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Hey everyone! It’s your friendly neighborhood Daigo here, and today I’m gonna talk about the Ghost Pokemon introduced in Generation V. There were many new Ghost Pokemon introduced in Generation V, and without further ado…let’s get started!

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First off we have #562 and # 563, Desumasu, the Spirit Pokemon, and Desukan, the Coffin Pokemon.  Desumasu evolves into Desukan at level 34, and is catchable in the Ancient Castle.  Desukan is quite an interesting Pokemon. It has a base 145 Defense and 105 Special Defense, which is simply amazing for a Ghost Pokemon, and for sure can take a ton of hits. He also has 95 Special Attack, which isn’t too shabby, since it learns Shadow Ball by level up, which is a powerful Ghost type attack. It also can learn Calm Mind by TM, so it can up that Special Attack/Defense even more. So in conclusion, Desukan can take a ton of punches, and can throw a couple right back at your opponent.

Okay, okay, okay, I’d like everyone to say hello to #607, #608, and #609, Hitomoshi, the Candle Pokemon, Ranpuraa, the Lamp Pokemon, and Shandera, the Temptation Pokemon. Hitomoshi evolves into Ranpuraa at level 41, and into Shandera via the use of a Dusk Stone, and can be caught in the Tower of the Heavens. Okay, now Shandera is going to mess you up sideways and you won’t even know what to do with yourself. This beast boasts 145 base Special Attack, and it also has 90 base Defense/Special Defense, and 80 base Speed. Now you’re thinking, all I see is a Pokemon with unbelievable Special Attack, decent Defenses, and okay Speed, but let me finish. This guy learns Calm Mind via TM, which can boost it’s rape tier Special Attack even higher, and can learn the always awesome Shadow Ball by TM/level up, giving it stab with its typing, and awesome power with its 145 base Special Attack. You also can give him a Choice Scarf to fix the Speed Isshu, and can also take hits from Pokemon faster than it with its okay Defense/Special Defense. The only fear with this guy is he doesn’t pack Levitate like other Ghost Pokemon, but as a trade off he gets Shadow Tag as his Dream World ability, so unless you have a Pokemon packing Shadow Tag, they’re stuck for some good old fashioned Shandera domination. In conclusion, I love Shandera, it looks awesome, and its Special Attack will be hard to handle when the online game play for Generation V starts rolling.

So those are the Ghost Pokemon of Generation V, being a huge fan of Ghost Pokemon, I have to say I’m pleased with the turnout. If you couldn’t tell already, I’m in love with Shandera, and Desukan and Goruugu are pretty cool as well.

Pokemon with secondary Ghost-type:


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      1. Gobitto and Goruggo are known as Ground/Ghost pokemon…

        So in that case why weren’t the included in the list of ground pokemon?

  1. Shandera and the jellyfish are my favorites this gen. Ghost has always is my favorite type, with bug always being a very very close second.

      1. I hear that you have to trade them with each other. If that’s not what you meant, here’s something off TV Tropes that answers it in a different fashion:

        “Chobomaki is a snail with an iron helmet for a shell. Shubarugo is a small knight with a fancier helmet. However, Chobomaki does not evolve into Shubarugo; Kaburumo, a shady-looking beetle does, while Chobomaki evolves into Agirudaa, an angry-looking snail-ninja. This is initially confusing: why doesn’t Chobomaki turn into the guy wearing his helmet? The answer is in the evolution method. To evolve Chobomaki or Kaburumo, you need to trade one for the other. The implication is that, as the two are being traded, Kaburumo steals Chobomaki’s helmet and becomes Shubarugo. No wonder Agirudaa looks so ticked off!”

        I haven’t actually played the rom so idk if there’s more to it, sorry!

  2. Cool segment, Daigo!
    I found this topic to be very informative and interesting.
    Looking forward to reading about the other types!

    P.S.: It kinda seemed like one of those little specials you’d see at the end of an episode in some anime show.
    Focus On: Ghost-type!
    With your host, Daigo~♪

    Keep up the good work!

    1. I’ll be posting sometime soon with another type, I’ll keep it a mystery for what that type will be. 😉

  3. Yay, another Shandera fan~ Get Shadow Tag, and we have a new Wobbufet, ‘cept he lacks SpDef and Def as well as Counter, and Mirror Coat…as far as I know.

    1. Well I’m on the Pursuit of Happiness and I know that everything that shines ‘aint always gonna be Gold, yeah.

  4. “Choice Isshu”, Lol.
    Did you mean to type that?

    I love Shandera’s overall design and knowing that it’s good competitively is a bonus. But, I’m more of a collector at the moment because online doesn’t work for me and battling my brother competitively gets boring after a while.

      1. Awesome. 😀

        I’ll have to fix my internet connection by then. Hopefully, it’s getting fixed this weekend.^^

  5. When I first saw Desukan, I actually thought it was an evolution of Dunsparce, mainly because of the color scheme and because Dunsparce looked like it’d be found in a dessert and Desukan was a coffin, obviously an Egyptian assumption, so I put those together only to be wrong, derp.

  6. Hey, Daigo! I know u r not gay but damn ur hot, man! If u talk about water-type dont forget Daikenki, loove it!

  7. Shanderra is clearly OU/Uber tier. His stats are amazing and his typing is very offense oriented. Only thing holding him back is the fire secondary type, so that comes with a weakness to stealth rock and EQ. He seems like an excellent lead that can sweep an unprepared team.

  8. I think the first generation ghost pokemon was the worse, beacuse they were part poison and they were pointless to use aganst psychic types. Not to metion they were the only ghost types on the game. One of these pokemon will join my team.

    1. Since psychic was immune to ghost and ghost was weak to psychic (4x with the poison added), there was no reason you would want to use a ghost pokemon at all, making your reasoning invalid. It’s like looking for Fire pokemon when you have to face the Water gym. 😛

  9. I love it that they added several elemental ghosts this time, that’s what was missing there 😀
    Now all we need is a grass one next generation and ghost will be as diverse in dual combinations as most of the other types. Dx

  10. @Charon: Halloween pumpkin pokemon seems the only way out of this… (Hopefully…hehe…lol…XD)

  11. Great article but why not mention Desukan’s mummy ability and Goguro’s Iron Fist ability along with the fact he can learn fly? Also, where is the jellyfish? Just kidding.

  12. when i heard that there was a fire ghost type i was like “i dont care wtf it looks like it is goin to be on my team XD” hes so damn epic its killing me! also Goruugu is pretty cool, but i dont have enough room for it on my team XD, and of course u have the always epic desukan

  13. i want my team to be
    daikenki wargle
    rankurusu abagoora
    boakii minezumi(slave)
    anyone have suggestions for a better team

  14. desukan line: let the mummy frenzy begin as this is the poke for horror and history fans
    chanderra line; don’t let this poke near an open gas line or kaboom and makes a perfect diy FLAMETHROWER
    GOBBITO line: aka regiground, another robot to add to the robot army, sweet

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