Gigantamax Toxtricity location, guide, abilities and more

Detailed Gigantamax Toxtricity Location and Capture Guide

Pokémon Sword and Shield players have a brand new Gigantamax Pokémon to capture with the addition of Gigantamax Toxtricity. Since many of you will be looking to add a Toxtricity capable of Gigantamaxing, we’ve compiled a guide to help you find and catch it before it leaves raids. When is Gigantamax Toxtricity available to catch? … Read more

Pokémon Sword & Shield Ditto Guide

The easiest way to get a perfect IV Ditto in Sword & Shield

The Transform Pokémon Ditto is an invaluable resource to Pokémon breeding! So, where is Ditto and what’s the best way to get a Ditto with high IVs or a variety of natures? In The Wild After you’ve obtained your 8th badge, you will be strong enough to capture Ditto in the Wild Area. You’ll find … Read more

Dream Radar Coverage [UPDATE *30]

The Dream Radar has been released onto the Japanese E-Shop and our coverage has begun! Be sure to check out our Dream Radar page here where we are currently compiling the information we find. Discoveries: [list style=”orb” color=”green”] Clouds regenerate by themselves with time – about 1 cloud every 5 minutes. You can spend up … Read more

Rumble Blast: Have You Caught’em All?

If NOT, The Pokemon Company has a great resource now available online: a PDF guide of the location (and stats) of all the pokemon available in Rumble Blast!  Not HUUUUUUGE news, but let’s keep the site lively, shall we? :3 <3 pokejungle ps- Working on finding a good (paid) WordPress/BuddyPress compatible theme for the site. … Read more

Want PokéTap on an English iOS device?

Many people probably want to try out PokeTap, although it really isn’t that *amazing*, so I’m making a quick and dirty “how-to” guide for those of you who want to know how to download it for your American, European, Australian, etc iOS device.  One of the biggest requirements is that this game requires iOS 4.3 at … Read more