No, we still don’t have one.  That being said… I’m interested in creating one.  How would you change any of the existing PokeDexes you currently use?  Criticisms of them?  Something you wish they had?  Are there better ways to navigate?

If I cannot find a way to substantially improve on what everyone else does there is no point in making one.  So I’m extremely interested in people’s thoughts about whether or not they are currently happy with the options available to them 🙂

<3 pokejungle

ps- Imma go to sleep!

    1. Pictures! That’s the one thing you could possibly add that would make your site trump serebii’s and pokebeach! As long as you still haven’t gotten that letter from Nintendo, you can have sprites in your pokedex!

      1. Um, Veekun /do/ have sprites. They even have HQ sprites of the Gen V Pokémon, which is something Serebii has never had, even prior to the letter. It’s not like they’re easy to miss, the sprite is right near the top, just under the Pokémon’s name.

        As an aside, IMO Serebii’s has always been poor. As the user below me says, the navigation is horrible, and I’d like to add that the colour scheme is unconductive, whereas Veekun’s is very clean and easy on the eyes. And since when did PokéBeach have a PokéDex?

  1. ya…serebii’s sucks, and bulbapedia doesn’t have all the moves yet >.< so if you could kindly make a good one with easy navigation u'll be my new best friend

  2. Mix bulbapedia and smogon together and you get the perfect dex, I really enjoy the info bulbapedia gives, and the way smogon presents their stats

  3. The one thing I can’t find on any online Pokédex is good height charts, like they have in the in-game Pokédex. Several sites have generated height charts but they aren’t too accurate. This is most noticeable for the snakes, since they have their length listed instead of their height they end up huge on those sites’ charts.

    It would probably be very difficult to implement, though… The only way I can think of is taking a screenshot of everything single Pokémon’s Pokédex page…

    Uh, sorry, that’s really all I can think of at the moment… Like many Pokémon fans since Black/White came out I need sleep…

    1. Hiun City, inside one of the buildings, you have to fight a Janitor (who has the garbage bag Pokémon and Chillarmy) and he will give it to you.

  4. I use the one on serebii, it could be improved by:
    * Animated sprites
    * Easier navigation
    * Visuals of their base stats. Like the ones on Bulbapedia. I also like their Type effectiveness chart.
    * I don’t like the way bulbapedia organizes their information. When you search a dex you mainly want to see the relevant information first: the sprites, followed by their type, type weaknesses and strengths, stats, location in game, gender distribution, the moves they learn, etc. And then all the other info. With bulbapedia it’s almost the other way around.

    And I agree with Sora that hight charts would be nice. Although not necessary.

  5. I’d agree with Patrick, it would be nice to have a pokedex that’s quicker and easier to navigate than one’s we currently have.

    Also the best pokedex in my eyes is one that has the basics for quick reference but also has more specific things for people who want to delve deeper.

  6. Animated sprites is the first thing to do ..
    oh and please Pj or any other cool who knows japanese … PGL doesn’t work with me T_____________T

    1. Actually, because of the massive amount of people who were visiting it post BW release, it’s closed down for 7-10 days for matienence. :/

        1. well, they were figuring only their Japanese fans would be getting on plus a few that did exports. Not so large a part of the pokecommunity

  7. I agree with the above comments, but especially capture locations, alternate formes and gender differences as mentioned above. I’ve yet to find a capture location by route list anywhere. D:

  8. You should add a function to compare base stats, it’s a pain checking to pages at a time just to compare them.

  9. Search by name and sprite. That way if you know your looking for a grass pokemon but can’t remember the name (Not a problem for me) you can just see it rather than clicking on every name until you find it.

  10. recipe for a perfect pokedex: 1st add serebii’s pokedex and bulbapedia’s pokedex, then add xous’ sugimori art, mix for 10 mins, then add smogon’s pokedex, mix for another 10 mins, then add serebii’s cardex, beach’s cardex, bulbapedia’s cardex, mix for another 10 mins, add serebii’s pokespecial collection, then add the pokemon professors from deviant art work on pokemon into it, finnaly cook it for 35 mins, then take it out & serve to pjn fans

  11. Actually bulbapedia is a great example for pokedex. I love their sprite/art archive and origin(name& design) part.

    And a bit offtopic;
    About genies, we know elec/flying is raijin, flying is fujin but what about ground/flying? Is it fictional or based on another shinto deity. I searched but i couldn’t find a jin of ground, earth, soil or earthquake…

  12. maybe somthin like the real pokedex in the games?
    and ya, i am know playin the roms, i will wait for english version release, but i dont want to spoil the fun, so i am goin to finish the 8th gym and stop.
    i have a question for everyone who finished the game, is there alot of things to do after the elite 4? does the storyline continue after you beat them??

  13. I get on quite well with serebii’s.

    One thing I do want to know tho. PJ have you had one of the letters from PoA?

  14. The one thing i hate in serebii’s dex is that it takes so long to find stuff, my best version would be a grid like hgss in game, with name and sprites and number
    The rest idc except that the alternate forms and shiny stuff and evolution method should come before attacks and stats cuz i hate scrolling through all of that

    1. an area map as a location would be nice with specifc instructions beneath it too
      along with the chance of actually finding one it erks me to have to go to the route and learn that there is only a 4% chance of seeing it >:(

    1. It’s in the forest where you fight Plasma and trainers (2 female, one male) with the Elemental Wise Monkeys.

  15. Personally i find marriland’s to be the best its easy to search they hav sprites movesets evolution info location stats and even a team builder
    I cant really think of a way to make it better but im sure someone can

  16. Can the evolution data be combined with this, or have pictures of the sprites with it? Still trying to learn the names. xD;

  17. Please, if you do a drop down list, program it to where you can start typing the name and it will search as you type. IMO, this would be the best possible listing. I’ve never understood why Serebii doesn’t do this. -.-

  18. Serebii’s is really nice aesthetically. It provides a good source of general information and is physically eye-pleasing. But sometimes navigation to certain Pokemon is hard, especially going through the little scroll list by name. It would be nice if there was a little sprite of the Pokemon by it’s name when scrolling for a general idea. (especially since the game is new it will be a while before I pick up on ALL the names.) That being said Smogon has a better source of information such as base stats(their little graphs) and strategies, which is always nice. Since Serebii does generally the same thing with Pokemon of the week, it would be nice if there was different tab sections to the Pokemon.

    Pikachu : Tab 1 : more like serebii’s information-game info/where to be found/type/type chart/general info
    Tab 2: Base stats and moves
    Tab 3: Competitive battling scene. <- I'm not totally into that, but I do have a fair amount of knowledge and I know a lot of people who read it. I find it a hassle to go to Blastoise Pokedex entry, then have to click on Pokemon of the Week (Serebii) to find it and see the competitive battle style, detailing EV placements and general strategies.

    I think each Pokedex has their strengths and fail points, there's really no need for a totally new Pokedex, unless it combined all the good elements of the ones already out there, and even then it doesn't mean to say there still won't be numerous flaws and situations. Personally it's not that difficult to go to Serebii for general stats then Smogon for competitive info (interesting to read and get a general idea of what other people are doing)

    1. OH yeah. To really determine if somebody would use a Pokedex from this site, you need to make maybe like 3 or 4 mock-ups detailing maybe one Pokemon so everyone can get a feel for it, and vote or just say that none of them are really an improvement to the current ones out there.

  19. I would suggest having both the sprites and the sugimori illustrations. Also, maybe you could have it in two frames. The right frame would be narrow and would contain a list of names and small sprites of all the Pokemon. There should be an option to order the list numerically or alphabetically. The left frame would contain all the information.

  20. If you’re going to make a pokedex there are some things that you should focus on:

    1. Data
    You have to have correct, up to date data or people will go elsewhere for it
    2. Appearance
    It has to be easy to read, not to hard on the eyes, and it has to look nice.
    3. Navigation
    It HAS to be easy to navigate. Serebii’s navigation is terrible and is the reason I dont use it. Use a search bar. If you want to have alphabetized drop down lists do that but make sure a search bar is there too.
    4. Uniqueness
    What makes your pokedex unique as opposed to others? Does it have special fan art of the Pokemon in addition to their sprites? Does it have more data then the average Pokedex? Does it sport a unique design? what makes yours special?
    Alright, that’s my two cents..

  21. I don’t know if anyone else agrees with this idea, but I would REALLY like a Pokedex that combines Evolutionary Families into one page/entry. That would be really good for someone like me who has dial-up and it saves organizational space, as evolution families usually share level-up moves and TM/HM/Move Tutor moves too. Plus, it’s the only thing I can think of that the other dexes don’t have. The reason it would be useful is because there might be some level-up moves or egg moves that you would want to know for the final evo’s learnset (like Pokemon who evolved from stones). I know Serebii does that by showing prevos level-up moves that don’t overlap with that Pokemon and most Pokedexes show Egg Moves on all of the family’s pages, but it would save site space (you wouldn’t need 649 pages, you’d just need about half) and I think it should save time if you can find a way to organize it in a good way.

    Also, like others said, Sugimori images would be pretty awesome, because they are awesome and because there is only one so it makes a good standard, instead of having epic HGSS sprites combined with old DP sprites combined with awkward Plat sprites. Plus, it’s easier to scale.

    1. I don’t agree with them all on one page, but maybe, the two lower evolutions under a tab of the higher evolution since most people do just go to the final evo anyways.

      And Sugimori images WOULD be awesome. But I do like sprites, but only current ones please. Not the entire, ‘HGSS, DP, Plat’ Just the most current.

  22. Sorry for being off topic, BUT WHERE THE HELL IS EMOGNA!?!? I’ve been looking forever now and still havn’t encoutered it. The pokedex said it’s available at route 5, so I went there, searched for a good 20 minutes, but only found leopords, garbage bags, chinchillas, and cells. Somone help~!

    1. I think I read that Emonga is like Tabunne. You can find it on most routes, but it’s super rare. You have to look through shaking patches of grass to find it or something.

  23. Hey Pokejungle, I was wondering if you could confirm Jaroda’s stats for me.

    Here they are listed differently than everywhere else. Serebii had stats to match these on his New Pokemon page. They were consistent throughout the Tsutaja family, but they went back to the sucky stats that they were before. Could you possibly look into this for me? Does Tsutaja really have High Defense, Low Offense, and High Speed?

    1. That looks great, I love the whole body sprites now on all the Pokemon. Should make Pokemon like Mamoswine who just have the top of their head in the old sprites look much better. where did you find the back sprites?
      Also, I’m trying to avoid major spoliers, but I would just ask if someone could tell me if there are any new areas which open up after the Elite 4 is beaten? You know, like other areas or islands?.

  24. As more pokemon come out obviously a pokedex has to become more easy to navigate.

    An advanced search option to exclude things like generation, type, pokemon who learn certain moves things like that.

    The ability to create a page to make breeding chains would be cool to

    1. Well, I know Veekun has a pretty advanced search, and he definately has a breeding-chain calculator :3

  25. WPM being the most sarcastiic out of the pokemon website webmasters, he has a habit of doing pranks on his viewers, like giving control of his site to holystar, faking a hacking, his poems that have secret meanings, his negative editorials about other webmasters during beachmoviegate, article about a rumoured live action movie, he accepted fake BW info from the troll martijin muller & now this, man, this person needs to find other interests, since bulbapedia lists serebii joe’s other interests & pj plays on WoW
    ps. to the tcg hating dude: wpm cares about the tcg

    1. I love how people have to make drama out of a joke. He is joking because of how serious the matter is. People vent through humor, as I do, and some people need to accept that.

  26. PJ, I don’t know if you saw it, but could you answer my lil’ question above? Thaaaaaaank yooooouuu.

    1. About Tsutaaja line stats? I think Daigo chose tsutaaja so I’ll see how his pokemon’s stats are shaping up :]

        1. Daigo: “Well it’s a Janobii at level 29, 80 HP, 48 Attack, 56 Defense, 40 Special Attack, 45 Special Defense, and 61 Speed.”

          1. Thank you for asking. Well, that doesn’t seem so bad. At least his Attack is higher than his Sp.Defense 😛 I sorta wish it was his Sp.Attack that was higher though.

  27. Wheres the earliest place that you can find Riguree (the pale green pure psychic, alien, bellheaded thing)??? I can’t seem to find any answer elsewhere : /

        1. I’m quite sure she isn’t the champion and I have no control of other sites and if they have outdated information up :p

  28. Navigation is huge topic. A few pointers…
    – We have 650 Pokemon now, and way too many stats/abilities/etc. to care about. Try not to make lists of anything. They will always be incomplete and start to annoy people at some time.
    – Nonetheless, always start with an overview of all 650 Pokemon (i suggest icon view). Most of us are nerds that know where most pokemon are in the poxedex. Nothing annoys me more than going Click(Fire) -> scroll -> Ho-oh on serebii when I know exactly where it is in the Pokedex.
    – Regardless, types are good way to navigate a pokedex. I’d say implement a filter mechanic and blend out all pokemon from the icon view that do not match.
    – The greatest thing for a new pokedex would be to enable you to build your own comparison view. I’d suggest you do the opposite of the filter mechanic and make a “show mechanic” where you can select some stats or stuff like this that are then shown alongside with the currently shown pokemon.
    – Make a complete pokedex. Pokemon have attacks, that should have detailed information available, obviously. Then pokemon need some items to evolve, so include an Itemdex. Then Pokemon also have catch locations so you’d probably have some model of all worlds, too. The hardest problem for navigation is going to be switching between all the different things seamlessly.
    – A nice feature would be to embed user generated content somewhere. A comment system like here would be a really fresh thing.

    So, that would pretty much make a perfect pokedex IMO. 😉

    1. Well, if there is interest, I know about all the programming stuff, so I could even help a bit with this, although my time is very limited atm, I must say.

  29. I think you guys might have to hold on the black and white pokedex. The letter regurding legal matters with Nintendo is real. All english web and fansites are to remove all images of pokemon black and white.
    I checked out pokebeach now “pokerbeach” and they were given 24 hours to take down any and all images of black and white. serebii took theirs down yesterday.
    I don’t know if any of the Nintendo lawyers are aware of pokejungles’ existence, but as a fan of this site I suggest taking your images down. Just for safety precautions you should also take down the banner.

    -ps I never knew Nintendo had an image embago over pokemon, guess you learn something new every day.

    1. Thats one thing that doesnt add up. The fan sites are not breaking any copyright laws. They are protected under the Fair Use Clause. The only thing they are actually doing is giving publicity to Nintendo/Game Freak. People at pokebeach already looked at the letter/email and proved it was fake, thus Pokebeach didn’t care.

      1. Fair Use is stretched a bit thin here. There’s a bit in it about anything related to the climax of the plot being protected, and both Serebii & WPM had images/movies of the encounter with Resh & Zek, which most fans would consider the climax. But you’re right that the rest of the images should be fine. That’s another big thing that bothers me about that letter. If it had said something like ‘take down all images for now, then get in vontact with me so I can let you know what to put back up’ that would be believable. “TAEK DOWNZ EVURRRRYTHINGZ” stinks of illegality.

    2. Yeah so far I haven’t received an email but we’ll see how it goes. It is unnerving to think that Nintendo doesn’t support all the hard work we put into these sites. I will admit that even my arch nemesis PokerBeach as probably put in hundreds of hours into his site and it is ridiculous Nintendo sent him a letter like that.

      1. something just doesn’t feel right about this copyright infringment issue hmmm…
        if anyone should be getting these letters it should be pokexperto afterall he was revealing so much of black /white before the release even more than serebii
        does anyone know if he got one yet?

      2. Please, please, PLEASE have pictures of the sprites in your pokedex, and don’t be a gullible pussy like Serebii and Poke”r”beach. That is what will make it the best. c:

    3. Letter is 90% fake. It’s got multiple grammatical errors in it, first off. Second, as stated above, Fair Use dictates that they can’t demand ALL images taken down. Third, the 24 hour notice pretty much guarantees it’s fake. I’m not as read up as I should be, but I’m fairly sure the least amount of time they can specify is three days. When you think about it, 24 hours to take down all images AND give a response to them saying you’ve taken down all the images is pushing it a bit too much.

    1. an evo tab would be nice and you can design the pokedex to look like a old-school (book lke) journal design like the ones biologist used to use
      hope you understand what i’m saying ? 🙁 sounds so much better in my head

    2. Pokejungle? What’s your take on the Pokedex idea so far? Are you going to make one, or not?

      And did you like my little mock-up as a visual idea to my previous post?

      1. I loved your little mockup x3 Not quite sure how I feel yet on it. I haven’t come up with any ground breaking ways to differentiate it from all the other options available.

  30. I have to say, I found this site a lot more interesting when there were rumors and news to post about, now it’s kinda dull.


    1. We’re gonna start on new articles soon and Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs will give us a bit to cover as well.

  31. I’m most interested as to when the Sugimori artwork comes out. I would recommend using that instead of sprites (so have the pokedex ready and when the artwork is revealed you can be the first person to put the artwork in).

  32. The ability to compare the stats, type matchups, and attacks of any two or more pokemon, I hate having to go back and forth on Serebii’s pokedex trying to figure out which pokemon has stats and attacks that I’d prefer. If that’s not a big enough difference to make you’re own pokedex I don’t know what is.

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