Mystery Egg Download! (UPD)

It’s been revealed that Kibago, Yanappu, and Mamepato can hatch from the egg you receive.  For those of you who get Mamepato: SUCKS TO BE YOU 🙁 Kibago would be nice… I don’t like Yanappu to be honest.  If you haven’t noticed this correlates with Ash (Mamepato), Iris (Kibago), and Dento (Yanappu) in the anime. … Read more

Clearer Screenshot for Yanappu ‘n Co (UPD2)

Sadly we still can’t see much of the blue one and the (red?) one is out of the picture.  Thought this would be good to take our mind off some other topics we’ve been talking about though.  Also, I would like to point out that no official types have been shown yet… so… what if … Read more

Meet Yanappu

Full Sugimori art and screenshot of the front of the sprite :3  Frankly I’ve grown to like it a little more now.  The tail is ultra-cute! UPD: Added transparent background image of Yanappu for whoever wants it! <3 pokejungle ps- Fat fake-yanappu was ugly :<