Clearer Screenshot for Yanappu ‘n Co (UPD2)

Sadly we still can’t see much of the blue one and the (red?) one is out of the picture.  Thought this would be good to take our mind off some other topics we’ve been talking about though.  Also, I would like to point out that no official types have been shown yet… so… what if they’re not grass/water/fire?  :]  Just gotta play the devil’s advocate.

UPD: Full scan popped up on 2ch.  2~5 Players (DP only had 2~4), Cero A rating, yada yada

UPD2: Some major sites have erroneously reported which Pokemon is which.  The blue Pokemon that we can see is called “Hiyappu” while the unseen one’s name is “Baoppu”.  Just pointing that out for my readers.  :3  Love you all!

<3 pokejungle

ps- Thanks NL for the heads up.