Post-Release Tidbits 1 (UPD2)

Item Info:

  • Plant Bulb: One time use hold item which raises user’s special attack if hit by a Water attack [Cost: 32BP]
  • Rechargeable Battery: One time use hold item which raises user’s special attack if hit by an Electric attack [Cost: 32BP]
  • Red Card: Hold item that forces opponent to switch out pokemon after holder is attacked [Cost: 32BP] (UPD1)
  • Escape Button: Hold item that will switch held items when holder is attacked [Cost: 32BP] (Still working on this translation)
  • Balloon: Hold item which grants user the benefits of the ‘Levitate’ ability until it is attacked [Cost: 48BP]
  • Pressure Band: Hold item that increases the power of trapping moves such as fire spin, bind, etc [Cost: 48BP]
  • Rought Helmet: Works like the ability “rough skin”; if holder is hit by a contact move the attacker will take a small amount of damage

Pokemon Info:

  • You will receive and egg that contains Meraruba (the bug/fire pokemon) from an NPC on Route 18

Ability Info:

  • ‘Slip Through’ allows you to bypass the stat gains of barriers such as light screen and reflect
  • ‘Regeneration’ (Tabunne’s ability) heals 1/3 of HP when you switch it for another pokemon
  • ‘Mischievous Heart’ makes “status” type moves have priority.  (“Status” moves are the ones that aren’t attacks)
  • ‘Justice Heart’ raises pokemon’s attack power if it is hit by a dark-type move
  • UPD1 —– From here down —–
  • ‘Magic Mirror’ reflects any status conditions back at opponent (ala magic coat)
  • ‘Analyze’ makes pokemon’s moves perform last, but will raise their base power
  • ‘Eccentric’ transforms your pokemon into the pokemon in facing it
  • ‘Burning Rampage’/’Poisoned Rampage’ if pokemon has burn/poison it’s SpAttack/Attack rises
  • ‘Dirty Trick’ poisons opponents when an attack makes contact
  • ‘Telepathy’ unaffected by ally’s attacks which hit all pokemon in 2v2/3v3 battles
  • UPD2 —— From here down ———–
  • ‘Miracle Skin’ pokemon will not get hit as often from status moves
  • ‘Heavy Metal’ pokemon’s weight is doubled
  • ‘Light Metal’ pokemon’s weight is halved
  • ‘Bad Assembly’ pokemon will steal opponent’s item after a contact move hits
  • ‘Multi-Scale’ damage is lessened if pokemon is at full health
  • ‘Daruma Mode’ pokemon transforms into alternate forme (Darumakka/Hihidaruma)
  • ‘Competetive Spirit’ causes pokemon’s attack to rise if it’s stats are lowered

Attack Info:

  • TM78 – Ground Level [Ground, Physical / Power: 60 / Accuracy: 100% / PP20 / Hits all opponents and lowers their speed] (TM/HM Page Updated)
  • ‘Sacred Sword’ [Fighting, Physical / Power: 90 / Accuracy: 100% / PP20 / Ignores opponent’s stat changes]
  • ‘Trickery’ [Dark, Physical / Power: 95 / Accuracy: 100% / PP20 / Base power rises if opponent’s attack stat is higher]
  • ‘Butterfly Dance [Bug, Status / Accuracy: 100% / Raises SpAttack, SpDefense, and Speed by 1-stage]
  • ‘Burst Flame’ [Fire, Special / Power: 70 / Accuracy 100% / Hits all pokemon on the field]
  • UPD1 ——- From here down ———
  • ‘Jitters’ [Raises user’s speed if it is hit by a bug/ghost/dark type attack]
  • ‘Delay’ [Makes target perform their attacks last]
  • ‘Mirror Type’ [Changes pokemon’s type to that of its target]
  • ‘Guard Share’ [Splits defensive boosts between all your pokemon currently on the field]

Misc Info:

  • Trainer card has Nature and Trainer type which can be changed simply by tapping on them

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ps- Thanks Number for the help translating!