Nature Day & Leif’s Shrubs: What is there to know? An Animal Crossing: New Horizons Guide

The Nature Day event is here! It’s time to add some natural beauty to your island, while learning  about what it takes to preserve the earth. You’ll need Patch 1.2.0 to access the holiday and new content.

What is Nature Day?

Similarly to Bunny Day and it’s real-world parallel,  Nature Day pays homage to Earth Day – a special day that encourages us to care for the natural world around us. Instead of being celebrated for a single day, it’s once again, over a short period of time. (April 23rd ~ May 4th)

In previous iterations of Animal Crossing, Nature Day (while existing) was much less noticeable; you’d receive an exclusive ‘Cool Globe’ furniture piece and experience  unique dialogue with the villagers for the duration of a single day. Now it’s a tad bit different.

Strategically, the introduction of flower peddler Leif and shrubs were patched into the game at the same time. This isn’t exclusive to Nature Day, and Leif will appear every so often like both Kicks and Label do. Though the ‘Hedge Fence’ IS only obtainable through the event.

Earn Nook Miles and more

During this time period there’s an emphasis on completing activities to receive Nook Miles, it’s the game’s way of ‘giving back to Nature’ Once per day, there will be a highlighted activity that earns you 5x the amount of Nook Mile. Besides the boosted chore, the rest will be tasks that you’re used to receiving. Talk to Tom Nook after completing your first Nature Day task and he’ll reward you with the Hedge Fence that was mentioned earlier.

Leif’s special shrubbery

Leif’s flower selection is standard; his seeds can be found on the shelves of Nook’s Cranny. His shrub selection is what’s so unique to his vending. There are six types of shrubs, two of each type, and how they bloom corresponds to the season. Take a gander!

  • Pink/Red Camellias (Early February to Late March)
  • Pink/White Azaleas (Late April to Late May)
  • Pink/Blue Hydrangeas (Early June to Mid July)
  • Yellow/Red Hibiscus (Late July to Mid September)
  • Yellow/Orange Tea Olives (Late September to Late October)
  • Red Holly (Early November to Late December)

Interestingly enough, Leif buys your weeds for double the price too.

Have fun with the foliage! Feel free to show off your new gardens in the comments or join us in the Animal Crossing channel of our Discord server!

Alessandro “Thwack” Poehlman