PokExperto (UPD10)

Hey everyone it’s your friendly neighborhood Daigo here, and man has it been a while. Don’t worry, I’m not dead, just sitting on the sidelines. 😛

But our friend Melkor at PokExperto has updated via Twitter about another Pokemon. I’ll put spoiler tags on it to prevent spoiling it for anyone who doesn’t want to see. 🙂

Click show for the information!



  • #561 Floating mask pokemon, Egyptian design.  Psychic/Flying
  • #562 Desukan prevo.  Black floating body with red eyes, holding mask.  Ghost
  • #563 Desukan.  Pure Ghost
  • #564 Fossil turtle pokemon, blue body.  Rock/Water
  • #565 Turtle evo, bipedal.  Rock/Water
  • #566 Archaeopteryx Fossil pokemon.  Rock/Flying
  • #567 Fossil evo, bigger and fiercer… red/green head.  Rock/Flying
  • #568 Garbage bag pokemon, green garbage bag with eyes.  Poison
  • #569 Garbage evo, much bigger and half of it is dirt.  Poison
  • #570 Zorua, #571 Zoroark, #572 Chillarmy, #573 Chillarmy Evo (Long white scarf covering its body, Normal Type)
  • UPD2: #574 Gochiruzeru pre-prevo, baby with big purple head and big blue eyes.  Psychic
  • UPD3: #575 Gochiruzeru prevo, girl with two pigtails.  Psychic #576 Gochiruzeru.  Psychic
  • UPD4: #577 Rankurusu pre-prevo, white nucleus surrounded in green.  Psychic
  • #578 Rankurusu prevo that has arms now, more green plasma.  Psychic – #579 Rankurusu.  Psychic Type
  • UPD5:#580 Blue Swan Pokémon. Swana Pre Evo. Basically a breed of swan, blue in color. Water/Flying Type. #581 Swana.
  • #582 Ice Cream Ball Pokémon. A white/blue ice cream ball with tiny body, almost like a baby. Pure Ice Type. #583: Ice Cream Pokémon. Pure Ice Type.#584: Double Ice Cream Pokémon (one cone, two balls). Also Ice.
  • #588: New Bug Pokémon. Pure Bug Type. #589: Knight Bug Pokémon. A knight with an armor, spears and helmet. Main body is based on previous bug. Bug / Steel Type.
  • UPD6: #590: Tamagetake. #591: Tamagetake Evo. A Mushroom Pokémon with a pink PokéBall design, and two smaller Poké Ball as hands. Grass/Poison Type.
  • UPD7:New Pokemon Silhouette posed above!
  • UPD8: #592: Jellyfish Pokémon. Round blue head with 5 tentacles. Water / Ghost Type. Has another Forme, pink color and different tentacles.
  • UP9:#593: Jellyfish Pokémon. Also Water / Ghost Type. <-Possibly an evolution of #592?
  • UPD10: New Silhouette posted, looks like a spider to me. 😛
  • #594: Mamanboo (No. 100 at Isshu PokéDex).
Pokemon Sunday Later! Be sure to stay tuned!
Until next time
p.s.-What does everyone think of all these Pokemon being leaked this week? My favorite by far is the Baffuron! He’s just so great! xD
  1. This is what we’ve so far:

    494 Victini
    495 Tsutarja
    496 Tsutarja Evo
    497 Tsutarja Evo 2
    498 Pokabu
    499 Pokabu Evo
    500 Pokabu Evo 2
    501 Mijumaru
    502 Mijumaru Evo
    503 Mijumaru Evo 2
    504 Minezumi
    505 Miruhoggu
    506: A small dog-like Pokemon. Probably a breed of the Shih Tzu race. Normal Type
    507: Longer dog-like Pokémon, has same face but with mustache. Face and legs are golden, body is dark grey. Normal Type
    508: A dog-like Pokémon, resembles an adult Shih Tzu but with longer body. Long mustache and black-to-grey body. Normal Type
    509: A cat-like Pokémon with a somewhat suspicious look. Dark Type
    510: A panther Pokémon. Most of its body is purple, but legs, head and body marks are light brown. Very elegant and slender. Dark Type
    511: Yanappu
    512: Yanappu Evo, same design but bigger, with an Elvis forelock, more hair and arrogant pose. Also a pure Grass type.
    513: Baoppu, Fire Type monkey
    514: Baoppu Evo, Fire Type monkey. It is fatter than Grass one, and seems confused. Tail and hair have flames. Redorange color.
    515: Hiyappu, A Water Type monkey.
    516: Hiyappu Evo. Water Type monkey. The most sociable of all these monkeys, it has somewhat rasta hair style. Light blue color.
    517: Munna
    518: Musharna
    519: Mamepato
    520: Hatoopoo
    521: Mamepato 3rd Evo Typical bird Pokémon with an arrogant pose, resembles a pigeon. Same colors, but brown chest. Alternative forme with a pink mask
    522: Shimama
    523: Shimama Evo. Still a zebra: bigger, fiercer, more white stripes and hair. Still Electric Type.
    524: Gigaiasu Prevo
    525: Gigaiasu Prevo 2
    526: Gigaiasu
    527: Koromori
    528: Koromori Evo. A bat Pokémon with blue body and white fur. It maintains heart-shaped eyes but adds a hook tail.
    529: Moguryuu
    530: Doryuuzu
    531: Tabunne
    532: A Fighting Type guy with a wooden plank.
    533: Fighting Type guy with an iron girder. It is stronger that its pre-evo and has a clown nose.
    534: Fighting Type guy with a concrete block on each hand. It got huge and badass in the process. The clown nose is not funny anymore.
    535: A small tadpole. No arms, no legs, only a blue tail. Also two blue protuberances each side of its head. Pure Water Type.
    536: A bigger tadpole. Has developed legs, still no arms. Blue color, white tail. Three protuberances from head, four from body. Water/Ground
    537: A big frog, full with protuberances in head, arms and legs. No more tail. Its very big and has kinda mafia pose. Water/Ground
    538: Judo Pokémon, appeared on musical. Kimono stays. Rocky red skin, big eyebrows and nose. Pure Fighting Type.
    539: Judo Pokémon. Taller and thinner than pre-evo, with rocky blue skin and kimono. Big nose and eyebrow (yes, only one).
    540: Kurumiru.
    541: Kurumiru Evo. The leaf grows and covers the Pokémon as a cocoon. Only eyes and mouth can be seen. Bug / Grass Type.
    542: A Leaf Insect Pokémon, a Phylliidae. Stands on two legs, with a leaf skirt and arms. Head is like Kurumiru’s.
    543: Bug/Poison centipede
    544: A round cocoon with an eye on each side. All covered in spikes, 4 larger and 8 shorter. Ugliest one on Dex. Bug / Poison Type.
    545: Scolopendra Pokémon. Color like first pre-evo. Bug / Poison Type.
    546: Pure Grass cloud Pokémon
    547: cloud Pokémon Evo, Pure Grass Type.
    548: Pure Grass Pokémon seen at Pokémon Daycare.
    549: Grass Lady Pokémon. She wears a flower hat with crown. Big leaf on the back. Her dress is a leaf bulb, with 2 dark green leaves as arms
    550: Basurao. Two Formes. One is green with red stripe and eyes, other with blue stripe and eyes. Second seems more aggresive. Water Type
    551: Meguroko
    552: Meguroko Evo. Very similar in design, but bigger, fatter and standing on two legs. Has spikes on the back. Ground/Dark
    553: Meguroko 2nd Evo. Even bigger and fatter, it now looks fiercer and has turned red color (maybe gender difference?). Ground/Dark Type.
    554: Darumakka, it has tiny arms and legs, Fire Type, Also has a BLUE alternate form that is Fire/Psychic
    555: Hihidaruma, alternative Forme Fire/Psychic
    556: Dancing Cactus Pokémon. It has yellow eyes and spikes, and two pink flowers sprouting from the head. Two arms, no feet. Pure Grass.
    557: A Hermit Crab Pokémon. Basically a crab with a big rock covering its back. Bug / Rock Type
    558: A Hermit Crab Pokémon. The crab is holding a giant cube rock that is like 5 times its size. Bug / Rock Type
    559: Dark / Fighting guy
    560: Dark / Fighting guy. Similar design to previous one, but orange head, with red crest. Has a hook at the back with pre-evo head, scary.
    561: A Flying Mask Pokémon, seems aegyptian. Only one eye, two golden wings without feathers. Very strange. Psychic / Flying Type.
    562: Desukan Pre-Evo. Floating black body with two big red eyes and big arms. Holds a human mask at the bottom. Pure Ghost.
    563: Desukan. Pure Ghost
    564: Archelon Fossil Pokémon. Blue body and grey shell. Amazing design. Water / Rock Type.
    565: Archelon Fossil Pokémon. Bigger body, stands on two legs and has an armor/shell of rock. Bulky Water candidate? Water / Rock Type.
    566: Archaeopteryx Fossil Pokémon. A Rock / Flying bird with yellow, red and blue feathers.
    567: Archaeopteryx Fossil Pokémon. The bird has become bigger and fiercer. Its head is now green/red coloured. Rock / Flying Type.
    568: Garbage Bag Pokémon. A green garbage bag with eyes. Its arms are formed of grey dirt coming out from the bag. Pure Poison Type.
    569: Garbage Bag Pokémon. The garbage has grown a lot and thus half the body is grey dirt. Very amorphous. Pure Poison Type.
    570: Zorua
    571: Zoroark
    572: Chillarmy
    573: Chillarmy Evo Chillarmy + Long white scarf covering its body, Normal Type

    585: Shikijika
    586: Shikijika Evo

    599: Gear
    600: Gear Evo 1
    601: Gear Evo 2

    633: Dark/Dragon psuedo-line
    634: Dark/Dragon psuedo-line
    635: Dark/Dragon psuedo-line
    636: Bug/Fire Pokemon
    637: Bug/Fire Pokemon Evo
    638: Steel/Fighting Legendary (Trio 1)
    639: Rock/Fighting Legendary (Trio 2)
    640: Grass/Fighting Legendary (Trio 3)
    641: Pure Flying-type Legendary
    642: Electric/Flying Legendary
    643: Reshiram
    644: Zekrom
    645: Ground/Flying Legendary
    646: Dragon/Ice Legendary
    647: Water/Fighting Legendary
    648: Normal/Psychic Legendary, The alternative form Normal/Fighting
    649: Bug/Steel Legendary

  2. lol my brother is the one who drew that. Hopefully the real one is a little different. Personally i think that looks kinda stupid. You should see the old version of it before he corrected it. HIDEOUS.

  3. Well, I think he’s pretty cool. 🙂

    He might be the water type for my team if Waterape doesn’t cut it for me. 😛


    Seriously, this is the first type combination to get a 5th pokemon line. Water/Ground is getting annoying.
    swampert of this generation? quagsire was the first of this typing, followed by the famous starter and whiscash, and gastrodon in gen 4. x___X

    1. I called him the Swampert of this generation since he strikes me as a Pokemon who seems very bulky, like Swampert.

    2. Normal/Flying says hi. Pidgey line, Spearow line, Farfetch’d, that’s three just in the first gen.

    1. and bug/flying.
      but thats it. If you didn’t count flying combinations as separate type combos, there was only a few having 4 lines. water ice, grass poison, bug poison, water rock, ground rock, water ground. Those are all.
      I’m realising they didn’t just add a 5th for water/ground but also grass/poison, rock/water, bug/poison.

      I just feel like it’s unnecessary to continue adding the same combinations, while they havent even used half of the possibilities even once.
      I have a picture of it:
      the missing ones already exist

  5. I think he looks pretty cool

    About types, i dont care if they get repetitive if the pokemon still looks cool

    I actually love this thing, it looks pretty kickass for me

    And water ground is just one of the most common things doesnt mean its bad

    I like some special new type combinations though like bug fire and pure flying seem interesting

  6. i love spoilers. Actually I wish someone would just leak the entire pokedex instead of having us put clues together like sherlock holmes. I mean guys did you see the comments to the last post? people were analyzing images like CSI.
    I like to know my pokemon before I run into them randomly. Hope someone get this game a tad early .

  7. I personally love water/ground! This guy looks cool 🙂 He reminds me of the lake monster from the Doug movie XD

      1. Grass isnt a common attack type though, so its not really a problem competitively. But theres so many pure grass lines this time it might get rough in the normal play-through though…


    PAGE NUMBERS GO 14 –> 15 ON IT.



        1. Serebii and I talked about this and it is probably because it is the difference between the pamphlet about Pokemon BW versus the issue itself

          1. ^ this. Actually, add that to the update on the front page. These haters are killing me. We had to explain to them that the interview with Sugimori proved the starters evos, now we have to explain how a scan is numbered differently. Its like they are little children (most likely are). D: i wish the games grew with the original audience -.-

        2. if it is fake .Then someone still have access to ken’s art because he definitely drew that.Maybe there is some secret pokemon developer blog or something.The evolution page is done pretty well but it looks like a page out of a free magazine.Like here in the states some magazines have small little free ones that come with them.Quality don’t matter as long as you get your point across.

          1. I will shoot myself in the hand if the typing is Grass / Water / Fire-Fight. That would be a downgrade from Hoenn and a HUGE step backwards from Johto.

            I refuse to believe the typing is the way people “think” they have been “confirmed” to be.

            I’ll confirm something for you right now.

            Wotter is Water, evo is Water/Fighting, final is Water/Fighting and is BIPEDAL.

          2. i think what melcoir is saying is right!
            the scan of the starters evo looks real, but it leaked really soon, maybe the guy who maid the starter evo used the coro coro scan and made the 3rd evosbased on them,so there is still a chance that the last evos are fake.

    1. Dude, it’s real. Unfortunately. But we don’t have to like them. I’m not evolving my Tsutarja. And Isshu isn;t my new favourite region, the Pokemon anyway, as I would have expected.

      So Hoenn and Sinnoh FTW! Admit it, they had the best Pokedex (bar Sinnoh’s Fire types xD).

    2. Your putting to much time into this Melchoir.Who cares we will find out when the games come out.
      or will u be trying to tell us the games r fake when we have them on the 18th

    3. Has any 1 hating on pokexperto even research him.

      He leaked the english names for gen 4 before that came out in english.
      He isnt just some random guy off the street

  9. A garbage bag Pokemon? Seriously?? 😛 I shall call him Oscar!

    At this point,they might as well make Pokemon out of a meatball, shake and fries. Then they can have the Aqua Teen Poke’Force XD

  10. Lol @ Melchior’s skepticism. He/She’ll probably still be in denial when the game ships and his/her starter evolves into one of the pokemon in that scan.

        1. The comments r fake and look at the video date wouldnt u think we would have all the info by now if this was real


          1. the comments are all just alt accounts. Iv already looked into finding it and its not there anywhere. I assumed that Melkor had a rom of it at first, but i see now that thats not the case.
            All of the downloads for B&W are just SoulSilver or that fake pokemon black gbc game.

  11. 574: Emo Baby Pokémon. Gochiruzeru Pre Pre Evo. A baby with big purple head and great blue eyes. Similar design. Pure Psychic Type.

  12. The ice cream may be Rankurusu pre-evo!! You heard it from me first, from pokejungle fan Marshmallow von BBQ.

  13. If Gochi is getting a preevo surely this means Rankurusu will be getting one too? I figure that anyway since Gochi and Rankurusu seem to have a connection.

  14. What did people want Desukan to be? Ghost/Psychic? It’s like I’m the only one who doesn’t care that it’s pure Ghost xD

    1. I think many people wanted Desukan to be Ghost/Ground or Ghost/Steel…..actually it was more that they thought that would be it’s typing rather than wanting it to be it’s typing.

      I would have preferred to see it be Ghost/Ground, but I still love it anyway and it’s going on my team. 😀

        1. Coffins aren’t necessarily made of wood, in fact I’d imagine many Sarcophagus’s in egyptian times were made of Rock. So maybe Ghost/Rock.

    1. actually have. I LOVE YOU WPM!!! 😀

      But PokeJungle is now the first site that comes upo when I type “p” in the address bar. It used to be you.

      1. I mean “I actually have”. What I was thinking was that they made the whole thing. But it seems too much of a job.

        Also, this whole thing, including the interview, could be a hoax by Game Freak to shock us all when the actual games out out. iWish.

        Finally, I wish this came out after Pokemon Sunday, since we now know all this, the show won’t be so hot.

  15. Lovin the idea for a garbage bag pokemon!!

    For the Doubters heres some clues to how it could be real,
    – Grimer : Was born when sludge in a dirty stream was exposed to the moons X-rays. (pokedex entry)
    -So chemicals or something could’ve created the garbage pokemon.

    – Porygon Family: A man-made pokemon created using scientific means. Seems too have been an error in its programming (pokedex entry)
    -So scientists could’ve created it with pokeDNA to clean up streets but it multiplied and became a new pokemon species.

  16. Pokejungle what do you believe the chances are for a Rankurusu Pre-evo? since gochireziru now has a pre-evo.
    I thought Gochireziru and rankurusu were just a single no evo/pre-evo pokemon.

        1. Maybe it’ll look like a gooey orb with a single circular body inside it.. maybe with a face.

  17. So Pokexperto says 574 is “Gochiruzeru pre-pre-evo”.

    Version exlcusives always have parallel evo lines, and are usually next to each other in the Pokemon. Furthmore, excluding legendaries, the Pokemon exclusive to the “first” version (Ruby, Diamond, Black) come first in the dex and the ones exclusive to the “second” version (Sapphire, Pearl, White) come after.

    So we can safely assume:

    574= Gochiruzeru pre-pre-evo
    575= Gochiruzeru pre-evo
    576= Gochiruzeru
    577= Rankurusu pre-pre-evo
    578= Rankurusu pre-evo
    579= Rankurusu

  18. Hmmm, I just thought of something… What if that Ice-cream cone-like silhouette is actually a mask with a long chin and ears at the sides?

    1. Omg.. That was hilarous!!

      In seriousness give it some time maybe mijumaru’s evo will be cool when released. (2nd evo was less blue than its original picture, so maybe the next will be too) plus maybe it was drawn quadrapedal but can stand up and detach the narrow point of the shell (which could be a katana hidden in the shell).

      1. Oh, good! I hope I don’t miss anything 🙁 I’m probably gonna be out for the first 20 minutes of it.

  19. “Okay, so we have starters, rodents, birds, fish, a pink healer, bugs, rocks, … basically a lot of expies from Red & Green. So… which should we make an expy of next?”
    “How about Grimer and make it something more common in cities, like a trash bag?”
    And so Trashmon was born.

      1. This is a reply to the ZonaSafari page criticism.

        In ZonaSafari they all seem retarded recently. They can’t accept they lose.

          1. Also, Serebii is asociated to Safari.

            Serebii has posted here, in PokeJungle, that the main Pokemon site in Spain is ZonaSafari, and Pokexperto is a minor one.

            My opinion is that Pokexperto is the best non-official Pokemon source of information in the world. Yes, it is in Spain. No Japan. No USA.

  20. 575: Emo Girl Pokémon. Gochiruzeru Pre Evo. A little girl with two ponytails, but very similar to Gochiruzeru. Psychic Type.

    576 Gochirizeru

    1. Wha? How did Desukan become a pedo? D:

      Desukan would do no such thing! Take over the world maybe…..but not that! D:

        1. Don’t be silly, that smile and the bloodshot eyes tell me it’s more likely to go on an evil killing spree than be a pedo.

  21. I just thought of something..
    -Mijumaru’s 1st evo was slightly less blue than it original drawing
    -Pokabu’s 1st evo was slightly changed (just look at the black part between the yellow swirls)

    Also after thinking about Mijumaru’s 3rd evo i came up with something:
    -What if it could actually stand bipedal, but was only drawn walking on all fours.
    -Also mijumaru was based on samurais, and samurais usually have there katana’s/swords sheathed in something on their backs, so what if that point on the shell was actually a katana/sword sheathed inside the shell.

    I hope i made at least a few disappointed mijumaru fans excited again!! That was the main reason for this, im not trying to start an argument over the whole REAL/FAKE situation.

  22. Rankurusu’s a THREE STAGE!!!
    But they didn’t appease my want of a Hihidaruma evo, oh well, I got a second evo line.
    I still wonder why they didn’t do anything about the other Daruma colors.

  23. 590: Tamagetake. 591: Evo Tamagetake. Pokémon Hongo con un diseño de Poké Ball rosa, y dos Poké Ball más pequeñas como manos. Planta/Veneno 4 minutes ago

  24. An ice cream Pokemon..? Why?? XD Ok I’ll admit…it’s frickin’ adorable. But unnecessary, nonetheless. The bug looks really cool, though 🙂

  25. I really, really, hope that the ice cream one is a joke that they’re trying to pass of as real. It’s friggin’ turrible!

    1. Not it’s not, or it said description of the evo would have been followed in the tweet by ‘Fanart by Hiro: -link-‘. Seeing as it wasn’t, and the silhouettes are never of previously described pokemon, it must be a yet-to-be described pokemon, most likely the Jellyfish pokemon, or possibly even the tentacled Grass/Steel pokemon.

  26. 592: Pokémon Medusa. Cabeza redonda azul con 5 tentáculos. Tipo Agua / Fantasma. Tiene otra Forma, de color rosa y con tentáculos distintos. 17 minutes ago

  27. UGH more “Alternate” forms this is getting dumb now, there are like what 4,5 pokemon with alternate forms? Like am I the only one upset at this? And an ice cream pokemon…..seriously?! It’s like GF wants this generation to fail…HARD!! I miss the first, second and third generations at least the pokemon there looked awesome like real animals and stuff not comical relief pokemon that are there to point out some famous reference, sorry to say but pokemon has been straying from its original path and its a shame, ive seen better pokemon creations on DeviantArt made by 13 year olds.

    1. Oh dear, Pokemon’s actually going to reflect the natural variation seen within species in real life. That is just so stupid and baseless, it really grinds my Giaru’s… /sarcasm
      Honestly, you go on about ‘basis on real animals’ yet you complain about formes, and refer to Gen1 when we’ve only -just- gotten a mole who actually looks like a one as opposed the confusing brown… thing we had in Generation 1 as a ‘mole’.

      I don’t think pokemon has any ‘comic relief’ pokemon, or any particularly famous references (most are obscure, mythological ones). The ice-cream pokemon… Isn’t effectively an ice-cream, it’s just been described as such, and has a striking resemblance. In actuality, it’s a snowball, which evolves into an snowball with an icicle attached, and then 2 snowballs with an icicle attached. It’s not like the ‘cone’ is literally a wafer/biscuit, or that the pokemon contains any dairy product. The ‘ice cream’ is just a side reference, and reflects the incidents of nature that occur in the real world as well as the fictional one.

      1. I dislike the snowball/ice cream/otehr because of it’s face, which is more of what I think he was refering to…do you not see it’s face? That is the stuff of Dragon Quest (I like Dragon Quest, but DQ belongs with DQ, not pokemon)

          1. I feel that the iceball/ice cream pokemon could be like Driffloon.
            -Drifloon is just a balloon

            Maybe the snowball guy will have a weekly thing.

  28. Also, you people need to remember that this is not official artwork…(lol…and so do I)

    I really do hope the the fanartist messed up on teh tadpole and icecream cone, though…

  29. Oh my God water/ghost jellyfish! Why do they have to keep making so many awesome water types? Now I don’t know which one to choose.

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