BW Coverage 2

I’ve gotten bored with just writing everything down because that is what everyone other site is doing.  So!  I want to just give you guys the information you want :]  If you have a question post a COMMENT and I’ll to answer it on this post! (BTW I’m only @ Aloe’s Gym right now so I can’t answer end game questions >>; )



  • Screenshot of Aloe’s Gym up, it is a library inside and the entrance is actually at the back of the Museum
  • No new evolutions/prevolutions of old pokemon
  • In Yaguruma Forest you can find: Dokkara, Dagekki (VERY helpful against Aloe)

Stuff I find cool:

  • Ok, made up for my lost data and forged ahead and beat Arti.  :3  My lil poison worm was rocking that gym vs all those kurumiru
  • Badge polishing makes a return from GenIV!
  • Nicknames are censored for pokemon, couldn’t name the tadpole “SPERM”
  • Shit.  I just lost like an hour and a half of play time.  Ugh.  DUN FROZED ON ME
  • The music in this game is great :3  Plasma’s theme is awesome, but best is N’s.
  • LOL!  Two of the NPCs in Huin City speaks English!  They tell you that the next town over has the Musical competition.  There also is a German speaking NPC as well as one that speaks Spanish. (pic added)
  • The ‘y’ button registers key items like before, but now you can select what items you want registered and if you have more than one a menu will pop up when you push ‘y’ and you can select what item to use.  Helpful!
  • Picture of dowsing machine added.  You just walk and it points in the direction of a hidden item.  I miss HGSS’s dowsing machine ;_;
  • Several trainers have given me berries after I defeat them :3
  • Paralyzed pokemon now slowly flash yellow and have their animation slowed
  • Poisoned pokemon now slowly flash purple (pictured)
  • Belle gave me the dowsing machine after I beat Aloe :3
  • Aloe’s Gym puzzle is kinda tough if you don’t read Japanese.  Go the first shelf on the left, select the first option, then click the screens.  Next shelf to go to is the second on the left (directly behind the first) and select the first option.  After that’s done go up to the girl at the last shelf on the left and she will battle you.  After she will step aside and you can read the book (first option) then go to the first shelf on the right, select  first option.  After that go to the girl on the right and she’ll battle you… beat her and she’ll step aside and the shelf will slide open to reveal a staircase to Aloe!
  • NPC “Furniture Designer” who has the old gym statues in his house and the old PokeMart cases (pic added)
  • Day/Night Confirmed
  • Monmen (cotton plant pkmn) will flit up a bit then sink down slowly during it’s animation
  • Pokemon’s eyes close while they’re asleep

<3 pokejungle

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