Starter Evolutions? Who cares

Anyone else sick of wasting their brain thinking about it?  😐

<3 pokejungle

ps- hour and a half until pokemon sunday airs :3  Stream will be posted just like most weeks 😀

  1. I really hope they solve the Pokémon starter evolution problem, because this just gets annoying. I thought they would show some new Pokémon/give us new information? But I could be wrong, I hope it’s about the starter evolutions and about the monkey trio.

  2. YES! I personally like them all and I think we’ll all warm up to them like we did for the starters.

  3. I’m not breaking my head over it.

    The people who say it’s real have to prove it is. Not the people who say it’s fake.

    “an insider source told me” just doesn’t cut it.

  4. Amen. Kudos to you for posting this before the other sites decided it would be a good idea to pretend like none of this ever happened.

    Serebii has lost a lot of credibility with me this generation. I hope you’re happy to know that I now consider Pokejungle the premier news outlet for B/W information.

    Seriously, Serebii likes to think that he’s the best and only posts “100% factual” information. Fuck that. This isn’t the first time he’s screwed up, either. *cough*Melkor*cough*

    I didn’t know Mexicans were capable of using computers, let alone the internet.

    1. hahahahahahahah are you serious right now? just because YOU haven’t traveled outside of your city doesn’t mean all mexicans are “wetbags”. the level of ignorance seriously surprises me, this is too much hahahaha

      i didn’t know white trash ignorant rednecks could type correctly and not spill their BBQ sauce and root beer all over their computer, while being in debt with a bank for the next 35 years not owning anything of their own..
      <—- that would be just as IGNORANT and RACIST as what you said, so i won't say it because I apparently have a little more respect and education and just common knowledge than you to be saying ridiculous, ignorant comments like that. oh wait, i did :s buuut i digress

      aaaaaaaaaanyway………. i hate the starter evolutions, i just want September 18th to be here already..!!!!

      1. sorry if that offended anyone, wasn’t my intention, i just couldn’t stand reading that without laughing and having the need to teach a little ethics to this Melchior-guy-gal-whatever it is


    2. I’m mexican. That wasn’t funny. I am pretty sure, kid, that I handle computers better than you; let alone the Internet. Perphaps some ethics lessons wouldn’t be so bad for you.

      It’s just Mijumaru’s last evo that looks so… weird… but I will eventually grow in everyone of us :/
      Tsutaaja’s evo really amazed me, it’s pretty cool IMO.

  5. Oh yes… I mean SERIOUSLY it’s OPTIONAL to evolve your Pokemon, if those are the real starter evolutions then…

    Pokabu stays Pokabu.
    Mijumaru evolves once.
    Tstuaja goes all the way.

    Frankly, I seriously doubt they would make the first two of Mijumaru’s chain bipedal, and then make it’s final quadrupedal.

      1. Not everyone cares about just stats~ Using weaker, unevolved Pokemon can be fun, especially if you love the Pokemon!

          1. If you put enough effort into training them, they can make it through the game just fine. I’ve used unevolved Pokemon with out an issue -shrug-

            Of course, this doesn’t really apply to competitive battling I guess.

    1. mijumaru last form doesnt even resemble a otter i would think that it would be more bipedal then a on all 4s

      1. Perhaps you are basing your otters off of Mijumaru. But real life wise it looks like a giant otter. I mean Blazicken evolves from a chick. That thing look like a chicken to you?

        It is pokemon, not Real~Animals~fighting it out~

        1. I love otters and other mustelids. But that last evo looks nothing like any otter I’ve ever seen…. flippers, fish tail, a horn… I would not have even guessed that it was based on an otter, if it didn’t evolve from one.

          But I agree Pokejungle. Let’s just leave this whole mess behind up. In two weeks we’ll know everything anyway. 🙂

          I wonder if we’ll see anything new on Pokemon Sunday. I believe they would feature more about the musicals this time?

          1. personally i think it looks like a sea lion, maybe it goes otter>bigger otter> sea lion thing. and maybe its just one piece of art maybe it changes to bipedal, its like a new TRANSFORMER pokemon!!!! total joke, hope they’re fake XD

  6. i know it’s fake cuz some guy created them and because it’s impossible for an otter such as mijimaru 2 turn into that… thing

  7. lol pokejungle you the man for posting this! i come to love this site more then i do serebii do to the fact i never get heard on there and that you do investigation on iffy info that appears thank you and the others that help you for the awesome updates

  8. I agree pokejungle. Why? Why must we suffer through this…

    I personally think they are fake. Or at least not the real deal, based off the truth. Boom.

    1. No D: iPhone doesn’t do flash. I don’t think there would be any way to stream it on an iphone.

      1. Back in June, Pokebeach was supposedly approached by some ‘distinguished’ Zelda webmaster called Martijn who claimed to have loads of insider info on black and white. Pokebeach fell for it and posted a load of outlandish details about the games, needless to say it was a load of crap, and pokebeach ended up looking a bit foolish.

  9. I am in the small group that loves Mijumaru’s final evolution. Could easily be my favorite water starter.

    But ANOTHER fire fighting type. GRRRRR.

      1. it makes SOME sense. Whiskers. Check. Shells aw weapons/protection. Check. Blue. Check. Flippers. Check. People are just mad because –


        How is it a Unicorn? I’ve also heard Tortoise. ANd Smurf…

        1. I think its supposed to be a narwal?

          But this thread is all about not having to worry about it. Get with the times! 😀

    1. Me too! D: Whether it’s fake or not, I love that thing C: BUT if they do turn out to be real, I’m still going with Tsutaaja (even if his final evolution isn’t the best looking in my eyes), I always go with the grass starter (since the RBY days) 😀 I’ll just have to steal my sister’s game eventually to trade over a Mijumaru :p

    2. I like mijumaru last evolution, but as a separate Pokemon. It would be cool if it would be separate water Pokemon of Isshu region, but not mijumaru last evo… for me it simply doesn’t make any sense

  10. Thank you for posting this, I completely agree, and it’s gotten me banned from the Pokebeach forums now. It really does suck, I’m simply attempting to explain to WPM why the community that he is telling to “shut up” is talking in circles, and he banned me. Well, Pokebeach was never a great source.
    PokeJungle, you are literally the most DOWN TO EARTH source ever, I LOVE it.

  11. I love this about the site. It has personality~<3

    The whole debate and mess is rather annoying and silly. If you don't like the final forms, don't evolve them or don't use starters. Whether they're real or not, there are other Pokemon out there for everyone. I'm not going to waste time fretting over the images personally. The games are almost out, and we'll know for sure when they're out.

  12. The more I look at them, the more I think they’re real.
    But tbh, I don’t really care anymore.
    I’m not using a starter I’m using the monkey trio. >:D
    I’m so hoping that my little monkeys are going to be revealed as real on Pokemon Sunday. :3


    Serebii is being antsy about his source, and it’s very likely the same source PokeBeach has. PokeBeach revealed their source, a Spanish (wtf why would a Spanish speaker get this game before a Japanese person?) webmaster named PokExperto. PokExperto claims to have the game earily and that is his source, and he posted the fake screenshot of the Pokabu Evo (proven fake by the name for Pokabu’s evo being “Mijumaru” and major discrepancies in the stats). He is a fraud and does not have the game. Check the screenshot, you can see his website (in Spanish) on the computer screen in the background.

    Serebii’s source for “confirmation” = PokeBeach’s source for “confirmation” = PokExperto who does NOT have the game or legitimate proof =NO CONFIRMATION OR LEGITIMACY.

    Never mind the fact that the creator of the fake art posted proof on /vp/ that he created them and showed different shots of the same art to prove it.

    Don’t believe the original images were photoshopped?

    In addition- they are not Sugimori art, which would indicate they are animation art sheets, much like the beta sheet revealed a while ago. Animation art sheets are used as color indicators and proportion charts so Pokemon appear the same size consistently and when compared to other Pokemon on screen. In theory, if the two evolutions of the starters are meant to be from an animation sheet, they would be in scale with each other and to the left we would see their first stages (Mijumaru, Tsutaja and Pokabu) as additional size references.

    They. Are. Fake.

    1. It loses no impact the second time round.

      Were it up to me I honestly thinks this deserves a news topic.

      1. Well. This information does not necessarily mean that the starters are 100% fake. (As convincing as this post sounds)
        If you were to post this as a news story. Then Pokejungle would be no better than Serebii and Pokebeach for jumping on the bandwagon to prove the starters legitimacy.
        I think that everyone needs to clam down, instead of hastily posting information eager to be the first site that confirms/disproves the starters evolutions.

        I think that reporting on the starters should be waiting until they can officially be revealed by Game Freak, or at the very least until the upcoming Pokemon Sunday airs, just to see if they reveal anything about the starters. (Doubtful, I know, if Pokemon Sunday are going to reveal the starters it will be on the Masuda show, although we might silhouettes, and we can be hopeful for corocoro)

        1. I’m not basic my opinion on his post. It just coincides with it.

          We search and strive for truth, hence we debate and bring all the possible reasons forward. I respect facts brought to both sides of the argument, makes it more intresting with this level of fire and conflict!

          It’s not about who shows it first. We’re all Pokefans, thats all. You’re thinking too deeply my friend, the world isn’t as rotten as you may thing! 😀
          Cheer up, and bring something forward!

          1. I just don’t want to give all these lovely people in the comments section who are showing there supporting due to the fact that Pokejungle isn’t swaying either way with the starters and is mirroring most of It’s viewers who are fed up with the whole debate.
            Whether this comment is the substantial proof that proves the starters are fake, There is still a gap for these starters to be the real deal. I really don’t want Pokejungle to say they are fed up with the starter debate on one post, and then jump on the bandwagon and start posting unconfirmed proof, especially after reading all the supportive comments.
            And yes, the world is a rotten place, have you seen the amount of fakes this gen? It’s pretty rotten for people to joke about srs bzness like Pokemon.

  14. I would rather them be fake, but it wouldn’t bother me if they weren’t.

    -cough- just fix the damn color scheme of Mijumaru evos -cough-

  15. Oh, and if anyone wants to look, they’re talking about me on the last page of the Pokebeach forums right now. WPM says I e-mailed him? I don’t know his e-mail, LMFAO! Oh, and yeah, another guy was banned too, but WPM refuses to admit it.
    I’m Lishus13 on SerebiiForums and Meta-Kirby on SWF forums, with over 1,700 and 4,000 posts respectively, I’m pretty sure I’m not a troll 😛

      1. Yes, the shiny Poliwrath (my favorite Pokemon….well Poliwag is my favorite, but close enough :P)

  16. I guess in a sense, it makes it more interesting with the insane number of fakes being revealled with this game’s release. There has never been this many fakes for a game’s release ever, so it does make trusting a new revealled Pokemon rather difficult. But in a way it makes it interesting when you finally fish out the ones that are real.

    So for me I don’t really care. If they’re real, they’re real. If not, then it’ll be nice seeing the real faces of their evolutions. (:

  17. Interesting how you say ‘Who’s tired of starter evo discussions?’, and yet about a quarter of the posts on this page are still -about- the starter evolutions. XD#

    Anywho, I agree. I’m not quite sure how I got sucked into the discussion, but my brain feels like it’s about to seep out of my ears if I debate any more. Thus, I shall attempt to re-solidify my brain while awaiting the Pokemon Sunday stream.
    Speaking of which, thank you for providing that Pokejungle. It really allows the fans to be on the front-line of discovery, without having to trawl through or sign up to applications or sites you’re unsure or wary of. It’s one of the many services that makes this site great. Thanks! 8D

    1. Well I’m not sure what else people would talk about in a post saying who cares about the starter evos.

      The Weather?

  18. Yes this war needs to stop!! (Real vs. Fake)
    Both sides have pros and cons.

    i hope Yanappu has a fire and water counterpart 😀

  19. We have Masuda coming on Pokemon Sunday tonight, so something big will most likely be put up. If all goes well it’ll show the real starter evolutions (even if they’re just silhouettes [sp?]) and solve this debate.

  20. I don’t care anymore! It’s driving me up the walls! I am just going to wait for the official reveal, and if it’s not what I had in mind, then tough, I will deal with it! Just no more arguing, please! >_<

  21. I think the whole thing is hilarious. I mean, look at both sides of the debate:

    “They’re fake because they don’t look like how I envisioned them!”
    “They’re real because so-and-so looks cool!”

    In the end, it all comes down to stats, types and moves. None of these can be determined just by knowing what they look like. Sure, aesthetics matter, but nowhere near as much as the other aforementioned traits.

    1. Not to be rude, but in all honesty, I disagree. While stats matter, I’d rather use a Pokemon I think is adorable or cool looking ages before I’d use an ugly one with bad stats. For example, I’d use a Plusle a million years before a Garchomp worked its way into my party.

      While I’m not sure if the starter evolutions are real or not, I sort of don’t care either way. I’d just like to get the point across that I’m a bit more attached to my Pokemon than if they were just random killing machines.

    1. OMFG I made this exact arguement on wednesday post of the evos nobody would listen to me! thank you person for clearing this up thank you every much now onto pokemon Sunday!

  22. I’ve had it up to here with this whole thing now.

    Just put us out of our misery for crying out loud somebody! :/

    1. I’m just sick of reading the same posts over and over again. These are the worst ever. They sucks. I’m sending my starter to the box.

      No matter how ugly people think they are people cannot say they look like kids could’ve made them. Especially the Mijumaru third evolution…

  23. Yeah, Pokejungle is now my #1 site for Black and White coverage. Serebii has a huge ego, it’s going to their head. As for WPM, hes just frickin’ mean, and a wannabe. Pokejungle rules!

    Here’s hoping they are indeed fake (but I’ll live if they ARE real).

    1. I don’t talk to serebii or WPM everyday, but I think you’re being a little harsh. I mean Serebii trusts a source that has worked before and given him proof.. That is not a huge ego. If anything you would say Serebii is gullible for trusting this guy so much, but big ego?

      And I am not really sure how WPM is a wannabee.

      I love pokejungle, but does that mean I will bash other sites/masters? No.

      1. The only thing I don’t like about serebii right now is he doesn’t post fakes or rumors anymore. Yes he has his reasons, and he was more pissed off then informing the rest of the world they are fake.

        But I think all the pokemon webmasters are good people, they all have reasons to there actions(most of them.)

      2. Ok, WPM isn’t really a wannabe. But he is a hot head, who takes things too seriously and bans people for lame reasons. As for Serebii, I apologize for what I said. He’s just not AS legit as he says. Just goes to show that ANYONE can be fooled.

  24. I demand that starter gets removed from the banner and replaced with Dento and Yanappu. <3
    Then there should be a some sort of block from using any of the starters names in our posts.
    Problemo solved. n__n

  25. If pokejungle is on, I have a question. When the games come out will you be doing the whole report on everything thing?

      1. AH, well I plan on looking at the pokemon, but when you reveal stuff about story,characters, all that juicy crap, could you warn that it may spoil something?

        Even if you’ve beaten the whole thing and there is extra crap like Heatran, could you just warn please. I want to be very careful about spoiling anything other than pokemon for myself.

      2. AH, well I plan on looking at the pokemon, but when you reveal stuff about story,characters, all that juicy crap, could you warn that it may spoil something?

      3. its great how u say the rumours to, so we have a chance of knowing things earlier, before i used to go serebii first pokebeach second and pokejungle third but know i go to pokejungle first ! ;)!

  26. I used to care.

    And then it became a schizophrenic hell spiral.

    Look at these starters they are probably real!
    No they are probable fake!
    Scratch that totes real
    But someone said they faked it!
    No wait fake maybe

    1. *Sigh* what bothers me is that we can’t judge the reliability of these “sources”. I’m not convinced by these designs but if these guys are legit I can’t dismiss it yet = =

  27. I think I’m the only one who doesn’t like the monkey trio? I really liked yanappu to be an unique poke 🙁

    1. I never liked any of them. I don’t think they’re cute at all. Of course, I don’t think monkeys are cute period.

    2. I’m on both sides. I like Yanappu, and I’m most definitely going to like his brothers, and I will probably end up using all 3 of these cute monkeys on my team. (screw starters)
      But if there are going to be 3 of them, I really doubt that there is going to be an evolution for each of them. Which kinda makes them the Plusle-Minun of 5th Gen, and they’ll end up just being gimmicks, as cool as they are.

  28. Miju evo will turn into a bipedal samurai otter with a giant shell on his chest for defensives purposes and will have a giant giant shell sword on his right hand for attacking purposes(the sword can be placed on his back,the sword looks more like lance made of a long shellder when in slowking/bro form)he got a kilt covered with tiny shells,overpowered whiskers(like miju first evolution but is 3 on each side and is bigger)there middle sized shells on his shoulder one on each,his head have a pony tail hair,pointed ears,bigs fangs but he keeps iside his mouth like mijumaru do,his tail is like a 3 time more big than miju and have a middle-big shell on the final of his tail,the feet is a combination of miju foot with duck foot,he have 5 fingers on each hand with tiny pointed nails and normal human arms

    special move is shell hurricane,(spin very fast looking like a living hurricane at that speed every shell on his body turns into deadly sharps shells)than attacks every pokemon on the other side doing 135 Water damage but in the next turn he will not be able to move

    name will be derived from samurai and honor

    ps:this my version of final miju evo
    pss:englishh isnt my native language

      1. Oh my god… Those make pokemon look more acceptable to ignorant people who say its for little 10 year olds rofl

  29. THESE STARTER EVOS ARE 4 MORE CONVERSIAL 5TH GEN POKEMON, AFTER VICTINI AND SCOUT RODENT, AS THEY NEARLY GOT WPM ARRESTED AND PUT INTO JAIL, I AM F$&^*(#G SICK OF THE REAL/FAKE CONTRAVERSY, LETS WAIT FOR SEREBII AND CORONIS PLAY THE GAME AND PUT THEIR JOURNEY UP IN THEIR DISCOVERY THREAD TO SEE IF THEY ARE REAL/FAKE, but have heard of the ban game on pokebeach forum, the most popular threads of all time & the fave chat quotes, which includes WPM saying his bro put his foot up his a#$%&, this being witnessed by porygon & he also screws everyone on the forum with this poetry, trying to figure out the meaning of his poem.

      1. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  30. im sure there real, not that they are bad the just could be better. we dont know much although there probs fake 😛

      1. im just crazy in sadness, i just want these to be fake, im feeling depressed all the time just thinking about them! 🙁


    And obviously the shells are going to evolve into sword-like things because they are in the positions that the sheaths would be for the Wotter 1st Stage.

    1. Also, the Pokabu line would not go from a noticeable-feature such as the red ball-tipped tail to an all black tail without a noticeable tip.

  32. I was thinking the same thing, because if u think in the past starters, all that were bipedal stayed bipedal, while the others the were on all fours stayed that way, for example Turtwig and Bulbasaur, they stay on all fours throughout their entire evolution line… i know this might not indicate a certain tendency on the part of the creators, maybe because this is a new land and they are making some changes, but for those who, like me, expect these to be fake, there is a little hope if we use past starter evolution lines as reference…

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