Full Black&White Evolution Data

I don’t know if any other English sites have done this yet, but I’ve decided to compile a full list of evolutionary methods.  I’ve put it in a spoiler just because it is so long @@;


  • Tsutaaja -(lv17)> Janobii -(lv36)> Jaroda
  • Pokabu -(lv17)> Chaobu -(lv36)> Emboar
  • Mijumaru -(lv17)> Futachimaru -(lv36)> Daikenki
  • Minezumi -(lv20)> Miruhoggu
  • Yooterii -(lv16)> Haaderia -(lv32)> Muurando
  • Choroneko -(lv20)> Leperasudu
  • Yanappu -(leaf stone)> Yanakki
  • Baoppu -(fire stone)> Baokki
  • Hiyappu -(water stone)> Hiyakki
  • Munna -(moon stone)> Musharna
  • Mamepato -(lv21)> Hatoopoo -(lv32)> Kenhorou
  • Shimama -(lv27)> Zeburaika
  • Dangoro -(lv25)> Gantoru -(trade)> Gigaiasu
  • Koromori -(summer)> Kokoromori
  • Moguryuu -(lv31)> Doryuuzu
  • Tabunne
  • Dokkora -(lv25)> Dotekkotsu -(trade)> Roopushin
  • Otamaru -(lv25)> Gamagaru -(lv36)> Gamageroge
  • Nageki
  • Dageki
  • Kurumiru -(lv20)> Kurumayu -(summer)> Hahakurimo
  • Futsude -(lv22)> Hoiiga -(lv30)> Pendoraa
  • Monmen -(sun stone)> Erefuun
  • Churine -(sun stone)> Doreida
  • Basurao
  • Meguroko -(lv29)> Warubiru -(lv40)> Warubiaru
  • Darumakka -(lv35)> Hihidaruma
  • Marakacchi
  • Ishizumai -(lv34)> Iwaperasu
  • Zuruggu -(lv39)> Zuruzukin
  • Shinpora
  • Desumasu -(lv34)> Desukan
  • Purotooga -(lv37)> Abagoora
  • Aaken -(lv37)> Aakeosu
  • Yabakuron -(lv36)> Dasutodasu
  • Zoroa -(lv30)> Zoroark
  • Chillarmy -(light stone)> Chirachiino
  • Gochimu -(lv32)> Gochimiru -(lv41)> Gochiruzeru
  • Yuniran -(lv32)> Daburan -(lv41)> Rankurusu
  • Koaruhii -(lv35)> Swanna
  • Banipucchi -(lv35)> Baniricchi -(lv47)> Baibanira
  • Shikijika -(lv34)> Mebukujika
  • Emonga
  • Kapurumo -(trade w/ Chobomaki)> Shubarugo
  • Tamagetake -(lv39)> Morobareru
  • Pururiru -(lv40)> Burunkeru
  • Mamambou
  • Bachuru -(lv36)> Denchura
  • Tesshiido -(lv40)> Nattorei
  • Gearu -(38)> Gigear -(49)> Gigigear
  • Shibishirasu -(lv39)> Shibibiiru -(thunder stone)> Shibirudon
  • Riguree -(lv42)> Oobemu
  • Hitomoshi -(lv41)> Ranpuraa -(dusk stone)> Shanderaa
  • Kibago -(lv38)> Onondo -(lv48)> Ononokusu
  • Kumashun -(lv37)> Tsunbear
  • Furijio
  • Chobomaki -(trade w/ Kaburumo)> Agirudaa
  • Maggyo
  • Kojofuu -(lv50)> Kojondo
  • Kurimugan
  • Gobitto -(lv43)> Goruggo
  • Komatana -(lv52)> Kirikizan
  • Baffuron
  • Washibon -(lv54)> Wargle
  • Baruchai -(lv54)> Barujiina
  • Kuitaran
  • Aianto
  • Monozu -(lv50)> Jiheddo -(lv64)> Sazando
  • Meraruba -(lv59)> Urugamosu
  • Aaaaaand then non-evolving legendaries start!


<3 pokejungle

  1. I wish they weren’t so anal about picture leaks, because I still don’t know who is who yet. xD; But thanks for the info!

    I don’t know if it’s helpful or not, just interesting. Apparently there are pokemon “hide and seeking” across Japan? On their web? I can’t read Japanese, but that’s as much as I got from Google Translate. xD;;;

  2. Koromori evolves in Summer? Since there’s no way to manipulate seasons and a season lasts one month…


    …I’ll be done with the game -_-; Can’t Koromori evolve some OTHER way!? Like happiness like Crobat!? D:

  3. I wish Serebii was still able to show the images. I’m curious as to what Nageki and Dageki are now. x_x

  4. only one guy for light and dusk stones… hmm…
    although, I am glad that they brought back the normal evo stones from the first and second generation….
    And why must they make me play the game for four weeks before I can evolve my pokemon?!?
    @PJN- check out the article on Bulbapedia about the e-mails, I found it very interesting.

    1. I saw the article. Japan had no problem with D/P/Pt and HGSS. Since when did they had a problem with B/W? I know it’s a Pokemon game with loads of features, twists, and Pokemon, but so is Gen IV. Somebody NEEDS to mail Nintendo or The Pokemon Company.

      Going forward, you must also refrain from posting any screenshots, videos, or other content that infringes Nintendo’s rights in the Pokémon series or any other game.

      WTH? So they’re sueing fansites but not people on YouTube who have videos, screenshots, and stuff? And how does that infringe copyrights? People post screenshots and videos of upcoming videos all the time, yet they do not get sued like us Pokemon fans. So I’m questioning the legality of this letter…

        1. I’m a little out dated and feel free to make fun of me for asking such a silly question.
          What is Imao-ing?
          The rom is a fake?
          The inports are fake? Whats going on ? `~`

          1. lmao – Laughing My @ss Off. The -ing was unnecessary actually…
            They are saying that the e-mail from Nintendo telling them to remove all B&W info and pics was fake.

  5. Dammit, why is it that every pokemon I planned on using evolve in weird ways. Is it possible to trade on a ROM? If not, I won’t be able to get Shubarugo….

  6. Uh I need some help. What rom Emulator are you guys using? I’m using DeSmuMe and it’s incredibly slow.

  7. Cool, none of the pokemon I’m going to put on my team evolve seasonally. most evolve late or with a stone but thats all in-game stuff.
    I pesonally think adding seasons was a great idea; it makes the game feel brand new every month. However, a month seems too long and a week would have worked out a little better. I actually though the seasons were weekly during the rumors and leaks period.
    I’m curious why most of the pokemon evolve so late?

  8. Some of the level’s are abit high for ordinary Pokemon 😮

    Noo why are there more trade evo’s? 🙁 Im the only one of my friends who plays Pokemon so i (rather saddishly) brought another DS just to trade to myself -.-‘

  9. I’m actually ok with the pokemon evolving after a long time. Waiting for your pokemon to evolve is something to look forward to and is one of my favorite parts of the game. Everyone should also remember that this game is pretty long. The elite 4 rematches contain pokemon of levels as high as 77 so its really not that bad that they evolve at very high levels

  10. Could the higher levels be because there are more ways of boosting exp gain? I don’t know how much is confirmed now, but I’d read something about being given a Lucky Egg at one point, and the deru power thing apparently raises exp gain as well. Just a theory…could mean that hitting 59 won’t be too much harder than hitting 40 was in the past.

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