PokExperto (UPD10)

Hey everyone it’s your friendly neighborhood Daigo here, and man has it been a while. Don’t worry, I’m not dead, just sitting on the sidelines. 😛

But our friend Melkor at PokExperto has updated via Twitter about another Pokemon. I’ll put spoiler tags on it to prevent spoiling it for anyone who doesn’t want to see. 🙂

Click show for the information!



  • #561 Floating mask pokemon, Egyptian design.  Psychic/Flying
  • #562 Desukan prevo.  Black floating body with red eyes, holding mask.  Ghost
  • #563 Desukan.  Pure Ghost
  • #564 Fossil turtle pokemon, blue body.  Rock/Water
  • #565 Turtle evo, bipedal.  Rock/Water
  • #566 Archaeopteryx Fossil pokemon.  Rock/Flying
  • #567 Fossil evo, bigger and fiercer… red/green head.  Rock/Flying
  • #568 Garbage bag pokemon, green garbage bag with eyes.  Poison
  • #569 Garbage evo, much bigger and half of it is dirt.  Poison
  • #570 Zorua, #571 Zoroark, #572 Chillarmy, #573 Chillarmy Evo (Long white scarf covering its body, Normal Type)
  • UPD2: #574 Gochiruzeru pre-prevo, baby with big purple head and big blue eyes.  Psychic
  • UPD3: #575 Gochiruzeru prevo, girl with two pigtails.  Psychic #576 Gochiruzeru.  Psychic
  • UPD4: #577 Rankurusu pre-prevo, white nucleus surrounded in green.  Psychic
  • #578 Rankurusu prevo that has arms now, more green plasma.  Psychic – #579 Rankurusu.  Psychic Type
  • UPD5:#580 Blue Swan Pokémon. Swana Pre Evo. Basically a breed of swan, blue in color. Water/Flying Type. #581 Swana.
  • #582 Ice Cream Ball Pokémon. A white/blue ice cream ball with tiny body, almost like a baby. Pure Ice Type. #583: Ice Cream Pokémon. Pure Ice Type.#584: Double Ice Cream Pokémon (one cone, two balls). Also Ice.
  • #588: New Bug Pokémon. Pure Bug Type. #589: Knight Bug Pokémon. A knight with an armor, spears and helmet. Main body is based on previous bug. Bug / Steel Type.
  • UPD6: #590: Tamagetake. #591: Tamagetake Evo. A Mushroom Pokémon with a pink PokéBall design, and two smaller Poké Ball as hands. Grass/Poison Type.
  • UPD7:New Pokemon Silhouette posed above!
  • UPD8: #592: Jellyfish Pokémon. Round blue head with 5 tentacles. Water / Ghost Type. Has another Forme, pink color and different tentacles.
  • UP9:#593: Jellyfish Pokémon. Also Water / Ghost Type. <-Possibly an evolution of #592?
  • UPD10: New Silhouette posted, looks like a spider to me. 😛
  • #594: Mamanboo (No. 100 at Isshu PokéDex).
Pokemon Sunday Later! Be sure to stay tuned!
Until next time
p.s.-What does everyone think of all these Pokemon being leaked this week? My favorite by far is the Baffuron! He’s just so great! xD