Dent a grass-type Gym Leader? With a tsutaaja!?

Hey guys, resident translator Kriffix here! Reasons that Dent is likely a Grass-type user and most likely has a Tsutaaja, from most solid to weakest. +He shouts out for his Pokémon to use Solarbeam in the Video released yesterday. +The background used when he declares an attack is green. +Said background is identical to when Tsutaaja attacks in … Read more

FAKE CoroCoro Scan

My good friend Kriffix has a large amount of evidence to show that this fellow above is indeed fake. Here’s what he said: “The above Pokemon “Zennuki” is supposed to be based on a Tanuki (a racoon dog) which is a big part of Japanese mythology. They are known to be tricksters and use their … Read more