Clearer Screenshot for Yanappu ‘n Co (UPD2)

Sadly we still can’t see much of the blue one and the (red?) one is out of the picture.  Thought this would be good to take our mind off some other topics we’ve been talking about though.  Also, I would like to point out that no official types have been shown yet… so… what if they’re not grass/water/fire?  :]  Just gotta play the devil’s advocate.

UPD: Full scan popped up on 2ch.  2~5 Players (DP only had 2~4), Cero A rating, yada yada

UPD2: Some major sites have erroneously reported which Pokemon is which.  The blue Pokemon that we can see is called “Hiyappu” while the unseen one’s name is “Baoppu”.  Just pointing that out for my readers.  :3  Love you all!

<3 pokejungle

ps- Thanks NL for the heads up.

  1. Fantastic, these little monkeys are proving to be some crazy little buggers.
    I hope they get the Oath Moves, along with Acrobat. I think we may be underestimating the power of Pokemon Positioning in Triple Battles, and that these little monkeys may be able to run amok in the Triple Battles.

    1. I totally forgot rock is super effective to fire, and that would make all the types equal as well.(WAter to ground etc

    1. it says on the right “up to 5 people” and also says “parental control”
      Wonder what that would be. Is pokemon trying to go even lower in ages, for like, 3 year olds or something?

      1. It’s probably a general warning about online and the social features. Sort of like how a lot of commercials would, for example, say “Ask your parents before going online and going to our site”

        1. I just noticed above it said “for the Dsi, the following exclusive features…”
          And it says Parental control feature, and I just took a look at my Japanese Soulsilver and didn’t have any of that.



    never …. ;-;

        1. I looked at both links and they’re the same thing.

          Anyways, going to watch some t.v. and get some sleep, bye

      1. Coo thats what i really wanted to know haha.
        And thanks for being so fast on everything, makes me more excited for b/c 😀

  3. ahh yet again pokejungle is on top of things thanks again PJ glade the monkey trio is comfirmed will be using one of them!

  4. Wait, so this is confirmed now? Wasn’t it just another 2ch rumour that was most likely fake the other day?

    1. I don’t think the monkey trio has ever really been doubted oO; It did originate from a twitter post like 2 days before though.

    1. Did you notice that everything around that Pokemon was covered with notebooks and papers like alleged starter evos. Could this be proof that those evos are fake as well?

      1. Probably. If the alleged starters evos are fake, here’s my suggestions for the real starters: Grass/Poison(Ivy Cobra)or Grass/Flying(Grass Charizard), pure Fire(Boar), and Water/Fighting(Samurai Otter). And also, there’s alot of Fakemon coming around in September 2010 to fool people, so be alarmed.

  5. Who remembers in the gameplay image how there were a blue guy and a red guy standing next to Dento in the Gym? Dento=Green Yanuppu, Blue dude=Blue Yanuppu and Red dude=Red Yanuppu!

      1. I know that there wouldn’t be anything new on there but, I thought it was neat to actually see it. ^^

  6. new rumors!
    Someone on 4chan claims to have a friend that is on the translation team for the Pokemon BW demo. Here’s the important stuff:
    Some of the Pokemon names:
    Victini is Victiny
    Tsutaaja is Ivyper
    Pokabu is Buroink
    Mijumaru is Wotter (He said his friend could have nicknamed it.)
    Minezumi is Hypmunk
    Chiramii is Chillarmy
    Gear is Gears
    Zorua is Zolua
    Zoroark is Zoloark
    Reshiram and Zekrom stay the same

    And our rivals:
    Cheren is Nathan.
    Belle is Bel (says that it could be Bella as well)

    And we have some new items and their descriptions:
    Royal Crown-A beautiful, sparkling crown. It radiates a mysterious power.
    City Mail- Stationery featuring a print of a high city building. Let a Pokémon hold it for delivery.
    Forest Mail- Stationery featuring a print of a beautiful forest. Let a Pokémon hold it for delivery.
    Foot Ball- A special type of Poké Ball. It has the appearance of a genuine leather football.
    Base Ball- A special type of Poké Ball. It has the appearance of a professional nuse baseball.
    Gooey Orb- A hold item occasionally makes the holder unable to move. It may latch on to foes that touch the holder.

    Next we have some in-game dialouge between N, Bel, Nathan, and some misc stuff. I won’t post it though, you can download the thread to see it.

    Other info:
    N isn’t bad, just strange.
    Bel is the one who gets closest to him, she thinks he’s funny.
    There’s two new Pokemon, one of then is a young cow, it is round and stands on 4 legs. The other, a rat-like Pokemon, has a long snout and a pouch. He says its name is “Opossam”.
    The region is based on New York.
    Well that’s pretty much it. I’m a bit convinced that this is real, but even if it’s not it’s always fun to speculate!
    Download the thread here:
    More stuff:
    “I will say all I know about “N’.

    He does not die. He is not angel. He is not a Pokemon. However, is special.

    He is a Prince, not sure what of.

    Plasma Leader is either older brother or father, cannot recall.

    They have same motives, but N does not want to hurt the world to separate Pokemon and human. Team Plasma does. He is running away from them.

    First, N does not trust you. As game goes he become your ally, if you choose right answers he will become friend. He is not evil.

    He will be manipulated by Plasma Leader later. N is naive or gullible by his family. Plasma Leader will use him then hurt him. You will have to help him.”

    His English isn’t good, by the way. But he’s pretty convincing, at least, more convincing than most of the people who claim to know some advanced info on the games.

    Also, the thread I uploaded isn’t the final one, it’s still going on. I’ll (try to ) save it again once it 404s.

    Aaand more:
    “There is small friendship feature. You have choice of answer, if you chose nice answer, character will like you more. Sometimes this will benefit by giving you items. Mostly thing like Pokeball and hold item though.”

    1. I’m willing to bet that is pure speculation and just rumors.
      It was an interesting read, I like the whole N backstory, very original.
      But I don’t think It’s Pokemon-ish. And N doesn’t look to be the naive type.
      The names don’t really convince me too much either. Ivyper, Hypmunk? .__.
      Although I did spent a good minute trying to pronounce Zoloark correctly. 9_9
      Reminds me of Zoro. 😛
      Good read, doubtful that they are true, but there is always the chance they are.

      1. really? i thought hypmunk was pretty clever LOL and the N backstory is something I thought could possibly happen too…then again when fan speculation = rumours, it’s usually fake. but a good read nevertheless!

      2. I don’t think that Zorua or Zoroark are going to change names. The names already seem to be Americanified. For example- Zoroark is Zorro (Spanish for Fox) and the word ‘Dark’ combined.

    2. This sound more as someones wishes than real thing
      Zorua is Zolua and Zoroark is Zoloark is just based on the fact that Rucario is Lucario, plus I think that it is hard to pronounce Zoloark so this can’t be true.
      Chillarmy is official romanization of Chiramii, not official english name of Chiramii, so I think this is fake to (unless Chiramii official english name indeed becomes Chillarmy)

    1. No. It means someone picked up one of the many box displays in a shop, as you often get in places offering pre-orders. This is common practise, since GAME had multiple boxes of DragonQuest on the shelves in the UK prior to its release, yet they only existed for the purpose of pre-ordering, it was not early sale. Pokejungle’s boyfriend even found one of these displays in Japan and photographed it for us.
      These pictures were from the box-cover sheet, likely covertly swiped from inside a display box to advertise the upcoming availability of the game.


  8. 5 seems an odd number of maximum players… Surely, with Triple Battles now existing, 6 should be the maximum, to allow teams of 3 players. 5 seems a very strange number. I suppose 5 could be the maximum for use of the Local wireless/infra-red capabilities though, yourself, and the 4 other players displayed on the LiveCaster. Still, it surprises me they didn’t facilitate for 6 players over Wi-Fi.

    1. I thought it was yourself and 3 other players on the live caster…Doesn’t it show yourself on the live caster while you are in Livecaster?

        1. Ya. That’s possible because on my soulsilver it says 2-5 players on it too. Though I have never tried that feature ><"

      1. So apparently Serebii has confirmed their will be 156 pokemon in the Isshu ‘Dex (saw it mentioned on BMGf). I’d like to know how exactly he can “confirm” this…

      2. As much as I’d want to believe this, this doesn’t really prove anything.

        This is 4chan. It’s troll country.
        Although the first picture you posted could work as evidence.


        I can now once again sleep at night thanks to this knowledge. ;w;


  9. Just dropping a comment here after stumbling into your website last night. (shamefully, it was my first visit!)

    After reading through all of this ridiculous drama over the Black and White news (primarily the starter craziness, of course), it seems that Pokejungle will definitely be my top hit in Pokémon news from now on. The level of objectivity you show while presenting the information to your readers is fantastic– and so is the level of personal interaction! This site seems so incredibly down-to-earth, and in the end I believe that’s what I’m looking for.

    Looking forward to enjoying your site!


  10. Blast! When it said Clearer screenshot for Appu and co. I thought we could see all the backsprites.

    Also Appu trio sounds like a good nickname for them.

  11. Just saying, we may get some news today as there’s this event on yahoo where you get letters from the BW Bust tour thing(24 in total), and the last 3 will be revealed today. It was the same place we got the Suwana videos and stuff, and says something will happen when you collect all 24, so lets hope it’s some thing new/good.

      1. I decided to waste my time and type out the whole japanese alphabet until I got a hit.I successfully got all the words, and what it gave me was a Sugimori-drawings patched into a screen-saver, and a chance to get some B/W related dolls and goods and all that stuff.Wohoo.

  12. If you guys are still wondering about the names. Isn’t it set up so the pokemons health bar which is on the top is the pokemon all the way to the left?

  13. yo pokejungle it might just be a rumor but i saw on several websites that they r makin remakes of diamond and pearl. u think its true?

    1. They would have a DPPt remake two generations from now (counting the 5th Generation.) If the pattern goes on like normal we will be getting Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald remakes.

    2. It’s far to soon to remake the fourth gen. If anything, we will get remakes of Ruby/Sapphire. Under the current pattern, We’ll see remakes of Diamond/Pearl come gen VI.

    3. Remakes of diamond and pearl? 0.o That sounds stupid.
      1. They didn’t do remakes of Ruby and Sapphire yet
      2. Diamond and Pearl is on the same system that Black and White is, which kinda defeats the purpose of a remake, unless they plan it for 3DS… but then…
      3. …isn’t it too early to announce a remake when the new games aren’t even out yet?

      I call bullshit.

      1. thats what i thought man i dont get y firered and leafgreen r remakes of red and green(yellow) but y didnt they make a remake of blue

        1. Because japan got red and green,not red and blue. blue was like the Platinum etc for the first gen,In japan.

    4. yeah, we will get a ruby/sapphire 5th gen.. diamond and pearl 6th gen…. black and white 7th gen ect.

      1. Would this also mean a re-remake for RGB?

        Personally, I think they should wait until 6th gen for RSE/possible RGB remakes. Although having all five gens on one system would be pretty nice, it just feels too soon to me.

  14. Geez, i wonder when will be the starters confirmed/refuted XD The suspense is a bit annoying (on one hand, i don’t like or dislike the “revealed” evolutions, i’m indifferent to them, but i am hoping for something better)

    1. i think that they the evolutions are real for all of them except for the mijimaru one. i know thats fake bcuz it cant turn from an otter into that thing

      1. Well, if 1 of them is fake, then it’s not logical for the rest to be real. Either all 3 are real (+that fat “oinkindle”) or all 3 are fake.

        1. hahaha i really hope that theyre fake but i think the tsutaja one is ok and thats good cuz no matter what im gettin tsutaja. i wonder what the third version of it will be. (example- ruby sapphire then emerald, gold silver then crystal, and diamond pearl then platinum.)

          1. I’d guess Gray or Rainbow/Aurora/Colorful.
            With the plasma theme the third dragon (assuming there is one) would then probably be either a ghost dragon (ectoplasm) or an ice dragon (aurora).

          2. If they’re going for an in-between name I think they’d go for “Monochrome” more than “grey” (talk about dull!)

            Although personally I think they’ll go for something that doesn’t match the first two. I’m feeling a Jade! 😀
            There are elements of green in Team Plasma. N and what is most likely his Father’s hair etc.
            It’s just a hunch though, don’t quote me or dissect this.

    2. Starters are going to be fake and the one who created them is going to laugh like he never did in his entire life

    1. yah for the third version of black and white it could b either victini or a black and white one

    2. There was a rumor a long while back that said it was a green cobra. I really don’t believe the rumor though.

        1. Gah, cut myself off short. I was going to say, the PERSON who stated this rumor was passing all this information through WPM/Pokebeach, and eventually posted a picture of a fake Tauros evolution from deviantArt, trying to pass that off as real. On top of that, he said Black/White would be present at the E3, which did not happen. So, he was lying.

  15. i’m super curious if all 3 of the monkeys will have seperate abilities!!!
    Like the grass one has gluttony which we already know
    the fire one could have maybe flash fire or technician
    while the water one would have maybe hydration or filter
    i started running out of ideas after the fire one haha

  16. I’ll repost this just incase it got missed; (I accidently posted it as a reply to something unrelated D:).

    Serebii has apparently confirmed there is 156 pokemon in the Isshu Dex.

    How he knows this… I do not know ;O 😛

    Do you know by any chance PJ?

    1. I don’t see where Serebii is claiming this, but it is another rumor from Pokexperto’s “special source.”

      1. I know it’s not on it’s homepage. But a user on BMGf linked a gamefaqs post by Serebii that said that. I couldn’t see it personally, but other members there were discussing it, so they must have been able to. And note; I did say apparently in my post above, because I haven’t seen the post for myself…

    2. Most likely from PokeExperto. Everybody’s favourite, local source of El Bull shito

      Genuinely though, 156 sounds about right to me. I’m really doubting any new evos at this stage either.

      1. If you look 2 articles before this one you’ll see serebii himself said that pokexperto was not his source, but yet another “special source.”

        I’m starting to think all the “special sources” are the same person, and feeding the webmasters a bunch of crap. but then again, the U.S. names for pokemon…

        Whatever. I’m just not going to waste anymore brain cells about this. I’m just going to wait for the game and see for myself.

  17. i just wish Gamefreak would make a statement saying that those evoloutions are either fake or true just so that we can stop talking about it

  18. what happened to that one dude who said he’d eat his shoe is pikachu isn’t in the main game? or was it about the plane that he thought would go to hoenn? either way, people should start a 4chan-style frenzy on him and MAKE him eat a shoe on camera.

    1. It’s the other way around. the one that’s in black and white(no pun intended),which is beta artwork for the anime, was leaked back in june or july. whoever made the starters decided to just use that so it can be more believable from some people.

      Come on, are there people who are SERIOUSLY thinking this is real because a there is beta artwork from that pokemon from june/july,when the starter pics were made like 3 days ago? What has this world come to.

  19. i have confirmed that the evolutions are 87% fake so theres a chance that theyre real. but they have announced that the tsutaja evolutions will be grass/dragon so it might be real, and the pokabu evolutions will be fire/dark, but the idiot who created these fake evolutions failed to remember that the mijimaru one is water/fighting, and the mijimaru would not have a second type, plus it has been said that the first stage of the pokemon must look similiar to the last stage. so ha! take that idiot who created this to get a laugh

      1. i dont remember i was just scrolling through some websites and i saw on one of the official nintendo websites and i was so excited i just went to show it on pokejungle

        1. I don’t think its true. If one of these evos are fake, then chances are that the rest of them are too.

          Also, I really don’t think there would be a reverse circle for the starters, and I don’t know why everyone wants them either.

      1. I wouldnt call this bull shit just yet oh master of this overly flamebuoyant website.

        If all those pokemon are in the next CoroCoro then he will be right and then you will be eating your words.

          1. What do you want Kriffix to clear up? xD
            シードミ ウズタコ セベクロ タクオーツ

            tu = tsu so its a little bit odd for it to be written that way.

          2. oh and ‘uzu’ has to do with swirl/whirlpool. a little too convenient for our blue octopus friend imo….

          3. Shiidomi- “Shiido” seems to be “seed” probably, and “mi” I believe is simply the Japanese word for seed. I know “seed-seed” is kind of redundant, but hey, Moguryuu translates to “mole-mole”. The Pokemon from the daycare commercial? Shii is also the Japanese name for an Evergreen Tree:

            Could this be the tiny Pokemon we saw running around with Chillarmy in the daycare center? Interesting, even if fake.
            Edit: Shi could also mean Death. Shinigami anyone?

            Uzutako- Like others have said, probably “whirlpool octopus” basically, which makes me think it’s the Pokemon from the Musical video…it does look like it could spin around or something.

            Sebekuro- I think it might very well be “sebek”, the Egyptian crocodile dude…which explains the ending which could be short for “kurokodairu”. A lot of people thought that other one in the Musical resembled Meguroco…so…this one? “Kuro” could also be dark, which would fit a Meguroco evolution as well.

            Takuootu- I think “kuootu” is “quartz”.

          4. My guesses. Don’t know why you need Kriff ;_;
            Shiidomi = ‘shii’ seed + ‘mi’ berry
            Uzutako = ‘tako’ octopus
            Sebekuro = ‘kuro’ black
            Takuootsu = ‘taku’ to burn + ‘kuootsu’ quartz

            Ok… maybe Kriffix is needed >>; I SUCK ;_;

        1. Ahahaha. I don’t think it is the website that is flamboyant. Me? Definitely. My writing? Possibly. Anyways I’ve never had a problem with being wrong 🙂 So for now I’ll say “bs” :p

          1. I think they’re fine, I would of come up with that as well.
            And Takuootsu could be a reference to a popular dish in japan called takoyaki.

          2. me too 😀
            and I think シードミー sounds more like a pokemon name, but who knows. its also one letter away from being seadra!

        2. I assume most of these names, if real, are Pokemon we’ve likely seen, just like how we saw all of the other Pokemon (bar Wargle and Musharna) were seen before they appeared in the last two CoroCoro, so I’m sure they leak Pokemon on purpose sometimes.

          I think Uzutako could be the blue octopus from the musical, Sebekuro is the other one we saw (a lot of people mentioned how it looked like Meguroco iirc), Shiidomi the little dude running around, leaving Taku the dude under the smiley face. Well, if they’re real, I can see that. I really like the sound of them…but, y’know, we have even less proof than any other rumor.

    1. While I don’t like the starter evolutions, I would throw a PARTY if we really, honest-to-god had seventeen new fire types.

  20. PJ, might as well post it for the masses, even if it is fake.

    Remember, Brawl roster was leaked on GFAQS, so it’s possible, however unlikely.

      1. Are you talking about the recent “leak” on gamefaqs? Everyone seems to think it was just Serebii posting stuff that he knows but didn’t want to post on-site because he might lose more credibility XD.

        1. I doubt it. Serebii likes to have information first… even if he can’t post it. He wouldn’t reveal stuff through anonymous means beforehand and have to write “Some recent rumors turned out to be true as blah blah blah has just been confirmed”.

          ps- My take on “JoGlove” was jack off glove. I’ve always got my mind in the gutter though.

          1. I’ve deleted it now though. I get modded enough as it is there :< GameFAQs has one of the worst forums on the internet.

      1. Them prepare, to encase them all in the boxes for all eternity. Those three monkeys were made to “promote” triple battles (just like Plusle and Minun in the 3rd Gen). For example, the move “Acrobat” that works on 3 vs 3 battles is a proof. And just like Plusle and Minum they won’t evolve.

  21. How do you enter 2ch really? Through of google I can not, since it redirects me to home and there are not as advanced as the Japanese do not dominate …

    if someone is kind enough to pass me the link of the website, I’d appreciate …
    thanks in advance

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