More BW Videos (Parts 21 – 25) UPD 2

Really sorry for the late upload, but here are the next two parts! They are sped up. They each contain about an hour or so of footage in them. Tell me what you think about the videos being sped up. You wouldn’t have to watch me for so long if I sped videos up, and its easier on me. Some of you prefer more videos for more commentary but whatever floats your boat.

5th Gym:

Electric Cave:


Added another video. Due to the majority of my fans wanting my videos to go back to the way they were, my videos are no longer sped up or single screened. This means you get to see everything I do, and you get A LOT more of my commentary. HOORAH!?

First Triple Battle:


Added two more videos. Thought I would record early in the morning since I had enough time and only uploaded once yesterday.

Darumakka Evolves in a Tower:

Through the Tower of Heavens: