So, long story short, since I live in the town where the Nintendo’s US headquarters are located (and Microsoft for that matter…) and I have connections I got my hands on a 3DS. :3 I know it’s not a HUGE deal since it’s been out in Japan for a while BUT nonetheless I was still … Read more

Focus On: Dragon-Type

Hello everyone. It’s your friendly neighborhood Daigo again with another addition to the “Focus On” series. Even though Ozymandis has dominated almost every type and what new Generation V Pokemon goes with it, we still have a few types left. Today, I’m going to discuss the new Dragon type Pokemon introduced in Generation V with … Read more

Focus On:Water Type

Hey hey pokejunglers, this is NL!Today I’m going to go over all the water types that were added in Isshu, talk about them, how they may affect the competitive playing… all the goodness.So, lets just get right on in![spoiler] First off, #501,#502,#503, you geussed it, Mijumaru,Futachimaru and Daikenki! It was quite a shocker when I … Read more

Sorry For The Lack Of Updates + Pokemon’s Taking Over the World?!

Hey Pokejungelers! Like the title suggests, we’re sorry for the lack of updates. 🙁 But you guys understand right? I mean, it’s only a little over a week after the game release. I personally wouldn’t expect anything huge until a new Pokemon movie is announced or until Pokemon “Grey” is officially announced. We hate the … Read more


No, we still don’t have one.  That being said… I’m interested in creating one.  How would you change any of the existing PokeDexes you currently use?  Criticisms of them?  Something you wish they had?  Are there better ways to navigate? If I cannot find a way to substantially improve on what everyone else does there … Read more

Oha Suta Point 4

Hey guys, Kriffix here! Oha Suta’s 4th point (out of 5) has just aired. It’s not much at all unfortunately… In the ‘feeling check’ you press your finger against the screen to get ranked from 1~100. Your score earns you special “Heart Sweets”. The purpose of which is still unknown. On a more personal note, … Read more