Focus on: Ghost-type

Hey everyone! It’s your friendly neighborhood Daigo here, and today I’m gonna talk about the Ghost Pokemon introduced in Generation V. There were many new Ghost Pokemon introduced in Generation V, and without further ado…let’s get started!

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First off we have #562 and # 563, Desumasu, the Spirit Pokemon, and Desukan, the Coffin Pokemon.  Desumasu evolves into Desukan at level 34, and is catchable in the Ancient Castle.  Desukan is quite an interesting Pokemon. It has a base 145 Defense and 105 Special Defense, which is simply amazing for a Ghost Pokemon, and for sure can take a ton of hits. He also has 95 Special Attack, which isn’t too shabby, since it learns Shadow Ball by level up, which is a powerful Ghost type attack. It also can learn Calm Mind by TM, so it can up that Special Attack/Defense even more. So in conclusion, Desukan can take a ton of punches, and can throw a couple right back at your opponent.

Okay, okay, okay, I’d like everyone to say hello to #607, #608, and #609, Hitomoshi, the Candle Pokemon, Ranpuraa, the Lamp Pokemon, and Shandera, the Temptation Pokemon. Hitomoshi evolves into Ranpuraa at level 41, and into Shandera via the use of a Dusk Stone, and can be caught in the Tower of the Heavens. Okay, now Shandera is going to mess you up sideways and you won’t even know what to do with yourself. This beast boasts 145 base Special Attack, and it also has 90 base Defense/Special Defense, and 80 base Speed. Now you’re thinking, all I see is a Pokemon with unbelievable Special Attack, decent Defenses, and okay Speed, but let me finish. This guy learns Calm Mind via TM, which can boost it’s rape tier Special Attack even higher, and can learn the always awesome Shadow Ball by TM/level up, giving it stab with its typing, and awesome power with its 145 base Special Attack. You also can give him a Choice Scarf to fix the Speed Isshu, and can also take hits from Pokemon faster than it with its okay Defense/Special Defense. The only fear with this guy is he doesn’t pack Levitate like other Ghost Pokemon, but as a trade off he gets Shadow Tag as his Dream World ability, so unless you have a Pokemon packing Shadow Tag, they’re stuck for some good old fashioned Shandera domination. In conclusion, I love Shandera, it looks awesome, and its Special Attack will be hard to handle when the online game play for Generation V starts rolling.

So those are the Ghost Pokemon of Generation V, being a huge fan of Ghost Pokemon, I have to say I’m pleased with the turnout. If you couldn’t tell already, I’m in love with Shandera, and Desukan and Goruugu are pretty cool as well.

Pokemon with secondary Ghost-type:


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