The easiest way to get a perfect IV Ditto in Sword & Shield

The Transform Pokémon Ditto is an invaluable resource to Pokémon breeding! So, where is Ditto and what’s the best way to get a Ditto with high IVs or a variety of natures?

In The Wild

After you’ve obtained your 8th badge, you will be strong enough to capture Ditto in the Wild Area. You’ll find it roaming the Over World at Lake Outrage 10% of the time in all weather. You’ll also find it as a surprise encounter in the grass during Normal Weather 2% of the time.

If you need Ditto specifically for a nature, it might be best to search here with a Synchronize Pokémon.

In Max Raids

North of the Nursery in the Wild Area, you’ll find an area called the Stony Wilderness. The Stony Wilderness has mountains lining its Eastern border. If you travel into the area and hug the Eastern wall, you’ll find a small patch of grass with a den behind it. This out-of-the-way den has a secret. The Rare Dens have a 100% chance of having a Ditto. Furthermore, all Raid based Pokémon have a chance at max IVs. Making it perfect for breeding!

When you encounter Ditto, consider setting a friend code by pressing “+” and keeping it exclusive to your friends. Or! Recruit help from the community and leave it open. Whatever you decide, before you dive in, there are two critical components you’ll want to consider.

Repeat Balls

Remember that higher star values also mean the Pokémon will be harder to capture. Before you lob another Ultra Ball at Ditto, consider a Repeat Ball.

Ultra Balls increase your catch chance by x 2. However, if the Pokémon is already in your Pokédex, the Repeat Ball increases your chances of capturing by x 3.5. That increase is almost double! You can buy Repeat Balls for 1,000$ in Wyndon’s central Pokémon Center!

Ditto Transforms

Before you select your favorite Pokémon with great coverage moves, consider that Ditto can transform into any of its four opposing Pokémon, given that they are able to dynamax.

Pokémon who cannot dynamax are the legendary Pokémon Zacian, Zamazenta, and Eternatus. Therefore, if you bring these three Pokémon to Ditto raids, Ditto will already be Dynamaxed and will not be able to assume their form–as they cannot Dynamax. If all four trainers bring legendary Pokémon, Ditto will fail to transform endlessly. Go ahead and chip away at its HP in an easy encounter.

Happy Egg Hatching!

Shout out to our friends Paul (IG @puccello27), JT (IG @jayt491), and Nick Schwerdtfeger for the ground-breaking field research using legendary Pokémon against Ditto!