Japanese Anime Preview – 8/4


Can’t wait to see Larvesta in action! Who do you guys think is going to win? Iris and her Emolga or Kenyan and his Sawk?

peace – ozymandis

  1. Iris wins Larvesta wins, we already know that the final will be ash against Iris, and several scan have shown luke VS Iris

  2. We all know the outcome of Ash v Langley!

    Ha-ha Emolga using Attract and then Sawk fighting valiantly to stop it, then using Bulk Up vs Emolga’s twirly-wirly finger Electro Ball!

    Luke (Larvesta) vs Cilan (Stunfisk) – and interesting battle + outcome (even though we know who wins) and we get to see Stunfisk’s true potential!

    Such a long wait-like 2 weeks and then you’ve got the last part of the 4 part tournament-Now THAT will be epic!!!

    1. well ash is going to win afeter hes in a cliff hanger with pawnaird because this happened multiple ties before so the anime is kinda not original in some ways

  3. well even though it’s known who wins, i guessed the formula would play into it, but i guess not. by formula, i mean the way ash tends to win by putting out something weak to what he’s fighting. meaning that since emolga is electric/flying and sawk is fighting, sawk would win. but alas, they’re going to go with a game-style outcome. lol

  4. I’m more interested in what Ash and Iris will battle with.
    Plus Ash FINALLY gets to have his battle with iris that he’s always wanted.

  5. Hay PJN, did you hear the news, Pokemon Rumble Bast was delayed in Japan. I was supposed to be released tomorrow, but it was reviled that it will be delayed to August 11th, 2011. Thank serebii.net for the up date, hope its nothing too serious, and we still get a US release.

  6. Hmm,when will this air? Also,I bet Iris will use Excadrill(for sure),and Ash will use..Palpitoad or Snivy,i dont know,i wish he uses Pikachu or Oshawott(for the lulz)..Who wins after that?

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