The easiest way to get a perfect IV Ditto in Sword & Shield

Pokémon Sword & Shield Ditto Guide

The Transform Pokémon Ditto is an invaluable resource to Pokémon breeding! So, where is Ditto and what’s the best way to get a Ditto with high IVs or a variety of natures?

In The Wild

After you’ve obtained your 8th badge, you will be strong enough to capture Ditto in the Wild Area. You’ll find it roaming the Over World at Lake Outrage 10% of the time in all weather. You’ll also find it as a surprise encounter in the grass during Normal Weather 2% of the time.

If you need Ditto specifically for a nature, it might be best to search here with a Synchronize Pokémon.

In Max Raids

North of the Nursery in the Wild Area, you’ll find an area called the Stony Wilderness. The Stony Wilderness has mountains lining its Eastern border. If you travel into the area and hug the Eastern wall, you’ll find a small patch of grass with a den behind it. This out-of-the-way den has a secret. The Rare Dens have a 100% chance of having a Ditto. Furthermore, all Raid based Pokémon have a chance at max IVs. Making it perfect for breeding!

When you encounter Ditto, consider setting a friend code by pressing “+” and keeping it exclusive to your friends. Or! Recruit help from the community and leave it open. Whatever you decide, before you dive in, there are two critical components you’ll want to consider.

Repeat Balls

Remember that higher star values also mean the Pokémon will be harder to capture. Before you lob another Ultra Ball at Ditto, consider a Repeat Ball.

Ultra Balls increase your catch chance by x 2. However, if the Pokémon is already in your Pokédex, the Repeat Ball increases your chances of capturing by x 3.5. That increase is almost double! You can buy Repeat Balls for 1,000$ in Wyndon’s central Pokémon Center!

Ditto Transforms

Before you select your favorite Pokémon with great coverage moves, consider that Ditto can transform into any of its four opposing Pokémon, given that they are able to dynamax.

Pokémon who cannot dynamax are the legendary Pokémon Zacian, Zamazenta, and Eternatus. Therefore, if you bring these three Pokémon to Ditto raids, Ditto will already be Dynamaxed and will not be able to assume their form–as they cannot Dynamax. If all four trainers bring legendary Pokémon, Ditto will fail to transform endlessly. Go ahead and chip away at its HP in an easy encounter.

Happy Egg Hatching!

Shout out to our friends Paul (IG @puccello27), JT (IG @jayt491), and Nick Schwerdtfeger for the ground-breaking field research using legendary Pokémon against Ditto!

  1. I didn’t know before now that the legendaries can’t Dynamax. I feel kind of dumb now because I waited for one of the two Eternatus to do it in a raid once…

  2. Anybody have a sobble, grookey and G.Ponyta they would like to trade with me to help me complete the dex?

  3. Ever wonder if you should use the Dmax or Gmax or a ‘Mon? Well, it all comes down to the Gmax Move, and I’m here to tell you which is better! This is mostly for Smogon singles, although I may touch upon VGC.

    Welcome to D or G: Part 1 of 6!

    Charizard has never been the best competitively without unique forms, but its unique form this Gen arguably doesn’t help at all. G-Max Wildfire could be good for chipping down walls, continuing to do damage for four turns, but seeing as they can just switch and Charizard isn’t bulky it’s not the best idea.

    Instead, Charizard more naturally synergies with Max Flare. Max Flare allows it to use Solar Beam after Dynamaxing if you time it right, probably alternating with Airstream for Speed and Overgrowth for threats, and also powers up its Fire moves. And even further, all of its attacks become stronger with Solar Power, basically a sun triggered Life Orb. Charizard won’t work super well this Gen, but if you’re trying desperately to make it work just go for the Dynamax as Sun will do more for it and its team than extra chip damage.

    Even weaker than Charizard, Gmax Butterfree can at least enjoy its new breath of life as an option. Max Flutterby isn’t terrible, but Butterfree isn’t great at tanking hits even with the enemy down a stage or two of Sp. Attack and the secondary effect may as well not exist against physical attackers. Butterfree can also just raise its own Sp. Defense with Quiver Dance for the same effect, and QD is the only way it’ll be a threat anyway. Opponents being able to switch out against your weak ‘Mon makes the stat drop, the worst of the three Max Move effect categories, even worse.

    G-Max Befuddle is a bit RNG reliant, but inflicting status 100% of the time even if its a random one is a fantastic crippling tool. Especially if you Quiver Danced first, because it makes it extremely hard for anything to switch in as they must hope they’re Poisoned to avoid any move prevention from Sleep or Paralysis. It’s only three turns however, and if you’re using Butterfree to sweep the rest of your team is probably in bad shape, so they could try wait it out and send their counter out later which would probably then decimate your team. Still miles better than Max Flutterby though. It’s even less of a competition in VGC, where crippling both foes at once is invaluable and you’re more likely to cripple all four foes within three turns.

    G-Max Chi Strike is fun. Increasing Machamp’s crit ratio by one is tempting when you can No Guard Cross Chop/Stone Edge/Cross Poison with either Focus Energy or Scope Lens, as even if G-Max Chi Strike raises crit ratio by only one any combination of these will lead in always crits. However, Focus Energy and these crit ratio attacks will already always be crits, and whilst this sounds promising crit ratio resetting on the switch makes it a lot worse than it sounds. Its still a fun gimmicky wallbreaker set, and G-Max Chi Strike stacked with Focus Energy can make non-crit ratio moves always crit, whilst G-Max Chi Strike and Scope Lens make crit moves always crit and non-crit moves crit half of the time. It’s just not consistent enough compared to other D/Gmaxes, and even against Dynamax Machamp.

    Max Knuckle is a Machamp’s bread and butter. Whilst it only caps out at 100 Power due to its Attack raising side-effect, it’s this effect that Machamp loves. One use of Max Knuckle has it at 1.5x, already above crit levels, and repeat uses are strictly better than critting alone unless the foe has set up defensive buffs of their own. Max Knuckle allows Machamp to use its wide coverage to dent holes in teams if they’re unprepared or your team has set up for it, either boosting the power of weaker accurate coverage or turning less accurate powerful coverage into nukes. As for teammates, crits and attack buffs are appreciated, but Attack buffs stack higher and are more consistent. Max Knuckle wins this showdown.

    It’s a special attacker, so it doesn’t love Max Phantasm lowering physical defense. It could be useful for teammates, but as a frail glass cannon/set-up sweeper, Gengar doesn’t want to swap out too much as it wants to apply continuous pressure or keep its stat boosts. So, Max Phantasm does nothing for it in a situation where it isn’t switching a lot, and seeing as Gengar is so frail and EQ weak I doubt it’ll have a ton of VGC use where its Max Move will be more useful.

    G-Max Terror lives up to its name. As it’s not a trapping ability and rather a move, it’s a bit less potent, but one wrong move and the foe has either let Gengar set up with Nasty Plot or its other Max Moves such as the fabulous Max Ooze (Sp. Attack buff) depending on how far through Gigantamax it is. Seeing as this one actually does something directly for Gengar, even if trapping with a move rather than an ability isn’t as great on a frail Mon, it’s the obvious choice between the two. Bonus points for emulating Mega Gengar.

  4. Considering how I’ve nearly captured at least a hundred Dittos Repeat Balls should be Master Balls at this point

  5. Ever since Austin John Plays made that video on how to force Dens to referesh with clock manipulation, I just see my feed getting spammed with some kid or other continuosly reseting a Den and not letting me do anything. I hope they patch out that exploit tbh.

    1. I think its pretty stupid. I’d only do it if I got really pissed off looking for a super rare specific raid *cough cough* G-Max Kingler *cough*

    2. To be fair making Gigantamaxes only appear at stupidly rare intervals at specific places that require asinine levels of luck to even make one spawn in isn’t exactly the peak of gaming design

  6. I feel like an absolute noob now, I had to soft reset to avoid losing to marnie before the 3rd gym. Her morpeko flinched me worse than iron head Jiranchi (I swear it was like seven times in a row)

  7. I got my oval charm and my brand new Female Coalossal for my egg nanny which i’ve appropriately named “Hestia” which is like a Goddess of Hearth or something but it works perfectly hopefully she’ll incinerate anything that tries to bug me when hatching eggs

  8. Just prepping y’all, there’s a very likely chance Dynamaxing is getting banned for singles.
    VGC folk? You good. It was balanced around that anyways

    But literally the entirety of smogon is losing their minds over dynamaxing because there’s like five or six mons where it’s like if they dynamax and set up (which is extraordinarily easy on them) you basically just lose. Counter dynamaxing doesn’t save you, so you kinda just…
    Not offering my opinion on the subject, but I’m just saying that I’m like 90% sure it’ll be banned in singles before January

  9. I had forgoten that Prankster boosted status moves don’t work on dark types. Completely blew a raid.

  10. One thing that always kinda treasure is the pokemon you’ve acquired post game that you end up using on your daily travels
    Haxorus my False Swipe hunter
    Muchie the pick-upper Munchlax
    Cha-Ching Money Making Meowth
    Good Boy the Yamper Ball Fetcher
    Hestia Egg Nanny Coalossal
    My Nature Ditto and Indeedee army

    All i need is a name for my stupid Trace Gardevoir something mystical like Grace or Majesty or Debbie

    Any of you guys have these utility mons?

    1. My dreepy finally just evolved! But honestly I think it should’ve become a Drakloak maybe at like 40 or 45 because now it’s just levelling up too fast and I cant really enjoy this new stage before it evolves again

  11. If you breed the Event GMax Meowth without the ever stone, you can get an easy supply of Perfect IV Galarian Meowth.

  12. Want to do a Poison mono using only new Poison-types!

    Low Key Toxtricity?

    1. I swear if Team Rocket don’t catch a Impidimp in the new series i will do something
      Even though i hate the stupid damon it’s just the best possible capture for Team Rocket
      Jessie Hatenna and James Impidimp

  13. Biggest surprise is the sheer lack of new Flying types. Corvi and Cramorant isn’t a lot. Even XY had 3 flying lines.

  14. I noticed that my Toxel has the light blue (I think it’s light blue) coloring on it’s chest and dots, and it’s Bashful nature so it’s evolving into Low Key mode. Does the one that evolves in Amp’ed mode have yellowing on it?

  15. So i just got to the Ice gym city and my team is *all level 46*:


    Im thinking of getting rid of Corviknight or either Mr. Rime/Dreepy. Thoughts?

  16. Why did they remove the GTS???? 🙁 making trade requests for specific Pokemon was such a great feature.

  17. I’ve gushed about Kamen Rider here before (And I posted this trailer in a previous article), bu I feel like talking about it again. As I said before, I’m so excited for this special. The Geiz Majesty suit looks amazing (Aside from maybe the Ridewatches plastered on him.), Another DiEnd looks cool, and this has the return of some fan favorite Secondary Riders. I’m so looking forward to this and Reiwa: The First Generation (Especially with the new suits in that movie).

  18. I scoffed at the exp candy s after I had beaten the game, but now that I’m doing this special run, they have proven immensely useful when starting out.

  19. Playthrough update!

    Just reached Motostoke

    Axew lv.18
    Goomy lv.18

    Gotta call it here, time time to go to work!

  20. I want some headcanons about your trainer and their journey. Cute stuff. So saccharine my heart will melt outta my fuckin chest LETS GO

  21. So you can catch opposite version exclusives via raid battles, thats pretty dope if i’m honest. I just got myself a Goodra which saves me some headaches haha.

  22. Does Team Yell ever actually doing anything significant aside from shepherding me where the game wants me to go? Because they’re pretty lame so far and removing them seems to change nothing about the game. You dont even fight them frequently enough for them to be useful in terms of the level curve or anything. I just got to Spikemuth

    1. They are just trying to get people to be aware of the Dark Type gym and Spikesmuth. They are indeed a sad bunch.

  23. I’m already planning my teams for after I complete each version and restart…

    Rillaboom, Indeedee, Sirfetch’d, Arctovish, Centiskorch, and Copperajah or Polteageist (can’t decide)

    Intelleon, Eiscue, Galarian Darmanitan, Beartic, Mamoswine, Gigantamax Lapras

  24. Why doesn’t inkay evolve, i’m holding my switch upside down in handheld mode as explained on serebii?

    1. It has to be upside down while you’re leveling up. I go ahead and flip it when I start getting the exp. Just to be sure, it must also be at least level 30 to evolve.

  25. If you could choose your teammate’s Poké Balls, which would they each be in?

    Roger the Rillaboom – Friend Ball/Poké Ball
    Flea the Centiskorch – Level Ball
    Dean the Drednaw – Dive Ball
    Axel the Toxtricity – Quick Ball
    Paul the Sandaconda – Nest Ball
    Courtney the Alcremie – Fast Ball

  26. Finished Sword this weekend. Wish I’d bought Shield, since I actually like Zamazenta much more, especially knowing Zacian is f*cking Fairy-type?? But my love for Bea and my hate towards Allister made me buy Sword. And now I have to miss my dear Drampa. Oh well.

    I liked this game. The way the gym battles were designed was amazing. It made completing the gyms so much more important, since the whole region was watching. This made the storyline pretty solid. However, I was hoping for an amazing villain-storyline, but that disappointed me. Rose was pretty vague with whatever he wanted and his villainous story was also very short. They could’ve done a lot more.

    The new Pokémon. There are some additions I really like, e.g. Cinderace, Inteleon, Corviknight, Dubwool, Drednaw, Toxtricity, Polteageist, Grimmsnarl, Frosmoth, Copperajah and Zamazenta are solid. However, there are also some additions I didn’t like, e.g. Rillaboom, Blipbug line, Applin line, Silicobra line and Arctovish aren’t my favorites. I feel like they made it their mission to create as much gimmicky Pokémon as possible. This includes favorites like Cinderace and Inteleon. Overall, the new creations are fine, but my expectations were too high, I guess.

    I actually liked Hop in the end, even though at first I thought I wouldn’t like him as much. That said, he’s pretty much the same ‘rival’ we’ve seen a couple of generations now. Hoped for something more fresh. The professor is pretty much out of sight and could’ve been given more screen time. Team Yell… meh. Also expected more. The lack of an evil team is really bothering me, more than I thought it would. I really miss teams like Plasma and Aether. Also, I like that the gym leader played a larger role. I really liked most of their designs, especially Nessa’s and Bea’s, but I hate what they did to our first Dark-type gym leader. I was hoping for more. Again, my expectations were probably too high.

    The region is beautiful, although it felt small. Larger cities like Motostoke and Hammerlocke were actually not that large. The Wild Area also lacked. It was cool, but I hope GF takes the experience of creating such an area and makes it much better in a next game. That being said, the scenery was beautiful and a lot felt really realistic.

    Overall, I’m happy with the game and I’m glad to have played a game more or less without knowing anything, although I kept up with most of the videos, but I decided to not watch them two months before release. I also avoided spoilers. That’s why it felt fresh and I really wanted to explore and walk into some tall grass. But I don’t think this game tops SM for me. I know many people didn’t like SM, I really did and I think the bigger story seals the deal for me. A mix between SM and SwSh would be amazing, with the villainous story arc from SM and the gym battles from SwSh. So it’s a decent game, but I hope the third version of these games takes it up a notch.

  27. Started a new game on another profile, and I am back on my bullshit, 5 hours in and I am not even on the first gym, just doing raids, low level offline raids at that, and because I am playing it in short bursts after days of playing my normal game with days in between sessions these raids just respawn as soon as I move somewhere else…. please help.

  28. My friend began a second playthrough, mono fairy challenge run! He wanted an excuse to use his shiny Swirlix, I guess!

  29. i’m sorry but why is this inkay refusing to evolve? i even got a new one, leveled it up to 30 and holding my switch upside down

      1. I am a confirmed pokemon sexist

        Whenever i’m breeding of capturing pokemon i very much prefer males unless the species is feminine and this is a Rhyhorn damn it i ain’t looking at a nub horn

          1. they wouldn’t most male species have the longer appendages
            Donphan, Heracross, Mamoswine all have larger horns

      2. Well, in all fairness, I think it’s easier to become attached to a specific gender of Pokemon because we envision it that way.

  30. Alright i freaking need a 6IV Ditto, Breeding is so time consuming without one, but i managed to get a 5IV Male Rhyhorn with Rock Head with Metal Burst, three factors all on RNG

  31. I finally made it all the way to the Battle Tree in Ultra Sun which means I’m ready to grind through thousands of level 60 Pokemon in pursuit of many assorted evolutions. The end of my mission is rapidly closing in but there are probably going to be some really annoying snags along the way. Only a few final starter evolutions left to go!

  32. Thats odd. According to serebii, Karrablast is shield exclusive but i just found one in sword at route 7??

  33. Cool.. Does anyone know if Repeat Balls works on Gigantamax Pokemon if you have the regular ones registered in your dex? If it does, it surely beats using ultra balls in daytime…

  34. Any clue what Salandit’s version counterpart is? Not exclusive, just only out of the wild area in Shield for some reason lol

  35. The deed is done. All starters from Gens 1-7 are safe and secure in the Bank. My next goals are to complete the fossils tonight and begin the search for the Gens 2, 3 and 4 box legends in Ultra Wormholes (which may take forever). Once I do all of that I can start positioning everything in order of National Dex number while making room for alternate forms and such. I won’t get super obsessive about getting every male and female form because I have a life, but ones like all the Sawsbuck and Deerling forms along with the Rotoms are more important to me.

  36. Just spending some of my free time surprise trading and I fortunately received a Galarian Ponyta. It may have been a breedject, but it made completing my Pokédex a bit easier.

    1. And just sick cause they’re rooting for people to have their entire livelihoods crushed and potentially leading to worse

  37. Maybe people would come to Spikemuth if it wasn’t a horribly designed town. One of the worst in recent memory

  38. If you had enough Pink to be forced into being Opal’s successor, which four Fairy types would you use? They have to be in the Galar Dex mind you.

  39. 6574-0744-0702

    So there is a rare 5 star Gardevoir Raid, does anyone want to be my friend and help me take it down?

  40. So I’m probably going to go with my level 59 Corviknight. It can take hits so if someone else wants to Dynamax then I’m all for it. (Also if there is a better way to communicate then on the comment section let me know).

  41. Underappreciated detail: the ambient sounds some Pokemon have in battle (mostly the wing sfx flying Mons have)

  42. So i fought this dynamax Snomanitan it had Zen Mode and that’s some funny sh*t

    I wanted to try catching it in a Premier ball but knowing my luck it would’ve broken free

  43. How they can improve the Y-Comm
    -Add a new tab for friends, where you can see a list of your registered Switch friends list who own the game, via highlighted and unhighlighted whether they are online or not
    -Selecting their name opens up the option to trade, battle, swap and Pokemon camp
    -Make it that the filter can be updated if the participant has full members or not for raids
    -Add some kind of restriction or drawback to players abusing the date change because honestly i feel that’s why nobody can get up to date raid feed

  44. So Melony and her gym were definitely the most challenging battle I’ve experienced so far out of the gym leaders. G-Max Lapras with Aurora Veil set up knocked out my Falinks and almost my Toxtricity and Centiskorch. I’m hoping gyms 7 and 8 follow the same difficulty

  45. Lemme correct the weird things I’m seeing
    Every gym battle in SwSh is super easy
    But Gym 6?
    That puzzle can go die lemme tell you

  46. Give your favourite Pokemon a G-Max move!

    Raichu – G-Max Stormstrike
    Sets up Rain and Electric Terrain for 3 turns each, 5 turns with a Damp Rock or Terrain Extender for the appropriate field effects.

  47. Thanks for the repeat ball tip, I was wondering what the better option would be for 4 and 5 star raid battles.
    Is it possible to inflict status like paralysis or sleep, or is it really just up to the strongest pokeball and chance?

  48. Siiiiiigh…….. i’m going to call it a night, tomorrow is my only day of work because of the holiday and cut-hours, i’m just gonna do a half-assed job and spend a lot of time in my car with my new charger for the switch and try and knock out a few of my Earthen Warriors, Drilbur is on it’s way, then Hippopotas, Trapinch, Silicorbra and finally Clayamask

  49. JungleDex survey results. Italicised Mons have gotten into the Dex due to placing in the top three or special circumstances linked to another Pokemon’s pavement.

    You may notice four are highlighted for Rodents, but that’s because both flavours of Linoone line get in, the Galarian line is just the default as it’s more popular.

    Paired bugs are judged based on their region all together, and hence the winning pairs are highlighted. I didn’t show this in the results because its very obvious – the pairs are all relatively close to each other in votes surprisingly, and the pair rule didn’t change any top placements: it added one.

    Part 1/2


    1) Furret line – 7.38
    2) Obstagoon line – 7.15
    3) Hoennian Linoone line – 6.69
    4) Bibarel line – 6.08

    5) Raticate line – 5.69
    6) Greedunt line – 5.08
    7) Alolan Raticate line – 4.92
    8) Diggersby line – 4.58
    9) Watchog line – 4.31
    10) Gumshoos line – 3.15


    1) Corviknight – 6.31
    2) Staraptor – 5.62
    3) Talonflame – 5

    4) Swellow – 4.46
    5) Toucannon – 4.38
    6) Pidgeot – 4.08
    7) Noctowl – 3.69
    8) Unfezant – 2.46

    Bugs (Unpaired)

    1) Vikavolt – 9.15
    2) Scolipede – 8.15
    3) Vivillon – 7.92
    4) Leavanny – 7.85

    5) Beedrill – 7.54
    6) Butterfree – 7.46
    7) Ariados – 6.46
    8) Orbeetle – 6.08
    9) Ledian – 4.85
    10) Wurmple (Preferred Evo) – 4.62
    11) Kricketune – 4
    12) Burmy (Preferred Evo) – 3.92

  50. Part 2/2 of the JungleDex survey results. Read the below post for more information.


    1) Togedemaru – 4.31
    2) Dedenne – 3.85
    3) Emolga – 3.77

    4) Plusle & Minun – 3.15
    5) Pachirisu – 3.08
    6) Morpeko – 2.85


    1) Dragapult – 6.46
    2) Hydreigon – 6.08
    3) Goodra – 5.62

    4) Tyranitar – 5.54
    5) Dragonite – 5.38
    6!!!!!!!!! ¡????? ¿) Garchomp line – 4.54
    7) Salamence – 4.08
    8) Metagross – 3.85
    9) Kommo-o – 3.46

    1. Man, I’m honestly incredibly happy to see these poll results all around.
      All of my preferred picks made it for the rodents, birds and bugs (bugs especially!! I’m really glad you chose to group Scolipede and Leavanny together – it was super tough to pick between them – and Vivillon is one of my all-time favorites); Togedemaru is the only Pikachu clone I was invested in seeing, and it made first place; and while I’m slightly disappointed by the pseudos (can’t win them all, of course – but hey, why’d you guys put Kommo-o so low??), I’m super glad to see that Hydreigon (rightfully) made it, and I absolutely love Dragapult’s concept and think it’s one of the better Pokémon this Gen, so I’m also quite happy for it!
      The people on this site seem to have fantastic taste, haha.

  51. Didn’t like the results? Let it be known that this slate is an example that you should vote and share the vote to other Jungle members to increase the chances of it getting in! I’ll be posting a Dex recap underneath this comment.

  52. Speaking of pikaclones, Plusle & Minun as one smash bros duo character is my most wanted now that all my most wanted made it lol

    1. Well knowing what this is for I’m just gonna exclude Cinderace, Deci and Marshadow

      Araquanid, Frosmoth, Flygon

    2. Nominees? Hmm

      -Lycanroc (midday if I gotta pick a form)
      -Don’t suppose I’m allowed to ask for a starter or legendary/mythical, and I think someone said Mienshao already. Let’s go with haxorus for my third

  53. Dex, Part 1 (#001 Treecko to #046 Leavanny)

    Treecko (Grass) (Hoenn)
    Grovyle (Grass) (Hoenn)
    Sceptile (Grass) (Hoenn)
    Turtwig (Grass) (Sinnoh)
    Grotle (Grass) (Sinnoh)
    Torterra (Grass/Ground) (Sinnoh)
    Rowlet (Grass/Flying) (Alola)
    Dartrix (Grass/Flying) (Alola)
    Decidueye (Grass/Ghost) (Alola)
    Torchic (Fire) (Hoenn)
    Combusken (Fire/Fighting) (Hoenn)
    Blaziken (Fire/Fighting) (Hoenn)
    Chimchar (Fire) (Sinnoh)
    Monferno (Fire/Fighting) (Sinnoh)
    Infernape (Fire/Fighting) (Sinnoh)
    Litten (Fire) (Alola)
    Torracat (Fire) (Alola)
    Incineroar (Fire/Dark) (Alola)
    Mudkip (Water) (Hoenn)
    Marshtomp (Water/Ground) (Hoenn)
    Swampert (Water/Ground) (Hoenn)
    Piplup (Water) (Sinnoh)
    Prinplup (Water) (Sinnoh)
    Empoleon (Water/Steel) (Sinnoh)
    Popplio (Water) (Alola)
    Brionne (Water) (Alola)
    Primarina (Water/Fairy) (Alola)
    Sentret (Normal) (Johto)
    Furret (Normal) (Johto)
    Zigzagoon (Dark/Normal) (Hoenn)
    Linoone (Dark/Normal) (Hoenn)
    Obstagoon (Dark/Normal) (Galar)
    Bidoof (Normal) (Sinnoh)
    Bibarel (Normal/Water) (Sinnoh)
    Starly (Normal/Flying) (Sinnoh)
    Staravia (Normal/Flying) (Sinnoh)
    Staraptor (Normal/Flying) (Sinnoh)
    Fletching (Normal/Flying) (Kalos)
    Fletchinder (Fire/Flying) (Kalos)
    Talonflame (Fire/Flying) (Kalos)
    Rookidee (Flying) (Galar)
    Corvisquire (Flying) (Galar)
    Corviknight (Flying/Steel) (Galar)
    Sewaddle (Bug/Grass) (Unova)
    Swadloon (Bug/Grass) (Unova)
    Leavanny (Bug/Grass) (Unova)

  54. Sorry if it’s a bit repetitive, but I’m actually pulling an all nighter to reset my sleep cycle and I’m bored as hell

    Regional Distribution for the JungleDex:

    Kanto: 16
    Johto: 10
    Hoenn: 23
    Sinnoh: 25
    Unova: 24
    Kalos: 14
    Alola: 18
    Galar: 11

  55. JungleDex type distribution!

    Normal: 16 (6)
    Grass: 13 (5)
    Fire: 19 (8)
    Water: 19 (9)
    Flying: 19 (8)
    Bug: 19 (8)
    Poison: 17 (7)
    Electric: 16 (9)
    Rock: 0 (0)
    Ground: 8 (5)
    Fighting: 13 (8)
    Psychic: 11 (6)
    Ghost: 8 (4)
    Ice: 3 (2)
    Dragon: 12 (5)
    Steel: 4 (4)
    Dark: 12 (6)
    Fairy: 11 (7)

    (Brackets) are fully evolved Mons. Normal gets a plus one fully evolved due to Linoone in its Hoennian variation, but the Hoennian Linoone line doesn’t add to the overall number of Normal-type as it shares a Nlrmal type with its Galarian self.

  56. Soft capacities for the JungleDex region distribution!

    Kanto: 16/73
    Johto: 10/47
    Hoenn: 24/62v
    Sinnoh: 25/47^
    Unova: 29/71v
    Kalos: 14/33
    Alola: 20/32^
    Galar: 11/39

    Capacity = Number of Non-Special Pokemon Introduced/2, rounded down for big regions (v) and up for small regions (^). Forgot to remove Type: Hull and Silvally from the equation but I think poor Alola deserves the extra slot!

  57. Tonight I’ve been playing Diamond and exploring the Solaceon Ruins to find all 26 forms of Unown, and I’m about to wrap up by collecting the rare ? and ! Unown. At some point I’ll transfer them all up to the Bank and plop them right into their own special box in the Johto section! I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time and it really hasn’t been as difficult as I expected.

    1. Man it’s been far too long since I played gen 4. Everytime I attempt, the slow system speed puts me to sleep… 🙁

  58. Last JungleDex related thing for a bit, as my all-nighter comes to an end and I must go and do life things now:

    Survey, trying to find out what fossils people want. Galar fossils aren’t on as they’ll be handled differently, so it’s just the good ol’ Rock-type ones. Please make sure to take part if you’re interested in the project at all, it’s going a lot quicker then you’d expect!

  59. Woop! Aurora now has her Water Badge and is in the mine. Her team is

    Toxel (it’s Jolly nature so it will evolve into Amped form)
    Drednaw (only to face off with Kabu)
    Shellos (leveling up to face off with Kabu)
    Galarian Meowth (almost evolved into Perrserker)

    1. Once I get outta this mine I’ll have my Impidimp and will swap G. Meowth, which will have evolved by then.

  60. Ok so I’m gonna make a second account cause I really wanna play again

    I’ll pick Scorbunny for this next one and save Grookey for Shield

    1. Whenever I decide to take a break from breeding and ditto hunting I’m gonna take a Adamant Scorbunny, slip an Everstone on it and just go into the early routes and work my way up

  61. Just want to say I’ll be starting sword soon. I haven’t forgotten about the poll I did and will still be picking Grookey. Just haven’t started yet since I’m on a vacation in Florida right now. It’s why I’ve not been on much this week.

  62. Christmas movies make no damn sense.

    Adults never believe in Santa Claus.

    Santa Claus is real after all.


  63. Heads up all!! This Saturday I will be posting a link to Saturday AM for the art contest I’ve joined (when I was very tired at night). If you all have the time, please VOTE for my piece for the Round 1 prompt – Dynamic Duo! Again it will be this SATURDAY (at least that’s what the email says lol). THANK YOU ALL FOR THE SUPPORT!!!

  64. It’s time to challenge Kabu!

    Axew lv.29
    Goomy lv.28
    Jangmo-O lv.28

    This playthrough is pretty rough so far; my pokemon just arent learning many attacks. Battles take forever because if I’m not using dragon breath/claw, I’m using a non-Stab 40 base power move.

  65. Oh my lord that was probably the most intense gym battle I’ve ever had. I managed to barely squeeze out a victory against Kabu!

  66. i need 9 more to complete the dex, can someone please help me out because most of them are shield exclusives.

  67. I have a strange newfound love for Rotom. I know it causes a lot of people ire, but it’s so cute in the overworld zipping around

  68. I’m not planning on doing this immediately by any means, but would anyone be willing to help me trade some Porygons back and forth in Ultra Sun / Moon so I can get Porygon2 and Porygon-Z? Also an Alolan Golem while we’re at it? I’m going to start going down my list from 1-807 and I’m pretty darn sure these are the last trade evolutions I don’t already have.

  69. Out of curiosity, if I was to assemble PJDex Gym Leaders (it wouldn’t be an actual fighting thing, it’d be an extension of this project using the Dex that was made by me with input by others, this time more focuses on peer participation), who’d be interested?

    Would you mind possibly being a lower ranking gym leader? How set are you on your type? Any concerns?

    1. I don’t mind be low leveled as long as I’m Water type

      My typing is pretty solid but you can add any aquatic Pokemon onto it

  70. Also on the topic of Gym Leaders, can we appreciate that this Gen gave us our first male Fairy-type user and two Dark-type Gym Leaders!?

  71. Gamefreak should collaborate with Nihon Falcom to handle the story. They are getting better at characterization but Falcom could let them make their worlds more real.

  72. Siiigh another 4IV Ditto…. 5 or 6 why do you elude me sooooo
    It’s hard enough to find a 5 gold Ditto raid that i can actually get in and even more without you escaping

  73. Publishing survey results really early as I’ve got uni work to do tomorrow. Yesterday’s deluge of JungleDex work was due to an unwilling all-nighter lol


    1) Aurorus – 8.46
    2) Tyrantrum – 7.85
    3) Armaldo -7
    4) Kabutops – 6.85
    5) Aerodactyl – 5.92
    5) Carracosta – 5.92
    7) Rampardos – 5.54
    8) Archeops – 5.08
    9) Omastar – 4.92
    10) Cradily – 4.62
    11) Bastiodon – 3.85


    1) Gen 6 – 5.08
    2) Gen 3 – 3.69
    3) Aerodactyl – 3.31

    4) Gen 1 – 3.08
    5) Gen 4 – 2.92
    5) Gen 5 – 2.92


    Aurorus I
    Dracovish I
    Carrocosta II
    Tyrantrum III
    Armaldo II
    Dracozolt I
    Aerodactyl I
    Cradily I

  74. Is it possible for pokemon that you send out for jobs come back evolved? I noticed I had a perrserker in my box and I was like when the hell did I evolve a meowth

  75. Stupid octopus refuses to be shiny even with a 3% shiny chance and 750 encounters >:( i swear if a Jellicient turns up shiny instead

  76. Random Florida update. I’m having so much fun being near the beach. It’s been nice not having coughing spells. Ended up trying mahi mahi fish for first time and it is probably my favorite type of fish now! Also tried Crab claws and fried calamari! Preferred the Crab claws. Not sure if I’d eat calamari again though! I look forward to seeing what the rest of this trip holds!

  77. So, I’ve talked about Kamen Rider here and there before on this website (I think I’ve been doing it a bit more frequently recently), and I’m gonna talk about it a bit more now. So, on January 30th 2000, Kamen Rider Kuuga aired on Japanese televisions and started the Heisei era of Kamen Rider. This was essentially a reboot as it changed a lot from the formula used in a lot of Showa era seasons. No cybernetic enhancements, no Shocker (or an evil organization in general), and a generally more mystical feel to it. While the series was aimed at children ages 4-12 (Even then, it was pretty violent at the time, there’s an infamous clip of Yusuke AKA Kuuga beating down on a Grongi, the monsters of the season, mercilessly. And that’s not even the worst of it), it ended up unintentionally drawing in another group of people, specifically, 30 year old mothers. This was later dubbed the Odagiri effect, named after Joe Odagiri, the main actor of the show. The effect is described as a show drawing in more female viewers than intended because the main character is attractive. The show did pretty good for the time, so they tried to make lightning strike twice (Something around those lines) with the next Season, Kamen Rider Agito. They seemed to play it safe with this season, having similar suits, monsters, and directly referencing Kuuga at times. Because of what happened last time, they cast 3 attractive guys in lead roles. Agito ended up getting even higher ratings than Kuuga, (Kuuga’s average is 9.7%while Agito’s was 11.7%) and I believe it’s still the highest rated season of the Heisei era, if not Kamen Rider as a whole. I won’t be surprised if this post gets glossed over by some, by I encourage you to give it a look.

  78. Do I just have bad luck or are catch rates actually jacked up in this game? Thrown 10+ ultra balls at a level 24 Salandit whose catch rate is 120 and it keeps busting out.

  79. So, with the slates and tactical padding, I’ve got 367/404 (not including legends) Pokémon for the JungleDex!

    If you have any questions leave them on this comment

  80. Could someone breed/catch me Oranguru, Corsola, and/or Riolu? I can offer you Sword exclusives or something else in return. I have *nearly* everything else (besides a few trade evolutions that I may need help with later on)

  81. Sorry about all the beach posts everyone! Hope I’m not bugging anyone! Just want to share some of the stuff that’s happened!

  82. So, you guys play on Switch mode or set mode?

    I’ve been playing in Set mode since Gen 6, personally. And everytime I revisit an old gen I always put it on Set mode as well.

  83. How would you describe your Pokésona, and what do they do in the wide world of Pokémon? Do you indulge in making them the very best like no one ever was, or do you prefer a more grounded approach?

  84. Huh. I guess I dont know my own team all that well since one of my eggs turned out to be a Trapinch!

    So I wonder who’s on the chopping block; Dreepy or Deino? Guess I’ll hatch this last egg and find out!

  85. Ditto has a Catch Ratio of 35.
    If Ditto does not transform, the chance of catching has a big margin of error, even with Repeat Ball.

    So with some friends we thought on a strategy using Taunt, Paralysis/Sleep, priority moves and bringing Catch Ratio 255 pokemon into five star Ditto Max Raids. Taunt prevents non-imposter Dittos from transforming, while imposter ones can be dealt with relatively easily anyway.

    Using catch ratio 255 pokemon maximizes the chance to succeed in farming Dittos when it transforms into them, but most of those pokemon have weak stats so you should train them good.

    Good CR 255 pokemon for example are pokemon with access to Thunder Wave and most importantly, Taunt. Prankster Impidimp has priority with these moves, and access to Sucker Punch or even Play Rough, in case of Ditto transforming into it.
    Maractus is another particularly good pokemon for this, since it has better stats, and access to sucker punch and poison jab in case of Ditto transforming into it. Just remember to not bring a Maractus with recovering moves like Giga Drain or Drain Punch.

    Important: If your team relies on Thunder wave or other paralysis moves, don’t bring ground or electric types to the max raids. Inflict paralyze/sleep moves when Ditto is about to get KO’ed, because sometimes the dynamax pokes get cured.

    you can see the catch ratio list here

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