Before I doze off~ (UPD)

Here are some parting tidbits of information:

  • When we learned that there were “missions” you could undertake we saw that rewards came in the form of “Deru Power“, but we had no idea what this was.  It has now been revealed that it can make wild pokemon easier to capture and also raise the experience points your pokemon earn after a battle.
  • (UPD) The Global Link is bak up and running smoothly. 🙂
  • Details on TM43: Nitro Charge [Fire, Physical / Power: 50 / Accuracy: 100% / Raises user’s speed after attacking] (TM Page) Note: Interestingly enough Shimama, the electric zebra, learns this fire attack at lv18

Aaaaaaaaand… I think that’s all I have off the top of my head for now.  Frankly my passion is bringing fast news and I’ve found covering Black/White to be a little less fun than digging through 2ch and Japanese blogs for news about it.  Weird, huh?

<3 pokejungle

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