More BW Videos (Parts 21 – 25) UPD 2

Really sorry for the late upload, but here are the next two parts! They are sped up. They each contain about an hour or so of footage in them. Tell me what you think about the videos being sped up. You wouldn’t have to watch me for so long if I sped videos up, and its easier on me. Some of you prefer more videos for more commentary but whatever floats your boat.

5th Gym:

Electric Cave:


Added another video. Due to the majority of my fans wanting my videos to go back to the way they were, my videos are no longer sped up or single screened. This means you get to see everything I do, and you get A LOT more of my commentary. HOORAH!?

First Triple Battle:


Added two more videos. Thought I would record early in the morning since I had enough time and only uploaded once yesterday.

Darumakka Evolves in a Tower:

Through the Tower of Heavens:

  1. I watched one video and I couldnt stop laughing.
    Are you high while doing commentary.
    Anyways, good job I enjoyed it.

  2. Hey. I’m not really following the videos, just skipping through them, but your last one was entitled “First Triple Battle”, so I assume that it contains the first record of a triple battle.
    Just wanted to let people know that there’s another triple battle available sooner. One just have to talk to this Roughneck near the market in the 5th Gym Leader’s town. ^^’
    Some people, like me, are crazy for this kinda thing, so they must be dying to try one.

  3. hey people,sry i havent really put a comment,but iv been busy,but i hav some getting a ds lite so i can play black version,im getting my black version today,or at least in the 5 days,and finaly,changed my username from tsutaja fan to tsutarja fan,if i forget,let me know.i will let u all know when i get it pokemon black

  4. Yo..

    So staff of Po-oh-ho-oh-ho-okejungle, where are all of you!?

    The newest posts and news has slowed down severly O.O Like, wtf?!

    Exaplanation please.. I WANT MEH POKEJUGNLE CRAVNG

      1. Oh. I guess thats something to be afraid of. Nintendo Lawyers come in ninja like suits..

        Dang it.. can’t you still post information? and did you guys get sent an email as well?

        1. Eh it won’t really do anything. It just gives them more things to use against our requests in court.

  5. I got lost in Pokemon Black. Let’s see if you can help me ^^


    I defeated the 4 main trainers of the last part of the game, then I catched Reshiram and defeated N. But then his father defeated me (because I didn’t realized Reshiram had a Dragon-type attack u_u”).

    And now I have no possibility to fight against them again!! I can’t fight against neither N nor the 4 leaders anymore.

    Please! I need some help!

  6. We have got the shiny sprites so far..but why isn’t anyone posting any shiny pokemon images? ‘coz of Nintendo issues? Or there isn’t any shiny pokemon this time!?!

  7. Nice videos.
    AS a suggestion, I was wondering if you or anyone else would make a guide for black and white? I was hoping to see a guide made off a word document similar to neoseekers faqs guides. I would make one my self, but I don’t own the game nor do I know about the legal matters involving such actions.
    I really want to see where and when I can capture the pokemon. On a random note concerning the pokedex, I was hoping you guys use the Ken Sugimori art work instead of sprites or stats sprites. Of course this is after the all the lawsuit dust settles down.

  8. Your videos are awesome, keep up the good work!

    I was wondering if you’d be able to draw what the routes look like (paint program with lines would be just fine) ?

    And your commentary is +++ so ignore the trolling trolls that use Troll.

    1. Apparently there are rocks somewhere with the same properties as the ones in DPPt. Haven’t found them yet myself.

          1. No there isn’t, they evolve by location still but this time they evolve in the electric blue cave.

          2. no….they are not the same thing there is a BIG difference

            like saying lets go into the CAVE
            lets go into the ROCK

  9. I think there’s a scale of Pokemon you can encounter on routes, and it changes based on what’s in your party. My sister and I have done a lot of tests, and the higher levelled your pokemon are, it seems like the more likely you are to face one of the route’s strongest. For example, on route 3, I was training my Lv. 15 Yorterrie. She was training her Lv. 9 Minezumi. Almost all of the Pokemon she encountered were on 9-10, while most of mine were 11-12. Not a huge difference, but worth noting if this proves to be a new mechanic.

      1. Like I said, it’s small, but I’m really starting to think there’s something there. I tested route 3:

        Active: Lv. 14 Churine
        1. Lv. 14 Dokkora
        2. Lv. 13 Otamaro
        3. Lv. 14 Dokkora
        4. Lv. 12 Nageki
        5. Lv. 15 Otamaro
        Avg 13.6

        Active: Lv. 5 Minezumi
        1. Lv. 13 Mamepato
        2. Lv. 12 Otamaro
        3. Lv. 12 Mamepato
        4. Lv. 14 Otamaro
        5. Lv. 12 Otamaro
        Avg 12.6

        Obviously 5 samples each isn’t a huge amount, but overall it seems to be consistent.

  10. My copy of black got shipped out on the 17th… still not here :/
    I know i know, impatient, but i want it! xD it will be worth the wait 🙂
    Nice vids Boarbeque, I always burst out laughing at them and my dad looks at me weird xD

      1. yay! 😀 x)
        no i havent got it yet :/ ordered on play asia with air economy bubble shipping (cheapest) and where abouts do you live? im in the UK. 🙂
        you? im hoping to get it within the next few days, sick of waiting >.<

        1. im in California. I’m dying to get it! yeah i got the cheapest method as well. I have ordered from them before and it didn’t take this long!!!
          haha oh well the anticipation will make the game all the more fun i suppose

          1. nice. 🙂
            this is my first time ordering with play asia 😀
            yeah the wait will make the game so much better! 🙂
            i hope it comes soon though, dying to get stuck in. 😛

        2. lucky! i’m out of town so i have to wait to play mine!!!
          what line up are you going to use? or what pokemon do you want to use?

          1. well im in the desert after Hiun City, (amazing by the way ;D)
            this is my team:
            Janobii lv 27 (Tsutaja’s evolution)
            Hataboo lv 25 (Mamepato’s evolution)
            Shimama lv 25
            Purotooga lv 26 (Fossil Turtle)
            and im gonna get a Gochimu (Gochirezu’s first stage) on route 6 when i get to the next town 🙂
            hows my team sound? 🙂

        3. the team sounds good!
          i love Purotooga! he’s one of my new favorites.
          My game is still not here!! ahh i was expecting it yesterday but i got home today and it has still not arrived! i’m dying

  11. Your “First Triple Battle” was weirdly cute. LOL.
    I watched it during my break in class today and it definitely made me laugh super loud. It was somewhat embarrassing. But overall, your commentary is hilarious. Subscribe! You’re commentary definitely makes the videos what they are worth to watch. And I definitely love it.

  12. Okay guys, listen up.
    Chirachinno is Chillarmy’s evo. It has Sweep Slap, so if it hits two times, base power is 50. Minimum. BUT. Chirachinno gets Technician, so it’s minimum (hits two times) power is about 75. PLUS, Chirachinno gets STAB from it, so the minimum power of Sweep Slap if it hits two times is 100. You heard me. Minimum power is 100. If it hits three times, power will be 150. 4 times: 200, 5 times: 250. Yes. Chirachinno’s Sweep Slap has a power ranging between 100 and 250. Yah. I’m using one xP

    ~Prof. W.

  13. Personally I cannot decide from hihidaruma or urugamosu both look and have sweet stats can you guys helpmme out ?

    1. Darumakka is a beast for the first part of the game. Fire punch/Fang that early really helps out. 🙂 There’s nothing that says you can’t use one and then switch to the other once you get to it.

  14. I didn’t have that kind of triple battle.

    I battled this guy and we performed a rotation battle.

    This is the only triple/rotation battle I had, and I already beat the main story of the game.

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