Yanappu in a Monkey Trio? + Fakemon (UPD4)

Hey Pokejunglers!

A while back we got a rumor that our little friend Yanappu would have a water, grass, fire trio and this picture just surfaced on 2ch and pretty much makes it true. (that is if it’s real) As you can see in the picture, you see Yanappu on the left and you see it’s water “twin” called Hiyappu. You can’t see it’s sprite, but the name Baoppu is one of the names above the HP gauge, so we’re assuming that it’s the fire one. We know the picture is extremly blurry and we can’t positvley say that the names are accurate, but we’re just going to have to trust the 2ch poster who posted the images and information for now. Also, if you notice the head is slightly different, so there will be a slightly different look for each of the tripley’s similar to Wormadam. (tripley’s=combination of triplet and monkey ><)

A few posts ago we also mentioned the possibility of Dento being in trio as well and that the red-haired trainer would have a fire type and the blue-haired trainer would have a water type. We allready know that Dento will have Yanappu so there is a very high chance that if this is real, that the other two trainers will own Hiyappu and Baoppu. Looks like Yanappu and Co. will be the triple battle gimic Pokemon, similar as how Minun and Plusle were the double battle gimic Pokemon.

So do you like the Yanappu trio? Which one do you want the most? I personally want them all, but for now I’ll catch a Hiyappu and have a good water type to put in my party. Not to mention that Hiyappu’s cuteness will make up for the possible Mijumaru final evo. ^^;

UPD: Just found this picture on 4ch, I previously said the picture could possibly be real, but upon further inspection the text above the HP gauge says “Mijumaru”, the HP should be 150 for a Pokabu evo at level 50 not 137 and it kinda looks like the other Pokemon’s HP gauge says “Yanappu” above it. So it’s a defininte fake. :/ Allthough because this is fake, it does give the starter evos a higher chance of also being fake as well. Also, PokeExperto in the background..same website that posted the starter evos….a bit fishy :/ (If you found this, congrats! comment saying you found it!!)

UPD2: So, Kriffix and I were discussing the origins of the names for Baoppu and Hiyappu, and we came up with “Hi”=fire so Hiyappu being the fire monkey makes total sense. But, when trying to figure out Baoppu’s origin’s we couldn’t think of anything at all. So looking closer at the picture we noticed that on the bottom line you can clearly see a “Ya”(ヤ) in the second character spot, you can compare the shape of the blurry-ness to the “Ya” in Yanappu, which is the middle name. And with where the tripley’s are situated, if the fire monkey is indeed Hiyappu, then it should be at the top not at the bottom. You can also clearly see the “O”(オ) in Baoppu on the top line, where if it is the water monkey it should be at the botom. There’s also this thing that came into our research about certain trees called the Boabob and the Hyacinth which I won’t get into that much as neither Kriff or I know that much about trees. What’s more is that the possibility of the “Yana” in Yanappu being from “yanagi”, meaning willow, has been brought up in the past. Basically in summary, we believe that the 2ch poster might’ve switched that two names accidently and that the fire monkey might actually be “Baoppu” and the water monkey might actually be “Hiyappu”.  🙂

UPD3: Added a clearer pictures. The names are confirmed.

UPD4: Kriff and I were right. 🙂 The other major sites got the names mixed up. Hiyappu=The blue monkey, and Baoppu=The unseen possible fire/red monkey.

peace and love– ozymandis

P.S. The starter evos keep going back and forth on whether or not they are real. As of right now people have been saying that those evos WILL BE the actual evos and there have been many “trusted” sources saying they are, but there is still the very,very slim chance that they’re fake. When we find out for sure, we will definetly post about it.

P.S.S Less than two weeks until Black and White come out!! 😀