Help out with the “Nintendo” situation [OVER]

This was originally a post I had on GameFAQs (UPD: They deleted it for “trolling”… wtf) but I thought I would also appeal to my users to contact Nintendo as well.  I myself have not been contacted by Nintendo, nor have you probably, but we can still help try to rectify this situation because it affects everyone. I don’t want to be in fear of putting up information and you as fans probably want continued coverage across ALL fansites.  Please take the time to contact Nintendo here.

On the drop down list you can choose ‘Corporate Questions‘ and in the second drop down ‘Trademark/Copyright Questions‘. If you are too busy to write out your own message to them (I HIGHLY recommend you try) you can copy this message that I have written and put your name at the bottom:

Dear Nintendo,

I’ve seen several Pokemon fansites take down their images of the newest Pokemon Black and White games at your request. I just wanted to write in to express my dissatisfaction with this request. We as fans would like to know all about the games that your company publishes and would like to fully appreciate the long hard work Game Freak has put into this new generation of Pokemon games. It seems uncharacteristic for Nintendo to be so harsh on sites that only wish to see your games thrive and help build the community around them. It hurts not only fans, but also our image of Nintendo as a company. We hope you would reconsider your recent actions taken against sites such as Serebii ( and PokeBeach (

Thank you for your time.


I don’t think I have to remind everyone here that if we all want to be able to receive the best coverage (or in my case give the best coverage) we need to work together as a community to ask Nintendo to allow us to continued access regarding BW screenshots and images.  This would take at max 5 minutes of your time.  PLEASE HELP!

<3 pokejungle

ps- Anyone with experience skinning InvsionPower Boards?  :3

  1. I dont ger it at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the games have been released people already know what’s the problem? this gen they want know walk through’s, this gen no pokedex on line?

  2. Sent. Still can’t believe that they did it. I mean, it’s not like we can’t go on the Japanese Pokemon site to see them.

  3. I think this is unreasonable. It’s not hurting Nintendo’s name or anything. I did post an e-mail and I hope to see them reconsider this nonsense.

  4. The only reason that I can fathom for the ban Nintendo has placed is due to both sites using images captured from ROM’s. However, thats been the case for years, why act now.
    Also, I guess PokeJungle wasn’t on their ‘hitlist’ because it has only become hugely popular this generation (I still used to visit before Gen 4 was teased years ago, but thats besides the point).

  5. I would just like to say that I think it’s awesome that even though PokeBeach and PokeJungle aren’t…”buddies”, per say, you are still willing to stick up for them, as well as Serebii. Very commendable.

  6. Make sure that after you press submit, you scroll down and press it again after they give links to some resources.

    1. Oh no.
      Him too.
      They are getting unreasonable.
      I sent the letter and added these last words-
      Longtime fan of Nintendo.
      P.S. never deny the positive power of free advertising.

    2. I guess I can understand them getting one. They did leak pretty much the entire game before it actually came out. Though I hate to say it, due to loving spoilers, I have to say that they deserved it.

      1. sad to say I agree with everything you’ve said if anyone deserves the letter that no one deserves it’d have to be him…

      2. i’m honestly suprised you have yet to get one PJ
        seems to me you’ve dogged a bullet
        or it was lost in the mail :3

  7. I sent the generic one you posted, as well as an added on question of why NoA is making such a big deal out of it even though the games were just released in Japan at the moment. Hopefully they’ll shed some light on that aspect.

  8. ya that really pissed me off when they had to take down all the sprites, now i gotta search the intire internet if i dont remeber one of the new Pokemon XP

    1. Just FYI under our Black/White menu we DO still have the sprites up :3 They’re just tucked away.

  9. Sent one too. Maybe when everyone sends this, those brain-dead monkeys over there will start to piece together a connection between everything.

  10. I sent an email as well. I’m really upset by this entire situation, so I hope this results in something.

  11. I sent an email. I only heard about your website recently,but the fact that you are doing something about this has made this my new favorite Pokemon site. Hopefully all these emails will help fix this mess.

    1. Yeah, I realize that I am not a site that does in depth game coverage like Serebii so it benefits the fandom as a whole if we can get stuff like this resolved.

      ps- welcome to pokejungle 🙂

  12. Sent an email.

    The thing I see though, this may stem from both Serebii and Pokebeach using the sprites PxP leaked on their sites. ROM use could play in, but the leaked sprites seem to be the main connection.

  13. husky boy(i call myself that too because im husky) sent a e-mail to nintendo,i think it was good

    also,changed my username from tsutaja fan to tsutarja fan,if i forget to put it in as such,plz let me know

    and last,but not least,made my pokemon black team!(getting the game tommorow or something)

    and vuljina(the dark/flying vulture,dont get the wrong idea,i need a flyer

  14. I feel the need to use a rousing speech.

    At first, we tore apart one another when WPM took those pictures from the theater, then we tore apart one another at the starter evolutions, THEN we tore apart one another upon B/W’s release, arguing about how they messed up our childhoods…now, hater and fan alike, are banding together to save what would become the downfall of Pokemon? Talk about friendship.

    Anyway, I want Nintendo to get serious. I’ll shove a nicely-written persuasive essay on their faces, and give them the harsh reality. WHO’S WITH ME!? 😀

  15. Nintendo is probably harsh about screenshots because they are worried that people will see too much of the game and not want it.Sure it’s rude and mean to us but they are thinking about the effect it would have on Us,Eu sales.Nintendo only thinks of money not fans.

  16. For the love of crap, these guys were playing ROMs! They deserve to get cease and desist letters. As for Melkor, it was nice and all that he gave us this information, but as an employee of a Nintendo Magazine he should be fired. This isn’t about the sprites or pics or any of that shit. It’s about all the illegal crap that they were doing.

    1. If they would’ve asked for Serebii and PokeBeach to remove images that could’ve been taken from ROMs there wouldn’t be this issue. Instead they wanted all images removed. :s

      And Experto does not work for any magazine though the person leaking them information could have been :s

    2. I agree! Nintendo left alone those sites that got their information without ROMs. It’s entirely fair of Nintendo to take action against websites implicitly or explicitly promoting piracy. They didn’t bother those sites that played by the rules. This isn’t an attack against the fans, or even fansites as a whole. It’s a warning, very arguably deserved, for those sites that made public, thus promoting, their piracy of the games.

      This’ll blow over, and a couple of months from now targeted sites will start putting up screenshots again and Nintendo won’t pursue legal action. But next time a game comes out, those sites that used ROMs this time will know better.

        1. No, just another person doing his best to look at this rationally, without the knee-jerk “Nintendo hates its fans!!1” reaction. It’s a rule on basically any legitimate, respected website that you don’t promote ROMs. Some forums ban users for even so much as a mention. This is what happens when you break that rule, and why sites have such policies in place.

          Nintendo has a real interest in preventing ROM use. When fansites delegitimize themselves by promoting ROMs (from those who actually run the sites, no less), I think that targeting them is justified.

          Next time a new game comes out, you can bet that Serebii and Pokebeach won’t be using ROMs (or at least won’t be promoting their use). Nintendo wins, and those websites that got their information legitimately win. And the fans still get information from those sites left alone, so they win also. The only losers here are those who did real harm to Nintendo by promoting ROMs.

  17. Very pleased to have sent an email completely in my own words. I do fear that it was a tad too informal; I’ve never written a letter to the government/evil corporation.

  18. I sent a detailed letter to Nintendo earlier on. However, I put it in the Game Related -> Other section. Will it still reach the right people or should I resend it? It was quite long -_-

  19. I hope Nintendo change their mind and reconsider it. Nintendo’s games are the first i play and beside, no one can compete with Nintendo. How could game images harm you? …

  20. Really I think that the only way Nintendo could be harmed by fansites showing pictures is if the games were bad and the pictures led to everyone realizing this. But they got a perfect score in Famitsu and everyone seems to think they are great, so there’s no point. In fact, Nintendo is more harmed by the situation now. Which is why I still suspect it’s not Nintendo sending these letters – they’d be cleverer than this, surely.

  21. I wrote up and sent my own, I hope this helps; it is a rather crass thing to do, and the websites do have a record of not harming Nintendo too.

  22. It’s all about power and control. Think about it. Pokemon Black and White were the hottest selling DS games in Japan before they were even released! Famitsu even gave the latest games in the Pokemon series a perfect score! That says a lot about the caliber of the games. So if you were the creator of a game of such great quality receiving such high marks, wouldn’t you want to do everything in your power to try and control what is allowed to be seen and what isn’t? Part of it might have to do with the fact that Nintendo is busy trying to prepare a promotion for these games outside of Japan themselves. If the webmasters put up all of the information and pictures, it could hurt their promotional sales.

    Another reason might also have to do with the fact that Nintendo is still trying to milk as much out of Heart Gold and Soul Silver (and to an extent, Platinum) as it can. If you live in the U.S, you’ve seen the tv commercials for HG and SS with the twins. And with the third Pokemon Ranger game coming out to the States next month which has connectivity with the 4th generation games (as well as the final upcoming promotional pokemon to prepare us for Gen V outside of Japan), it seems clear that Nintendo doesn’t want us to jump ship just yet. If we move on to Gen V now, then that means that we are less likely to play/buy HG/SS which is only 6 months old (by U.S and Europe release anyway) or any other game connected to the fourth generation.

    I know that its stupid for Nintendo to be doing this, and I don’t agree with it, but as a guy who has studied business, psychology, economics, and sociology, I can understand why Nintendo is doing this. That doesn’t mean that I won’t send a letter to Nintendo about this issue, just that I understand. Also, the 13th movie hasn’t been released outside of Japan yet, which features spoilers for the 5th generation. It’s all about promotion and timing in the eyes of Nintendo.

    Honestly though, I just wish that Nintendo would release the latest Pokemon games around the same date as their Japanese counterparts. Waiting two extra weeks or even a month isn’t so bad compared to Japan, but six months? Why do I have to sit out half a year? And by having to wait longer, I miss out on some promotions and specials that only Japan gets to have (Mew has had two different promotions for HG/SS, the US hasn’t even had one yet. And Pokemon Ranch gets a Platinum upgrade for Japan only).

    I don’t mean to sound like a pessimist and destroy the flames of passion that burn in the hearts of all of us fans, I just want to offer a more realistic view to the story. I’m on your side, and I enjoy the coverage that I get access to (until I recieve my copy). I just don’t want any of us to fight a battle that we don’t have a chance of winning.

    Best of luck everyone.

    1. I understand what you’re saying…
      However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try,!
      I mean, if Nintendo recieves all these emails then surely they’ll have our attention, right?
      The Harry Potter fanbase did something like this before and got Warner Bros. to back down over an issue regarding fansites.
      There’s still a chance Nintendo will listen to us, considering they have taken opinions of fans seriously in the past.

      1. With Potterwar, the stakes were a bit more severe. But that campaign also involved swearing off warner bros. products and in fact, Warner Bros. retracted everything almost immediately. They had no idea what they fighting. Nintendo knows who we are and it knows what it’s in for. And I don’t think sending spam e-mails whining about these images getting taken down is going to solve anything. In fact, it’ll serve to tick of Nintendo even more.

  23. This is completly off topic * sorry* butt…when will the forums be updared? PJ had said somthen to me about it before switcing to a diffrent board..idk 0.o
    Just curious, maybe im crazy xDD

  24. Yeah this site is pretty much garbage. I don’t understand why they think they are actually a good website? They steal information without giving credit, I think Nintendo has the right to do what ever they want they are the publisher of the game not Pokejungle

    1. Even though I do not make guests register to make comments I can still see IP addresses and when someone is pretending to be someone else :3 That is why your other comment (the one you’re pretending to agree with here) was deleted 🙂

      Enjoy your day sir.

      1. And you still leave it on? I don’t mean to sound rude but nintendo does have the right to do what the did. did you guys give cridit to anything?

        1. D–K WAD They kinda state it was endourced by nintendo and give credit when credit is due while stating an opinion on it

          PS thats the point of a FANsite
          PSS I think nintendo is being a bit TOO sensitive on the subject anyway

  25. horay i’m # 2 😀 ME SO HAPPY!!!!!!

    when do you think the dex will be up hopfully in about a month or so ( your pokedex)

      any way I sent one out as well hopfully there will be enough complaints they can sort things out and we can fix what is nesscary and get along with business as usual. =D

  26. I have a tip: make Nintendo feel sorry for what they did. Just imagine it as some sort of essay you’re writing to the court, we’ll get a much more nicer response rather than a vague one. I already sent an essay detailing how much money they can lose with this, but I should have read all of your comments, you guys said things that would have been awesome to add.

    Still waiting on a response from Nintendo. Or are they too…uh, not to offend anybody, scared? It’s making me think they’re just doing these cease and desist thing for the lolz. If I was the webmaster that was sent one of these, I would rather go to court and settle this out rather than go down without an explanation.

    1. If it were me, I wouldn’t remove the pictures. If I’m not mistaken, they are required to give more than 24 hours. That alone would make me seek an attorney myself and get the situation straight before I took any further action.

      I would also bring it to their attention that the roms are available and that some of us might choose not to buy the game when it is released in in the US. They might end up losing business because of their bad decisions.

      1. Given that this whole mess is due, in part, to a webmaster alerting his readers to the existence of ROMs, don’t you think such a statement might be a little… you know… counterproductive? The rationale behind this crackdown is that making people aware of ROMs makes them more likely to download them instead of buying the actual product. Flawed logic? Perhaps. But your statement would simply confirm this notion in the minds of Nintendo, and encourage them to be even more vigilant in the future. Think about what you’re doing.

  27. This is ill-advised. WPM admitted to using ROMs. Melkor broke an NDA. Nintendo could, if they wanted to, demand that every site take down all images that weren’t pre-sanctioned by them, and there’d be little that anybody could do about it (Yeah, there’s a fair use argument, but do you think anybody in the fandom could afford to take on a company the size of Nintendo in court?). Instead, Nintendo has opted to look the other way for the most part, letting us do our thing because it wasn’t really doing much harm to their brand.
    Then suddenly, sites were publishing information prior to a game’s release – information that Nintendo had taken care to keep secret – and openly flaunting their use of ROMs. Seriously, it would be more of a surprise if Nintendo didn’t react with a firm hand. Were it not for Melkor, WPM’s actions may have slipped under the radar, sure. But there’s a limit to how far you can push things before you’re obviously taking the piss, and I think WPM just found that limit.
    I feel sorry for the guy, but this is not a battle that could be won. It’s not even a battle that should be fought. Nintendo are under no obligation to give us anything. The sense of entitlement within this fandom is bewildering to me.

    1. It isn’t a battle that should have been started. Most companies don’t wish to upset their most loyal fans. Nintendo apparently does.

      1. Of course Nintendo don’t want to upset fans. That’s patently absurd. But don’t you agree that there’s a limit to how much they should be expected to tolerate from these “most dedicated of fans”? This isn’t a matter of a few screenshots; the webmaster of a major Pokemon site spoke openly about ROMs. Do you not see how this might be a problem? Nintendo have enough trouble with piracy as it is without major figures in the community alerting visitors to the existence of ROMs.

        That’s the real issue here. Nintendo actually have a pretty good history of letting fans use their intellectual property within reason. But there are limits to everything. You can’t go advertisting the existence of ROMs and then expect Nintendo to just sit on their arses and do nothing for fear of “upsetting the fans”.

        1. Dude, ROMs aren’t illegal. Only modified ROMs that you sell, or ROMs whose physical copies you did not own at one point or another. The ROMs that WPM and serebii used were LEGAL since they were modified for personal use (they didn’t give anyone links or anything), and they were a digital copy of a game they physically owned (though their shipment wasn’t in their hands, as long as they can prove that they own a copy, then they can legally own a ROM of the game. To be precise, two ROMs of the game. You’re allowed two digital copies of electronic media). What’s more, they never claimed that the ROMs were of their own making, nor did they sell any ROMs. So concerning the ROMs, WPM and serebii did nothing illegal. NOW, please stop having a hissy fit about roms and resituate your argument.

          PS] What’s more, it’s not illegal to talk about ROMs. Otherwise I’m pretty sure you’d be in a bit of hot water for emphasizing the topic here.

          1. for some reason i can’t reply directly pj 🙁 . but you ARE allowed two digital copies of any electronic media that you physically own. distributing them is the illegal part, but as long as you own a physical copy and do not distribute the roms, they are legal. Emulators work the same way (though, once again, distributing them is illegal). R4s are another thing, since they /sell/ a product specifically for breaking through Nintendo’s anti-piracy coding.

            ( for some copyright bsns. while it’s old, keep in mind the copyright system is ALSO old v_v .)

  28. Im going to say that I won’t buy one of the games, when I was going to buy both! I can’t write it now, because it’s too late to write anything good enough, but I will later. And that I’m actually tempted to want to see a rom just so that I can see what the pokemon look like.

      1. Email of disapproval sent to Nintendo 😀 (offtopic: do you have the female sprite of 593 Burunkeru? I can’t find it anywhere!)

  29. sorry I’m late to the fray, but I was gone all day. Anyways I was wondering if the same letter was sent to the webmasters of these rom sites?
    My guess is the images from roms and the roms themselves, was the main reason for the letters. This makes sense because your basically downloading the game for free and having thousands of people download is bad for business. Hackers, free downloads, and informants could be a potential risk. Nintendo does not want a major marketplace like the U.S. to slip in sales. Some fans in the States aren’t as loyal as the fans in japan.

    1. Diamond & Pearl were WIDELY distributed roms, to the point that IIRC they were the single most downloaded game for a very long time. Did that hurt nintendo’s sales much? No. It was still also the #1 game sold, when it came out. Roms don’t significantly hurt sales.

      As far as letters being sent to rom sites, the answer is yes and no. Nintendo started their crackdown with roms a while ago, sending messages to all those type of sites demanding basically all DS roms except homebrews be taken down. However, they made (as far as I know) no distinction which games needed to come down.

    2. Yo, i did that email thing and i got a reply, heres what i got:
      Thanks for contacting us about our request regarding Pokemon Black and White images. I wanted to let you know that Nintendo supports and appreciates the efforts that Pokemon fans go through to create fan sites. In most cases there is no issue with the content that is posted, but on this occasion we had to contact a select few websites to ask them to take down confidential images.
      I also wanted to let you know that your comments have been documented and made available to other departments to use as they see fit. Thank you for taking the time to share them with us.
      Sharon Matheny
      Nintendo of America Inc.
      (and then there were some links to nintendo support and stuff)

  30. Its not like we can’t find images elsewhere. Give it a month or two and this will all blow over, sprites will be posted back up, followed by screenshots from the official site. Then, upon the US release, I would imagine no action will be taken against the sites.
    Its a little odd that they chose this generation to act out, as the use of ROM’s has been common practice for a while, but I understand their reasoning. They’re just protecting themselves, and they have every right to do so, since ROM’s are illegal, nevermind what people use them for.
    Still, I will copy-paste the petition when I get home, purely for the fact that you guys need strength in numbers, and I just don’t have faith it will be very effective. (Then again, lets hope Nintendo doesn’t fuel the wrath of its largest fandom…..these are people who go apeshit over the inclusion of another Fire monkey, or another Fire/Fighting).

  31. I suspect Nintendo is just getting shitty over the leaks, as they were colossal, the whole listing was released prior to the game’s. Serebii DID have the right idea withholding information. I think Nintendo is making a stand so that the leaks do not happen again, by attacking the two more major sites(Serebii and Beach) and the one leaking it all(Pokexperto).

    Do I think they are doing the right thing? Indifferent, Nintendo did want it to be ‘Red and Green’ all over again, with everything being new, and between those three and PokeJungle, it was ruined, but they deserved it. In this day and age, a worldwide simultaneous release, especially for such a major title, is NOT such a big ask, hell, even a faster release than 6 months is not too much to ask, it has been in dev since 06. FFXIII and Metal Gear Solid 4 were both big and heavy worded releases, they were simultaneous or damn close to it.

    Nintendo should have started localisation as it was being developed, if not when then announcement was done, or sent all major sites a ‘FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DO NOT SPOIL THE SURPRISE’ message and made sure it did the rounds. Again, the four sites ruined the feel Nintendo was going for, but Nintendo had it coming.

    As for the roms, doesn’t matter, its not like Serebii and WPM didn’t say they didn’t have them coming in the mail.

      1. well everyone loves lava cookies and ice cream 😉
        wonder if the ice cream poke has a chance of holding it

  32. OK, I did it. I really hope this helps with the copyright problem (what’s with that? You aren’t saying that you made the games or anything) but could you send a few of the pics (I know that you would still have them) to my email address please? Thanks for reading.

  33. here is my letter

    Dear Nintendo,

    I have been one of the biggest pokemon fans, and I am very shocked about you’re new power trip! Asking innocence sites to take down pictures of black and white Pokemon, is just crazy! I know you have every right but still it doesn’t hurt anything. If it wasn’t for the pictures I wouldn’t evend n want a pokemon game. I like to see the product before I buy it. I do not think I will get black and white but maybe the third verison. I don’t know what is in black and white but I can wait. Anyways, I know you’re so high up and I’m just a random non-important girl. But don’t forget who made you rich, if it wasn’t for the fans you wouldn’t have a dime. If we request something we should get it! Because you’re profit has a brain, and it’s all about pleasing the buyer. If the letter is a hoax maybe, you should say something because it’s giving you a bad rep. I love your games, but I will not buy til I can see the imagines or know what I’m buying in black and white.

    Thank you for your time.


    1. By stating you are unimportant, you give them every right to ignore you. Which they probably would anyways.

        1. nintendo wouldn’t take the time to read something as poorly constructed as that. it’s ridiculous to think otherwise.

          1. Because they fully expect every single fan to have a college degree in English. :/ Riiiiiiiiiight.

          2. doesn’t mean that if i were an employee of nintendo i would have to read every single horrendous letter that came in; i’d read those that took the time to clearly and properly state their complaint. doesn’t meant they have to use elevated english.

            basically, don’t be a douche, HikaruAyame; you know that’s not what i meant.

  34. I myself, on my pokemon fan website, have chosen to ignore the warnings given to serebii and pokebeach. If nintendo want a war on their own free advertising, they can bring it on.

    1. Consumer advertisement is the best advertisement. You’ll never have to worry about product placement, illusory classifieds or expensive commercials.
      Hey, sites like yours and pokejungle help the pokemon company save money.

  35. Serebii
    And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared…

    Join Date: Jan 2004
    Location: Bournemouth, England
    Posts: 11,229

    Right, I’ve spoken to the lawyer and, after I get just a little clarification, I will probably be able to return images to the site in the next couple of days, being used sparingly subject to fair use. I believe the images from Pokexperto plus all the leaks from 2ch caused him and Nintendo to react (still awaiting a callback from Nintendo of America)

    Egg Moves & Egg Chains added
    I own and

    Serebii posted this on his forum, so there we go, it’s over right?

    1. HUZZAH! 😀 An important battle won! All Nintendo needs to do is take back all they said to all the fansites they suspended. Next time, Nintendo needs to know that Melkor leaks stuff all teh time.

  36. Serebii says some images but not all may be back up soon. Apparently it was all to do with the leaks from Pokexperto and 2chan.

  37. Seriously, Nintendo does not want to criminalize obsessed fans:

    This is obviouusly fake, there are so many grammar errors it’s unreal, and it does not have the Nintendo Seal of Approval either, it is obviously the same person who shut down the Zelda fan film, as Nintendo had nothing to do with that at all, It’s obviously someone who really hates Nintendo fans because he or she was banned from a really big Nintendo forum and wants revenge on those who banned him or her…..

    1. WPM did say he edited it before he posted it. He actually caught a faker that way, too. “Hey guyz, my site got the letter too!” “Um, that’s the one I edited” “Oh noez!”

      I fully expect that he took off the Nintendo Seal Of Approval. He might have added some of the grammatical errors, too.

  38. unrelated but, could someone who has the game tell me where exactly to catch Shinporah? Iv looked in the desert with the dunes where its supposed to be but its not there. I was told that its only there during the day, which was when i was searching. Spent about 3 hours and found nothing but Meguroko, Darumakka and the Cactus.

          1. ill check again tonight, maybe the place i read had it wrong and you can ONLY find it during the night. I guess he deserves to be that rare though. Decent stats, awesome ability, decent movepool. I can see him being top tier competitively if used right.

          2. OK finally found it. Its only there of the night >.< Stupid people told me that it was the day.

            and YEAH hes awesome. You can either give him life-orb to increase his damage output, or give him flame orb to keep him from being paralyzed/sleep.

            im going with
            EVs: Sp.Atk/Spd
            Nature: Timid/Calm
            Ability: Magic Guard
            Item: Fire Orb
            Attacks: Hypnosis Charge Beam
            Psycho Shock Roost

            Fire Orb works with Magic Guard to keep a status effect on him, which doesnt do damage, making it impossible to poison, paralyze or put it to sleep. You lead out with Hypnosis then Charge Beam/Psycho Shock as necessary. When they wake up, you should have enough defense to take a few hits. Then roost back to full hp and Hypnosis again. He should have plenty enough speed to pull it off near flawlessly.

  39. Okay, Nintendo really is being ridiculous now. Not only have they done this, they’re removing music from Youtube. I really cannot see their problem with all this (okay, maybe a little).
    I know Nintendo is and always has been out for profit, but they gave off a more relaxed image than some other companies, and I would say were even a company trusted to be reasonable with things like this. But now they seem determined to destroy that image (one of the reasons I have my doubts over this still) and I don’t think that’s going to help them.
    But as a customer and a fan, there’s nothing I really feel I can do. I want to play these games, I will even buy both versions despite my frustration. I guess it’s kinda hypocritical but I am just too loyal a fan to not buy them both, even now. Also, I doubt they will even read any email I might send.

    Well that’s my view at the moment. Too long, probably. 🙂

    1. Actually I’m beginning to reconsider the whole buying both games thing. And I’m gonna do the email thing, but I’m gonna spend a lot of time on the email, make sure I have a strong argument.

    2. They’re turning into Viacom, this is exactly what Viacom did to Youtube, this is getting ridiculous, they should stop it, apparently, they’re trying to make it so that nobody knows that Black and White even exist, well that’s too late because the 13th Pokemon movie is due out in America this fall, and there’s no way of stopping it, unless Nintendork goes all crazy and starts comparing B/W to Mother 3 and decides not to release it oustside of Japan simply to torture the fans, then I will be pissed off! Seriously Nintendo, stop this madness, whatever happened to the first amendment?

      1. Juuuuust gunna point out the first amendment applies to Americans only, due to the Constitution. Isn’t Serebii from the UK?

        But whatever, regardless of that, I agree with your statements and fully support them. Fox is sort of crazy when it comes to this sort of thing too…byebye Family Guy from Youtube.

  40. Just because Game Freak distributed their game through Nintendo doesn’t mean Nintendo could ask fansite to take game pictures down, is that right?

    1. Keep in mind that some of GF DO speak English and need no translator (like the ones who were in the Pokemon VGC Worlds), and possibly freaked out when they saw what we were posting and asked Nintendo to take them down, y’know.

  41. This isn’t fait they can’t take down the maps and sugimori art! That wasnt leaked from the games it officially came from korokoro

    1. but gamefreak permitted coro magz to have their artwork in it, Nint. could just send an email from the rep. or someone in the industry. if something affects gamefreak, it affects nint. and vice versa goes for any other games.

  42. I just don’t understand why Nintendo chose now to do this, and it just doesn’t make much sense. I can understand them being angry over people downloading ROMs rather than buying the games. I would be pissed about that. But posting images of the game all over the internet? I would be thrilled about that. Its called free advertisement. Pokemon is Nintendo’s largest fanbase. Every Pokemon game made sells tons and tons of copies. I don’t think they need to worry about the fans getting ROMs over buying the game. Even if the fans get the ROMs, the majority will still buy the game. Many people who have the ROMs are English players who are just waiting for the US release. Also, like some have said, why mess with their most dedicated and loyal fanbase that can create an uproar about the littlest details. I sent my email so that they can see that their fans aren’t very happy about this. Hopefully they will notice the fan response and change their minds.

    1. yeah, and beside, millions of people have already pre-order it, sooner or later, they will know what the game like, so what the point ofask people to take game picture down?

  43. Kinda off-topic, but to those who are playing the Japanese B/W…no, you’re not in trouble, but do you wanna unleash your anger upon Ninteno, or done with the game and bored?

    There is a trainer called Game Freak’s Morimoto. He is one of the employees of GF, or better known as Shigeki Morimoto, creator of Mew. You can fight him in a building in that New York-like city (Hiun City?) after beating the game. His Pokemon are 75+ so be careful. I can’t wait for the game to come out in America now, I can beat up his Pokemon as revenge for this whole thingamajig if GF is responsible for this 🙂 I know it might be going too far, but hey.

    1. or you know…. recommend that everyone you know download the rom instead of buying the game? That would really teach them a lesson.

        1. it wouldnt help, but it would sure hurt them and make them see their mistake. Maybe they would lay off and let us conduct our advertising as usual next gen when they lose millions of dollars.

          1. if we did that then we might as well light a match in a coal mine
            it’d only make thiings worse (sry for bad analogy)

  44. Woooo serebii is NoW been granted permission to use images!!! I guess all our emails worked!!! Thank you Pokejungle!!!! Seriously!!! You guys need to get bigger!! Genuinely the friendliest and happiest site ever!!
    HUGS for saving the day!!!

  45. “Hello x,
    Thanks for contacting us about our request regarding Pokémon Black and White images. I wanted to let you know that Nintendo supports and appreciates the efforts that Pokémon fans go through to create fan sites. In most cases there is no issue with the content that is posted, but on this occasion we had to contact a select few websites to ask them to take down confidential images. I also wanted to let you know that your comments have been documented and made available to other departments to use as they see fit. Thank you for taking the time to share them with us.
    Sincerely, x Nintendo of America Inc.”

    1. Just received that, too.

      If it’s about “confidential images” (such as the leaked starter images), I can understand. But wasn’t the source 2-Chan or whatever, so shouldn’t Nintendo go after them? (lol Nintendo attacking 2-Chan)

      1. I emailed them asking to specify what these confidential images were. Last I knew ‘confidential’ was a term used to describe things like top secret military reports, not a video game released to the public. :/

  46. just got a mail back from nintendo as respons to my mail.
    Hello Jesper,

    Thanks for contacting us about our request regarding Pokemon Black and White images. I wanted to let you know that Nintendo supports and appreciates the efforts that Pokemon fans go through to create fan sites. In most cases there is no issue with the content that is posted, but on this occasion we had to contact a select few websites to ask them to take down confidential images.

    I also wanted to let you know that your comments have been documented and made available to other departments to use as they see fit. Thank you for taking the time to share them with us.


    Mina Harris
    Nintendo of America Inc.

    1. I got the same e-mail from Nintendo as well. I will say this about them, at least they replied to player concerns. As far as the whole cease and desist thing goes, it’s silly. None of those images should be considered confidential…

  47. Hello,

    Thanks for contacting us about our request regarding Pokemon Black and White images. I wanted to let you know that Nintendo supports and appreciates the efforts that Pokemon fans go through to create fan sites. In most cases there is no issue with the content that is posted, but on this occasion we had to contact a select few websites to ask them to take down confidential images.

    I also wanted to let you know that your comments have been documented and made available to other departments to use as they see fit. Thank you for taking the time to share them with us.


    Sharon Matheny
    Nintendo of America Inc.

  48. Confidential, this is not the Government, this is Nintendo for crying out loud

    Also, what if they decide not to release B/W in the states, I’m guessing this thing is pernament then……


  49. Hi Pokejungle! I’d like to say that I got a response from Nintendo on the email I sent, looks to be the same as everyone elses’ form email.

    I think this definitely supports my theory that Nintendo has something planned for the English-release, as far as publicity goes. The images would only be “confidential” if they were unreleased. As far as English-speaking countries go, the games ARE unreleased. I hope this means we can have all of our images back this spring!

  50. Here’s the response I got from Nintendo:
    Thanks for contacting us about our request regarding Pokemon Black and White images. I wanted to let you know that Nintendo supports and appreciates the efforts that Pokemon fans go through to create fan sites. In most cases there is no issue with the content that is posted, but on this occasion we had to contact a select few websites to ask them to take down confidential images.
    I also wanted to let you know that your comments have been documented and made available to other departments to use as they see fit. Thank you for taking the time to share them with us.

    Chelsea MacAran

  51. Nintendo really needs to either understand that they can’t keep surprises if they are going to launch the game in one country before other countries. We live in the age of the internet. Or they need to get on the ball and start releasing games at the same time in multiple countries.

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