Corocoro Special’s issue content (UPD picture)

Hey loyal PokéJunglers! We only have 19 more days until the release of Pokemon Black and White and with that, some new info leaked on twitter and 2ch today about what shows up in the Corocoro Special’s October issue that came out in Japan today. And it pretty much only says one thing. Combination attacks. Basically this is a possible new feature in … Read more

PSA: Ad Placement Change

Some of you who don’t block ads may notice that I’ve moved the ad from the sidebar to the top of the page under the banner.  I’m experimenting with ad placement in relation to clicks and whatnot.  Unfortunately ads are a necessary evil because PJN, MMC, and Smeargle cost around $170 to host and I … Read more

Dento Just Got Even Cooler (UPD)

Hey guys! Your loyal PJN minion ozymandis here! 😀 We’ve officially past the “one more month” mark until the release of Pokemon: Black and White! Since PJN has now officially started on the Pokemon: Best Wishes anime news, I’ve decided to give you a little news on our own mascot Dento! The voice actor who will play … Read more

If you had to make a team…

Using ONLY 5th gen pokemon that have currently been revealed… what 6 pokemon would make the cut?  I’m curious to see if we get some similar comments :]  For the purpose of this you can’t include hypothetical evolutions, such as the starter’s evolved form.  Just pretend that all these pokemon have equally good base stats … Read more

Small Eeveelution News

The official site updated with a SMALL piece of information.  We already knew that participation in “Pokemon Labyrinth” was a must to meet an eeveelution.  (BTW Labyrinth is a flash game when you navigate around a map trying to catch/study pokemon.  It’s kind of a puzzle game I believe).  Then when the ‘Pokemon Global Link’ … Read more

CoroCoro Countdown: Your Predictions?

Since we’re waiting for some news to leak I thought it’d be fun to perhaps talk about our predictions on just what exactly this “Master Document” will reveal about Pokemon Black and White.  Frankly I don’t think we should get our hopes up TOO high, but hopefully it will provide pictures and details of some … Read more