New Pokemon Game!

Hey Pokejunglers!

Wow…uh…that was fast. Only a few hours after that post where I said I wouldn’t expect anything, a new game is announced.


So as we know, earlier today Nintendo officially gave the details on the 3DS, but it looks like we missed a little bit of info that was also in the conference. As well as the 3DS deets, Nintendo also announced a few Wii and DS games that are to come out in the near future. One of these announced titles was Battle & Get! Pokemon Typing DS. Basically it’s a minigame packed title that is specifically geared to teach the player how to type on a westernized keyboard. Like all of the other past Pokemon games, it’s designed for children, but instead of catching them all by battling, defeating Gym Leaders etc. etc. you have to spell. The game was developed by the people behind Pokemon Colosseum, Pokemon XD and Pokemon Battle Revolution, and apparently a wireless keyboard will come along with the bundle, so no touch screen fun from what we can tell. The game is set for release in Japan for Janurary 2011.

Sounds fun right? I’m guessing you’re thinking “…..uh…spelling? NO.” Well I am too. 😛 Lucky for those who are like me and hate spelling, thinking and actually doing school work in a videogame, (*cough* Brain Age *cough*) because this game is learning how to translate Japanese Kana to English using typing skills, there’s a very slim chance that the game will even make it to America. 

So do you guys think this game will actually be any fun? Leave your opinions in the comments below!

peace and love– ozymandis

P.S. The Britney Spears episode that aired tonight was just awesome! *_*

P.P.S Sorry about the title. It’s a bit…misleading.