Dream Radar Coverage [UPDATE *30]

The Dream Radar has been released onto the Japanese E-Shop and our coverage has begun!

Be sure to check out our Dream Radar page here where we are currently compiling the information we find.


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  • Clouds regenerate by themselves with time – about 1 cloud every 5 minutes.
  • You can spend up to 5 game coins three times a day to gain more clouds, the number of clouds you earn depends on the level of your Search Scope, at level 1 you receive 10 clouds, at level 2, 15, and this level also dictates the maximum number of clouds you can have at once
  • Hitting clouds when they are large causes more dream balls to appear
  • When you transfer the Pokémon from BW2 they seem to range from LV 5 to LV 40 depending on how many Gym Badges you have obtained (raising in increments of 5)
  • Genders are not predetermined
  • Pokémon can be found holding items
  • The Support Goods consist of: a Draw-in Filter (a small vortex that sucks in Pokémon making them easier to catch), a Tangle Filter (which slows down Pokémon) and a Spare Energy (which restores your energy when trying to catch a Pokémon)
  • You can store up to 6 caught pokemon and 6 different types of items at a time (items stack), if you catch any more, you have to swap
  • Despite being a 3DS game, the game only plays in 2D
  • Catching Tornadus creates a third line at the bottom of the storage box
  • Even after the Therian formes are caught there is still a large space to the left of them. Either  a bad design decision or there is room for more, different legendaries to be caught. Up to three.
  • After you catch all three of the Kami Trio you unlock simulator levels. These let you play against them again, though you can’t catch them.
  • You also gain access to your records: Grand total dream balls, Number of dream clouds discovered, Number of Pokémon/Items found etc. 
  • The total amount of Dream Balls unlock new Pokémon for capture. *

Parts (Levels):

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  • Normal Parts Level – This level costs no dream balls to play
  • Rescue Parts Level – This level, which seems to be first unlocked by having 100 dream balls in your possession, costs 100 dream balls each time to play (Note: Levels are called Parts. This is somewhat confusing but bear with us)
  • Salvage Parts Level – This level costs 100 dream balls and the chances of coming across a Pokémon with a held item is more likely.
  • Miracle Parts Level – This level costs no dream balls to play. It has only black clouds and it appears the only thing you can find here is Tornadus. The level disappears after catching him.
  • Miracle Parts β Level – This level costs no dream balls to play. It has only black clouds and it appears the only thing you can find here is Thundurus. The level disappears after catching him.
  • Miracle Parts γ Level – This level costs no dream balls to play. It has only black clouds and it appears the only thing you can find here is Landorus. The level disappears after catching him.


Obtainable Pokémon: (Upd:28)

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  • Porygon (after approx 3000+ Dream Balls)
  • Ralts 
  • Drifloon
  • Swablu 
  • Riolu 
  • Sigilyph 
  • Shuckle 
  • Igglybuff
  • Bronzor
  • Staryu
  • Togepi
  • Spiritomb (after approx 3000+ Dream Balls)
  • Rotom
  • Smoochum
  • Shuckle


Obtainable Items: (UPD 29)

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  • Revive & Max Revive 
  • Leppa Berry
  • Green, Red, Yellow and Blue Shards
  • PP Up
  • Sun Stone, Leaf StoneThunder Stone, Water Stone, Fire Stone and Moon Stone
  • Rare Candy 
  • Sacred Ash


Check back often for more updates.

/Kryzz, Kriffix, Ozy, and pokejungle

  1. Prankster Riolu is legal! Priority Copycat Roar spammage for Stealth Rock trollage!

  2. Are you gonna do an in depth BW2 coverage?

    The approach all fansites take when new games are out is so amazingly lame.
    Theyd mention stuff like “Alder shows up on route 19”

    But in all seriousness.. that is pointless info. You will see Alder when you get there yourself too. What he says on the other hand, the actually thing people would be curious about, no one would say.

    In other words, Id love to have at least some feel for what the characters are talking about in the seemingly more important parts.

      1. How interested would you be in a stream from us? I inderstand you’ve probably watched a lot of what WPM has done, but I may consider doing one if people would like it? ;o

        Obviously I’d ask/need a translator to update along live. But yeah. Lemme know.

  3. Do the Pokemon get any special moves from the DreamRadar? and do they really have their dw abilities?

  4. When can you transfer the pokemon/items obtained in the pokeradar into Pokemon B/W2… staright away or later?

    1. Straight away, but it seems to reflect the level at which they arrive. Read one of the above bullet points for more info 🙂

      1. That’s cool then as long as I get my special Riolu with his DW ability at the start

  5. Hmm…since the Kami’s levels disappear, it makes me wonder if you can access them again, possibly after you transfer the ones currently stocked up?

    1. I doubt it.. it’s only purpose is to get those Pokémon, you can’t do anything else there, and there would have to be something in the clouds. They obviously wouldn’t let you get the legendaries multiple times over. However if you deleted the game data and redownloaded it (I assume that’s free like on PSN etc), I don’t know how the game would react. At best, you might be able to get them again but it wouldn’t let you transfer it over to the same copy of B2/W2.

  6. question, what level are the kami trio when you get them? and can you get them right away as soon as you play the game?

    1. As with the rest of the Pokémon, It depends on how many badges you have. Ranging from levels 5 to 40.

    2. You’ll need to atleast unlock the respective Miracle Parts to get each of the Kami Trio. As to how those parts are unlocked, it’s still unclear afaik

      1. I think it may be related to how many Dream Balls you’ve found in total. Same for new Pokémon appearing. Prof.Burnette sometimes sells me the grand total so I assume there must be some significance in this.

  7. Are the therian forms at a lower level if you send them to bw2 before completing the story mode?

  8. Apparently, if you have a Gen 4 game in the DS slot when using the Dream Radar you can catch the cover Legendary with it’s DW ability.

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