Pokemon Smash!

Hey Pokejunglers!

I know this is kinda random and “off topic” considering Pokemon Black and White coverage is going on as we speak, but this is just for people who want some more Pokemon news and not to mention I had to get past a Reshiram and a Zekrom so I could get this info. </over dramatic> Anyways after 6 years of airing on TV, Pokemon Sunday will have it’s last show on September 26th. But, they’re not getting cancelled, instead they are getting re-branded to Pokemon Smash! They will still have the same hosts, the only change is new clothes, new studio (see picture) and Chimchar and Lucario will be replaced by Gen V Pokemon. They’ll still be giving us Pokemon News like they always do though!

On a more on topic note, how’s everybody liking Pokemon Black and White? Comment down below on your likes and dislikes, and who’s on your team. (That is if you’re playing) 

Be sure to check our previous post for more videos!





peace and love– ozymandis

P.S. My game was supposed to arrive tommorw at noon, but it got randomly selected for screening so now I have to wait and extra day. ;__;

P.P.S Anybody else having fun with the PGL? The Dream World is actually pretty cool. 🙂