and so he posted them up to gain a credible tittle and to gain boat loads of visitors following legit conformation. Smart yet, egotistical.

  93. What was the #561 pokemon on Pokexperto?
    #562 Desukan Pre Evo-Ghost
    #563 Desukan-Ghost
    #564 Archelon Fossil-Water/Rock

    1. Number 561 was the following:
      pokexperto: 561: A Flying Mask Pokémon, seems aegyptian. Only one eye, two golden wings without feathers. Very strange. Psychic / Flying Type.

      That sounds like an awesome design.

  94. “Starter evos are three Pokemon over the amount that was listed to be revealed in the magazine. (18)
    Boxes don’t continue to next page.
    Reshiram’s nose defies the fake-looking page crease, yet wing doesn’t carry over.
    Page numbers in wrong place/wrong order for Japanese magazine (should be right to left) Also 14 lower than 15.
    Confirmed for fake: Yes.”

    1. The scan was tampered with. The pages should go the other way around. If you look at the initial scan of the starter page posted by Sabonea Masukippa on serebii forums, you can clearly see it is the left-hand page.
      Someone, in their collection of scans has put the scans together in a western order, likely due to absent-mindedness.
      In any case, the Chaobuu art matches with the legit-looking scan detailing Aloe’s gym typing, as seen on Serebii. In addition to that, the very real looking scan detailing the monkeys and Emonga was leaked in the same post as the starter page, adding to evidence in favour of it being real.

    2. In addition, I have just been informed that the starters come from CoroCoro itself, while the other scans all come from the White Document Pokemon-specific peripheral booklet. Hence the change in page number styles.

      1. Unfortunately, Corocoro doesn’t use western page numbering either. Past Corocoro scans go right-left. There’s no reason that would change. Starter page is lies, lies, lies.

        1. By numbering, I meant in square brackets rather than in a pokeball frame, as can be seen in the White Document.
          I had explained that page order change in a previous post, but since it had links in, it must be moderated before it appears to anyone but me. I’ll copy what I wrote sans the links anyway.

          The scan was tampered with. The pages should go the other way around. If you look at the initial scan of the starter page posted by Sabonea Masukippa on serebii forums, you can clearly see it is the left-hand page.
          Someone, in their collection of scans has put the scans together in a western order, likely due to absent-mindedness.
          In any case, the Chaobuu art matches with the legit-looking scan detailing Aloe’s gym typing, as seen on Serebii. In addition to that, the very real looking scan detailing the monkeys and Emonga was leaked in the same post as the starter page, adding to evidence in favour of it being real.

          1. wow..that actually makes alot of sense. So the guy who was doing the scan layered them incorrectly, which also accounts for the odd-ish (heheh..oddish) page line. Yeah, I’ll buy it. I thought it looked screwy (not from some false hope the starters are fake. I really likem) but that clears it all up

          2. If that were true, why would Reshiram’s nose bleed onto the next page like it does. It doesn’t add up.

          3. The nose bleeding likely happened in the tampering process. There’s no trace of nose of the original, left-hand page scan of the starters. Got to post 19722, on page 987 of the ‘Pokemon Black And White Speculation/Wishlist’ thread on Serebii forums, and you’ll see the original scan of the starter page. No sign of any of the issues people keep trying to point out.

    3. I also want to say that while I find the Yorkie adorable, I have a hard time beliving these are real.
      A. Because of the page number thing
      B. Because the Shijika evo doesn’t EVEN COME CLOSE to what is shown on the OFFICIAL Nintendo Pokemon site:×150.jpg
      (It’s on the same sheet and has the same ears, but is far more bushy and DEFINITELY not a smooth coat of brown. Why would they put two unrelated pokemon on the same sheet?)

      1. That’s probably not a Shikijika evo in any case. Evolutions have separate pages, as seen by Minezumi and Miruhoggu, and the lack of Munna on Musharna’s page. It’s more likely to be a collective grass-type pokemon page (in which case the unknown things could be Janobii and Yanappu’s evo respectively), or a page on Seasonal variation, meaning the tufts might not even be pokemon.
        On top of that, you’ve seen how each of the pokemon in that Pia scan are being drawn in different positions, not just the official art and backsprite poses. What’s to say those aren’t the evos we have but from a different perspective? Not to mention the fact that whatever it is could have still been in development while Shiki was perfected, so they used the sheet anyway. There’s probably a -reason- it was hidden behind the writing. I really don’t get why you would trust mad speculation of the identity of some green and yellow blobs, over a believable option received in the expected window of the 10-15th from the expected source.
        And, again, you can’t use the numbering thing as an excuse, since, as I illustrated above, those scans, from the main CoroCoro magazine, had been tampered with.

  95. the page of starters’ evo is probably fake,
    since Japanese book style should put the lower number of page on the right and higher number in the left
    it should be 15,14 not 14,15

  96. Everyone is still talking about the starters? Am I they only that sees all the completely new pokémons?

    Anyway, I’m more excited than ever for B/W! There’s just so much pokémons I want now! I think the only one I don’t like is Tabunne, I don’t hate it, it just isn’t my cup of tea. But…. PUPPY!!! 😀 And with Pickup! That’s like the best things in the world combined! I can already see myself having four of them in my team while training and getting a load of rare candies! 😀 I’m kinda sad Desukan is pure Ghost, but its front largely makes up for it! I love it! Well, I LOVE them all, so I want speak of each one…

    Oh and if a dude like Gatis is ONLY an executive, that means that Team Plasma must REALLY be badass! 😀

    1. i know! i’m so sick of starter discussions when theyre are so many great pokemon in this issue. I especially love the monkeys, the mushroom, the yorkie, and the cute white-faced root pokemon! I had my doubts when i heard all of pokexpertos pokemon descriptions but after seeing the pokemon i absolutely love them!!!

      1. I love the yorkie because I love yorkie’s in real life. 🙂

        And that Cloud thing.
        And that Onion thing.
        And that Pokeball shroom.
        And chubby Tabuune. (chubby=cute xD)
        And that Hairy deer. 😛

        I like all of them 😀

    1. I just noticed that he has teeth… before I only stared in his eyes. I love him, he is definitely on my team!

  97. Posted on Pokexperto yesterday:

    “Hiro, Melkor, I am the sacred cow. Let me do this, is a gift that I do to myself. Today was a special day. Do not worry or be angry. Thank you. Continue being the same.

    In this generation there are 3 trios. The typical four-legged beasts that are inspired by the three musketeers.
    Steel/Fighting equivalent to Athos, courage pokemon, is blue with yellow horns
    Rock/Fighting equivalent to Porthos, corpulence pokemon, is gray and very sturdy, like a bull.
    Grass/Fighting equivalent to Aramis, elegance pokemon, is green and stylized. His shiny version is completely pink.
    This trio complements with the Water/Fighting pokemon, is a pony with an orange mane, like the feather of the hat of D’Artagnan. This is an event pokemon.

    The event pokemon that have 2 forms, the female form is the constant melody pokémon, equivalent to Constance, D’Artagnan`s girlfriend. The basic form is Normal/Psychic and the alternate form is Normal/Fighting. The first form have loose green hair and the second form have the orange color hair tied up like turban. In both cases, her dress is black.

    Then we have the Raijin trio, genies sitting in clouds. The pure Flying type is green. The Electric/Flying is blue and the Ground/Flying is reddish brown a white hammer behind his head.

    The final trio are the dragons Reshiram, Zekrom and the “frozen chicken” that nobody is going to like, is the ugliest of the three dragons, Dragon/Ice. It is curious that the second type of the dragons is directly related to the type of the legendary birds .

    Shiny Reshiram have pink tones.

    After the 3 headed hydra there are 2 Bug/Fire pokemon.

    Also, there are a Tauros with afro hair, 2 dark type vultures, 2 psychic type aliens.

    A fire type anteater and a Bug/Steel ant.

    New combinations are Ground/Ghost, Ground/Electric that is a sole, Water/Ghost that are a prince jellyfish and a king jellyfish, and Fire/Ghost that is a candle which becomes a lantern and finally a spider-shaped candelabrum.

    1. I hope this is true. I was hoping to see more ghost types this gen. If all those are true we will have like 9 ghosts this gen

      1. PLEASE BE TRUE so excited, loving the ideas that game freak (or pokexperto) are coming up with, bar the mijimaru evolution and pokabus typing.

    2. Hawt!! D:

      Hope this is true. Lol. ugliest pf the the three dragons “Frozen chicken” XD
      I hope its at least tolerable.

  98. *listens to electro music*
    ok, here is what i thought of this months coro coro
    starter evos: confirmed
    stump and cloud pokemon: version exclusives
    apperance of basaro: version exclusive
    pokeball mushroom: less annoying than electrode and voltorb
    shinami evo: bushy antlers
    afro bison: pack hunters pay caution
    black cat: evil and another version exclusive cat
    little dogie: another version exclusive dog
    tenchuru: 8 legged spidey with electricity
    desukan: makes more zombies
    ono: tail attack that can switch pokemon
    thats all for now
    ps. more art for xous to do
    pp. friday is when serebii starts his b/w coverage, he may have a cheating device so that he can look at the event legendaries.
    ppps. i hope there are secret pokemon in that nat dex, so that the remaining 14 pokemon can be shown.

    1. Because we’ve only just started using the new “spoiler button” feature and i’m not sure how! :p
      It’s not a big deal though, I’ve translated the stuff from the scans that aren’t up there aswell.
      Other sites have stuff down wrong too, PokeBeach has the Basurao form down as a version exclusive for example. As it stands we have the most detailed and correct info! 😀

      1. Serebii says that Basuraos form depends on the version D:
        And isn’t it you all who claim that serebii is always right?! And i remember that you mistranslated that Pokabus evo belongs to Aloe D:

        So i wouldn’t agree with your statement that your info is the most correct or detailed D:

        1. Hey there Jellygod,

          I didn’t translate it. I slapped it up after I was sent a message to update it as such. I hadn’t even read that page at the time.
          When the page finally came out I didn’t bother to read it either since I was working on translating bigger info. When it was kindly pointed out by ‘OK’ i read to confirm and then changed it accordingly.

          And as for the Basurao thing, it was an easy to make translation mistake that Serebii put up that other sites are now copying, that’s all. They’re correct about their inside info, they usually are. But they’re only human so even they can make minor translating mistakes. It’s not a big deal.

          And about the info here, it is STILL the most correct , and most definitely the most detailed out there at the time of me posting that. That Zekrom and Reshiram stuff has still yet to be translated into detail elsewhere 😀

          1. How self-confident (: But i think you have to be confident about what you’re doing otherwise we all wouldn’t visit this website so many times a day ^^
            I’d say pokebeach and serebii describe the new pokémon more in detail meaning they mention their new moves D:

            I hope you took my last comment not too seriously (:

    2. Oh and also I’m looking into the opinions that some scans could be fake.
      I seriously doubt it though, even most Japanese people don’t know the word “Futachi”, it’s a super old word that you don’t see even in some Koujien (Super Japanese dictionary). Mijumaru’s “shell” is reffered to as this “Futachi” plus it’s evolution is “Futachimaru”. It’s like a thick blade that is used on an old warring battle field (quite often makeshift)
      I doubt Melkor would have been able to fake it. The Japanese is too perfect. Plus the 2ch’s aren’t aware of Melkor’s posts, so none of them would have created this to match them.

      They’re real guys. I was wrong about Melkor.

    1. yeah, that needs to be corrected, as does Gigaisu’s pre-evo’s classification. I mentioned it earlier but you must have missed it.
      You have it down as
      Dangoro – Pokemon – Rock type – Ability: Sturdy

      1. Thanks for pointing that out. I was asleep when the first bit got translated, they must have left that bit for me to translate and I didn’t notice! XD;;

        Ok fixed <3 it's the Mantle Pokemon, as in Mantle on the outside of the earth. A layer of rock.

        Also Dangoru looks like a Dango! AWESOME! 😀

          1. Thanks for the info,

            Bear in mind my lack of knowledge about the earth is unrelated to my translation skills though! XD;;

  99. Best… generation… ever!! Just look at Ononokusu, Denchura, Mebukijika and Wooguru!! The same person did them all. Either Sugimori or a new talented pokemon creator!!
    And… giggity mushroom!!

  100. I love most of those xD
    I also started liking the starters except miju3 xD it woulda been better just as bipedal stronger otter but oh well
    My technique:
    Ill download the japanese game as rom and get victiny, then stop playing till american release
    Then ill buy white and download black rom and trade all starters onto one game xD
    Then give the rom to my sis to play while i play thereal thing

  101. Mebukijika looks epic. OMG, this is what i was dreaming for, antlers like a tree branch. I’m definitely going to use it.

  102. Sugimori: I worried about it for a while, and I eventually went to go see the sea otters at the aquarium. I happened to catch the sea lion show while I was there, and I became aware of the sea lion’s power. “Well, let’s try blending a sea otter and a sea lion,” I thought. I came up with the idea of making the shell on Mijumaru’s stomach into a sword (katana) and using it to fight, and that’s how I completed Mijumaru and its evolution.”

    I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not seeing a shell on the Mijumaru evolution’s stomach, which would mean it has to be on his final evolution’s stomach. If that “leak” is true, then we have a discrepancy here. I don’t even care if they’re fake or real, just pointing that out. Of course it’s also possible that the sword on stomach only applies to Mijumaru himself, and that the shells at the sides of his evolution replace the shell on his stomach. But then we, once again, run into trouble with the final evo. He’s a quadruped, there’s no way he can wield anything as a sword, this has been discussed to death. It’s been brought up that the horn is a sword, but that makes absolutely no sense for various reasons.

    1.) It’s a horn, even if it were detachable, there’s no way to hold it that isn’t clumsy.
    2.) Even if it were comfortable to hold, he’s a quadruped and extremely front-heavy from the looks of him, there’s no way he’s swinging it.
    3.)Let’s suppose he’s not meant to remove it, and just use it by swinging his head. Does it look like it’d cause much damage used as a katana would be? No, it doesn’t, especially not compared to sharpened seashells. The only option is to use it as a thrusting weapon, and once again, we run into a problem. Katanas aren’t used for thrusting, why would his entire style go from wielding weapons to using a generic horn to impale things? It’s simply illogical.

    To sum it up, he goes from wielding one weapon, to wielding two weapons(he has one shell at each side), to…wielding no weapons and using a clumsy attachment on his head, which would even have poorer reach, less maneuverability and use, and be overall less effective?

    Ignoring that, Tsutarja and Pokabu’s evolutions don’t have any relation to their supposed styles(Tsutarja – Western. Pokabu – Chinese.) But of course, there’s absolutely nothing pointing to the final evolutions being true, now is there? Nah, the strongest evidence is a picture of the “leaked” second stage of Pokabu in a magazine that isn’t out yet and we usually don’t have leaked by now. Not to say it didn’t happen this time, I honestly would be disappointed if all this is fake, because there are a number of things I really like in there, and it doesn’t look like it all is. But some of the pages are confirmed fake.(The picture of Pokabu’s evolution isn’t one of them, there’s no confirmation either way yet for it.)

    Just my two cents, once again, I don’t care either whichever way it turns out, but I’m not going to blind myself to arguments on either side, either.

    Serebii confirmed.

    Until next time, see ya!

    1. I’m thinking that the evolutions could be fake, and that whoever made them knew about the second evos and put them with their 3rd evos to make it so when this corocoro came out, we would all think the third evos are real! (I personally do believe they are real, and this is just a thought)

  103. Finally they get into the Egypt, after Lucairo and Shinx. And finally we got EYE OF HORUS pokemon !! I’m so happy.

    1. One thing that confuses me is that Meguroko’s name means crocodile and eye. I always imagined that his evolution’s eyes would be the eye’s of horus. I’m wondering why the evolutions would take that out.

  104. By Melkor. 565: Archelon Fossil Pokémon. Bigger body, stands on two legs and has an armor/shell of rock. Bulky Water candidate? Water / Rock Type.

  105. Well, these scans were certainly a surprise for me when I woke up today. I’m loving most of the new stuff. Denchura from the front is awesome. The dog is actually not as bad as I thought it would be when Pokexperto described it. Mebukijika’s forms are pure win, the Autmn and Winter ones especially, so I might actually catch it now, which I wasn’t planning on doing before. Shame it doesn’t change types like somerumours/people suggested. The only thing I’m not sure about is Tabunne. It’s actually the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen. Them eyes, just… stare.

    Oh, and is there anyone that can contact Pokexperto/Hiro? I noticed a few people doing it and getting some replies about new stuff. I just want to ask about Ice types. I seriously want to hear about what they are. Having only the Dragon/Ice type that’s Ice so far is worrying to me… D:

    1. They are just 7 ice types in the whole generation

      (Which makes it the generation with more Ice types so far: 5 in the first, 5 in the second, 6 in the third and 6 in the fourth)

      These Pkmn includes the Dragon/Ice, a Polar Bear (Two stages), a three stage evolution lyne and another Pkmn that does not evolve at all.

    2. Pokebeach summerized all the experto stuff and apparently he said that there are seven ice types, so you have nothing to worry about 😉

    3. That is worrying me as well. What makes me worry more is that it is a legendary and Melkor says that it is the most hideous thing you’ll see. ><

      1. That’s just a matter of opinion though. We might all find it cool… 😛

        I think Zekrom and Rankurusu are ugly ( Rankurusu by far the ugliest pokemon imo). But other people seem to love them, so there’s still hope! 🙂

      2. well according to Hiro, Melkor says something is ugly if he doesnt understand its design, like the centipede’s middle evo. He says its ugly because he assumed it was a stupid looking cocoon. Hiro said that what it really is is a centipede rolling up into a ball, imitating a cocoon, which makes more sense. So his dislike of the Ice/Dragon could just be something as simple as it being weird looking

  106. This just might be my favorite generation since Gold/Silver. If not, then for sure since Ruby/Sapphire. Bottom-line–SOOO MUCH BETTER THAN DIAMOND/PEARL.

    I love all of these guys shown (except for maybe Tabunne. He’s ok.), it’s going to be tough making a party! Mushroom and Desukan for sure 😀

  107. I’m almost wanting to say fake with the Gimkies and Victini one since we’ve already had information about that Poke along with the same page too.

  108. I gotta say I like them all… but the puppy’s face scares me xp oh well
    and H5 shikijika evolution… it finally looks like decent deer… 🙂

      1. They didn’t say a thing about this before. But now they have, and there is a preevo. They also said that Serebii will inmediately translate that and PokeBeach will add to their post xDD

        Maybe that is true as well xD

  109. Did anyone else notice that in one picture Pokabu’s evo has one claw on his hand, but in the other he has two? I can’t tell if this has been mentioned, there are like 400 posts! 😛

  110. Okay, notes-
    They’re real- you keep on keepin’ on I guess (Sugimori art has made me love Mijumaru’s evolution again :P)
    Desukan was as awesome as I was hoping.
    I am getting a Shikijika O.o
    *Sob* rotation battle against the three gym leaders would have been more fun.
    Team Plasma ranking official guy… I see him as some sort of overseer. Or actually, he kind of looks like a priest of some sort *shrug*

    1. Love the rotational idea! But alas, it isn’t so. It makes the game more interesting though, not like people always choosing Grass or Water for Rock Gyms or having to get a Geodude for Falkner xD But they might still be getting Pokabu for Aloe’s Gym. That typing is really a stake in the heart. Why can’t there be a wild Fire/Fighting? Why does it have to be the starter 🙁

      *is incredibly upset*

      1. Actually they should just take a break from Fire/Fightings for a gen. What I wanted was a Water type Infernape (what I was hoping Mijumaru would turn out to be) and would actually look cool and be able to be used competitively.

      1. yeah, everywhere. On the dollar bill, on the top of the Washington Monument, on your face oOo0o0oooO scary stuff

  111. T-T
    Well… I guess whatever.
    Do we have the types of the starters?
    I could say that the final’s might be fake, but I see no point, seeing as how they are most likely real.

  112. Actually, I can still see:
    Grass/Psychic (It’s a King afterall)
    Fire/Fighting <— I.Hate.You.
    Water/Ice (Sea Lion's have something to do with the Artic right? To an extent?)
    Ice doesn't own Psychic but it owns Grass 😉

    So yeah, fingers crossed that Tsuie and Miju earn another type for their Final Evos 🙂

    1. And what a hypocrite Ken (Or whoever said it) is being. They say they don’t want the player to be stuck with the same type Pokemon all-through the game so that’s why they changed Mijumaru drastically. But you leave us with the same typing, also with Tsutarja? And you give us Fire/Fighting again that some of us are frankly tired of.

      No, I’m not letting it go.

    1. that might be right…. They are from one of those cold european countries (forgot which one) Switzerland or Poland i think.

    2. Haha, now I really must have it in on my team, as a proud Swede! 😛 (Och den ska heta Fernando ^^)

  113. hey, are you able to unlock the Transfer Machine at the front of the game? It doesnt specify whether you have to wait until end-game or not….
    Might just get to use a Drapion on my first playthrough as usual then : D

    1. The Transfer Machine is different to the PokeShifter. The Transfer machine can ONLY be used to transfer the Movie Celebi, or the Movie Legendary Beasts, so Zorua & Zoroark may be unlocked and used during pre-national dex gameplay.
      For all other pokemon, the PokeShifter must be used, and that is only available after the Elite4.

  114. Pokejungle, could you please post the clearer, bigger scans that
    are on Bulbapedia? it’d make life easier.
    please and thanks :3

  115. Why is everyone today? Probably still asleep.

    Anyway, any word on the other Protagonist in-game? Can someone ask PxP if we’ll be seeing the opposite gender character in the game?

  116. Can you create a new post for Pokexperto’s pokedex stuff today please? 🙂
    His twitter won’t update for me so it’s to find out when and what new stuff is being posted… D: 🙁

    1. click where it says RSS feed of pokexperto’s tweets on the right side of his twitter. That updates even when the main part doesnt.

      1. More likely they each have an additional pokemon of their set type. Dento will likely have Shikijika, Monmen or Churine (maybe even the standalone cactus). Poddo will likely have Darumakka, and Coun will likely have the tadpole pokemon.

  117. Yes!! I´m from Sweden!! (Not Poland or Switzerland 🙁 and its not cold here!! Its around 25 degrees lol sometimes 30, global warming…) We created meatballs, dynamite and ABBA, and guess what?? I´m proud of it!! XD

  118. 567: Archaeopteryx Fossil Pokémon. The bird has become bigger and fiercer. Its head is now green/red coloured. Rock / Flying Type.

    1. It happens when a post is deleted, but the replies aren’t. The replies then drop to the bottom of the comments list for all eternity.

        1. You can’t, but the staff of Pokejungle can. If you point out a correction, for example, after said correction has been made, the post pointing out the mistake is deleted to avoid confusion.

  119. @ok: Thanks for info!! I may go for the turtle but I got to see their art first. Rock/Flying?? Baaaad typing…

  120. The bull runs around bashing people with its afro! Anyone who’s even suggesting using anything else on a team should be ashamed!

  121. 567: Archaeopteryx Fossil Pokémon. The bird has become bigger and fiercer. Its head is now green/red coloured. Rock / Flying Type.



      I’ve loved archaeopterae since I was a wee child.

  122. Man I don’t even care if the starter page is real anymore, the sugi art made me like them better

    But oh god, this is the BEST corocoro ever. Fire gym leader, fire monkey, awesome cat pokemon, N USES said awesome cat, afrobull, ononokusu, badass deer.

    Flipping out so hard

  123. Jesus christ… the only thing I’m pissed about is that we get YET AGAIN another Fire/Fighting type. Perhaps I really won’t go with the Fire type this time around. Jeez, what were they thinking?

      1. WHY IS CHAOBUU FIRE/FIGHTING???!!! WE HAD THAT LAST GEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! RRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *blows up with rage*

        Anyhoo, the other pokemon look awesome (especially Janobii and Futachimaru) all except Tabbune, she looks so stupid!

      2. However, the final stages on the Grass and Water starters could add an additional type– it’s happened before!

  124. I’m thinking that silhouette is the fire/ghost. It looks vaguely like a candle or a torch, so that could be it.

        1. Actually I wasn’t talking to you. I was talking to Sponge when they said: “Imagine an Ice/Ghost type” so yeah…

        1. Uhm, Froslass is a good Ice/Ghost. Sure it’s no Uber, but your fooling yourself if you think it’s shit.

  125. I´m very curious to find out which pokemon it is. Why can´t he just show it like ten minutes after sharing the silhuoette?? I´m to impatient for this!!

    1. I agree. I just want to see the polar bear silhouette/fanart… but that probably won’t be until near the end of the dex… so wednesday or something D: D: I CANNOT WAIT THAT LONG.

  126. I just got the most offensive AutoCode thingy on the Big Brother site while voting. It’s 6 letters. I’m black. yeah.

  127. Doryuuzu looks even better now. I think its my favorite steel of all time. Also, i do think Wotter3 could still possibly be bipedal. The evo leaks were all fanarts based on other pokemon, so I think that it will lose its Dialga shape and be able to support itself on two legs.

  128. Everyone needs to shut up about the starters.Everyone is being selfish saying they wish the starters could be changed but I love the starters.I love the starters and their evos and wouldnt have them another way.

    and BTW these scans have way too much information to fake.


    1. It’s pretty selfish of you to tell them to shut up just because you love the starters y’know. What you’re doing is called called being a hypocrite mate.

    2. Plus I haven’t seen that many comments hating on the starters… if anything, people are complaining about the Fire starter’s typing. That’s all I’ve seen since the leaks…

    3. Also, as this is bugging me as I am a grammar nazi… it should be “They’re not fake; stfu.”

      There’s a possibility that the evo page is fake, dude. The most damning evidence would be Reshiram’s nose blending into the other page and the fact that it reads from left to right instead of right to left. But, as I do think they are real, I’m not saying anything.

      As I’ve said… I’ll believe it on the 18th.

      1. … just realized that the commenter above me is named ‘Dude.’
        “There’s a possibility that the evo page is fake, dude.”
        By this, I mean: “There’s a possibility that the evo page is fake, BOB.”

      1. Well why don’t you stop complaining about the complainers then, because you’re just going to cause an argument. If you like the starters that’s just going to make the game all the more fun for you, so leave the haters to hate and let them get on with it. It’s the best thing to do 🙂

      2. I agree, I’d just enjoy it a lot more if my Mijumaru wasn’t a Narwal. But as Sugimori has convinced me to love the second stage’s color scheme, he could easily convince me to love the third stage as well.

        1. Well then you should enjoy it a lot more. It’s not a narwhal. He specifically stated it’s mixed between a sea otter and a sea lion. Kinda cool concept, if you ask me.

  129. Look at the starters and legendaries scans…their numbers are japan 15 should be the page on the left and 14 the one on the could say..maybe they are not two adjacent pages.. but other scans are numered 7-6 8-9 so the other must be 11-10, 13-12 and…15-14 so they must be adjacent!..and then if they are not why is reshiram noise entering into the evolutions’ scan??..By the way aren’t all the scans too clear to be just the 11th??Usually we get them a bit dark for one dau at least..but today the clear ones came after 3 hours…all sound strange..

    1. Someone editted the images together in that order. The original picture of the Starter page shows it as the left-hand page, not the right.

  130. i had hoped to be using mijumaru as my starter, but since the disappointing starter art seems legit now, i’ll be sticking with the grass types. as usual. i was hoping to do something new this time, but i already want to get a pet snake named sativa, so i suppose it’s not all bad.

    1. Well, look on the possible bright side, if the water 3rd is real, maybe Ken can draw it better, and more samuri-like.

  131. pokexperto: 568: Garbage Bag Pokémon. A green garbage bag with eyes. Its arms are formed of grey dirt coming out from the bag. Pure Poison Type.

    1. Koffing! Yes, don’t fail me now, Koffing is one of my altime favorite pokemon, hopefully they do this one well!

      1. I honestly don’t like the sound of this garbage bag one to be honest. So we’ll have to wait and see what it looks like.

        And yeah I find Weezing to be cooler than Koffing though 😛

          1. Yeah, something with “King” in it.
            I do like Weezing, but I just like koffing’s “tada” demeanor.
            Weezing is just ill looking.

  132. Why would they make only one of the starters gain an extra type? And it’s Fire/Fighting nonetheless!
    I’ve lost all hope in GameFreak at making original starter types.

      1. I don’t think the others will get secondary types. If the Pokexperto rumours are true, then they’ll stay as they are unfortunately :/

        1. What Sugimori said in his interview about Mijumaru will be a samurai when it fully evolves, and that Futachimaru is the Training pokemon (which probably means its not ready to be Fighting-type yet) means that Pokexperto on the pure Water-type will be wrong, just like the rumor that said Reshiram will be a Ice/Dragon from the same person who predicted Dr. Araragi. So there’s still hope!

  133. They are yet 8 monkeys this generation. It must be hard to find a banana in this region XD (I´m worried the sea gonna be inhabitated by Hiyappus instead of fishs…)

    1. Apparently you only get one monkey per game. And the monkey you get is entirely dependant on the starter you choose. I think you get them like this:
      Yanappu if you chose Pokabu.
      Baoppu if you chose Tstuaja
      Hiappu if you chose Mijumaru.

      Not 100% sure cos I can’t find the post on BMGf where someone said this. But it would explain why they are so early in the dex if you get one given at the first gym.

      1. Wrong. It just means which Gym Leader you’ll face. And he’ll use the one that’s SUPER effective to your starter.

        1. No, right. Plus it’s a rumour so at this stage it’s not wrong or right.
          And you obviously misread my post completely so I’ll explain.
          Yes, you face the gym leader that you are weak to, but afterwards you recieve the monkey your starter is strong against. So you can only get ONE PER GAME.

          So: Pokabu vs Hiyappu, recieve Yanappu.
          Tsutaja vs Hiyappu, recieve Baoppu.
          Miju vs Yanappu, recieve Baoppu.

          Don’t say I’m wrong when you didn’t read my post right nor understand what I was saying.

        2. Wow. You completely misread my post once again.

          The first line says: “No, right. Plus it’s a rumour at this stage…” or something similar to that. So yeah, you can’t read. Anyway it was from some guy that posted other rumours that were true apparently, so take it as you will. But…

          PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS. It’s really quite annoying.

          1. I know you have problems with English, but /nobody/ reported on you being given a monkey. At all. SERIOUSLY.

          2. Please you stupid fuck, read this, it was posted on various forums by a person who has been in contact with Pokexperto I believe:

            “It seems it’s only possible to get one of the monkeys ingame. The others must be traded.
            They are a present that depends on your starter. You’ll fight one monkey and receive another. These are the combinations:
            Choose Tsutarja -> Fight Fire Monkey -> Receive Water Monkey
            Choose Pokabu -> Fight Water Monkey -> Receive Yannapu
            Choose Mijumaru -> Fight Yannapu -> Receive Fire Monkey”

            SO SHUT THE FUCK UP. And as I said before IT’S A FUCKING RUMOUR AT THIS POINT. You honestly are the biggest douchebag ever as you clearly cannot read. Get an education, seriously.

            And giving your posts a +1 yourself is pretty pathetic.

          3. Sorry but he’s really annoyed me. How many times do I have to say it’s a rumour before he understands?

            If you want to delete the expletives that’s fine by me. I just got wound up. Sorry again. 🙁

  134. 568: Garbage Bag Pokémon. A green garbage bag with eyes. Its arms are formed of grey dirt coming out from the bag. Pure Poison Type.

    **** Yeah!!!! naming mine oscar the grouch

  135. .

    Still no news on Dream World Eeveelutions. I want to see Leafeon with its new ability and B&W animation. I wonder if he grooms like in D/P/Pt or meows like in anime.

  136. This has been bothering me for a while, and I don’t think anyone has explained this. On the page with all the starter evolutions, Pokabu’s evo has two claws on his hands, but on the page with Aloe, Pokabu’s evo has only one claw on his hands. Does anyone know why that is?

  137. Okay two things that aren’t really related to Corocoro.
    1.) I’m really starting to think that the plot is going to revolve around the all seeing eye. It makes sense as Plasma’s not-really-the-leader guy has eyes all over his pope outfit. Plus we have the main protagonist’s father as being an achaeologist (I have no idea if this was confirmed but it would be interesting) which means he’s most likely in the desert somewhere. We have Meguroko, whose name literally means Crocodile and Eye. Plus we have many egyptian themed pokemon with the eye of horus and other eye themed stuff… just interesting is all.
    2.) Not really important, but I really hope the Pokeradar makes a return in the game. I want to be able to get shinies without much trouble.

    1. You know, I haven’t managed to get a shiny via the pokeradar, ever. I find it impossible, the fact the chains keep breaking is annoying too. :/ So I wouldn’t be upset if it didn’t return, but hey, each to their own.

  138. Pokejungle, please, make a thread for Pokexperto info of today.

    569: Garbage Bag Pokémon. The garbage has grown a lot and thus half the body is grey dirt. Very amorphous. Pure Poison Type.

    570 and 571 are Zorua and Zoroark. 572 is Chillarmy so in some minutes we should learn a little about Chillarmy evo.

  139. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS, Monmen is excluse to Black! 😀 Now the phrase “GIVE ME COTTON BALL POKEMON OR GIVE ME DEATH >8O” I posted some day ago becomes ironic xD

    Remind me to get Yanappu, Hiyappu, and Baoppu~ I’ll name them after pokejungle’s team~

  140. 569: Garbage Bag Pokemon. The garbage has grown a lot and thus half the body is grey dirt. Very amorphous. Pure Poison Type.

    #568’s Evolution.

  141. anyone else notice that in the new pokemon section at serebii shows janobii facing to the left but in chaobuu’s box it shows the tail on the left meaning janobii is facing right

  142. Hey… I just realized something.

    Both Kibago and Ononokusu have “Rivalry” and “Mold Breaker” as their abilities.

    Kibago is the “Tusk” Pokemon, and Ononokusu is the “Jaw Horn” Pokemon. What is a horn attached to a jaw? A tusk.

    Just saying.

        1. Melkor said they’re related (I think). And he has gotten everything else right. So yeah, nothing new to us. ^__^

  143. Gigaia first evo WORST POKEMON DESIGN EVER i am right ?!

    Mushmushi(mushroom pokemon fan-name made by me) best design EVER i am right ?!

    1. 1. No. I think it’s second one is worse.
      2. ONE of the best. There are just too many as the best pokemon design.
      My opinion. 😀

  144. Commenting on the Plasma dude…

    I KNEW LADY GAGA WAS GOING TO BE IN THIS GAME! Gochiruzeru was just too much evidence!

    1. Its probbaly the candelabra(Candle stand) pokemon pokexperto was talking about(Ghost,Fire).If it is im naming it lumiere : >

    1. I love the sound of these pokemon they’re so creative, it get’s a bit dull after a while looking it all the pokemon based off cats, monkeys and other animals. 🙁

    2. Oh my god, yes. A Toilet Pokemon would complete this generation in terms of awesomeness. It would probably be Poison/Water, Poison/Steel, or Steel/Water. In fact, I can even think of a movepool for a toilet Pokemon…

      Lv. 1: Whirlpool
      Lv. 1: Iron Defense
      Lv. 1: Water Sport
      Lv. 4: Poison Gas
      Lv. 8: Smog
      Lv. 12: Water Gun
      Lv. 16: Sludge
      Lv. 21: Muddy Water
      Lv. 24: Stockpile
      Lv. 27: Swallow
      Lv. 27: Spit Up
      Lv. 33: Toxic
      Lv. 37: Mirror Shot
      Lv. 44: Water Spout
      Lv. 50: Gunk Shot
      Lv. 54: Hydro Pump
      1: Stench
      2: Flush Away (upon being sent out, the foe loses all Stockpile boosts)

    1. pokexperto: 561: A Flying Mask Pokémon, seems aegyptian. Only one eye, two golden wings without feathers. Very strange. Psychic / Flying Type.

      pokexperto: 562: Desukan Pre-Evo. Floating black body with two big red eyes and big arms. Holds a human mask at the bottom. Pure Ghost

      pokexperto: 563: Desukan. Pure Ghost

      pokexperto: 564: Archelon Fossil Pokémon. Blue body and grey shell. Amazing design. Water / Rock Type. See images here:

      pokexperto: 565: Archelon Fossil Pokémon. Bigger body, stands on two legs and has an armor/shell of rock. Bulky Water candidate? Water / Rock Type.

      pokexperto: 566: Archaeopteryx Fossil Pokémon. A Rock / Flying bird with yellow, red and blue feathers. See image here:

      pokexperto: 567: Archaeopteryx Fossil Pokémon. The bird has become bigger and fiercer. Its head is now green/red coloured. Rock / Flying Type

      pokexperto: 568: Garbage Bag Pokémon. A green garbage bag with eyes. Its arms are formed of grey dirt coming out from the bag. Pure Poison Type.

      pokexperto: 569: Garbage Bag Pokémon. The garbage has grown a lot and thus half the body is grey dirt. Very amorphous. Pure Poison Type


    2. 561: A Flying Mask Pokémon, seems aegyptian. Only one eye, two golden wings without feathers. Very strange. Psychic / Flying Type.

      562: Desukan Pre-Evo. Floating black body with two big red eyes and big arms. Holds a human mask at the bottom. Pure Ghost.

      563: Desukan. Pure Ghost

      564: Archelon Fossil Pokémon. Blue body and grey shell. Amazing design. Water / Rock Type.

      565: Archelon Fossil Pokémon. Bigger body, stands on two legs and has an armor/shell of rock. Bulky Water candidate? Water / Rock Type.

      566: Archaeopteryx Fossil Pokémon. A Rock / Flying bird with yellow, red and blue feathers.

      567: Archaeopteryx Fossil Pokémon. The bird has become bigger and fiercer. Its head is now green/red coloured. Rock / Flying Type.

      568: Garbage Bag Pokémon. A green garbage bag with eyes. Its arms are formed of grey dirt coming out from the bag. Pure Poison Type.

      569: Garbage Bag Pokémon. The garbage has grown a lot and thus half the body is grey dirt. Very amorphous. Pure Poison Type.

  145. Thanks, but when I enter his acount my computer becomes messed up… Please, send a list!! (I BEG YOU!!)

    1. pokexperto: 561: A Flying Mask Pokémon, seems aegyptian. Only one eye, two golden wings without feathers. Very strange. Psychic / Flying Type
      pokexperto: 562: Desukan Pre-Evo. Floating black body with two big red eyes and big arms. Holds a human mask at the bottom. Pure Ghost.
      pokexperto: 563: Desukan.
      pokexperto: 564: Archelon Fossil Pokémon. Blue body and grey shell. Amazing design. Water / Rock Type.
      pokexperto: 565: Archelon Fossil Pokémon. Bigger body, stands on two legs and has an armor/shell of rock. Bulky Water candidate? Water / Rock Type.
      pokexperto: 566: Archaeopteryx Fossil Pokémon. A Rock / Flying bird with yellow, red and blue feathers
      pokexperto: 567: Archaeopteryx Fossil Pokémon. The bird has become bigger and fiercer. Its head is now green/red coloured. Rock / Flying Type.
      pokexperto: 568: Garbage Bag Pokémon. A green garbage bag with eyes. Its arms are formed of grey dirt coming out from the bag. Pure Poison Type.
      pokexperto: 569: Garbage Bag Pokémon. The garbage has grown a lot and thus half the body is grey dirt. Very amorphous. Pure Poison Type.

  146. Nooooo, does this mean that mijumaru’s last evo is real, i hate it! Mijumaru and it’s 2nd evo could use their shells as swords, but what would that thing do with it , armor itself… woohoo 🙁

  147. YES the starter evos are real! I’m now laughing really hard at the people who were so convinced they were fake. And really, they’re not that bad at all. I actually like them quite a bit 🙂

  148. So, I may not be the only one to have said this, but the starter evo page is either fake or not from corocoro.

    Look at the numbers, for one, they’re not in the corner of the page or in the little golden circles like the other pages are. In addition, the pages themselves don’t really have continuity to them. They seem like two random pages thrown together.

    1. I agree, and the thing that above miju evo’s head is divided into two seperate things but somehow ingame spirit is lack of one. And Pokabu evo’s ears are different in ingame spirit.

    2. someone explained that they’re from main corocoro not the “black document”. Also, in editing, their order was swapped to 14-15.

    1. The fact that worries me the most is that the Fire one seems to have a Digimon shit in the head.

      Well, everyone’s shit would fit anyway.

      1. or a see no shit monkey?

        It stands to reason he hasn’t seen the poop on his head or he’d be mortified.

      1. Sorry, but he’s not claiming starters are fake. He’s just claiming that that page is fake. What’s wrong with you guys?

    1. It’s from main corocoro not the “black document”, the order was swapped in editing. There have been tons of comments from DarkYami explaining this.

      1. Oh and that doesn’t explain HOW it is faked but, WHY it is fake. I think the bottom of the page was just cut off a bit and so, they added page numbers for people’s convenience. Just thought it could be a plausible reason. Don’t mind if the page is faked though.

          1. Yes, I have read those. I’m not arguing that they are fake. I was explaining an extra “possible” reason for it being REAL.

  149. At first I kinda hated the evolutions, but now the first ones seem alright to me. Tsutaja’s evo was always fine, Pokabu’s evo is not quite so round now, and Mijumaru’s evo has gone from meh to badass!

  150. 570 Zorua, 571 Zoroark, 572 Chillarmy, 573 Chillarmy Evo (Chillarmy + Long white scarf covering its body, Normal Type).

  151. 570 Zorua, 571 Zoroark, 572 Chillarmy, 573 Evo Chillarmy (Chillarmy + Bufanda larga de color blanco, Tipo Normal). 4 minutes ago

  152. 700+ comments is this a record for Pokejungle? and also desukaan scares me a little but I like it. I think a lot of the new ones are good but I’m still waiting for confirmation on starter evos .Maybe pokemon sunday will give us the answers to all we seek tonight.

  153. @Jellygod: This takes to long… I have to stay up all the night!! (Makes popcorn, chips, takes some candy, puts the computer in the sofa, starts Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2) Ok, I´m ready!! 😛

      1. i think hiro already has seen all of the “sources”. He is just drawing during his free time, only the ones he likes.

    1. er.. just posting another page..?
      i didn’t see anything on the whole ALOE = NORMAL TYPE so i thought i’d post it.

    1. you know that those numbers were added on by the person who uploaded the picture right? That page was either not numbered, or the numbers were cut off during scanning. They added them later to keep up with them. Most likely the numbers got switched around so they are on the wrong side. Americans would number it that way.

      1. Nah, it’s just that the pages are from the main CoroCoro magazine not the “Black Document” which is just for Pokemon B&W, and that they had their order swapped in editing. There’s an early post on Serebii where the scans are the right way round.

  154. One word about the starters: fucked.
    I mean seriously? Sheesh, who the fuck came up with those designs? After I catch another Pokémon my starter will never see the outside light again.

          1. Because I liked like almost all Pokémons so far, Gen 1-5, all, but now these starters are just really fucked up. That’s why I’m mad. Because they fucked up for me.

  155. 574: Pokémon Bebé Emo. Pre Pre Evo de Gochiruzeru. Un bebé con cabezón morado y grandes ojos azules. Diseño similar. Tipo Psíquico. less than a minute ago

    1. 574: Emo Baby Pokemon. Pre-evo of Gochiruzeru. A baby with a purple head and big blue eyes. Psychic Type.

      1. oohhhh he said pre pre evo, and on the comments on pokexperto he is saying that apparently its a 3 pokemon line. Theres a middle evo too apparently

  156. Hiro says that there is another pokemon inbetween the baby emo and Gochiruzeru.
    So that means theres 3 for Rankurusu too? how can they come up with 2 pokemon that are less design-wise than it? Its just a little guy in a cell/blob…

    1. Actually story behind Rankurusu (aka Ranculus) is so deep and mysterious.

      But if they’re going to make 2 pre-evos for homunculus pokemon then first one should be a horse muck, mixed with sperm and blood. Yuck!

  157. im naming the water monkey wally and the fire monkey dave after the hit 1989 movie see no evil hear no evil staring richard pryor and gene wildler

    1. Great names! I love that legend a lot. A trio of teachers in my old school had halloween costumes based on that legend. 😀

  158. i think that there not confirmed yet, the page with ononokusu all the pokemon domt have shadows so they can be fake! 🙂 joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but thats only a chance i guess its not to bad if there real ill get used to pokabus evos………………………………………….. eventtually

  159. Apparently, so did many other people who previously posted this.

    It’s just to critical of an observation. IF this scan was faked…Bravo to whomever made it because it looks very Corocoro-ish.

  160. Look at this

    First of all, look at that image and read.

    Secondly, scroll into Reshiram’s nose. It overlaps the page, while nothing else does.


    The arrow is pointing OFF of the page on page 29. That, m’dears, is something people who create these type of things do not do. It should point to something, and an arrow that points off the page is drawing your eye off of the page. You always want things drawing the attention inwards, not outwards.

    I am not saying that EVERYTHING is fake, I’m just saying THESE pages have a probability of being fake.

    1. NO NO NO


      that good enough for you?
      seriously. enough is enough. Accept it people. They are real, and the scan is real. You really need to grow up and come up with something better to do than try to disprove EVERY SINGLE thing that you dont like.

  161. we have to wait till pokemon sunday to believe this… :/ i dont think its that belevable but we will see, i just dont see why the magazine has so many mistakes 😛

  162. Yanappu: Nothing new, but still a fan. :3
    Boappu: Neat~
    Hiyappu: See above.
    Emonga: See Yanappu.
    Yorterri: *FREAKING MELTS*
    Basurao: Oooh, different forms in different versions! o.o
    Choroneko: Kinda cute.
    Tabunne: Nothing new, not a huge fan, but it may grow on me.
    Monmen: *MELTS*
    Churine: D’aww~
    Tamagetake: o.O <(?)
    Baffuron: O_______O
    Mebukijika: OH MY. *puts Yanappu back in PC*
    Desukan: …Kinda underwhelming. :/
    Ononokusu: Pure Dragon? Whoa, haven't seen one of those in a while. .o.
    Denchura: D'awww~
    Doryuuzo: …Meh.
    Janobii: OLD news, but still cool. :3
    Chaobuu: *eyetwitch* *barely surpresses scream of rage*

    Guh. I can't believe GameFreak BSed us with ANOTHER Fire/Fighting line. Then again, maybe I can… =_=

    A VERY nice haul of info, minus…the abomination *coughchaobuucough*… BLACK AND WHITE WILL BE SO AWESOME ♥


    MY TEAM:



  163. I sure hope that the starter final evolutions aren’t real. I LOVE Miju and it’s first evo, but really? How can Gamefreak expect me to choose Miju if it turns into some bearded narwal?!?! And another fire-fighting…. I am disappointed in Nintendo

    1. Yeah, I want Futachimaru’s evolution to be a Water-Fighting samurai/shogun Sealion-Otter pokemon, Chaobuu’s evolution to be a Fire-Fighting (or a secondary type change, if its possible) Chinese demon-boar that is both quadruped and bipedal like Swampert, than finally, Jyanobii’s evolution to be a Grass/Poison Europeon-based viper with a Fluer-de-lis-shaped tail leaf, and Europeon royalty traits.

  164. i luve dem all but why did miju turn blue not white nd why another fire nd figting type i sure hope the starters 3rd evos r fake

  165. hey pokejungle, on here you have a pokemon called Churine and its a stump pokemon… but on serebii they call it the bulb pokemon.

    Whats true and whats not? its kinda confusing.

      1. Oh alright.
        I got one last question (after this i’ll probably head to bed).
        – If this is the last CoroCoro before the Japan B/W release, how will the other pokemon images come?
        (I mean the pokemon being released from pokexperto like the Hermit Crab, garbage bag, etc..) if they are real.

        1. If some are not revealed on the 16th BW Special that airs in the time slot that new pokemon episodes usually do then the images will come from the leaked ROMs when we begin playing :3

          1. Okay, i thought the artwork would come from game guides or something. I’m looking forward to certain pokemon that i hope are real, so i guess i’ll just have to see what comes between now and the release! 8)

            Thanks PokeJungle! Your really cool to talk too, i look forward to sticking with your site in the future.

  166. Its hard to answer that…I like the original alot. But i also think the coloring and razor like fins of the 2nd basurao are cool. I’m leaning more towrds the red one as my fav.

    On my DeviantArt account i drew my own fanart of basurao when all we had was the sprite.
    (P.s. I thought the tail looked a lot different in the sprite)

    1. Haha i actually took the shape of a magikarp and manipulated it to look like that.
      I’m working on fanart of the other pokemon that we only got descriptions of. As im talking im finishing up my idea of the garbage bag pokemon.. taking the art style from a grimer.
      (I believe him and gear are replacements for magnemite and grimer who were both man-made/chemically created).

  167. Back in business. 😀
    Well, honestly I prefer real pokemon to be confirmed. But I like how people come up with their minds of creating the best pokemon they want. But they tell the world in a wrong way. It upsets me that people are arguing about which is real. It’s so confusing. I hope they declare them to be fake and we enjoy the real pokemon that will be in the games.. I mean c’mon.. It’s H-6.. the truth will be told..

    Sorry to anyone who feels insulted by my opinion..

  168. Maybe melkor might be wrong on the final evo’s types, and its possible Chaobuu’s fighting-type will be change when it evolves. So there’s still a chance that Mijumaru’s final evolution will be a Water/Fighting. Besides, Mijumaru is said to have a high Attack stat, and Futachimaru is the Training Pokemon, and looks like a samurai.

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