Dento is one of three!? *UPD* Possible Fakemon

Hey PokéJunglers! A PokéJungle visitor by the name of ‘OK’ has very kindly pointed out the presence of two other trainers in Dento’s Gym. Could it be that our first gym leader is in fact a team of three!? Waiters. A Fire-type user, a Water-type user and their head waiter, Dento,  A Grass-type user. Most likely each … Read more

Dent a grass-type Gym Leader? With a tsutaaja!?

Hey guys, resident translator Kriffix here! Reasons that Dent is likely a Grass-type user and most likely has a Tsutaaja, from most solid to weakest. +He shouts out for his Pokémon to use Solarbeam in the Video released yesterday. +The background used when he declares an attack is green. +Said background is identical to when Tsutaaja attacks in … Read more

FAKE CoroCoro Scan

My good friend Kriffix has a large amount of evidence to show that this fellow above is indeed fake. Here’s what he said: “The above Pokemon “Zennuki” is supposed to be based on a Tanuki (a racoon dog) which is a big part of Japanese mythology. They are known to be tricksters and use their … Read more