Random Rumor *UPD* fakes

I am just posting a short rumor because it is contrary to the current hype of things.  Remember not to take rumors as facts UNTIL THERE IS PROOF. Can’t repeat that enough :]

  • 149 New Pokemon
  • Tsutaaja’s final form is Grass/Psychic
  • Pokabu’s final form is Fire/Rock
  • Mijumaru’s final form is Water
  • No new Eeveelutions
  • Jynx, Heracross, Tauros and Kangaskhan all get evolutions

That’s all for tonight, Imma go to sleep.

<3 pokejungle

P.S- I put absolutely zero trust in these rumors right now, but I felt like the information we’ve been going over is so beat to death we needed something new to discuss.  Also I hate starters with 4x weaknesses.  😡


P.P.SOzy found this blatant fake. The resolution abnormality plus the fact that its been pasted over an old CoroCoro scan was a big give away. At the top it talks about Victini.