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Dragonite Plushie Giveaway

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  1. A new Morgana Report for P5S (I think it’s called Travelling Morgana Newsletter now) came out yesterday. It explained some things and talked about some new stuff. To go over the stuff explained, what is essentially the Metaverse in this game is called Jail (Yes, really).

    The Phantom Thieves go to look into this in Shibuya, but the police, mainly public security police officer Zenkichi Hasegawa (Voiced by Shinichiro Miki), suspect the Phantom Thieves as being behind this. The PTs explore Jail in an effort to cleat their names, but find out that Shibuya isn’t the only place with Jail, so they make off to Sendai, the city of Date Masamune.

    There, they meet up with a famous light novel author by the name of Ango Natsume (Voiced by Daisuke Kishio) at an autograph signing with hundreds (probably) of fans, though they seem to follow him a little too blindly. They also meet up with Kuon Ichinose (Voiced by Yoko Hikasa), who seems to really like beef tongue, since she goes “one sidedly espouses” it (I’m not really sure what that means, and looking up the definition didn’t help).

    Moving on from characters, while Shibuya’s Jail had that weird J-Pop nightmare, Sendai’s Jail is more medieval, there’s a giant castle and Shadows named after the four heavenly kings. Moving on to gameplay, this game has a system called “BAND”, which basically increases the PTs’ stats as the story progresses. Each of the PTs can gain special unique skills called “Master Arts”. Sophia also sets up a shop where you can buy equipment. Each city has a unique shop too.

    According to Persona Central (Which is where I got all this info from), “The third newsletter will be released in December 2019, covering another location out of Sapporo, Osaka or Okinawa.”. God, this game already looks amazing, the UI especially (Seriously, this UI is arguably better than even P5). Cannot wait.

  2. Croagunk

    These are the remaining five mons i need in the dex. If anyone can trade me them temporarily for their data that’d be great because they’re all Shield exclusives.

  3. I’ve logged into Gleam, but when it asks for my birthday it won’t accept it, like I didn’t type anything in. I’ve had no problems entering previous contests. :/

  4. Yessss Cynthia is coming to Masters in January. I can use all 24,000 gems they’ve given me in the past month to pull her xD

  5. New info
    It’s grown huge—as have the leftovers of its meals
    The Berry seeds and small rocks that were tangled in its belly fur have undergone explosive growth thanks to the power of Gigantamaxing. With a tree sprouting upon its belly, this gigantic form of Snorlax has the majesty of a great mountain.

    Unshakeable strength
    Whether because of the great weight of its stomach or its unchanged natural disposition, this Gigantamax Pokémon almost never moves. When the time comes to do battle, it lifts its upper body by just a tiny amount and attacks by flailing with its arms and legs. At first glance, you might think it’s not very serious about battling—but these actions pack a tremendous punch. In fact, Gigantamax Snorlax is said to be one of the strongest Dynamax Pokémon discovered.

    The G-Max Move G-Max Replenish
    When Snorlax is Gigantamaxed, its Normal-type attacks will be transformed into G-Max Replenish. G-Max Replenish doesn’t merely deal damage to targets—it can also restore any Berries that Gigantamax Snorlax’s allies have eaten during the battle!

  6. Thwackey
    Passionate about practicing with its sticks
    Grookey’s Evolution has caused its stick to change as well—by splitting into two sticks. Thwackey now uses these sticks to keep rhythm. It devotes itself entirely to its practice with these sticks, so
    that it will be able to drum faster and longer than anyone else. Sometimes Thwackey becomes so focused on its practice that it doesn’t even hear the orders of its Trainer.

    Living every day in rhythm
    To develop its sense of rhythm, Thwackey keeps the beat alive during its daily life. It walks while swaying back and forth to a beat and drumming with its sticks. It always feels the beat. Some Thwackey have even been seen to keep rhythm while eating.

  7. During my first run a pokemon I expected to replace but actually pulled it’s weight even up to the league was Orbeetle.
    A Pokemon I loved and eded up loving even more was Dreadnaw, specially with Swift Swim.
    A Pokemon I wanted to use a lot but ended up falling short was Obstagoon.
    A Pokemon I was unsure of but wanted to give an opportunity to and disappointed me anyway was Sandaconda.

    Which Pokemon did this for you?

  8. Just saw the info released by the Pokémon company about the starter evos. Makes me love this trio even more! I look forward to using the other two in the future! And can I just say how I love how they did reveals this gen? They revealed a bit but not too much. Was so much fun discovering new things for the first time in these games such as seeing Impidimps evos for the first time. Easily my favorite fairy type now! Kind of hope they do a similar reveal cycle in gen 9 though I know some will disagree completely with me.

  9. Why is Rhydon on route 10 anyway? Also for a final route it’s really lame and linear. I knew that would be the case based on the map unfortunately

    1. Route 10 is also the only place where you can catch Stonjourner, even though it appears in the battle background of Route 4 lol.

  10. Tip; you can in fact obtain the ”version exclusive” fossil items from the digging duo, but its full on RNG and it could cost you into the thousands of Watts. I was lucky and got the ones i needed within 25 mins, but it could take you hours if you’re unlucky.
    Also, make sure you only use the left brother, he has a higher chance of digging up rare items but will fatigue quicker than the right brother often digs up more items but of lesser value/more common.

    1. I’m still missing the Fossilized Drake. The Digging Duo are so inconsistent too. Like, the one on the right says he’s got a lot of stamina, and then he gets tired after digging up 1 treasure.

  11. Man i love this trio!!

    Cinderace is this super great blend of super cute and super strong with a whole lotta energy and it just fits me perfectly!

    Rillaboom is just badass but he’s actually super chill and that’s such a nice dynamic! Easily one of my favorite grass starters!


  12. Is there anyone who would be willing to help out with a few trades that I need to finish my Pokedex? I need Milotic (I have Feebas + Prism Scale), Appletun (I just need the Sweet Apple; I can give you a Tart Apple in exchange), Aromatisse (I can give you a Swirlix w/ Whipped Dream), Rhyperior (I have Rhydon + Protector), Accelgor & Escavalier (I have both prevos but I need the other person to trade them respectively), and finally a Zacian/Zamazenta trade back.

  13. Aurora got her Fire badge! Kabu was harder than I imagined, even with Drednaw. Jeff will have it easier with Drizzile, which he will face off against Kabu later today.

  14. I can’t help but find it hilarious that the official site’s description of Zamazenta highlights its “dazzling, gleaming” shield and specifically highlights its resistance to Dragon-types.
    I mean, I know it does resist Dragon, and I know Zacian’s highlights an offensive advantage over Dragon – it’s not as if this is incorrect or erroneous.
    But… really, you’re describing it with the name of a Fairy-type move, and resistance to Dragon-type attacks is much more significant in Fairy-types than Steel-types (not to mention that Steel isn’t even the type that sets Zamazenta apart – the totally-unrelated Fighting is). It feels like a silly description for a non-Fairy-type all the same, haha.

  15. So after reading the Intelleon info released today I honestly don’t think it’s actually a spy. I feel like it’s an assassin with how it talks about targeting weak points of its a opponents and even having a hidden knife in its tail. They obviously won’t say that though since the series is technically for kids.

  16. I wonder if the feminine/masculine legendaries are a new trend? I’d argue that it’s far less prominent/non-existent with Xerneas and Yveltal, but you can clearly tell that the Unova, Alola, and Galar legends are designed as a masc/fem pair.

    The Alola Dex and Galar Dex even refer to Lunala and Zacian as female, with Lunala being the mature females of the Cosmog species and with Zacian as an individual allegedly being Zamazenta’s older sister.

  17. Hopefully you guys are fairing well, my family is in full on cleaning mode which means everyone is angry and on a hair trigger

    1. Ugh I hate that. It’s so much easier to do a big cleaning project when nobody is afraid of triggering someone, just relax people!

  18. I’m saddened. We got more official art for the starters and G-Snorlax but nothing else

    Just add them already. What’s the issue with just showing us

  19. Ive started Shield and aside from Sobble i dont have a clue yet on what my team will look like. I do know i want to use Galar natives only with the exception of 1 regional variant
    I also dont want to use the same mons from my Sword playthrough, so no Corviknight, Grimmsnarl, Frosmoth, Toxtricity or Boltund

  20. Just fixed the Joycon drift on my Switch all by myself without spending a dime (because I used the Rubbing alcohol and Qtips from the cabinet at work).

  21. PSA:
    Inteleon is spelled with one L because its root words are Chameleon and Intel (as in valuable Political information that spies gather) and not Intelligence

    1. Also, I’m pretty convinced this starter trio was gonna be Grass/Dark Fire/Fighting Water/Psychic, but while working on the designs they changed it cause they knew people hate The idea of a new F/F starter

  22. i swear everything in my competitive career is in the toilet
    I’ve lost every single match today

  23. If you save before a raid and fail it you can just reset and try again right? Even if others join you and catch it? I’m sure we accidentally found this a few days ago.

  24. The new descriptions summed up
    Rillaboom: Chill music man, will bust your head open if you screw with his buds
    Cinderace: Athletic bab who can and will outplay you
    Inteleon: Feet pics and Rick and Morty ma’am? I’m an intellectual

    1. Rillaboom: I love my drum and want to protect my friends and my balance!
      Cinderace: I’m a super powerful and tricky opponent!
      Inteleon: What the f*ck did you just fucking say about me, you little b*tch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my words. You think you can get away with saying sh*t to me over the Internet? Think again, f*cker. As we speak I am contacting my network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re f*cking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your a*s off the face of the continent, you little sh*t. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your tongue. You didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you idiot. I will sh*t all over you and you will drown in it. You’re f*cking dead, kiddo.

      (this is a Copypasta in case someone doesn’t know)

  25. I just got absolutely DESTROYED by the bakery owner in Hammerlocke. Didnt even get a turn.

    This run is really hard so far…

  26. I think i’ve found somebody more punchable than Butthole and Blue
    Those “Descendants of Galar Royalty” Dickhair and errr just call him Florence

  27. Geez why is this battle chain taking so long for Clobbopus, I’m nearing 999 and no shiny so far oddly enough. I miss the ridiculously easy shiny methods of USUM and LGPE where you had a 10% of a shiny in the ultra wormhole or a shiny would easily opp out with a chain.

  28. i wonder if Hop, Sonia and the others realize i’ve never once stated i was their friend, and they just kept dragging me into their affairs

  29. Ok so it cost 530,000 Pokebucks to EV train your pokemon to full, one of these days i should just do champ battle for a few hours

    1. Give the Gigantamax Meowth a bunch of level up candies, get him to level 90. Then do the Championship again, but have the Meowth lead while holding the amulet coin, then gigantamax it and use it’s Gmax move 3 times in a row, you will get 99.999 Pokens at the end of the battle in addition to whatever the opponent would give you. By the end of the CHampionship you’ll have 300 Pokens won.

  30. I must say I’m actually enjoying dynamax battles/raids more than I thought I would. I think what makes them special is that you can only dynamax in certain battles so it makes the phenomenon more important instead of mega evolve/ z-moves where it was just use whenever

  31. Just gotta luck out and defeat this toxtricity raid so more raids spawn and I can get more candy…. come on cpu dont die too quick just give me 3 turns…

  32. Ugh this is beyond frustrating… why did they make the CPU this bad? I know they want to encourage online play but these are beyond hopeless.

  33. Raid allies level up with you. If you use a low level Pokemon, they’ll be worse.

    That’s your PSA for the day.

  34. Oh my god I think I might have it! They survived long enough to get a turn and took out the shields! Then they fainted still on turn 1

  35. Does anyone have a spare non-english ditto they wouldn’t mind to give me? I’m one egg from completing my Pokédex and want to get a head start on my shiny hunting!

  36. I really like those band plushies. If only I could justify spending money on them for myself.

  37. Holy sh*tt!!! I’ve spend the hole day in the Wild Area today… very few Raids… no gigantamax. And in past few minutes I’ve just caught THREE gigantamaxes… Sandaconda, Duralodon and GENGAR! I don’t want to go to sleep… But I have to work tomorrow…

  38. What is everybody’s favorite music from the games?
    Mine are;

    Wild encounter
    Eternatus 3 (the boss raid)
    Chairman Rose battle

  39. I really hope they fix the Dynamax choice item exploit, because some punk electric guy nearly sweeps my team with a Dynamax Wash Rotom despite being tricked with a scarf into wisp and has the absolute nerve to say “Lol id find a new hobby if i were cutting it that close when ground v elec”

  40. Happy thanksgiving to my friends at Pokejungle! I know sometimes we poke fun at each other or butt heads, but this community means a lot to me and you all are wonderful!

  41. Mono challenge playthrough update:

    Well, here it is. I’m about to challenge Opal and I couldnt be more terrified.

    Fraxure lv.42
    Sliggoo lv.42
    Hakamo-O lv.42
    Vibrava lv.42

  42. I’ve been running a ghost monotype with
    And I’ve been winning EVERYTHING
    Ghost types are really OP this gen

  43. Aegislash is the worst candidate for dynamax imo because it’s so slow and if it switched to attack forme it DOESN’T GO Back even with Max Guard, essentially making it a slow and frail giant Mon that is outsped by most things and can be destroyed by most neutral hits as well

  44. Happy Thanksgiving! If you celebrate this holiday, hopefully you’re able to spend it with family and eat some tastier-than-usual food.
    I may have been missing this past week but that’s because I’ve been hard at work on my National Dex project. I can safely say that it’s already about 75-80% complete after pulling Pokémon from almost every past generation. It’s honestly been a therapeutic activity once I got everything in order. I’m planning on taking a break and going back into Shield so if anyone could help me with Zacian’s Pokédex entry I can begin my first shiny hunting target while hunting some Gigantamaxes on the side.

    1. at least you got shinies i haven’t seen hide or hair of anything…. i’ve been killing ditto left and right and i’ve been chaining Clobbo

    2. Does that mean you have 3 of them total now? Isn’t there something you can do to guarantee an ability?

  45. So, are there any types you predicted correctly this Gen?

    I thought Grass/Rock, Fire, and Water/Ghost or Grass/Dark, Fire/Fighting, and Water/Psychic. At least I got Cinderace right lmao.

    Predicted Fighting/Fairy and Fighting/Steel for Zacian and Zamazenta. Got one right at least

  46. Hey there! I know I haven’t really ever talked on here, but I’ve actually been following the site for the better part of the last 8 years. I’ve always wanted to get more involved, but felt that you guys have such a tight knit little community I never wanted to disrupt. Well, I finally decided to do something with my love of Pokemon and I made a twitch channel where I stream shiny hunting, max raid battles and competitive. If you’d be at all interested feel free to check me out at I would really appreciate it!

  47. Thanks to a friendly person on Discord I now have a completed Pokédex in Shield! I wasn’t expecting there to be a couple extra small bonuses on top of the Shiny Charm. Now I have to figure out what my first target should be…I’ve been thinking about Stonjourner because I just love that thing.

  48. “In Japan, Sword and Shield sold 2 million copies during their first three days on sale, surpassing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as the fastest-selling Switch games in that region. In the US, they sold more than 2 million copies in their opening weekend. As of November 21, 2019 Sword and Shield have sold more than 6 million copies worldwide, surpassing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as the fastest-selling Switch games worldwide.”

  49. You can give three Sword and Shield Pokemon dual types, but you have to give a logical reason for each and remove one Pokemon of that type for every Pokémon that gets a new secondary type. Which do you give secondary types?

    1. Falinks – Whether it’s better or not it has metal armour as part of its’ body, it should be part Steel.

      Grapploct – It’s an octopus, it logically would be part Water. Yes many water based creatures have not been Water as a subversion, but this doesn’t feel like that. I would actually accept Ground, partly because of things like Hippopotas, partly because some species of octopus create and use quicksand for various purposes.

      Rillaboom Rock, he rocks. Also Gorillas use rocks as tools and its’ padding on the chest etc looks like it could be stone.

      When you say remove do you mean remove new ‘mon of the type? Or any that got in the ‘dex?

      1. OK so remove

        Steel – I guess Mawile since removing the Mega neutered it somewhat anyway.

        Water – I suppose Octillery because it shares some basis, though I’d be fine removing the Basculins. If it were Ground I think I’d be fine removing Whiscash. Actually Whiscash works for both.

        Rock – Solrock (and Lunatone), kinda have to remove both, also would mean no dumb one in raid battles.

    2. Grapploct- Water/Fighting… literaly half it’s pool is fucking water moves
      Pick the 1-2 stage water type of your choice to remove, I don’t care tbh

      Cor/Cursola- Ghost/Rock, begone Solrock. Not even lunatone. Just solrock

      The rest don’t bother me

      1. Oh and before anyone comments as why I left Scorb pure fire? Just give it Electric moves to its set and it’s ability takes care of the rest

        I’d sacrifice Throh to make it part fighting tho

  50. In the biggest mindf*ck of Smash history, Fighter #5 will be Sam from Death Stranding
    (Revealed at tGA)

    1. i think ol Eterny is a 100% capture you could probably catch it on the 50th turn in a quick ball

  51. My desired changes/demands to Sword and Shield
    Rookidee and Corvisquire Normal/Flying and Corviknight Steel/Flying
    Cramorant Water/Flying
    Grappleoct having a pure fighting form and a fighting/water form based on an attack or ability
    Stonjourner Rock/Ghost or even Rock/Psychic is fine with me but mostly Ghost
    I really wished Copperajah was Steel/Ground but….we have too many of those….

    As for Regional Forms
    Gweezing can stay fairy but it has to have Levitate removed and only have Neutralizing Gas (Whats the point of having the ability when everyone ops out for the ability that made it so annoying)
    G. Farfetch’d removed and burnt because the sheer fact they made a Galarian Farfetch’d after promoting Sirfetch’d feels like a big fat lie
    Corsola and Cursola Ghost/Rock give them something to even the playing field (and by even i mean a glaring weakness)

    Also nerf Fishious Rend so it causes 50% recoil damage so it can still be powerful but having to be used sparingly

    1. Man I love how almost every one of these changes add nothing or would make the game worse :0

  52. Copperajah, Eiscue, Skwovet, and the fossils have all grown on me a significant amount since leak season

    Eldegoss, Morpeko, and Polteageist have grown on me extensively since I have the game now

  53. Is it true that Pokemon can kick other Pokemon in PKMN Camp? I know about the Togepi-Cinderace kicking but am not sure if it’s just a neatly edited video or actual. I did see my Hatterene having a slap fight with inteleon but it didn’t seem they were physically hitting.

  54. So I beat Leon a few hours ago and I must say his team was pretty solid but I dont get why he was so unbeatable. I also enjoyed Rose’s team but they’re all slow “bulky” steel types that kept getting one shot by my Centiskorch.

    Final team *shield* :

    Mr. Rime

    Gonna start my sword playthrough after I do some things in shield and I’m picking scorbunny as my starter and I’m not using the same pokemon twice which also removes Corviknight and Orbeetle from this playthrough

  55. About to enter the championship cup!

    Haxorus lv.55
    Kommo-O lv.55
    Goodra lv.55
    Flygon lv.55
    Duraludon lv.55
    Zweilous lv.55

    1. Oh, nice – that’s fantastic to hear!! I’m going to be seeing it with my brother tonight!
      I already loved the first Frozen, so I’m really excited for this!

    2. Wasn’t a fan of the plot, but the characters and emotional storytelling in that movie were just spot on.

  56. Chairman Rose theme sounds so evil and epic…. despite him being the least evil “big bad” of a game.

    1. Altho his interactions with Bede and Oleana and their loyalty to him kinda imply a certain abusive and manipulative side to him.
      And his entire conflict with Leon seems to be that…. he just can’t take a simple no for an answer, not even a “Not now, later”

  57. Truly the most thankful thing i’m thankful for is ALL THE LEFTOVERS FROM HOSTING
    There’s no beautiful sight than waking up in the morning, opening the fridge and seeing a chilled carved succulent ham (call me crazy but i don’t like ham the same night its cooked but give it a night in the fridge and i will destroy it)

  58. I never realized how much I need a Mr. Mime evolution…it feels just like out of Sinnoh and I love its goofy yet vividly animated personality.

  59. A few questions… how do you get the bike to ride on water? And, if you catch a Dynamax Pokémon that isn’t Gigantamax form, can it still Gigantamax?

  60. I wish the League Challengers you can fight in the Championship Cup post game, have had optional fights through out the game beforehand, instead of just being NPCs.

  61. Well I spent 17 scouts on Masters today and got one new character (Kris) and immediately just decided to max her to Feraligatr and 70 in level

    Though I must say I really hate Lear. He’s a crappy villain who’s story all over the place and I’m stuck on the rematch stage despite being alot higher level than recommended

  62. So I’ve put my writing on a break due to uni work, but I did some stress writing last week and have the first part of the prologue done!

    To pad out numbers a little bit, I’ve made characters that aren’t based on Jungle Members. Partially to give the image of a larger community in the story, and partially because original characters makes controlling the narrative a lot easier without stepping on anyone’s toes.

    So here’s Character Introduction #1!

    Aavani ‘Ani’ Tamba and Ajahx
    Aavani was born and raised in Driftveil City, although her family were fairly rooted to their old country customs which gave her a deep appreciation of her origins. Her family followed a patrilneal pattern of architects, but as the oldest daughter of a sonless father she took it upon herself to one day inherit her father’s Unovan branch of the family business.

    When she turned four, she was gifted an egg from her grandfather back home. She excitedly cared for the egg as if it was already a child, and she was thrilled when it hatched into a Cufant. She named the youngster Ajahx, and put her all into raising her partner to both be a perfect battling partner and a building partner.

    Inspired by her family’s Copperajah and her own Cufant, Aavani slowly developed a fondness for Steel-types. That fondness turned to love, and she soon found that Ajahx was not her only metallic teammate. When she learnt that her family were the ones Clay contracted to built the surface level of the Driftveil Gym, Aavani felt as if a path had been revealed to her – she would succeed both as heir to the family business and as the future Gym Leader of Driftveil City.

  63. I’m going to be hatching some Morelulls today in hopes of them being shiny. I’ll be using Shiny Charm odds combined with Masuda Method odds so let’s hope the 1 in 512 skews in my favor today. I really want a dark orange Shiinotic!

  64. Well that’s it! Playthrough number 2 is done, I’ve defeated champion leon!

    Haxorus lv. 70
    Goodra lv.70
    Kommo-O lv.70
    Hydreigon lv.70
    Duraludon lv.70
    Flygon lv.70

    What can I say? It was a blast yet again to play through this game, and so soon after my first playthrough. I couldnt even sit through any gen 7 game a second time, barely finished my first ultra playthrough. Gen 8 really is something special.

    What is it lance says in gen 1? “Dragons are hard to catch and raise but their power is incredible”? Something like that. That couldnt be more true. It took until about lv.30 for them to learn much of anything, but it was about there that the ball started rolling and we kept getting stronger and stronger and stronger and flattened everything in our way.

    Mono runs like this give you a chance to use some pokemon you either dont like as much, or overlook, and even come out with a new appreciation for them. Kommo-O my boy, you are so much more than I was giving you credit for. Thanks for being such a reliable team member.

  65. Why does my body feel like its dying…..i only had four plates at dinner….then several more helpings throughout the afternoon, then before bed….. than when i woke up….

    1. Raihan: My Partner will send the whole crowd in the stadium flying!

      Crowd: Lah lah lah lah! Lah lah lah, laaaaaah! YEAH!

  66. So i’m still breeding my Drilbur and i’m checking his learnset and i’m a little pissed off
    Apparently in SWSH Drilbur no longer learns Dig at level 19 but now learns it at level 32 a level after he evolves which he’ll learn at 34 and that really bugs me

    One memory engraved in my brain is the usage a newly caught Wellspring Drilbur gets after learning Dig his namesake attack after Drill Run

    And the thing that infuriates me even more is Earthquake, Excadrill is able to learn Earthquake at level 36 which is very early but in SWSH it’s all the way at 52 which is right after it finally learns Drill Run at 46…which annoyed me that it never learned earlier, i mean the coolest ground attack that exists and it’s species gimmick and it hardly gets any use out of it

  67. Lowkey considering ditching my Shield Nuzlocke and instead doing a Shield mono Poison

    Low Key Toxtricity
    Two open spaces to change on the fly

  68. i know it’s Black Friday and all but where is everyone, i feel there’s a hidden article everyone else is living it up in and not telling

  69. I’ve come to the conclusion the the shiny charm doesn’t help with shinies at all lol. My luck has gotten significantly worse since getting it haha

  70. If Super Smash Bros. Ultimate were to add a Gen 8 mon as a DLC fighter, what is one that they would pick? I thought it would be nice if the Gen 8 Pokémon isn’t a starter.


  71. I have an almost-final update for my National Dex project before I hunker down and finish the job over the course of the next months. After double and triple-checking my list I am 100% sure that everything is where it should be, meaning that I just have to fill in the remaining blanks. I also put my 5 boxes of event Pokemon and two boxes of shinies at the end to cap off the Bank collection before I send it forward sometime next year. It feels so surreal to be so close to the finish line and yet so far. I’ve wanted to do this since I was a kid but never thought I would have the dedication necessary for following through.

  72. Anyone got a spritzee/aromatisse/Sableye?

    I can trade most things for it as I have every other Pokémon (minus Zamazenta)… I would really appreciate it (trying to complete the dex)

  73. Just beat pokemon shield! Good game all around. I liked dynamaxing more than i thought I would. Next I’ll start completing my pokedex.

  74. Silvally is so helpful with raids. One Pokémon with a type advantage over anything? A beast killer AND a Dynamax killer!

  75. G. Corsola is officially tankier than Toxapex holy sh*t. What are the odds of this thing being a regular customer at VGC 2020?

    1. I hate this thing so much, if you’re not packing knock off, taunt, toxic or what i’ve resorted to Trick/Scarf this thing pretty much walks all over physical attackers

  76. Ughhhh i’m at a impasse

    Mainly Runerigus… There’s potential in having this slab join the highly prestiged ranks of the Earthen Warriors but at the same time a Water Absorber or in Gastro’s case Storm Drain has much more suitability utility

    Like in a pinch his Wandering Spirit can nullify an opponent’s ability and lock their attack to whatever they used with Trick scarf but as of lately his scarf does not lock it into the last move they used like it should be due to low speed…

    But Dracovish is running rampant, like i can’t even do a thing once it’s on the field and if sandstorm isn’t on

  77. I’m definitely enjoying the wild area more since beating the game as there’s a lot more stronger pokemon roaming around. Raids are still just as fun but I hate when I see a raid stamp and it doesnt let me connect especially for a pokemon I’m looking for

  78. Hey guys, I need help ! Could someone help me passibg eggs from sword to shield !? I just need to send 5 eggs to you so you can send them back to me on the other version.. I could ofc trade you a thank you gift at the end if needed..

  79. Even though my prized gliscor won’t be in galar, I’ve found myself some amazing replacements.

    Obstagoon with his surprisingly high defense can cheese out some shenanigans with obstruct/knock off/parting shot/taunt and defiant

    And grimmsnarl with prankster screens/thunder wave and the surprisingly reliable spirit break

    1. Seriously considering using Obstagoon in one of my future playthroughs. Maybe even the one with Grookey!

  80. Please could someone help me with some online stuff ! I just need to échange eggs. I could give à gigantamax as a thank you 🙁

  81. Can’t believe this… Just found frosmoth in a max raid battle for the first time and it had ice scales! ALSO it’s modest!!

  82. Does anyone know if the number of Pokémon defeated affects shiny chances for breeding as well? Also to increase my odds further, I’m looking for a non-English ditto for the Masuda method. So does anyone know if the different language Pokémon thing depends on the game language or different region altogether?

  83. I finally hatched a female Scorbunny! Took me quite a few batches, but i can now start breeding on egg moves yesss

  84. Well today’s the day. Heading back back home after spending five days in Florida. I must say I had a blast this week. Spent so much time on the beach, tried Crab legs, Alaskan krab legs(amazing!) , mahi mahi(also amazing!) and calamari for the first time. Plus it was great for my asthma as well. Didn’t have near as many issues this week. Kind of bummed about leaving but at same time happy to get back home to my family and my own bed. May post pictures I got later if anyone would be interested.

  85. So like…where is everybody…
    This may sound juvenile but i’m hella lonely and miss all the hustle and bustle that follows the first couple weeks of a new release

  86. I’m pretty exhausted now but I’ve successfully collected almost 3 boxes worth of Pokémon to transfer up to Bank. After I finish those up I’ll gather a few more in X and Alpha Sapphire. I’ve figured out Porygon2 and Porygon-Z on my own but I think I’ll still need help with Alolan Golem, Slurpuff and Aromatisse eventually. I’ll save those for last alongside Deoxys.

  87. How tf is Nessa’s Drednaw so fast in the tourney finals? It just outsped my Cinderace which is a higher level than it, and it wasn’t even raining – it was sand!

  88. I think it’s time that they create a Pokemon game with microtransactions, I for one would love to buy each Pokemon individually. I mean think about it, it would save time on having to grind for Pokemon characters and all you have to do is jump right into the action playing as your favorite Pokemon, it would save a lot of hassle. Wouldn’t everyone agree it’s time for a free to play Pokemon game with microtransactions??

  89. Defog now removes Terrains in addition to Entry Hazards and Screens
    King’s Shield will now only lower opponent’s Attack by 1 stage rather than 2.
    Rapid Spin will now boost Speed.

  90. Is curious how the meme about charizard having too many forms got so much traction but Meowth is offivially the Pokemon with the most forms (aside of Pikachu) and he even has a new evolution this gen while charizard only got a Gmax form while losing the Megas.

  91. Hi. I’m here to say that I’m GAY and I met my girlfriend in person today and it was amazing and I KISSED her a lot and I’m GAY and we went to the aquarium and saw fish and we saw PENGUIN and it was the best that is all

  92. Anyone here has a Cottonee, Mimikyu for trade? I still have HA snom, HA Sinistea, HA Mareanie and HA Darumaka for trade.

  93. What do you think Sonia team would be if we battle against her?

    Giga-Orbeetle, Boltund, Glaceon, Reuniclus, and Jellicent

  94. I have a quick question for you guys. Are Bronzong’s eyes the red circles or the green rectangles? It’s come to my attention that I may have been looking at it wrong all these years.

  95. Am I the only one who had no idea that Wormadam’s cloak changes what type it is? I honestly didn’t know that we had another Bug/Ground type besides Nincada or another Bug/Steel to add to the small collection of those.

  96. Wow I have terrible luck with Gmax raid catches. All of them run from me. Ultra balls, net balls on bug/water, etc. nothing seems to work. I already feel this pain in PoGo but now it has followed me to Sword.

  97. I’ve watched the RAW new episode and i’m not too convinced that’ll hold up as well
    So far they’re going for a “Adventure of the week” episodic approach from the main-series linear formula
    The Professor Nerd sends Ashhole and Go fk yourself to place X to interact with Pokemon Y causing or related to problem Z and then Team Rocket is now doing something different with Giovanni (need subtiles for better understanding)
    But one thing that might keep things interesting is Team Rocket is now committing more to the episode as villains especially with their new “Pokemon”
    Team Rocket are now apparently being air droned a “Meowth charm operated gumball machine” of Team Rocket issued Pokemon which they get two at random and received a Gyarados and Tyranitar which means that they will probably not be catching anything permanently (So much for Jessie Hatenna and James Impidimp…)

    1. Eh, they can still capture stuff, especially if the stuff they catch is weak. It’s just two/one permanent members for Jessie/James respectively and then the rental members that’s actually a threat

  98. ok i think Disqus is broken again, i’m getting errors and i’m not auto-logging in on my PC

  99. It’s that time of the week folks and what better way to kick off the new month than with a reminder of the site’s namesake
    It won the hearts of thousands with its instantly adorable first stage and eventually just kinda existed

  100. You get to take one Pokemon from each region (Cross-gens count for their region, as do regional variants). What do you choose?

    Hard mode: No type overlap

    1. Frail bab with a lot of confidence who gets embarrassed when shown up
      Gets an energetic starter who’s not only a great foil as its the most athletic in the series, but also equally as showboaty and known to get itself into bad situations when it does so?


  101. What are the chances a parent passes its ability? I’m in this breeding chain too deep to stop but I really hope I wont need an ability capsule…

  102. So, since we’re less than 2 weeks away, what are yall’s tGA predictions?
    First off, who’ll win GotY?
    And more importantly, what trailers will we see? Any smash reveals?

    1. baba is you for best indie game! and link’s awakening for best art direction

      i know it won’t happen, but instead of fighter 5 i’d rather seeing proof of life for pikmin 4 or an update on metroid prime, or possibly breath of the sequel if it’s not too soon for that

  103. Very, very, very bored. Procrastinating on a uni project, but know I need to get it done so I did a set boredom task rather than going out with friends or playing a game because I know those can spiral out of the time constraints I set myself.

    I like sharing my experiences and making data tangible, so I started a display of all the ‘First Teams’ I used. By ‘First Teams’, I mean I got bored in 2015/6 so I played through each Pokemon game in 2016 with every single starter, which even included the then new Sun (which extended into like first third of 2017). Nearly none of them were my actual first teams, with the exceptions being digital console Red with Charizard, Alpha Sapphire with Blaziken (which was actually a 2014 run) and Sun with Incineroar.

    Basically, it’s a team for every starter, not for every game, and I doubt I’ll finish this display as it’s just a boredom thing. What ones stand out to you?

  104. Snipe Shot does have an increased crit ratio not mentioned in its flavour text. Odd, but fitting. Shame its Inteleon’s only Sniper move.

  105. I’m confused. GF wont give us a battle frontier but will give us this mini end storyline to complete *which is pretty cool*. I dont see their logic in this

  106. I hate that HGSS has to be so damn expensive. I really wanna buy Heart Gold cause all my favorite Pokemon from the games are exclusive to it (Like literally outside Lugia I vastly like the HG exclusives more) but I don’t have another $60+ to drop on it (Ebay isn’t an option)

  107. Uh-oh…

    I tossed Wooloo a ball in camp and he seems to be stuck in an infinite state of rolling… he cant seem to get the ball! Hes been rolling up against it for like 10 minutes straight.

  108. Okay, so I started writing this in response to a post about the Battle Frontier, but it sort of became its own independent thought, so I feel like it’s worth bringing up in isolation.

    I’m extremely frustrated by just how much of a downgrade the Battle Tower for this Gen is. I mean, if you’re never going to give us a proper Frontier, could you at least make the Tower clone consistently move forward?
    Until now, it had been polished more and more with each iteration – since Crystal introduced it, Ruby and Sapphire streamlined it a tiny bit, Emerald introduced BP and a more interesting reward system, Black and White divided the Normal and Super modes, X and Y made it significantly more approachable and streamlined, ORAS stopped locking TMs behind it, Sun and Moon made it more fun by introducing periodic bosses that also served as cameos of other characters (both from past games and other stories), and USUM introduced alternative ways to get BP and its associated rewards, including one way that didn’t involve the Battle Tree at all and another mode that still revolved around battling but lifted most of the restrictions that made it hard for beginning players to succeed.
    It has also (arguably) at least gradually leaned away from its reliance on luck as the series has progressed – it’s still inevitable to face bad luck at some point in a streak, and there are still a handful of totally hax-oriented enemy sets, but the former is just an inherent part of the streak-based format (and you can build teams specifically to minimize it and prepare for the worst), and the latter have been dwindling in number in favor of better, more consistent and “fair” sets.
    There’s also been a consistent increase in accessible teambuilding mechanics to make it more and more approachable.
    It has never been a perfectly executed mechanic, but it’s been getting better every time, and honestly, it has gotten to the point that messing with different teams in the Tree is something I genuinely enjoyed doing for its own sake. We’ve sorely lacked variety in battle facilities for far too long all the same, and that’s by far the biggest selling point of a Battle Frontier, but at least the one we do get has been on an upward trend and doesn’t get old nearly as quickly.

    The Tower in Sword and Shield immediately regresses from the features that spiced up the Battle Tree (for enemies, the periodic bosses are absent and the only named character there at all is Leon) and completely removes Multi Battles (including scouting enemies like the Tree, preset NPC partners like every battle facility since the DP Tower, customizable partners like the Emerald frontier, and even the ability to team up with another player like every battle facility since Ruby and Sapphire).
    It also has more joke sets and way more intentionally luck-based sets in a way that limits both the expectation and the payoff for skilled play.
    But honestly, the thing that makes me the most upset is that it dropped the streak-counting mechanic outright. The thing that keeps me coming back to every other battle facility… it’s never been getting to the end – it’s been competing with myself, trying to do better than I did last time, trying to get more consistent.
    Sword and Shield actively remove this element: the game no longer even keeps track of your streaks at all in favor of a rank system, and whenever you do lose, it actively supports resetting to continue from where you left off instead of trying again from the start.

    On one hand, I can understand the rationale behind making losses less punishing – for a lot of people, that has been a major turnoff for battle facilities in general.
    But they went way too far in the other direction – making absolutely no penalty for losing and absolutely no payoff for consistently good play… It completely defeats the purpose of having the facility at all.
    And while you could argue that this is more convenient for casual players, it actually also diminishes the potential rewards a great deal – you get the same reward for every. single. battle. except a handful of one-time rewards for ranking up. It doesn’t matter how hard the battle is or what rank you are. It doesn’t matter how many battles you’ve won. It doesn’t matter how many battles you’ve won in a row. It doesn’t matter how many battles you’ve lost. If you lost right before. If you’ve never lost at all.
    There’s just absolutely no reason to take it seriously any more, and it loses all of its appeal in favor of being a meaningless grind.
    And this is their idea of making it “more fun” for the casual audience? How?

    It’s also really, really frustrating to me that they still feel a need to prioritize the casual audience in the first place.
    There is absolutely nothing locked behind the Battle Tower. USUM even made it easy to farm BP without bothering to get good at it – you could completely skate past normal mode and get enough for any 32 BP item without any difficulty at all. At that point, Super Mode was the part that was tailored towards players who actually wanted the challenge – it was just for fun, and fun was all it had to be, and fun was all it tried to be. If you didn’t think it was fun, it was finally at a point where you could just bypass the need to play it. On the other hand, if you did think it was fun (and I did!), it was probably the part of the game you’d revisit the most. It was replayable. It was challenging. It was inconsistent but not frustratingly so.
    There are already so many features that are tailored to the casual audience. I almost wanted to ask – does it even appeal to them any more now? Was it worth it? Honestly… I doubt it?
    But to heck with that. It wouldn’t be worth it even if it was one more thing for them to like, because everything else in Sword and Shield is already tailored to this vaguely defined “casual audience.” It’s incredibly alienating to realize that we’re not even allowed to have one single optional feature designed to appeal to any other denominator.
    I absolutely hate this feature.

    1. butbutbutbut we have to make our game for the “baby children who don’t like to play games” demographic! that’ll be $60, please

  109. I was so disappointed with the animation in Pokemon Sword & Shield, c’mon Pokemon is one of the most biggest and profitable franchise of the videogame industry. The game did not deserve this kind of treatment.


  111. Anybody willing to trade a Grookey for a Scorbunny or Sobble? I have a couple of females Sobbles too…

  112. Ok aside from a few hiccups i’m positive that Dracovish is prime bane material
    i wanted to experiment with baton passers but they’res no Anything Goes tier yet that would allow me a Ninjas to swards dance and get a speed boost or two

    But mark my words when Sand Rush Dracovish is released expect to see it online everywhere

  113. Got a WHOLE bunch of Bold Feebas babies I’ll give away later if anyone is interested. Monkeyfuzz, I’ve saved you a perfect male with swift swim (marvel scale on milotic)

    They are breedjects and I have half a box of eggs left to hatch, might as well see what comes out.

  114. Lucario. Besides an extra Deoxys and the Spring forms of Deerling and Sawsbuck, Lucario is the end of the road for my National Dex project. I’ve probably spent over 30 hours on this over the past few weeks and I am so happy that it’s finally over. However, I would still like to ask for assistance on the few Pokemon that I can’t get myself. If someone would be willing to do some trade evolutions with me for Golem, Slurpuff and Aromatisse I would be forever grateful. As thanks I can offer almost any mythical Pokemon of your choice from my event boxes because I have so many duplicates. Let me know if you’re interested.

  115. How does a Cutiefly stop me going full speed on a bike?
    It should’ve been agonizingly mangled in the spokes

  116. Lmao ngl lowkey annoyed that Rookidee is pure Flying. Not because some ‘pure Flying must be wind elementals’ logic but because it’s dumb from a gameplay point of view.

    You should be able to look at a Pokemon and gauge what types it is. This has slowly gotten worse over the Gens, with examples such as Decidueye and Grapploct coming to mind. This means that in gameplay, you can use your knowledge of other Pokemon to deduce what to throw up against it.

    1. Grapploct gives me depression because unlike half the mons that “look one type but aren’t it” it literally has a wider water movepool then some water types do

  117. Also i am pretty much annoyed how they limited the toxic distribution. When I build teams I try to run all three status(Burn, Paralyze, Poison) and now I am more limited with my options

  118. Hey, would someone be able to trade my partner a Stonjourner? They have all Shield exclusives to offer (including Eiscue since that’s its counterpart).

  119. If you had to give your favourite non-Legendary a regional variant, what type/abjktoy would you give it and what region would it adapt to? Bonus points for reasoning

  120. I’m trying to organize my boxes based on the National dex, so I’m filling the holes with the next available mon and it’s a pain lol

    1. Bit related to this and to my post down below, but thank the Lorde that GameFreak got lazy and had every Alcremie use Strawberry Sweets in their box sprite. Now I only have to collect like 9 instead of 63

  121. Well I got nothing interesting to say so might as well call it a day
    My Thanksgiving vacation draws to a close with my regularly scheduled doctor appointments and so forth
    Of all times to go to a nutritionist after 3 days of holiday gorging -____- tomorrow we should try to get some battles going

    I truly cannot believe in 24 days Christmas will be here and very soon the year 2020 (which sounds like a cheesy sci-fi year tag line

    Also don’t miss out on select deals for Cyber Monday, Reality is an illusion and death is around every corner and nothing truly matters
    Good night all you beautiful people *Mwah*

  122. Bored and allnightering uni work before I start working on Saturday soo

    Jungle Project Character Introduction #2:
    Locke Helm (pre-Timeskip)

    A young trainer from Ballonlea, Locke favors using the Grass, Fairy, and Poison-types found in abundance around his hometown. He feels lost in the Swarming Jungle Guild as others seem to have an strong grasp on their dreams, whereas Locke wants to hone his skill to be able to find his future.

    He battles using a slower, tactical style. This means sacrificing his own power for tools he can use to manipulate his opponent’s. He greatly enjoys the synergy his types have, and he’s willing to grow to overcome glaring weaknesses. This has caused a ‘Jack of All Trades, Master of None’ style that sometimes means he simply does not have the raw power to win regardless of skill. Due to the combination of his Pokémon of choice, his immense skill, and his unsure nature, he has earned the title of Budding Baron.

    Locke Helm (post-Timeskip)

    Although the Swarming Jungle Guild is in Unova, he’s been able to travel the world with the Guild’s resources – and he does not like what he has seen. Pokémon shunned and reviled due to associations with the wrong people using them. Seeing Poison-types in particular facing discrimination, Locke decided that he wanted to become a Poison-type Gym Leader. This dream served to make the type more popular whilst attaining the resources necessary to help Pokemon that have fallen victim to the hate.

    By focusing on a singular dream, he’s developed a far more potent battling style. His weaknesses have become more apparent – yet so have his strengths. Locke is more than willing to put his pride on the line to show the world the power of Poison Pokemon. Don’t let that fool you however, his skills with Grass and Fairy Pokemon have also evolved, just a bit slower. This newly found focus has earned him the title of ‘Poisonous Prince‘.

  123. Well I completed the Pokedex and got the Shiny Charm.

    Now time…. to not get any Shinies for al ong time because I rolled a 1 luck when I was born!

  124. Who else is participating in the Galar Beginnings competition? I’m almost done building my team, which is actually just a competitive version of my 1st playthrough team haha.

  125. Wait a few questions that all relate to each other

    Does the shiny charm affect max raids?

    Does everyone get the shiny?

    If yes to the other two. Is it possible to amplify the shiny odds with multiple charm holders?

    1. I think
      Yes, as with all encounters.
      Yes, if you all catch it.
      No, it’ll be the one who starts the raid.

    2. The shiny Pokémon is found in the game of the one who initiates the raid and thus depends on their odds. Fun fact, even if you lose, or don’t catch it and soft reset (presuming you saved before), it’ll still be shiny. I think that’s probably because the odds of IVs, abilities, and shiny are all rolled when the den is activated (I.e either at midnight or if you raid all the Dens)

  126. I need to get back on my endgame goals
    -6IV Ditto
    -Breeding a absolute cheater Battle Tower team
    -Finish the Pokédex, something I’ve never done
    -Breed My Monotype and OU team

  127. I’m curious what shinies y’all have encountered thus far and how you got them. I caught Chewtle and Clobbopus both through “chaining” (is it still chaining if it’s just a counter?)

    1. Seedot, random encounter about an hour and a half into play, now a Shiftry. Rookidee, Masuda Method.

    2. Toxapex purple beam max raid battle, don’t know if that had something to do with it, but since that was my first and only shiny I’m now conditioned to combeeline to a purple beam the minute I set my eyes on it!

  128. I just had the worst thing happen to me. So I found a G-Max Orbeetle raid somehow (no, I’m not working those glitch tricks, I’m too scared my save will get corrupted). It was 5-star and super difficult since for some reason it had 8 PARTS to each shield barrier thingie which it but up TWICE. I defeated it, and then when it asked me to catch it, that’s when it happened. I selected my ball, being a net ball, and then the selection just whizzed forward on its own JUST before I was ABOUT TO PRESS A throwing the ball, and it landed on a REGULAR POKEBALL. It escaped of course.


    Since then I’ve been imagining how else it could ruin my game. Like what if I found a shiny, and when I pressed down to switch to the bag section, it moved one more step to RUN AND I FUKIN RUN AWAY FROM A SHINY. shudder. Be careful folks. I know i will.

  129. So OU is basically what everyone expected would be in it but…
    -Cinderace made it in, shoutout to him for being the first pure fire to do that and even before HA
    -Toxtricity is there for anti meta
    -Weavile and Poltea are UU???!?

  130. Help me finish my team…

    Inteleon, Corviknight, Bolthund, Thievul, Eiscue, __________________

    Galarian Rapidash

  131. So, I was watching a series of videos where a group of people made redesigns for their 5 worst looking Pokemon of each Gen minus Galar (For reference, the name of the channel is Subjectively). It was certainly interesting to see how they would improve on the designs of certain Mons. So, that along with what I’ve been writing (and plugging in Discord every chance I get) got me thinking. What Pokemon do you think could benefit from a redesign? Be as descriptive or as vague as you want if you’re maybe like me and have a hard time coming up new designs.

  132. Geez gen 8 is out for not even three weeks and the 4chan trolls have already started fabricating rumours about a SwSH sequel coming next year…

  133. So, between Sword and Shield we have 10 confirmed Gym leaders, which means we only don’t know 8 Gym leaders…. Sequel Hook maybe?

  134. So, apparently Johnny Yong Bosch is replacing Vic as DBS Broly in FighterZ (And I assume any future appearances of either version). This was shown off in a stream that I somehow had no idea was happening. He’s certainly an interesting choice considering how Broly sounds, but it seems to be working out. Broly releases December 5th, for those who care and I am very excited

  135. Some of the regional dex decisions for S&S are so stupid

    Lol let’s cut 400 pokemon, but include 4 water/ground type lines

    1. Another gen of Mimikyu being relentlessly spammed into OU despite not really belonging there

  136. Finally done organizing my boxes by number…now just to fill in the holes. I’d feel more incentivized if shinies appeared in the overworld. A huge loss, really.

    1. i just dedicated several to important stuff
      Potential Breed
      Team Builder
      Rares & Legends
      Unique Pokeballs

      1. Solid. There’s no need for so many boxes in this game really for me so good to dedicate the extras for something like that

  137. Hmmm just realized that 3 of my party mons have Pokerus. Dont know when it happened but it’s interesting that it’s only my first 3 mons and not my whole team 🤷🏻‍♂️

  138. What are you gutter roaches up to this icy December evening
    As always because my Brother’s GF is hogging the basement i can’t go online for Pokemon so i’m stuck doing breeding offline

  139. All Pokemon have their attack and special attack swapped, but not their abilities or move pools.

    Any of your faves screwed over? Any saved by such a swap?

    1. If we count mega evolution (or maybe you dont need to, I cant remember the stats exactly) then Aggron, who has a huuuuuuuuuge special movepool. Especially if it can be tutored to learn steel beam (I assume it can but aggron was snapped so who knows?)

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