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Hey hey pokejunglers, this is NL!Today I’m going to go over all the water types that were added in Isshu, talk about them, how they may affect the competitive playing… all the goodness.So, lets just get right on in![spoiler]

First off, #501,#502,#503, you geussed it, Mijumaru,Futachimaru and Daikenki! It was quite a shocker when I first saw Daikenki.I first thought “What the heck is this sea otter-sea lion!?!?”but I’ve actually adapted to it, It has a really cool back sprite with it’s clam horn thing. Base stats wise, It’s kinda border line. average defense and sp.def, but it’s slow, but not so slow for usage in trick room, which makes it hard to use. the dream ability is shell armor, I geuss it’s better than torrent,but meh, there both almost the same.

Next up, #515 and #516, Hiyyapu and Hiyyaki!I love Hiyyaki, it seems cute to me, but apparently not so many people do!A fun fact, when hiyyaki is in motion, it’s doing rock-paper-scissors by itself! Base Stat wise, again like Daikenki, not the best. The attack and special are ok,the speed is awesome because it is 1 right above the base stat speed for 101, making it super useful sometimes.

Next,  #535,#536,#537,Otamaru,Gamagaru,and Gamageroge!These guys come out pretty fast during the game, they are pretty annoying for water and fire starters, that ground makes it so complicated!Anyways, it’s stats are pretty linear, good HP, so-so attack and sp.attack and defense and sp.def, and so-so speed as well. I geuss it’s easier to use than the other Water/Ground pokes, little bit faster with pretty good stats.

#550, Basurao! I thought he was going to be the next magicarp, except more epic, but it was just a regular pokemon! He has a great ability called adaptability, boosts up all his water attacks, and he looks awesome too! By the way, Adaptability is supposed to be a joke about how  Bass can adapt to other environments.(Crawdaunt also has adaptability for his dream ability)

#’s 564 and 565, Purotooga and Abagoora! These guys are water rock just like one of the most greatest pokemon of all time, Kabutops, and has very high defense and pretty high attack, but very low speed.He learns one of the best status up moves yet, Shell break, and has a possibility of kicking your butt in five turns!He also has sturdy,making him easy to use Shell Break and Abagoora is able to hold another item! great pokemon, I like it.

Next please, #580 and #581, Coaruhi and Suwanna! These pokemon are pretty hard to find, you can find them on Wonder Bridge, when you see shadows.Suwanna has dull stats overall, there kinda just sitting there, not so great.But I like this pokemon, Because It has water 🙂

#592 and 593, Pururiru and Purungeru! such cute names, their base stats and type is awesome too!Can learn a lot of moves that are very useful for Purungeru, and it’s ability cursed body is just amazing too!Overall, I think this is my favorite gen 5 water pokemon!

#594, Mamanbou!Luvdisc evo? I don’t think so! this pokemon is one of the only three water pokemon that don’t evolve(kerudio, Mamanbou and Basurao,)and Mamambou has a whopping 165 HP!! almost close to another High HP pokemon, Blissey!Mamanbou has potential in it’s moves and in it’s stats, I think Mamanbou will be a fun pokemon to use!

And finally, #647, Kerudio!He looks like a horse that was just born 2 minutes ago 🙂 Very cute, and has pretty good for a baby horse 😀  He’s probably going to be in the movies in 2012, can’t wait to watch it!

and that’s it folks!All the water type pokemon! there weren’t that many this time, probably because there were so many before!

There were no Pokemon with a secondary Water-type.


I love all the new water types, can’t wait to use them!

See ya next time!

  1. I really like the jellyfish :3 I’m going to have one on my team for sure! I’m loving the water/ghost combo, and I have high hopes for it!

    1. Some will be featured in the next CoroCoro magazine, then in the “Pokemon Black/White Game Guide” and after this months CoroCoro, they will all be uploaded to the official japanese pokemon site… If it will work out as previous games did…(There is a possiblity that they may not be reaveled in the same manner… But you should still expect some of them to be leaked in the next months isshue of CoroCoro… Which is pretty soon actually ;))

        1. maybe they’ll delay uploading them all on the site this time. ):

          because they are trying to make people experience a game where they encounter pokemon they’ve never seen before and for this they try to prevent people from seeing all of them if possible, which lead to the stuff with serebii and pokebeach taking off all pictures of the games…

          I hope not x_x

  2. These articles have been very nice reads so far, but I’ve really got two pieces of constructive feedback for you:
    1) The grammar and punctuation is very inconsistent and incorrect, which makes the blog look rather unprofessional. Please, please, please proofread before publishing something! I have a high respect for Pokejungle as a news source and a great place for reading up on Pokémon, but when I see poorly written articles it makes me feel like I’m reading a complete amateur’s work. Even though technically you guys are amateurs (unless you’re being paid for this!) there’s nothing wrong with looking like a professional. 🙂

    2) The reviews of the Pokémon seems completely competitively-based. I’d love to hear your opinions more on design and in-game usability!

    I hope that didn’t sound too mean and was something to work off of. Thanks for reading.

    1. I’m sorry, I proofread them to the best of my ability…

      and for the competitively based part, the Isshu water types had a pretty straight design, so I really didn’t have anything to say about the designs, but I know how reading up on opinions can be really fun so I’m going to work on it.And yes, I should have done how useful the pokemon was in the game, I’ll be sure to put that in future articles.

      1. Lmao, uh nice then.. I could help proof read, but I’m sure you can handle it 😉

        And also, guess isn’t spelled like this “geuss” saw that a few times.. But yea, agree with the guy downing your grammar skills.

    2. The only big thing I see wrong with this is that there are so many spaces missing. Anyone who proofread it should have seen the lack of spaces miles and miles away. O_o

      Apart from that it’s good.

  3. Could have mentioned the frogs unique ability, that poisons everything on first contact O:

    Oh and Kabutops is Rock/Water, like Omastar. The turtle is Water/Rock, like Corsola and Relicanth *being smartass*
    I hoped we wouldn’t get ANOTHER freaking ground combo…
    This time they repeated the most common combos another time or two (grass/poison, bug/poison, water/ground, water/rock) while introducing lots of new combos (but this is awesome of course and about freakin time xD)

    But yea, finally not another fifty million new water mons.

    1. Yeah, I should have, It totally slipped my mind.
      and it’s actually if the frog contacts the opponent, not if the opponent contacts the frog.Technicalities 🙂

      and watermons looked like Watermelons for a second xD

      1. No cruel intentions on sounding like a jerk, but don’t the both have the same weakness and strengths?

        1. There is no difference from a competitive view.

          But the order of the types is also a conscious choice of the people making them.
          Color or design, for example, don’t change the strength and weaknesses either.

          Someone can like a pokemon because it’s skin is red and it’s armor yellow, but maybe wouldn’t if the skinw as yellow and the armor red.
          Similarly I’d like a water/ghost pokemon more than a ghost/water one.

          Here’s an example
          Sableye – Dark/Ghost
          Spiritomb – Ghost/Dark
          They’re not reverse by chance but because they make more sense this way when looking at them.

    1. >Hey hey pokejunglers, this is NL!Today I’m going to go over all the water types that were added in Isshu, talk about them, how they may affect the competitive playing… all the goodness.So, lets just get right on in!

      >Today I’m going to go over all the water types that were added in Isshu, talk about them, how they may affect the competitive playing…

      >water types that were added in Isshu, talk about them


  4. The third generation obviously contain the most water type pokemon. The water HM dive is back so it should be fun to explore the ocean floor once again. I also like the new jellyfish type mix especially the gender difference. I remember searching the net shorty after black and white were announced and found this: (13th row/column 4-9) fakemon Jellitot

    Talk about unintentional irony or just accidental coincidence.

    1. haha that is quite strange….but yeh they’re really well done! a little overkill on the prevos/evos of past pokemon…but pretty good 🙂

      now on topic, i like the water types…but i still can’t love otomaru+frog evos….i’ll stick with gastrodon/swampert haha. and even though there aren’t many new water types, i think ice got snubbed the worst. only 2 new evo lines, one stand-alone, and a legendary 🙁 oh well, i’ll wait until they’re featured xD

    2. Diving is quite different to how it was in Hoenn though FYI
      You can only dive inside an underwater maze, no encounters, and you get thrown out after enough steps.
      Makes more sense like this tho and I like the music in there 🙂

  5. Daikenki can be a very powerful pokemon, its more blanced out what i love about it, i love the movepool too!

  6. fav water types gotta be Abagoora, hes pretty epic. also like Purungeru’s type combo and concept, but it looks waaaaay to mush like the pringles guy, which juts cracks me up every time i see it XD

  7. Can Ozy, just Ozy please write the remainder of these “Focus On” articles, as well as the Anime summaries? I’m sorry to be this blunt, but its really bad, and makes Pokejungle look all “lulz” and “omg” tweeny with bad spelling and quite a few grammar mistakes. Just some advice.

  8. there should be also the female sprites of Pururiru and Purungeru, one of the few gender differences in V gen

  9. miju line: smaurai starters with 3rd evo learning megahorn, nogh said
    hiyu line: does these monkeys look like they are hi on drugs on not
    bassuro: prefer feebas over this cause 1 of them turns into a sea serpent whereas this doesn’t
    swana line: golduck line and feebass line for this gen, rare and aqua bird, sweet
    ghost water jelly fish: let the jellyfish war begin
    abagoora line: 2 words to describe this poke: PREHISTORIC BLASTOISE
    otamaru line: finally a genuine frog line, as it goes through the life cycle of a frog, unlike the poli line, in which there is a split evolution.
    water unicorn: this trio master goes best with charge of the valkeries

  10. I’m having trouble trying to decide from Futachimaru-via dream world or trade, or Hiyakki as my water type for my black game

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