Focus On:Water Type

Hey hey pokejunglers, this is NL!Today I’m going to go over all the water types that were added in Isshu, talk about them, how they may affect the competitive playing… all the goodness.So, lets just get right on in![spoiler]

First off, #501,#502,#503, you geussed it, Mijumaru,Futachimaru and Daikenki! It was quite a shocker when I first saw Daikenki.I first thought “What the heck is this sea otter-sea lion!?!?”but I’ve actually adapted to it, It has a really cool back sprite with it’s clam horn thing. Base stats wise, It’s kinda border line. average defense and sp.def, but it’s slow, but not so slow for usage in trick room, which makes it hard to use. the dream ability is shell armor, I geuss it’s better than torrent,but meh, there both almost the same.

Next up, #515 and #516, Hiyyapu and Hiyyaki!I love Hiyyaki, it seems cute to me, but apparently not so many people do!A fun fact, when hiyyaki is in motion, it’s doing rock-paper-scissors by itself! Base Stat wise, again like Daikenki, not the best. The attack and special are ok,the speed is awesome because it is 1 right above the base stat speed for 101, making it super useful sometimes.

Next,  #535,#536,#537,Otamaru,Gamagaru,and Gamageroge!These guys come out pretty fast during the game, they are pretty annoying for water and fire starters, that ground makes it so complicated!Anyways, it’s stats are pretty linear, good HP, so-so attack and sp.attack and defense and sp.def, and so-so speed as well. I geuss it’s easier to use than the other Water/Ground pokes, little bit faster with pretty good stats.

#550, Basurao! I thought he was going to be the next magicarp, except more epic, but it was just a regular pokemon! He has a great ability called adaptability, boosts up all his water attacks, and he looks awesome too! By the way, Adaptability is supposed to be a joke about how  Bass can adapt to other environments.(Crawdaunt also has adaptability for his dream ability)

#’s 564 and 565, Purotooga and Abagoora! These guys are water rock just like one of the most greatest pokemon of all time, Kabutops, and has very high defense and pretty high attack, but very low speed.He learns one of the best status up moves yet, Shell break, and has a possibility of kicking your butt in five turns!He also has sturdy,making him easy to use Shell Break and Abagoora is able to hold another item! great pokemon, I like it.

Next please, #580 and #581, Coaruhi and Suwanna! These pokemon are pretty hard to find, you can find them on Wonder Bridge, when you see shadows.Suwanna has dull stats overall, there kinda just sitting there, not so great.But I like this pokemon, Because It has water 🙂

#592 and 593, Pururiru and Purungeru! such cute names, their base stats and type is awesome too!Can learn a lot of moves that are very useful for Purungeru, and it’s ability cursed body is just amazing too!Overall, I think this is my favorite gen 5 water pokemon!

#594, Mamanbou!Luvdisc evo? I don’t think so! this pokemon is one of the only three water pokemon that don’t evolve(kerudio, Mamanbou and Basurao,)and Mamambou has a whopping 165 HP!! almost close to another High HP pokemon, Blissey!Mamanbou has potential in it’s moves and in it’s stats, I think Mamanbou will be a fun pokemon to use!

And finally, #647, Kerudio!He looks like a horse that was just born 2 minutes ago 🙂 Very cute, and has pretty good for a baby horse 😀  He’s probably going to be in the movies in 2012, can’t wait to watch it!

and that’s it folks!All the water type pokemon! there weren’t that many this time, probably because there were so many before!

There were no Pokemon with a secondary Water-type.


I love all the new water types, can’t wait to use them!

See ya next time!