Want PokéTap on an English iOS device?

Many people probably want to try out PokeTap, although it really isn’t that *amazing*, so I’m making a quick and dirty “how-to” guide for those of you who want to know how to download it for your American, European, Australian, etc iOS device.  One of the biggest requirements is that this game requires iOS 4.3 at … Read more


Seems I’m the first site to cover it, but the ‘PokéTap’ (the name you see on your homescreen) app has been released on the Japanese App Store! Picture above is straight from my iPhone, obviously I chose Leavanny 🙂 Unfortunately, it is very simple and not a complex rhythm game. Pokemon cards show at the … Read more

Pokémon Say & Tap?

The title for this game is a bit odd because Japanese love weird names.  The most accurate translation would probably be “Pokemon: Call & Tap!” because it’s a rhythm game in which you tap matching TCG cards from what the music is singing.  This will hit the iOS App Store and Android Market later this summer in … Read more