CoroCoro leaks (UPD5)

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  • Yanappu – Grass Type – Grass Monkey Pokemon
  • Baoppu – Fire Type – High Temperature Pokemon- New move called Bursting Flame which effects all nearby opponets
  • Hiyappu – Water Type – Water Pouring Pokemon- Has a new move called Boiling Water that is a water type move, but can cause burn
  • Emonga – Electric/Flying Type – Flying Squirrel Pokemon. New attack Eleciball. The difference in speed determines attack power. Like a reverse Gyro Ball. It may be quite devastating if it can learn agility!

UPD2: 2 New scans:

  • Yorterri (yooterii) (Yorkishire terrier) – Puppy Pokemon – Normal type – Ability: Pick-up or Vital Spirit.
  • Basurao – Violent Pokemon – Water type – Abilities: Reckless/Adaptability. There are two forms, in each game both are findable however their encounter rate is different.
  • Choroneko – Ill Natured Pokemon – Dark type – Abilities: Limber/Unburden
  • Tabunne – Listening Pokemon – Normal type – Abilities: Healing Heart/Regeneration*
  • Monmen – Cotton Ball Pokemon – Grass type – Abilities: Teasing Heart*/Slip Through*
  • Churine – Stump Pokemon – Grass type – Abilities: Chlorophyll/Own Tempo
  • Tamagetake – Mushroom Pokemon – Grass/Poison type – Ability: Effect Spore
  • Baffuron – Headbutting Cattle Pokemon – Normal type – Abilities: Reckless/Herbivore
  • Dangoro – Mantle Pokemon – Rock type – Ability: Sturdy
  • Mebukijika – Seasonal Pokemon – Normal/Grass type – Abilities: Herbivore/Chlorophyll [Shikijika evo]
  • Desukaan – Casket Pokemon – Ghost type [?!] – Ability: Mummy*
  • Ononokusu – Chin Horn Pokemon – Dragon type – Abilities: Rivalry/Mold Breaker. Has a new attack called Dragon tail which forces the opponent to switch. Devastating with a Stealth Rock user.
  • Denchura – Electric Spider Pokemon – Bug/Electric type – Abilities: Compoundeyes/Tension*
  • Doryuuzu – Deep Earth Pokemon – Ground/Steel type – Abilities: Sand Scatter*/Sand Power* New attack drill-liner is a high critical hit Ground-type move.
  • * denotes new ability

UPD3: Guess starter page IS real

  • Tsutaaja evo: Janobii
  • Pokabu evo: Chaobuu
  • Mijumaru evo: Futachimaru
  • Team Plasma : Gatis (Geechisu) Gatis is in fact NOT the boss of team Plasma, but rather a high ranking member who gives orders!
  • N has a Choroneko
  • As reported here before, there will be 3 Gym Leaders in the first Gym. Dent (Dento), Pod (Poddo) and Cone (koon).
  • The starter you chose dictates which you battle.
  • Dream World is accessible even without Black and White. You borrow Makomo’s Munna. (gameplay is likely limited this way)


  • Reshiram and Zekrom’s have new attacks; Cross Flame and Cross Thunder. When used one after the other in a certain order it produces different effects.
  • If you use Cross Thunder followed by Cross Flame, it creates a giant fireball in the air which is then dropped down upon the opponent.
  • If you use Cross Flame followed by Cross Thunder, It creates an explosive ball of energy which engulfs the opponent.
  • Whichever Pokémon uses the attack second seems to be the one who gets to deal the damage to the opponent.


  • In Hiun City there is a building where you can answer a question which allows you to unlock the transfer machine. みんな ハッピー かんたん つうしん (Everybody happy easy connection)
  • Here are the options in the menu
  • Continue (not technically visible, but presumably)
  • New game
  • Mystery gift
  • Battle tournament (*omg!*)
  • Game settings
  • Wi-Fi settings
  • Microphone test
  • Use Transfer Machine

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ps- these match Experto’s descriptions.  Guess he was right >3

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Also thanks to Ozy for hunting down the more elusive scans, and a big welcome to NL our newest member of Team PokéJungle! (Name color tentative!)