Pokemon Rumble Blast To Get A Late Release

The official Japanese site of Pokemon Rumble Blast has announced that the game’s release date will be delayed by 2 weeks, giving the new release date of August 11th, 2011. No news as to why the delay was made, or if this will ’cause a delay in the English release date of October 24th, 2011, but we’ll bring more news as it comes!

peace – ozymandis

PJ’s Note: I’m rather surprised at this news because electronic stores have had displays out for a couple of weeks now and they’ve really been ramping up lately because the launch was SUPPOSED to be on Thursday. Retailers should’ve already had their stock of the games in, so one could only assume that there was some gamebreaking glitch discovered and the unreleased copies had to be replaced.  🙁

btw, I also got some hands on time with the TCG tutorial for kids that’s being released in Japan alongside a TCG starter set.  Pictures and run-down will be up tomorrow 🙂