Yanappu in a Monkey Trio? + Fakemon (UPD4)

Hey Pokejunglers!

A while back we got a rumor that our little friend Yanappu would have a water, grass, fire trio and this picture just surfaced on 2ch and pretty much makes it true. (that is if it’s real) As you can see in the picture, you see Yanappu on the left and you see it’s water “twin” called Hiyappu. You can’t see it’s sprite, but the name Baoppu is one of the names above the HP gauge, so we’re assuming that it’s the fire one. We know the picture is extremly blurry and we can’t positvley say that the names are accurate, but we’re just going to have to trust the 2ch poster who posted the images and information for now. Also, if you notice the head is slightly different, so there will be a slightly different look for each of the tripley’s similar to Wormadam. (tripley’s=combination of triplet and monkey ><)

A few posts ago we also mentioned the possibility of Dento being in trio as well and that the red-haired trainer would have a fire type and the blue-haired trainer would have a water type. We allready know that Dento will have Yanappu so there is a very high chance that if this is real, that the other two trainers will own Hiyappu and Baoppu. Looks like Yanappu and Co. will be the triple battle gimic Pokemon, similar as how Minun and Plusle were the double battle gimic Pokemon.

So do you like the Yanappu trio? Which one do you want the most? I personally want them all, but for now I’ll catch a Hiyappu and have a good water type to put in my party. Not to mention that Hiyappu’s cuteness will make up for the possible Mijumaru final evo. ^^;

UPD: Just found this picture on 4ch, I previously said the picture could possibly be real, but upon further inspection the text above the HP gauge says “Mijumaru”, the HP should be 150 for a Pokabu evo at level 50 not 137 and it kinda looks like the other Pokemon’s HP gauge says “Yanappu” above it. So it’s a defininte fake. :/ Allthough because this is fake, it does give the starter evos a higher chance of also being fake as well. Also, PokeExperto in the background..same website that posted the starter evos….a bit fishy :/ (If you found this, congrats! comment saying you found it!!)

UPD2: So, Kriffix and I were discussing the origins of the names for Baoppu and Hiyappu, and we came up with “Hi”=fire so Hiyappu being the fire monkey makes total sense. But, when trying to figure out Baoppu’s origin’s we couldn’t think of anything at all. So looking closer at the picture we noticed that on the bottom line you can clearly see a “Ya”(ヤ) in the second character spot, you can compare the shape of the blurry-ness to the “Ya” in Yanappu, which is the middle name. And with where the tripley’s are situated, if the fire monkey is indeed Hiyappu, then it should be at the top not at the bottom. You can also clearly see the “O”(オ) in Baoppu on the top line, where if it is the water monkey it should be at the botom. There’s also this thing that came into our research about certain trees called the Boabob and the Hyacinth which I won’t get into that much as neither Kriff or I know that much about trees. What’s more is that the possibility of the “Yana” in Yanappu being from “yanagi”, meaning willow, has been brought up in the past. Basically in summary, we believe that the 2ch poster might’ve switched that two names accidently and that the fire monkey might actually be “Baoppu” and the water monkey might actually be “Hiyappu”.  🙂

UPD3: Added a clearer pictures. The names are confirmed.

UPD4: Kriff and I were right. 🙂 The other major sites got the names mixed up. Hiyappu=The blue monkey, and Baoppu=The unseen possible fire/red monkey.

peace and love– ozymandis

P.S. The starter evos keep going back and forth on whether or not they are real. As of right now people have been saying that those evos WILL BE the actual evos and there have been many “trusted” sources saying they are, but there is still the very,very slim chance that they’re fake. When we find out for sure, we will definetly post about it.

P.S.S Less than two weeks until Black and White come out!! 😀

  1. Maybe those 3 are a gimmick like plusle and minun were when double battle was introduced in gen. III 😉
    And i think the redhead gets one, the bluehead the other and dento gets yanappu as we know. maybe you fight all 3 “gym leaders” one after another?

    1. I could definitely see them being gimmick pokes with crazy combo attacks or something to show off triple battles. But I hope not, if those starter evolutions end up being real I’ll probably end up boxing my starter and just use the monkeys instead, so I hope they are decent.

  2. If it is real, then don’t you think they’re probably the pokemon used by the supposed trio in Dento’s gym? It does seem to make a lot of sense 😀

    1. Or maybe they’re both from the same source? Someone had posted it on here long before pokebeach stuck it in his news article.

  3. If these -are- actually real, slowkingsley on Serebii pointed out that the water and fire ones are likely the other way around, with Hiyappu coming from Hyacinth and __appu, and Baoppu coming from Baobab and __appu. This makes sense, as Hyacinths are commonly blue, and I believe grow well near water, and Baobab trees are found in the dry scrubland of Africa.

    Just to reiterate my post from the previous discussion in the last news article (with spelling corrections… XP).

    1. That does make a little sense, but “hi” is also Japanese for fire. And the names would be in the order they are standing in, right?

      1. Depends whether they are named clockwise or anti-clockwise. And it seems odd that the ‘Bao’ would disrupt the ___appu pattern if not from a particular reference such as that. Otherwise, I would have expected Baoappu, not Baoppu.

    2. But Baoppu is the water one, how could it be based on a tree that grows in dry land in Africa, while the fire monkey is based on a blue flower… it doesn’t make sense

      1. Are we certain Baoppu really -is- the blue one? I can’t read japanese, or recall the order of naming in triple battles, so I can’t say yay or nay either way. I’m just speculating.

        However, I just came across a number of pictures of Baobabs growing near water/in watery areas, so the reference could remain, despite it potentially being the Blue water one.

        1. Thanks Burokkoli for that, I should have google baobab myself. So if water monkey’s name comes from baobab, than fire monkey must come from ‘hi’ japanese for fire, cause it would be stupid to come from Hyacinth which is a blue flower

          1. It should be noted that only the Grape Hyacinth is always blue. In addition, there’s nothing to stop the name coming from both Hi for fire and Hyacinth.

        2. I have heard of Baobab trees, but it was the dry climate that struck me initially, and I completely forgot that quality. Thank you for reminding me.

          Well, now we have the Blue monkey’s name analysed, we just need to try to find something behind Hiyappu. Hyacinth seemed to fit sound-wise, and could still fit. The origin of the plant Hyacinth’s name was from a Greek mythological figure who was a lover of Apollo, god of the Sun. That, and in cultivated Hyacinths, pink and red are also common colours.

        3. Wait a mintue…’Water’ filled trunks. I skimmed the comments so I didn’t notice that for a sec but I think it could go either way of being either water or fire if the name is derived from this tree.

  4. I can’t see ash or myself using miju’s final evo :(:(. I had so much faith in miju. the other two are ok the grass seems too plain and the fire I was hoping could b on all fours but I can warm up to it.

    Miju look nothing like it other forms it can imagine it moving cause it looks like it can’t bend it’s legs ( maybe it just me)

    1. I KNOW. Its so sad, because miju was awesome and if that evo is real they ruined it. I mean maybe a stand alone pokemon it would be cool but not a good evo for miju.

  5. Sad days :/ I like the evo’s but I dont get why people dislike them… I give it a week and I am gonna get mijumaru

    1. The only one I don’t like is Mijumaru’s. Mostly because I don’t think it makes any amount of sense. How does a samurai/ninja otter (which the videos of Best Wishes clearly emphasize) that stands on two legs turn into a quadpedal unicorn/fox, Dialga impersonator, with a bushy, white mustache?

      1. Hell, even the color scheme got ruined, which starters NEVER do. Why did Mijumaru’s clearly white snowball head turn light blue in the second evolution, and why did the white turn into a mustache on his third evolution. People, it just doesn’t make sense.

        I sound like a complainer, I know, but it’s mostly because I am as I don’t want my beloved Mijumaru to be ruined like that.

        1. well what about Scizor? and Ninetails? and Octillery?

          And the anime doesnt imply what type a pokemon is thats what people think and what you wanted to happen

          1. *facepalm* ‘which STARTERS never do’

            And from what I’ve seen of Best Wishes, yes, Mijumaru is a ninja

  6. Miju’s final change it shells too which doesn’t make sense since it first to forms had the same shells it won’t be able to throw it shells now either, it looks too much like dialga Really sad now :(:(:(:(:(:(:(

    1. Where the -hell- are people getting Dialga from? They look NOTHING alike aside from being quadrupedal and bluish. @[email protected]
      And for anyone wondering how Mijumaru’s final evo uses Shell Blade… OH LOOK! On its forehead is a conveniently placed harpoon-like BLADE made of SHELL.

      1. … erm… it looks like Dialga because it /has/ that giant tumor of a shell on it’s head which is most likely reminding everyone of Dialga’s own tumor shaped head.

        (If you can’t tell, I hate Dialga.)

  7. I fell in love with Yanappu but now there are 3 of them!!!!!! OMG YES!!!!!! they better get some awesome evos XD
    btw i call epic fail on the starter evos i hate pokabu’s completely (Plus does anyone else think it’ll be another fire/fighting b/c it looks like a sumo wrestler), tsutaaja’s evo could have been 10x awesomer and it will probably join the grass/poison club joy -__-, the best one has to be mijumaru overall b/c its first form is adorable, the 2nd looks pretty cool, and the 3rd looked like a unicorn but now loooks like a badass Sea Lion!!!! but too bad it prbably wont be a water/fighting type =(

    1. now that there are three yanappu…i’m not sure if they will get evos, although in saying that, burmy did…but that was basically the same pokemon. depends on the stats i guess.
      agreed about the pokabu evo, they could have done so much more with it. although the colouring is pretty cool (channeling zelda windwaker-style flames?), it’s still another rhyperior 😛 i’m not sure how else tsutarja could have turned out….and mijumaru….just wow. didn’t see that one coming. hoping it’s actually a different pokemon so everyone can still get their water/fighting miju 🙂 but it looks cool (haven’t really had a water starter purely on all fours – swampert doesn’t count)

    2. I’m still hoping that starter evos are fake, but if not I will gladly replace them with Yanappu trio 🙂

  8. I wonder if you will able to fight ash in this game after beating the Elite 4. That would awesome!!

  9. i think that the tsutarja one is real but noooooo way is the mijimaru final evolution or the pokabu final evolution is real i believe the second evolution for both is real tho. i think ive confirmed that tsutarja’s real name is Smugleaf

    1. I really like the name Smugleaf! Such a nice fan name. But, I would kind of laugh if that was the Official name…That would mean that they were lurking the websites for a good name xD

  10. The process to capture the trio would be not so easy… If I could, I capture the fire one. I think about start with Mijumaru now. But I hope very much that the starters evolutions is fake.

    1. me 2 i love tsutarja but i really think theyre fake cuz the starters a final evolutions are always kinda bi example blaziken, empoleon, or Blastoise, charizard.

    2. I’m also startin with mijumaru 🙂 I think that they won’t officially reveal starter evos, so I could be pleasantly surprised when it turns out that these starer evo rumors are fake 😉

  11. I’ve changed my mind about the starter evos. I <3 all of dem!! As for the monkeys… don' we now have 3 fire primates? We may still get that Water/Fighting typing, albeit on another monker.

  12. I’ve changed my mind about the starter evos. I <3 all of dem!! As for the monkeys… don' we now have 3 fire primates? We may still get that Water/Fighting typing, albeit on another monkey.

  13. Ozy, the picture in your update was confirmed fake. In it, Pokabu’s final evo is both named Mijumaru, and has 2 less HP than a LV50 Pokabu, despite being LV58 and its evolved form.

      1. Lol, someone mentioned it on Serebii, I didn’t find it out myself. XD# I’m just reporting the reasons for its fake-ness.

        1. Lol 😀

          Nice point to post up then! Though that proves the pic fake. But, i’m hoping it could somehow prove them all to be an elaborate prank. I wanna’ say I was fooled ahaha. 😀

    1. Because of that fact, I don’t think the evos are real. If he is Fire/Fighting , it means that Gamefreak has little to no creativity left, which I don’t believe.

      1. Oh and not to mention the three monkeys. Ooh… you changed their head shapes just a tad, clever. If the starters and monkeys are real, I’m going to seriously question how they got approved

  14. For some reason I don’t feel the Sugimori in these pokemon at all. But it is just a feeling.. :/

    1. the funny thing is I do feel the sugimori in these I have ever ince I saw them so I’m getting a strong REAL vibe from them, peronallly I don’t see what’s so wrong with them. I think eveyone was setting there expectations too high.

  15. If these are real…how will Shellnarwalseal use Revenge?? Mijumaru learns the move iirc, it was in on of the videos. Quadrupeds can’t really use Fighting moves…

  16. Damn, until now it was so good to be true 🙁

    I didn’t like the monkey, possible evolutions and the new pokémon…. idk, but I’m starting to change my mind, cuz I was thinking this could be the best generation so far

  17. Uhhh Pokejungle that last picture with Pokabu’s final evo in battle is a fake. It says “Mijumaru” for the Fire starter’s name.

      1. The poor line quality of Mijumaru and Tsutarja’s final stages is enough to prove they’re from a different artist than the first set of lines. The coloring of the first stage evolutions shows that the lines were ripped from a different document. Later on in the comments it’s photoshop tested–and fails (which means the pokemon were photoshopped onto the cardboard display AFTER the picture was taken). While Pokabu’s line is somewhat believable, their style differs from the typical Pokemon style, and their portrayal with the other evos makes them a fake as well.

        What’s more, people seem to forget that those two evos are from the /anime/ style practice. Basically they’re getting the studio used to drawing the same-style Pokemon. They wouldn’t be using art like this for promotional material; seeing that art used for so-called display proves it wrong without ever inspecting the evos.

        And as for inspecting the evos, part of Miju’s characterization is his removable shell. His evo gets two, and /his/ “evo” gets–wait, what? They’ve molded into the body to become some sort of quadruped unicorn thing? Absolutely unbelievable. How on earth are these images “confirmed” >| .

  18. In the screen’s computer is writen in spanish: “The tsutarja’s evolutions will be grass only. The pokabu’s evolutions will be fire/fighting”.

      1. Not only this, Pokeexperto who seems to have made this fake (?) is also the one advising web masters that the evos are real. For those of you who want these final evos to be fake, the odds just increased in your side by just a tiny bit! 😀

        Whether Serebii’s reason for confidence in these being real is Pokexperto too is yet to be seen however.

        1. Alternatively someone simply opened the website then faked a picture, simply with the ambition of the blame going onto Pokeexperto; putting doubt onto the confirmation.

          1. This too is possible.
            But Pokexperto IS going around showing images of final evos to webmasters, it’d be an unbelievable coincidence for someone to just happen to frame his site in the same way.

  19. That picture you just added is a fake. Because at Lv. 50 Pokabu’s evolution would have 150 HP, not 137. Also I believe it has it’s name as Mijumaru. (I got this info from Bulbagarden Forums so I myself am not sure.)

      1. Are replying to my “Wow how did you notice that?”…I knew already that the pic was fake because it said Mijumaru..I just didn’t notice the HP thing.

        I also noticed that spanish in the back. I’ve been on that site a couple of sites but that was only because of that pokemon english names incident. I don’t know if I should put a penalty on him for that event and call him uncredible though…well, not yet.

    1. we’re not entirely sure if we will or not yet.

      i’ll have aconversation about PJ and the rest of the team about it though 😀

  20. I’m still holding out that the starter evos are fake. Even though I don’t think they are terrible, Mijumaru’s final evo, along with the fact that they would seem to be going with another Fire/Fighting line again with Pokabu’s evos (the leotard of the 1st evolution hints to it), point to it being fake.

    I wouldn’t mind if these were real, since people seemed to get their hopes up too much on what they would turn out to be, but I would still think that there is evidence, or lack thereof, to point to it being fake for now. We’ll find find out for sure once the games are out 2 weeks from now (and I only intended to spoil the version exclusives. Ah drat).

    This is just as heated as when the final roster for Super Smash Bros. Brawl was leaked and everyone got on that :\.

    1. Also, what makes pokexperto.net any more of a reliable source than anywhere else? Hell, I never even heard of it until these evolutions were revealed. How can anyone be sure that their “insider source” didn’t just shit in a bowl, throw jimmies on it, and told them it was chocolate ice cream?

      1. Serebii himself knows that they have insider sources.

        There has been a mini-scandal about this about three years ago (Google “Melkor” and “Serebii”)

          1. Melkor is the original source of this fake “Mijumaru” named starter of Pokabu’s final evo. He is also claiming to have Black/White and is using that image as his proof. He is a fraud, and very likely Serebii’s source (PokeBeach is citing him as their source).

            The starters are fake.

          2. I thought it had something to do with the English names for the 4th gen being released by Pokexperto, Serebii posting the names, and then taking the credit for them.

            At least that’s what I came up with.

          3. @John
            The comments page is going all weird and now for some reason I can’t even reply to your comment so I’ll reply to my own comment:
            So you’re saying that pokexperto made up the final starters pics, then made a pic as if it was battling a pokemon, convincing webmasters he is true and has exclusive info?
            or did he just make up the battle pic, then started convincing webmasters it is true and should start putting it on your websites?

          4. @Rocket Punch
            ok, now I get why pokexperto is such a “trustable” source, but seriously, how can he have black and white already? they probably haven’t even been shipped to stores in japan.

  21. The reports of the fake battle pic seem to have been deleted, which is all very well, but it does leave the replies floating rather aimlessly as nonsensical posts…

    1. On PokeJungle we post news and change it as we find out about it. We discuss it with our members and come to conclusions. We have and always will. It separates us from other sites.

      1. I wasn’t complaining about the way the news is posted/reported, or the discussion. I’m just saying, if you’re going to delete the posts reporting something as fake, delete the replies to those reports as well, so that people reading don’t get confused. As it stands at the moment, the bottom of the page has 4 comments which make very little sense out of the context of the posts they were attached to, which have now been deleted.

  22. I’d love to know more about this reliable source serebii has that say’s these are the real deal. It seems that there’s such a big panic/commotion over something that has little more than a “trust me” from serebii and other sites. I have yet to actually see any proper confirmation.

    1. Indeed. It’s just a bunch of people who get guesses and estimates correct at a good rate, and they no nothing other than the rest of the world.

  23. Okay, let me clarify some things for everyone.

    This all makes sense, considering a picture from the recent trailers that popped up on the japanese nintendo channel a couple of days ago showing Dento and two other guys.

    This would be Gamefreak showing a clever way to introduce the new “3 on 3” battles with the player by providing it early so the player understands it before the story progresses far.

    Makes sense.

    Also, this must mean that triple battles MIGHT play an integral part into the story as well.
    Think about it. There’s you, cheren, and belle. All friends/rivals going on your way to become pokemon masters.

    I’m sure there will be parts where all three of us will be involved with Plasma or N in triple battles.

    I’m really excited by this! A trio of elemental monkeys is pretty awesome news.
    I’m sure it was a joke at first inside the Gamefreak offices. lol

    1. I believe in the elemental monkey’s rumor but I don’t believe that they don’t look any different from one another. Seriously, as I said in another post, if they do end up looking the same and Pokabu’s evolution turns out to be fire/fighting, Gamefreak has lost their creativity, which I DON’T want to believe.

      Trust me, everyone believes in the elemental monkeys but what everyone can’t believe are the starters as Serebii just said they were real, which I pray they’re not.

  24. Grrr, the suspense is killing me now! How soon after (or before) the game’s release do you think they’ll all be leaked?

    1. serebii said he’s going to get his copy on the 14th(or thats what I heard) but around that time coverage is probably going to start everywhere as well( well, if they’re lucky enough to find a shop that would give them the copy a few days before release)

  25. Personally I think that the starter evolutions are great, and if serebii was convinced, it most likely really was something that proved it to him. I’m fine with the apparent typings; it not like we honestly need anything special. However the constant use of fire/fighting is slightly upsetting, but I digress.

    It also appears the original idea I had when I saw Tsutaaja was correct, which is quite interesting.

  26. Maybe the three monkeys are evolution of another pokemon. This one could be like eevee: it evolves to different pokemon if you use different methods.

  27. ohhh that image is clearly a fake..not only for the name..but look! Pokabu in its final evo has still 137 hp at lv 50??How is it possible??

  28. I will be soooooo mad if we get another fire/fighting. I think that if the evos are real, pokabus Evo will be fire/dark, smugleafs evo will be grass/psychic and mijumarus will be water/ice Water/steel or water/fighting

  29. !O! q interesante me parece muy original q un gimnacio tenga varios tipos……….lo q no me gusta es q en muchas webs dicen que la imagen de las evoluciones de los iniciales son verdaderas q asko la evo de tsutaaja sigue con el mismo tipo y mijumaru tambien y otra vez el tipico stater tipo fuego/lucha en la ultima evo

  30. guys this has noting to do with this but last night I dreamt that we got a big grizzly bear pokemon that carried a Caveman Club its typing was ground/grass i thought it would be cool to tell you this I actually thought the typing in my dream was unique

  31. Perhaps they cant reveal the starters final forms name, so they named the pokemon mijumaru? they re just teasing us

    1. they can reveal the artwork and sprites but for some reason they can’t tell us what the name of the pokemon is?
      the names must be more important then they’re actual sprites and artwork, huh?

  32. I really hope the evo’s are fake. So many great things about the game… so what happened to the starters?

    1. Personally its only particularly the Mijumaru one that bothers me. The other 2 I can deal with, even LIKE in Pokabu’s case.

      Remember this is anime artwork though, when the game screenshot is revealed it may not look as terrible.

        1. The blocked colouring style characteristic of anime-art. Plus the fact that two of the pictures are from the anime line-up pic that leaked, it’s just that they are at a later stage. (line and colour-work)

          I’d like to think I have an eye for these things. Used to be my job after all.

  33. This doesn’t have anything to do with the fake starter evos or the monkeys.

    I wanted to introduce you all to an idea that I’ve had since Pokemon Advance Battle.

    As most of you already know, television has the ability to communicate with nearby devices equipped to receive its signal, a notable instance that was around some time last year is a Batmobile that would make tire screeching noises whenever the Batman show was on TV.

    While Batman made it a gimmick, I would love to see TV-related events. Pokemon of the day, berries, musical accessories, and maybe even plot events that run along with the episodes, for example, Ash & Co meet Aloe for the first time, and you use the C-Gear function and download an event with Aloe. It could be a battle against her or whatever happens in the episode. I believe the technology is there and hopefully it is something they will incorporate eventually. Unfortunately since it is such a huge idea I think it would be something they would have announced by now, so maybe it won’t come until Gen 6. 🙁

    1. unfortunately the technology is not there. well, technically. You can do that, but the DS can’t do that. The creators would have to put it in the games before release, because that’s just how the DS works. thats why we can always hack the game and do the events before they even come out, because they have to put it in the game.

      1. Of course you’re right the content would have to be pre-programmed and so the episodes would all have to be written before the games release, but there is an online feature now with the dream world so maybe the episodes will at least have dream world codes – that would be something to look forward to.

  34. Did anybody else notice that if you highlight the space right between the fake picture and the “UPD” paragrpah that a secret message appears? I think Ozymandis wasn’t sure if he should say it or not so he hid it.

    1. very sharp of you!

      But yeah I agree with Ozy on this one. The source that some webmasters are basing their belief on is indeed likely to be the same source that went through a lot of effort to make a fake screenshot.

      Whether Serebii is basing his beliefs on this is yet to be known, but I have too much respect for him to think that would be the case. I’ll just assume its his Japanese source.

  35. Serebii is being antsy about his source, and it’s very likely the same source PokeBeach has. PokeBeach revealed their source, a Spanish (wtf why would a Spanish speaker get this game before a Japanese person?) webmaster named PokExperto. PokExperto claims to have the game earily and that is his source, and he posted the fake screenshot of the Pokabu Evo (proven fake by the name for Pokabu’s evo being “Mijumaru” and major discrepancies in the stats). He is a fraud and does not have the game. Check the screenshot, you can see his website (in Spanish) on the computer screen in the background.

    Serebii’s source for “confirmation” = PokeBeach’s source for “confirmation” = PokExperto who does NOT have the game or legitimate proof =NO CONFIRMATION OR LEGITIMACY.

    Never mind the fact that the creator of the fake art posted proof on /vp/ that he created them and showed different shots of the same art to prove it.

    Don’t believe the original images were photoshopped?

    In addition- they are not Sugimori art, which would indicate they are animation art sheets, much like the beta sheet revealed a while ago. Animation art sheets are used as color indicators and proportion charts so Pokemon appear the same size consistently and when compared to other Pokemon on screen. In theory, if the two evolutions of the starters are meant to be from an animation sheet, they would be in scale with each other and to the left we would see their first stages (Mijumaru, Tsutaja and Pokabu) as additional size references.

    They. Are. Fake.

    1. My source is not Melkor. I’ve had a lot of information for two months and didnt post it. It did not however include the descriptions of the starters, which I only received last night.

      Melkor it NOT my source for information

      1. Regardless, it is PokeBeach’s source and there is overwhelming evidence (including the proof that the original pictures were faked, posted on /vp/) that they are fake.

        There is certainly far less than a “99.9%” chance they are real.

          1. “Lapras prevo”
            “Ledyba prevo”
            “Sunflora evo” (DUSKULL?)

            As much as I love and enjoy your site, Joe, it hasn’t been flawless– I understand the race to get information first (and being first is what makes Serebii.net a very useful and successful site) but there is still plenty of evidence these evolutions are faked.

          2. So you’re bringing up points from

            4 years ago
            8 years ago
            8 years ago
            In order to try and discredit me. Good job. That totally ignores my years of flawlessness

          3. Joe I’m not trying to discredit you, I’m just debating the legitimacy of the starters, which for all intents and purposes the “proof” they are real is the following:

            “The starters are real.”

            Versus the information I have posted which concludes they are not. You, too, were fooled by a number of fake images from the time of the demo, so, AGAIN, it isn’t as if you haven’t been fooled by fake posts before.

  36. I got names for the starter evos

    The Pigshow

    DerpDerp fina levo:

    Smugleaf final evo:

  37. doesn’t anyone feel like the pokabu line looks suspisiously fighting flavored, the second stage looks like makihita’s annoying older brother
    not to mention that wrestling leotard he seems to be wearing

  38. lol is it me or did anyone else catch that on the fake pic of pokebu evo theres a tv wit Spanish on it lol i found that funny

      1. i kno im just sayin why would someone have black and white already in there house with a spanish television

        1. oh oh i get what your saying now mybad it looked like television but still why would someone in japan be on a spanish website!

          1. The guy in this screenshot who is spanish and runs Pokexperto is not in Japan. Melkor is claiming that he has Pokemon Black/White with this screenshot even though it’s been proven to be fake.

          1. lol but wow i cant believe Melkor tried to past it off as a real it looks horrible and not hard to tell that its a fake

  39. Pokexperto has also said on Twitter and on his website, “The total number of Pokémon after B/W are released will be 649. Isshu PokéDex will reach 155 (counting Victini as 000).”

    If this is in fact true, then ****. I’m happy for all the new Pokemon, but they couldn’t have made it 156 in order to reach 650? My OCD is NOT HAPPY!

    1. He’s most likely just saying crap so that people will believe he has the game. Same with the fake evos and the fake backsprite of Pokabu’s evo named ‘mijumaru’

    2. 155 is a lot, we never had such a huge amount of new Pokemon. As I know biggest Pokedex was Kanto with 151

  40. also that other fakemon looks like theres a stuffed animal playing the ds its on
    ha anyone else notice that??

  41. Now that I think about it, if Melkor does indeed have Black/White, why isn’t he documenting all the new Pokemon he sees? I think that he’d post any new Pokemon he find on his website first.

    1. that’s exactly the point. xD

      out of any website it’d probaby be serebii that would somehow get a demo or game before hand,but even then, idk why they WOULD give i to anybody. ==’

      it’s a whole conspiracy thingy. :S

  42. If the finals are real I’m guessing this is how it’s gonna go, Grass/Psychic, Fire/Dark, Water/Fighting.

    Sorry if someone already mentioned this.

    1. If these finals are real, than there’s no way in hell that thing in Wotter’s line will be water/fighting.

      But they’re not real, so it’s fine.

      1. i dnt think they real i mean look at the designs of pokabu and alleged evolutions pokabu has a yellow marking on his nose yet when he evolved its gone im pretty sure the marking would follow to its later forms

    1. ahaha sorry, like i said i don’t know anything baout trees….err..plants. xD

      and good job on findin’ it! 😀
      i don’t think that many other people did. ==’

      from now on i’ll do my best to hide a secret message in any post i post so keep on searchin’! 😀

  43. Does anybody know why the pics of the “Starter Evo’s” are surrounder by Paper/Cardboard?

      1. No, no it doesn’t. There’s being in denial, and then there’s just being plain silly. Whether you like them or not, these have clearly been well designed and thought out, not just scribbled on in markers. Some shading may be incomplete, but we don’t know at which stage of finalisation these pictures were taken.

    1. If the art is on animation frames as many suspect, it’s likely to minimise reflection of the flash, which can put a blot on the photograph, and cause loss of detail.

    1. That first link… I hate sites that watermark their images. I mean if you get an exclusive image, sure, watermark it. But if its an image available anywhere why would you degrade the quality of it for your visitors? 😐

  44. @Dan,
    That makes since, butif there was more, why not just show them all?
    Some things aren’t adding up here.

  45. Why would a water monkey have an exact copy of the ‘tree’ part of Yannupu’s head, but blue?

    Makes no sense, fairly sure it’s fake :).

    1. If you look closely, you’ll see its head is more tear-drop shaped, and its blue colouring extends further than the green does on Yanappu. I’m not entirely convinced either, but the concept itself is sound.

    2. Maybe the thing on it’s head isn’t a tree… But a symbol… So the water type would have a Water Symbol…

  46. I guess they waited this long to show the starters because they wanted people to buy it before it sucked :'(…
    R.I.P Mijumaru

  47. Found it!
    And I sincerely hope the starter evolutions are fake. Would they REALLY have another fire/fighting type?

  48. NO. I REFUSE to let those starter evolution be real. ESPECIALLY MIJU’S FINAL FORM. >:C


  49. Damn, I always miss the good stuff.
    I think I’ll wait and see what turns out on pokemon sunday.
    it’s interesting to know that the source for serebii wasn’t pokexperto though…

    1. You do realise people regularly photoshop photos for clarity and definition right? It doesn’t mean they are a complete fabrication.

      Also, Jelly, stop being melodramatic. If you dislike the starter evolutions, everstones are there for a reason. I played Gold and Sapphire without evolving my starter past the mid level, and had no trouble. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the game, regardless of how you evolve your starter.

      1. i think its kinda of funny how these pokemon are under forensic investigation XD I hope theyre fake though !!! :O

        1. Watch it DarkYami. Why wud you everstone your starter that severly cuts its stats making it a difficult thing for the elite four. You wud want the starter to evelove to have good stats

  50. Found it but I guess a lot of people read the hidden lines xD

    Hmmm I like the Fire boar… also a little bit with Grass snake… but the water… what has happened to sweet Miju o.O

    LOVE THE THREE MONKEYS!! I hope SOO freaky much that that one´s not going to end being fake T.T !!

  51. OMG that otter evo is clearly fake! i mean the 2nd stage got nothing in common with the basic and first stages!

    1. can’t wait to see whats going to happen next, someones registered right? I’m ashamed I’m in a spanish class but can’t really read most of itDX

    2. where does it say there’s a surprise for those who register? I only saw it said they would reveal the starters on pokemon sunday tonight

      1. why would pokemon sunday reveal the starter evo’s before they release the game? that ruins all the excitement, and thats never even happened and will never happen.

  52. Apparently my other comment got deleted so here let me put out a fully detailed one and see what happens.

    Reasons the starter evo portrayed in this screenshot are fake:
    a] Low HP, compared to Mijumaru–even if it’s supposed to have low HP, and Mijumaru’s supposed to have high HP, an 8 HP difference over 8 levels and two stages is a tiny difference.
    c] The DS screen doesn’t properly reflect its surroundings. In other words, the computer doesn’t luminate the DS at all.
    d] The photoshop test above shows that the pokemon were photoshopped onto the paper display after the picture of the paper display was taken. (thanks kalishnakov http://www.errorlevelanalysis.com/permalink/2b28a9f/ )
    e] Ever tried taking a picture of your DS screen before? It’s not going to come out like that. You need to contrast it with the background (made impossible by the foreground animal and computer screen) or it becomes undiscernable.
    f] On that note, it’s blurred evenly across the whole screen. Perspective would cause the farthest side to be blurred a bit more, and the nearest side to be clearer.

    As for the monkey trio–the poster’s confusion of pokemon locations. Plus, I think they’d try and show all three in promotional material (from the other side of battle, that is) as they have in the past. This isn’t pure proof, but I’m just going to disregard them, for now.

    1. about the monkey’s I would disagree. If they were going to show it for promotional matter, why would they make that karate judo pokemon thing hide it’s face with a smiley face?
      And there not from a poster, there from the back of the dummy package of the game.

      1. I don’t mean poster as in a piece of paper, I mean poster as in “the 2ch poster might’ve switched that two names accidently.” I can understand the confusing context I guess.

        I’m not exactly sure what you mean about the smiley face part, are you thinking that it’s part of that musical commercial? There’s really no proof of that, and the pokemon was far to obscured to be able to say this is legitimately ‘that smiley face one.’

        Also, the back part of a game can be considered promotional. Any form of media that tries to sell a game is promotional o_o ; . But again, I’m not saying FOR SURE the monkeys are fake, I just don’t believe what I’m seeing and I’ll need further proof.

        1. 2ch poster? I said the monkey one wasn’t a poster, but the back of the game.

          I meant “if this can be considered fake because it doesn’t show all the monkeys and make it a not-so-good promotional picture, then the smiley face mask wearing pokemon could have been fake as well”
          I don’t know what I’m trying to say. I geuss I’m being stupid.
          Commercial? it was from the japanese nintendo’s pokemon page. If your saying it can’t be considered a new pokemon, well you are right. but There aren’t any other pokemon that have feet and hands like that. if Judo suit thing it came with hands and the feet(it would be weird) ,Then I geuss I can’t say.

          1. I was quoting ozy there. A poster is someone who posts information, much like we’re posting comments right now. The monkeys were ‘posted’ by a ‘poster’ on 2chan, as it says in the news post.

            And a commercial doesn’t have to be aired on TV to be a commercial.

            These technicalities behind us, the pokemon in that commercial is certainly a new pokemon–but it was there to create hype. Here, where they’ve already revealed the pokemon, they would normally want to show them all. Witholding part of the image makes it somewhat inaesthetic, especially if it’s on the back of the box, as you say. It leads them to be suspicious.

            (I thought you were saying that the commercial one is the same as the one in the fake screenshot with the starter. Which you’re not. My bad.)

          2. woops, my bad on that part. thought it was like a picture poster.

            I know that, it’s just that their is a musical t.v. commercial which got me mixed up, sorry again.

            well, yes, it would be suspicious, but I just wanted to tell you it wasn’t a poster(which I thought was like a poster like you put on a wall,) and used the smiley whatever as an example. sorry for all the misunderstandings and stuff.

    2. ps my comment didn’t get deleted, i am just silly and missed the ‘older comments’ link >///< " .

    3. They know the DS screen picture is fake. Hence why it says so. They just left the picture up.

      The starter art from the pictures earlier in the week, however, are more than likely real. Not all photoshopping is done for fraudulent or underhand reasons.

      1. until you take a look at the picture and realize they don’t look ‘touched up’ at all. they appear to be intentionally bad-quality, which is proof against the ‘they just wanted to show off the pokemon by making them contrast in photoshop’ theory. also, in the older comments section, i argued against just the image. also, prof w. does a good job explaining the picture’s illegitimacy, too.

  53. Why does everyone keep acting like the screenshot and artwork is related? The artwork was revealed a couple days ago, that is good enough time for someone to come up with a fake screenshot. I agree that the screenshot is fake (which it is obviously), but for the artwork I can only say time will tell.

    1. this is true, and they probably /are/ done by different people. but as the Prof. W. states, along with some of the things i mentioned in the older comment section, the art is also a fake.

  54. Okay, we all know Serebii is saying that these are legit. BUT THEY’RE NOT. Me and other members of the chat (Nekusariba, RiftSilver, Nannerboy, Daigo, John) all found enough evidence to nearly confirm they are fake.
    1.) Ruined evolution patterns- Many things that were building up through evolution are lost in the final evos. (Smugleaf’s leaf, Wotter’s shell, etc.)
    2.) Lost color- Wotter lost a main shade- white. This has never happened.
    3.) Unreliable source- The source appears to be unheard of and unreliable
    4.) Fire/Fighting- This has been done twice before. I doubt they’d do it again.
    5.) Creator- He addmitted they were fake twice.
    6.) DS photo- The photo shown on the DS was confirmed fake. This may have been a ploy to make the images more believeable.
    7.) Actions- Wotter is shown to be very ninja-like on the anime and in the design. It loses this upon it’s 2nd evolution. Same with Pokabu, who seems adapted to being on all fours.

    Well, this is all we found. With this much evidence, I can assure you that they are not legit.

    ~Prof. W.

    1. Lets tackle each of these points in turn shall we?
      1) The shells and leaves are still there. Check the legs and tail-tip respectively. The one thing that -could- be argued is Pokabu’s tail, but that appears to follow a bomb pattern of: bomb, to smoking fuse, to explosion.
      2) Grovyle lost the lime green of Treeko if I remember rightly, and then lost its darker shades upon becoming Sceptile. Most of the pale orange of Combusken was lost as it became Blaziken. The pale brown of Grotle was replaced by a darker brown when it evolved into Torterra. The change of colour scheme means nothing.
      3) Much of 2Chan is unheard of and unreliable. It’s an anonymous site. It -has- however been backed and distributed by many sites known for their discretion and/or their news gathering ability.
      4) This bit is pretty much unconfirmed. We have 1 sites word for it with other sites which support the art not listing it as truth. This counts towards false typing, but not false pictures.
      5) A ‘creator'(and I use the term loosely) you seem all too willing to believe telling the truth, despite being just as ‘unheard of and unreliable’ as the original source. And with the name ‘KeepOnTrolling’, yet it fails to stir any thought of doubt in you? I sense wishful thinking. He provided no proof that he fabricated the pictures. He just reposted the pictures, in an uncropped form seen on many sites.
      6) That is completely unrelated to the legitimacy of these starter designs, regardless of where it came from. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was an obvious fake purely to induce this reaction, and troll you for if/when you find out the starters are real.
      7) And? Ash’s Charmander was a lovely cheery chappy when he first got him, then he became increasingly bad tempered as he evolved. Ralts appears to be a perfectly calm and serene creature, yet can become a karate-chopping warrior simply by holding a stone. Slowpoke are notoriously dumb, yet Slowking is seen as one of the smartest pokemon. Numerous bug pokemon and Larvitar live with 2 or more feet, only to have them taken away upon evolution, and yet adapt perfectly well. Behaviour and tendencies of a pokemon – especially an anime pokemon,where they have a personality independent of the games or any other media, and where their evolution is never guaranteed – cannot be used as a basis to dismiss their evolutions.

      1. Yami, you need to accept that they are fake. You have lost. This is the truth. Pokemon like the bugs you mentioned are intended to change via metamorphosis. And lime green and green are related, similar. Besides, you remember wrong anyways :P. We have made tests (look up a bit) to show that they *have* been photoshop and the creator provided proof. Either way, these are almost guaranteed fake. Case closed.

      2. i agree with prof. w. you kinda named in the 7) pokemon that undergo metamorphosis larvitar and bug pokemon are pokemon that under metamorphosis basically like cocoons thats unrelated to what has to do with the designs of these fakemon

        when theres evidence that proves there fake its fake dude sorry man

      3. The created provided no such proof. I saw the posts. They were the same pictures seem many different places on the web.
        As for the photoshop tests… Yes, they’ve been photoshopped. So? That doesn’t mean they were fabricated, it means they been processed, possibly to allow better clarity, definition, or to reformat them for easier uploading. You can’t prove that the pokemon were not in the original pictures.
        I will concede on the bug thing, but, again, Larvitar copes with losing its legs, so should Tsutarja. Bagon changes to standing on all fours and manages, so should Mijumaru. Mudkip even tried out being bipedal, and went back to being quadrupedal on its final form. Pokemon adapt to their new forms with considerable ease, and you can’t say its fake or otherwise by a change in body structure. To use the now oh-so-infamous example, Remoraid loses all its known swimming capabilities upon becoming Octillery, and must learn both how to swim by tentacle contraction, AND manoeuvre on land with legs, and is capable of doing so instantaneously. You cannot use difference in movement processes as reasons against an evolutionary line in Pokemon.

        1. Ok i see that you like these starter evos alot i think miju evos look cool its just it doesnt add up
          1) when have you ever in the history of leaks of info ever saw a picture of the pokemon drawn on boxes i mean come on
          2) if they werent fake why didnt we get a some kind of source by now its been its been 3days since they was shown on 2ch
          3) back to the feature thing theres distortion on the last form of miju im pretty sure the guys at GameFreak wouldnt have that even in a picture undergoing processing
          4) larvitar second evo is considered a cocoon for when it does evo to tyrannatar (BTW what does this have anything to do with distortion and bad drawings and unrelated evolutions to go from white to a blue to a dark blue thats ridiculous)
          5) its been shown on videos that its not hard to create pokemon have you not seen the fake tsutajaa and mijumaru evolving into there second form it looked just like those pictures

          You saying the evidence is proving they real out weigh the the evidence against it i dnt see the positives anywhere.

        2. You fail to realise this- you’re proof is not reliable enough. You’re making out small details and hoping for them to be real. Our evidence proves it. Btw- Serebii’s claims are the only reason people believe them. In fact it’s all a conspiracy. This is my conspiracy theory-

          People know Serebii has insider info. He revealed specific info on Kurumiru before it was released. He removed it soon after. He likely stated that they were real in order to cover it up, make people believe he doesn’t have insider info. He even says “there is a slim chance that they aren’t real.” He does this because a.) he doesn’t want to look like an idiot b.) he doesn’t trust his cources c.) both a.) and b.).

          Face it. They. Are. Fake.

          ~Prof. W.

          1. Prof. W. i believe this theory as i recall when the english names of the 4th gen pokemon names was leaked on Gamefaqs.com Forum
            Serebii Joe was upset and said he wanted to reveal the names one by one each day i never put my hopes on serebii as they been very wrong before

        3. Listen–it’s true that they adapt to new forms.
          But these “new forms” lose their trademark features. You say they don’t, so let me clarrify exactly what they lose:

          Tsutarja builds up to become more ivy-like. His stage two evolution is covered in leaves and grass. Bipedalism is given an emphasis, and while he might lose these walking legs, the leaves will still remain SOMEWHERE on the evolution [otherwise there was no point in putting them there in the first place]. The final evolution makes the tail leaves smaller by combining them with the back leaves, and completely takes away from the leaf build-up. It’s a snake with a weird tail…hardly what you’d expect from tsutarja’s evo. What’s more, the pokemon designers emphasized that tsutarja’s tail is one three-pronged leaf. The final evo splits it into three three-pronged leaves, and once again, gets rid of the other leaves. And while the ivy-like markings are cool, there’s no previous indication that tsutarja’s going that way. Again, I think they’re going for a different snake look than the other numerous snake pokemon (Ekans, Seviper, Arbok)–something the third evo doesn’t do.

          Actually I’m too lazy to discuss the other ones. Esp Mijumaru plx. Basically removable shell swords are important and they get lost in the final evo in some weird unicorn transition. Pokabu’s evos are believable, altho the final evo’s details are a suspicious style break, but it is a new gen. However, they’re coupled with two clear fakes, so they must be fake as well. I’m tired and will take a nap v_v .

          PS Retouching an image would change the whole image and not just the pokemon. The whole image would look the same if it was evenly retouched. It’s not. The pokemon were clearly shopped on. Game over.

        4. Actually, I’m rather indifferent to all of them bar Tsutarja’s final evolution. I don’t particularly like any of the mid-evolutions in their current state, and although I think the design for Miju’s final form is rather beautiful, I believe it would fit better outside the evolutionary line. But nevertheless, I’m not going to ignore the high chances that they are real.

          1) Eeerrrm, they’re -not- drawn on boxes? The general consensus is that they are on animation frames, or similar cellophane plates. Hence the need for the paper surrounding them, to prevent glare from the reflected flash of the camera.
          2) I think it’s fairly clear from the way they appeared there is no ‘source’ as we usually expect it, such as a magazine or television show. And even if we did get a source, how would anyone believe the person providing the source when 2chan is anonymous? It’s impossible for us even to be certain of the true origins of these pieces of art. If it came from a developments room, or some such, in an office, how would you expect them to prove their source? Take pictures of the office?
          3) I see no such distortion. It looks perfectly clear to me. Or as clear as it would do on a photo taken from that distance.
          4) Yes, but it still moves, and need to know how to move in that form, which it does. And you just found your own sequence in the evolutionary line, a sequence of darkening blues. And the white as a colour doesn’t disappear, it just goes into the whiskers. Fur colour changes happen all the time. Look at Vulpix to Ninetales.
          5) Yes, it did strike me as odd that the poses of the Miju and Tsuta mid-evos are in the exact same pose as in the beat art sheet. Hence why I suggested these may have come from a stage of development, which also could explain incomplete shading.

          I see some reason for doubt, but I see no clear-cut evidence for them to be of a fraudulent nature. And the doubts are greatly diminished when I have the word of one of the most respected pokemon news reporters in support of them.

          1. if its real im pretty sure A LOT of people will feel really stupid, but the evidence presented seems very convincing that they are fake, but u never know they really could be real. maybe a group of poke bloggers are playing the biggest poke prank on us and apparently its working. only time will tell ^_^ hope they’re fake !!!

  55. I thought the other monkey was just a different form of Yanappu at first. Huh.
    Those monkeys might not be fire and water typed though.

  56. So, take what you will of it, but Melkor has announced what he’s positive what he’s positive the number of Pokemon in the national and regional dexes are: twitter.com/pokexperto/status/22991998905

    I mean I’m against all of these recent reveals through undisclosed sources myself, but it’s up to you to decide what to believe and what not to believe..

  57. Maybe if corocoro is going to reveal the starter evos next week then pokemon Sunday will reveal some sillouettes tonight because they usually cover what’s in corocoro in an episode and sometimes show sillouettes before. And if we get sillouettes then we can prove whether these are fake or not 😛

  58. So are they fake real or undecided These desighfor the finals are good but they don’t match the first stages. Also miju evo is like diagla it tail and head are the same shape as dialgas just smaller. also the obvious of being blue and four legged and would it move since it looks like it doesn’t have leg joints( could be the postion though). Last thing pokuba has yellow down his snout and it seems like the kind of trait that would stay till it’s final form same as it’s tails red orb

    1. thats the same thing i said yo that the evos dnt match the first forms its clearly faked they dnt add up very clear that the ds screen shot is fake i mean come on this should be expect around this time fakemon starters surface this time now im stickin to that these are not the starters its too apparent that there fake and dnt match up

  59. WOW, i think everyone but me hates muji’s final evolution, but i looooveee it!!!
    btw, i’m really fed up of all the comments saying “the starters evolutions are fake because of the colour scheme/the number of legs they stand up with…” >: ( (Remoraid–>octillery :P)

    Greetings from Spain <3

    1. its not even that though its the fact that the images do not match up and i remember pokejungle updating saying the person who created them came out and said there fake

      1. I know, i know, and i’m not saying theye’re real (i’d be happy if they are, though), i’m saying the reasons people are giving are just… not enough
        And the guy who admited they were fakes could be liyng too, he gave no proofs.

        1. And the reasons those people give who think it’s real are enough? Do they have any reasons? they just give counter-arguments.

          serebii and the others gave no proofs, too. They’re fooled or are just lying..

  60. Why would anyone believe the malarky of the starter evos. Pokabu 2 = stupid looking pokabu 3 looks like a cross between ryperiar and magmortar. Tsutaja 2= real tsutaja 3 Looks nothing like the other two. Ranasuke=real but colored wrong and miju 3 looks like a alternate version for walreghn.POKABU 2 AND ALL THIRD EVOS ARE ALL FAKE DARNABIT!!!!!!!

    1. Because there’s more persuasive evidence in favour of them than there is against their legitimacy.
      Not to mention, if you dislike them and believe them, you won’t be any more disappointed than you already are, whether they turn out fake or real. If you insist on not believing in them, and build your hopes, if they’re real, you face an even greater disappointment. In many ways, it’s safer to believe them, so you may accept them should they be real, or feel relief should they be fake.

      1. Not so much akshully. More evidence against. As with any rumors, it’s better to not believe them until there’s real proof. Isn’t that attached to a lot of the posts here? Don’t jump ahead of yourself.

  61. Hey guys,
    I wouldn’t go around thinking these are confirmed just yet!

    see you in 2 weeks!
    Miju Miju!

    1. Yeah, Infogames/Experto/Safari (all the main spanish sites) have said they’re “confirmed” to be the starters.

      1. I think Spanish poke bloggers are playing a major prank on us >_> its a CONSPIRACY :O hope theyre fake

  62. “The website of Serebii has confirmed the identity of the starter evos as true. That means the picture as it left the evolution of in-game Pokabu is possibly true”

    That doesn’t sound convincing to me AT ALL.

  63. I swear all of these spanish sites saying they are 100% real is very annoying. I know a mexican is up to it now !

    1. The people at Pokexperto aren’t even mexican u dumbass, they’re Spanish as in from Spain a european country.

      I swear a lot of ppl are so ignorant (US). If you speak spanish regardless of what country you are from ppl call you spanish and think you’re from mexico. It’s the same as calling white Americans and any other white ppl from english speaking countries like Canada, New Zealand, Australia etc English just b/c they speak English w no regard as to what their actual nationality is.

  64. I know the guy was trolling but why the hell would the starter images be in a random piece of paper? Tsutarja is first in the dex, right? Victini is number 000. If its on a big sheet of paper with other pokemon on it, why bother hiding Victini? Why not show the full sheet of pokemon but black out everything but the starters? I guess its attempting to replicate beta art but why the hell would anyone allow that to be photographed in the first place? But apparently people believed it anyway because Pokexperto said so (…who have been wrong before) and because it was posted on 2ch (Of course people can’t use a proxy to post there, right?…)

    Also congratulations to the lucky person above who managed to post this crap on 2ch and make every major english Pokemon site fall for it.

    1. if you look at the older comments, you will see that pokexperto has gotten exclusive info before,(which really doesn’t change anything, but) so Some people are believing it.
      Serebii and Pokebeach are saying they have an “insider source” saying that this is true. whatever.

      Yeah, I don’t think you can use proxy’s there. some jackass that uses the same provider as me decided to troll, and now everyone else has to pay, and I tried using a proxy but couldn’t get pass the post screen.

      1. Experto has been WRONG before though. They didn’t have a great track record for D/P release. And Beach is just claiming ‘Experto as their “insider source” which I guess any webmaster who likes to use misleading language could do. [/just saying]

  65. WOW.

    I was just banned at Pokebeach for calling out WPM for his encouragement of circular debate. He encourages it by telling us that he’s got this inside source, yet, he won’t say it because he wants info out of them again. How hypocritical.

    Ban reason: We don’t need you hear
    Ban will be lifted: Never

    Consider that an invitation for me never to return to that site. He even censors “PokeJungle” as Google.
    Wow, what an immature asshole.

    1. Agreed, I’ve seen one of my threads banned just for using an image they didn’t cover. The community here’s a lot nicer, more agreeable, and is at least willing to hear out the other side >> ; .

  66. i think we should toast to the fact that the spanish speaking sites single handedly fooled the nearly every english speaking site. lol my last point on the fakemon is wouldnt we have gotten some feed back by now??????????? from a some kind of magazine or something we usually do when pictures of pokemon appear

  67. I was just telling Kriffix the other day about how I wanted a Yanappu such that I wouldn’t need a Tsutaaja, but now this rather conveniently timed rumour has freed me from the burden of owning a Mijumaru

  68. Hey hey, another thing I thought was “Hiyappu” sounds like it can be Ice type.hiya( not like HI!YAH!,but) can be used for cold wind sound effects in japanese mangas and stuff.(forgot what they’re called)
    MAybe it’s

    Green monkey:Grass
    Blue monkey: ice

    It would work for the starter types( grass is effective to water, Ice is to grass, ground is to fire)

  69. i just noticed another reason the already-confirmed-fake ds screenshot is a forgery. anyone with a ds (all of us, right? lol) should know that when you look at it from an angle, you can see light coming from around the edges of the screen. how did something that basic get by so many people?

  70. I personally am not a big fan of the idea of a fire variant of Yanappu; I mean, we just got Chinchar last gen, so to get something that looks very close to it doesn’t seem like something Game Freak would do.

  71. i have a gut feeling that the monkey trio is like the ojama brothers from yugioh, but i also think that WPM is in with the spaniard webmasters as i bet he has relis in spain and remember california was a spanish colony, plus i think he dosen’t want the other admins to defend users who argue with him, but i haven’t viewed their forums for a while due to having no ipod touch to properly view them with.

  72. Yesterday i got closer look at Miju3’s front feet, and I saw that the left paw does not have claw thumb like it’s right paw. That is evidence.

  73. There’s NO WAY they’re real and I’ll tell you why. With Wotter, they were clearly going for a samurai theme there, which is made evident in the anime previews, that’s this thing. He completely loses that upon his final evo, it makes no sense at all. There’s always the chance he could be able to stand bipedally too, but I can’t see him as a samurai anymore able to take his shell off and use it as a sword.

    The stylistic differences speak volumes. None of the final evos look like they came from their respective base forms, that much is a given. The second evos of wotter and smugleaf look like they match the original base forms just fine, but that’s because those two were confirmed already and the faker traced the anime concept artwork. Pokabu’s middle evo was never confirmed, and notice how the middle and final pokabu evos match but don’t match quite as well with pokabu himself. That’s because the faker had to create both a middle and final evo for pokabu since his middle evo was the only middle evo not confirmed earlier.

    One other damning piece of evidence is this: It’s been confirmed already that at least one of the pokemon will have a unique type combination. However the source people keep citing to claim these to be real say pokabu will be fire/fighting (augh) and the other two will be mono grass and water. But that can’t be the case because none of those are a unique type combination. Sorry but the confirmed facts outweigh the unconfirmed ones.

    Maybe I’m wrong and they’re real and gamefreak is just having a seizure or something. But I have a very, very strong feeling that these are FAKE.

    1. just curious, where did you get the information that there will be a uniquely-typed starter? i’m looking for it right now, but i can’t seem to find it. sorry for the late response 🙂

  74. Have we still not seen the third monkey yet? We’ve seen Hiyappu, Yanappu, but not the other ones?

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