Help out with the “Nintendo” situation [OVER]

This was originally a post I had on GameFAQs (UPD: They deleted it for “trolling”… wtf) but I thought I would also appeal to my users to contact Nintendo as well.  I myself have not been contacted by Nintendo, nor have you probably, but we can still help try to rectify this situation because it affects everyone. I don’t want to be in fear of putting up information and you as fans probably want continued coverage across ALL fansites.  Please take the time to contact Nintendo here.

On the drop down list you can choose ‘Corporate Questions‘ and in the second drop down ‘Trademark/Copyright Questions‘. If you are too busy to write out your own message to them (I HIGHLY recommend you try) you can copy this message that I have written and put your name at the bottom:

Dear Nintendo,

I’ve seen several Pokemon fansites take down their images of the newest Pokemon Black and White games at your request. I just wanted to write in to express my dissatisfaction with this request. We as fans would like to know all about the games that your company publishes and would like to fully appreciate the long hard work Game Freak has put into this new generation of Pokemon games. It seems uncharacteristic for Nintendo to be so harsh on sites that only wish to see your games thrive and help build the community around them. It hurts not only fans, but also our image of Nintendo as a company. We hope you would reconsider your recent actions taken against sites such as Serebii ( and PokeBeach (

Thank you for your time.


I don’t think I have to remind everyone here that if we all want to be able to receive the best coverage (or in my case give the best coverage) we need to work together as a community to ask Nintendo to allow us to continued access regarding BW screenshots and images.  This would take at max 5 minutes of your time.  PLEASE HELP!

<3 pokejungle

ps- Anyone with experience skinning InvsionPower Boards?  :3