Random Rumor *UPD* fakes

I am just posting a short rumor because it is contrary to the current hype of things.  Remember not to take rumors as facts UNTIL THERE IS PROOF. Can’t repeat that enough :]

  • 149 New Pokemon
  • Tsutaaja’s final form is Grass/Psychic
  • Pokabu’s final form is Fire/Rock
  • Mijumaru’s final form is Water
  • No new Eeveelutions
  • Jynx, Heracross, Tauros and Kangaskhan all get evolutions

That’s all for tonight, Imma go to sleep.

<3 pokejungle

P.S- I put absolutely zero trust in these rumors right now, but I felt like the information we’ve been going over is so beat to death we needed something new to discuss.  Also I hate starters with 4x weaknesses.  😡


P.P.SOzy found this blatant fake. The resolution abnormality plus the fact that its been pasted over an old CoroCoro scan was a big give away. At the top it talks about Victini.

        1. Hiro do you think there might be at least two more eevolutions???

          Crosses fingerd for Dragon and Steel, it would go great w the themes of this games.

          Also I hope the starters are Grass/Psychic, Fire/Dark and Water/Fighting. But I guess I’ll take what we get, Tsutaja’s final is by far my fave, it looks awesome I hadn’t though they’d do a limbless snake starter but they did 🙂

        2. Nooo!!! I just read the types for the starters at ur site, OMG I hope you are Wrong 100 percent. Not yet another fire/fighting argh, and plain grass and water finals puke.

          Well we’ll see.

          1. 149 New Pokemon -Why not 150? >_<
            Tsutaaja’s final form is Grass/Psychic – It is easy to guess
            Pokabu’s final form is Fire/Rock – It's cool!
            Mijumaru’s final form is Water – I hope it's rumour fake because i hope to see water\fight or water\ice
            No new Eeveelutions – LOL! Hoenn without eeveelutions and now Isshue too.I knew it.
            Jynx, Heracross, Tauros and Kangaskhan all get evolutions – I not surprised but where is other?

  1. Yay! More rumors(: I think. I’d be pretty happy if they were true!
    and I’m going to sleep now too. Hopefully more rumors in the morning!

  2. Wewt First :D…

    On a more serious note, I like the idea of Smugleaf becoming part psychic…And Pokabu as fire/rock…I don’t really see that, reminds me too much of a heatran rip off IMO. Miju can’t end up just water, the last few games there was a trend in starter’s being a new pairing, so to leave it just water seem to unoriginal/improbable.
    Also if Heracross gets an Evo I think I will personally run around screaming for joy. Heracross has been one of my favourites for ages. Also, a kanghaskhan evo doesn’t seem likely, greater possibility of a pre-evo imo. As for Tauros, well, it too could fall under the pre-evo category, not really sure though, because an evo would be a little over the top. finally, Jynx. If Jynx gets an evo it will shock me as there isn’t much more that sprite/model can develop.

    1. well,i looked this up a few months ago,and may be false,but tauros DOES have a evo!! its name is minotauros,and it stands on 2 legs

      1. The picture that was provided for that rumour was a horrible fanart. There’s not a shred of evidence for Tauros’ evo.

  3. its better than beating a dead horse. The starter evo discussions are getting filled with trolls and fakes anyway.

  4. I’ve been hearing Grass/Dark, Fire/Psychic, Water/Fighting recently. Would be cool if true, but I’m not going to lose sleep either way.

    1. actually its in a new pose and everything, so maybe it is real? The fake ones were made from Yanappu’s art and were in the same pose.

    2. that looks just like a yanappu but they changed the colours. ==’
      definetly fake. :S

      also not to mention each of the tripleys have different heads, i.e. yanappu has a tree on it’s head and hiyapu has what looks like antennas, so if it really were baoppu, it would have a different “head dress”. 😛

      1. not too sure really. It may be real, notice the shape in between its eyes. Its different, though albeit similar to yanappu. And as someone stated above in the sprite pose that we haven’t seen on yanappu in the anime. Notice it’s also wearing gloves on its hand and its tail more grape shaped than yanappu.

        1. i agree wiht you that there is a slight,slight possiblity that this is real, but if you notice, it’s pose is the same as the yanappu sprite. and i know that may not sound like much, but their are very talented people who can easily fake on eof these (as seem by many many legit looking corocoro scans). not to mention, as a PJN team member i’ve benn keeping a close eye on 2ch and haven’t seen this picture or even the posters talkin’ about it at all. and usually stuff that originates on americna websites are fake. :/

    1. I’m not sure. It looks like Eevee is crooked compared to the other two. They do look good, and I would be happy if these were real, but…. somehow it seems a bit strange. If there was a huge display/banner like it looks like that is supposed to be, wouldn’t someone else have seen it by now?

    1. Totally agree 🙁 I adore Eeveelutions and I want al least one new one (maybe pure flying 🙂 ). Plus I would really want mijumaru to be water/fighting

      1. Maybe they didn’t wan’t to put new eeveelutions in game because the only way to get them would be by evolving Eevee and as we know, there are no Pokemon from past generations, at least not before Elite 4 (but I’m still hoping to get one or two eeveelutions 🙂 )

        1. ahah i wouldn’t put money on it. :S

          but i still wanna believe. ;-;

          i’m a big eeveelution fan myself. xP

  5. God what is with all the tauros evo rumors x_x I would have expected Jynx to have more rumors than Tauros.

  6. Fun rumour I guess, I like the evolutions of the older Pokemon. However, I’m going to do the sensible thing and wait for the game’s release or any prior confirmation from an official source, because all these rumours are just getting a little too crazy.

  7. there was also this rumor that wargle and suwana were version exclusives….but i might’ve translated that wrong. ><

    1. That I could actually believe. So far, as far as Pokemon go, we only know 2 version exclusives. (Reshiram & Zekrom, Gochiruzeru & Rankurusu)

  8. MOAR Eeveelutions!
    Anywayz Heracross should get a pre-evo not a evo, the guy is strong enough without an Evolution. Yet Jynx, Taurus, Kangaskan getting evos is kickass

        1. ahaha notice how i said “totally fake.” 😛

          but thanks for the confirmation on i’s fakeness anyways 😀

    1. to be honest…..these guys have all grown on me. xD

      i’m gonna pick tsutaaja and the only thing that bothered me about the final evo was how pale it went on us. ><
      the other two are fine just the obvious no similarities and coloring for the mijumaru final evo. :/

      ahaha i know,i know that's been repeated over and over again. xD

    2. The next time someone from Pokexperto says “ZOMG the starter evos are real because we know!” or anything along those lines, I am really going to consider smacking my head off a wall for a bit. Real or not, people aren’t going to buy it anymore until an official confirmation. URGH! /endrant

    3. It’s from PokExperto, they can’t confirm it. Otherwise Serebii and PJN and Pokébeach would also have been posted about it. But they didn’t, so just wait until the games come out. Only 12 more days, or until there comes a big leak thing, just like HGSS and DPPt, that’s about 9-10 days.

    1. Cute! Especially the white one (what would be its type) and the Dragon one isn’t bad at all. Too bad those are fake… or maybe they are not 🙂

      1. they’re lookin’ pretty fake to me. xD

        i was wondering myself that aswell….flying type maybe? xD
        i’m really not sure at all. 😛


  10. …Wow, no need to caps lock.
    Those rumors are all the way fake. :X

    But I would like at least 2 eeveelutions… TT_TT

    1. lol And it can learn a move where it allows u to jump in its pouch and ride on it and take u around the game.

          1. Theres this awesome picture of ash and hes obese and like 40 years old and he’s saying Kangaskhan but I can’t seem to find it. It would fit the situation nicely as well XD.

    1. That looks so much better than the “real” one ;__; Why couldn’t it look like this? lol

      1. i know exactly what you mean. ;-;
        i always imagined mijumaru’s final evo to look like this, and when i saw it a few days ago i almost cried and was like “WHYYY MIJUMARU?!?! WHYYY TT A TT?!?! YOU HAD SO MUCH POTENTIAL!!! DDDDDx

    2. What? I don’t know what you mean. This looks nothing like the 2nd evo, and you do know that the first Mijumaru evo is already confirmed via an Anime sheet right?

      1. he means why can’t the FINAL evo look like this?
        this is a fake final evo from some devianart dude. 😛

        and yeah we all know that the first evo of mijumaru is real. 😛

    1. allthough i still wanna believe that these guys are fake, this doesn’t exactly prov that they’re fake. 😛
      since it was a legit beta anime sheet and the suppossed evos are in the “anime style” as well it could just be the real deal coloured.
      so yaaa…not definite proof. 😛

      1. The whiskars are also not present there. So are we to believe that the “creator” erased the whiskers but left the outline? XD. In my opinion it’s just a hair or something which the photographer didn’t remove from the picture.

    2. They can say “perfectly” all they want. I’v zoomed in and it does not match up perfectly. In fact you could take just about anything and place it in that little piece of a “shape”. People shot this down on Gamefaqs earlier.

      1. Read what I just wrote. The shape that he is saying is a part of Mijumaru’s evo IS NOT. It is just a distortion of some sort. It doesn’t match up perfect to the side of his head and if it did, the whiskers are missing.

        1. you don’t have to write that twice.
          But there are other reasons D:
          Do you love ’em so much that you search contra-arguments?! oO

          1. No. I havn’t searched for counter-arguements. I’m just not half blind like some people apparently are. I saw some discussion of this on Gamefaqs, Pokebeach and serebii’s forums and I’m a little disgusted at the lengths these haters are going to, attempting to disprove them. People are even altering the pictures to fit their opinions.

          2. You are half blind. Until these are confirmed by GF, Coro Coro or Nintendo, it’s just a rumor.
            It doesn’t mean anything that serebii and pokexperto say their source says those evos are right. Serebii isn’t always right, GF is always right.

            Those “haters” search at least some reasons to support their opinions and theories, those who say it’s right just say “it’s right because serebii says that” D:

    3. lol that’s interesting. i always thought that line was tsutarja’s head :S

      i think i’ve moved on from the starter debate….let’s look forward to the OTHER 100 pokemon! 😀

      1. “i think i’ve moved on from the starter debate…”


        everyone should follow Gerudo’s example. xD

      1. These are the exact ones I was speaking of earlier. They are nothing but opinions and falsehoods. None of the “facts” that those gifs try to bring up are accurate. Just because something is shaped kinda like another pokemon doesn’t make it fake.

    4. Everything around that picture is covered with notebooks, so isn’t that just a staple that holds notebook papers together

  11. There are some good versions of the final Mijumaru evo on DA right now. Maybe looking at it in different poses will make some of you realize that it still looks similar enough to Mijumaru/looks enough like a real pokemon to be possible.


    And this ones very nice. It shows the flow of the evolutions and they just look right to me. http://tails19950.deviantart.com/art/Isshu-Starter-Pokemon-Families-178070472?q=+sort%3Atime+Mijumaru+evo&qo=11

    1. That third one makes them, Mijumaru, make sense. I’m ready to accept these evos now. But not happy about their typing, hope that’s fake.

  12. possible fake starter evo = revelation of the stig= flame wars in both fan communities, besides WPM put a link to a post regarding this from a recently ended thread, SO STOP HAVING A DEBATE ABOUT THESE POSSIBLE FAKE EVOS UNTIL EVERY WEBMASTER HAS PLAYED THE GAME, and rrrrrrreeeeeelllllllaaaaaaxxxxx and have tea and biscuits watching TV, while waiting for info and if you are angry that they turn out to be real, have some relaxation and think about things relating to them and if they are related to your favourite things, evolve your starter of choice, peace out

  13. ugh that really sucks no new eeveelutions and mijimaru wil only be water and tsutaja might be grass/psychic. Ughhhhh!

  14. is anyone reading Melkor twitter posts? if this continues it will be the longest 11 days of my life.

  15. meh.
    i’m fine with the starter evos. we were given..
    but not these types..
    i was really hoping Wotter was water/fighting

    i still think those evos. are fake though
    they don’t seem to have the same feel every other BW Pokemon has had..

  16. Yeah, these are fake. For one thing, Serebii already confirmed there were 156 Pokemon. And Pokexperto, who also has inside info, say the starters are pure Grass, pure Water, and Fire/Fighting. So no.

  17. I love how you guys are acting like, because there are no eeveeloutions in this batch of rumors, it’s fake because GameFreak would be committing a grave injustice if they didn’t make any new Eevees.

    Maybe it’s because I’ve never particularly cared for Eevee, but I don’t think that we need to have eeveeloutions in every game.

  18. I desperatly want tsuta’s evo to be poison/grass and miju’s water/fight, snivel… And I don’t care about pokabu, as long as it looks cool… But it’s not the case u.u

    And about those evolutions, I think that only jynx needs one, the others are just fine the way they are. Also, I want a Pinsir evo 😛

  19. Honestly, I’d love for everyone to forget about this and move onto a more pressing matter besides the starter evos, but I really would like to say that I hope these are fake. I was hoping the real one would go in a direction where Mijumaru’s evos would at least be bipedal, but we got stuck with some kind of freakish sea-unicorn. Its first evo however is decent, but I wish it had Mijumaru’s colour scheme instead. I think that Tsutaaja’s is ok, but it’s too pale and I wish it had a bit of a leafy spine down its back and some (even small) arms. Pokabu’s supposed 1st evo is pretty cute but I wish it had Pokabu’s tail. I think its final evo is just too detailed, it needs to be simple like Pokabu. Also, I wish they stayed on four legs, we don’t have many starters like that. If this turns out to be real I’m gonna have to rethink my team. It’s not like I’m going as drastic as some other people and saying that I’ll completely give up on Pokemon if they’re real, but I WILL say (whether these are real or not) that I am pretty disappointed. This is the first game release I’ve followed, so maybe that’s why I got my hopes up since I had all this time to give myself ideas of what they should look like. We don’t know for sure yet, so we’ll just have to wait for the game’s release or other official info.

    Anyway, sorry for my extreme rant, but I really wanted to say this all at once so I could just get it out.

    Also, I PLEDGE TO DISCONTINUE ANY USELESS WARS OVER THIS INFO. 🙂 Everyone should have to say that.

  20. I’m pretty sure they’re fake, I doubt Mijumaru wouldn’t get a second typing while the other two do.

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