Pokémon X&Y COVERAGE Day 1: We have the game

One of our staff members, Sammydodger, has now received his copy of Pokémon X! This is the beginning of our coverage of the game. We’re compiling our own experiences, along with information from 4chan, Reddit, and a large chunk from Serebii’s early explorations. This post will be updated constantly with information and images 🙂 Region Information … Read more

Dream Radar Coverage [UPDATE *30]

The Dream Radar has been released onto the Japanese E-Shop and our coverage has begun! Be sure to check out our Dream Radar page here where we are currently compiling the information we find. Discoveries: [list style=”orb” color=”green”] Clouds regenerate by themselves with time – about 1 cloud every 5 minutes. You can spend up … Read more

Post-Release Tidbits 1 (UPD2)

Item Info: Plant Bulb: One time use hold item which raises user’s special attack if hit by a Water attack [Cost: 32BP] Rechargeable Battery: One time use hold item which raises user’s special attack if hit by an Electric attack [Cost: 32BP] Red Card: Hold item that forces opponent to switch out pokemon after holder … Read more

BW Coverage 2

I’ve gotten bored with just writing everything down because that is what everyone other site is doing.  So!  I want to just give you guys the information you want :]  If you have a question post a COMMENT and I’ll to answer it on this post! (BTW I’m only @ Aloe’s Gym right now so … Read more

PJNET’s BW Coverage

[spoiler] [/spoiler] Time for us to start our coverage 😀  I’ll be posting stuff and the newer information on top.  Newer pictures will also be on top. Coverage is on hold for 30 minutes while I eat and take a break . OMG!  Dokkora will flip that plank of wood it is holding.  Cuuuute <3 … Read more