CoroCoro Countdown: Your Predictions?

Since we’re waiting for some news to leak I thought it’d be fun to perhaps talk about our predictions on just what exactly this “Master Document” will reveal about Pokemon Black and White.  Frankly I don’t think we should get our hopes up TOO high, but hopefully it will provide pictures and details of some … Read more

Picture from Tokyo

I was tickled to see this picture in my inbox this morning from my boyfriend.  He saw this while he was out shopping in Tokyo and decided to snap a pic on his iPhone 4 (I’m anti-Apple, but the quality of the picture is amazing) because he knows I am a Pokemon fan and am … Read more

Why doesn’t this exist? [Opinion]

Feel free to skip “Opinion Articles” if you’re just here for news on Gen IV, otherwise I do occasionally interject posts chalk full of my own opinions here on PJN.  Just a disclaimer. Since Pokemon’s conception I’ve been fairly enamored with Brock’s concept of being a “Pokemon Breeder”.  Even though originally in the main series … Read more

Gūn’s Scizor WINNER!

And the winner is… ME!  So I guess that means I get to keep it 😀  Nah, just kidding I’m sorry this took so long to finish, I’m super lazy to be honest :p  I didn’t want to write everyone’s names down.  There were 75 total entries and after all this hard work… the winner … Read more

I’m going to bed. Hmph.

I’m tired and I have a headache.  And I’ll do Goon’s Scizor tomorrow.  Don’t stone me plz. BUT.  The reason I’m updating is that I need a new banner for the layout I’m working on and I’m shit with graphics.  So… anyone want to have a go with it?  I’d like it to have a … Read more

Friday Night Update

I am returning from Chicago tomorrow!  Aaaaaaand somehow I screwed up the sound on my netbook (ugh) because I was trying to set up the mic drivers which didn’t work (which requires mucking around with ALSA) and now nothing is working.  In the end I got an working on Android that could make phone calls … Read more