Articuno Available for a ‘Brief’ Period, Reward Extension in GO

The Pokémon Company has released an official, albeit unclear, statement regarding legendaries in Pokémon GO.   Up until now, details on how long legendaries Lugia and Articuno would be available have been scarce to none. And although no concrete end date was given, TPCi stated that Articuno “will appear at Gyms for a brief while.” … Read more

Serebii’s Legendary Information

Here’s information Joe has released from his secret sauce.  You can take it or leave it if you’re the doubting type.  It is as follows: [spoiler] 153 pokemon obtainable through gameplay with 3 more legendaries that will be distributable #633-#635 is the psuedo-line, Dark/Dragon #638 Steel/Fighting Legendary (Trio 1) #639 Rock/Fighting Legendary (Trio 2) #640 … Read more