Want PokéTap on an English iOS device?

Many people probably want to try out PokeTap, although it really isn’t that *amazing*, so I’m making a quick and dirty “how-to” guide for those of you who want to know how to download it for your American, European, Australian, etc iOS device.  One of the biggest requirements is that this game requires iOS 4.3 at minimum, so only the 3rd / 4th generation iPod Touch and iPhone 3GS / 4 will work.  I don’t know about iPad.

In order to get a Japanese iTunes account you can follow this handy guide.  They say to copy ニコニコ, but instead we’re going to be searching “the pokemon company”.  You’ll find ポケモン言えTAP? right away and you can push ‘Get App’ just like the guide does with a different one.  Then just fill out the form with some fake info and pay attention to the location and zip code they’ve checked for you. UPD: If you’re having trouble syncing the game to your device, go onto the App store from it and sign out of your usual account and login with your new Japanese one.

Then you can download it and sync it to your device 😀  Easy! There isn’t much Japanese you need to know for this game, but I’ll try to give a quick rundown:

  • スタート (Suta-to): Start [the game] # This is what you’ll see on the title screen when playing the game after first downloading it
  • かんたん (Kantan): Easy / むずかしい (Muzukashii): Hard # Once you beat the song you’ll be able to choose easy mode or hard mode, the latter has no energy symbols and you must simply follow the song for tapping
  • つぎへ (Tsugihe): Next # This is displayed under the “GAME OVER” screen and just means “next”
  • かんぺき (Kanpeki): Perfect / いいね (iine): Good / まあまあ (maamaa): So-so # The game rates how many you got that were perfect, good, or so-so on the ranking screen.
  • タイトルへ (Taitoruhe): To Title Screen / ランキング (Rankingu): Ranking # On the ranking screen the two buttons on the bottom decide whether to go back to the title screen or go on to ranking screen
  • すきなポケモンをえらんでね (Sukina Pokemonwo Erandene): Choose the Pokemon you like
  • けってい (Kettei): Decided / スキップ (Sukippu): Skip # After choosing what pokemon you want as an avatar you can choose the decided button or go back to the title screen by pushing skip
<3 pokejungle
ps- Hope this ‘lil guide helped at least one person 😀  Pretty self explanatory game though, so don’t worry about the language barrier!