Global Link Promotion + Bios are up!

Hey Pokéjunglers!

Ozy here, I finally got the problem with the editing system fixed, so now I’m back and hungry to post! Anways, like the title suggests, the offcial Japanese site has updated with a Global Link promotion , this is just a poll that goes from September 18th (The BW release date) until November 1st. This poll gives you multiple Pokemon to choose between (all can be seen above in the photo) and the the Pokemon who gets the most votes will be able to be seen and transferable in the Dream World form November 5th, 2010 until January 1st, 2011. Thanks to NL for the tip off!

Also, for those who didn’t read the P.S. in the last post, all of our bios are officially up! Just scroll to the “Team” button on our top bar and a droplist will appear, you’ll see all our names just click on one to begin reading! And to make sure you guys read them (and also not to mention this isn’t that much news)…we’re gonna have a little contest here. I’m going to give you several questions, one for each bio, a person with all the correct answers will be randomly chosen and you’ll get an undetermined prize from me! 😀 So, here are the questions:

  • What do we suspect NL really is?
  • What does ozy miss more than a nympho misses sex?
  • Who is Jonny’s inspiration?
  • What test is Kriffix going to take in the near future?
  • What is an activity Daigo does in school, and who is his rival?
  • What does PJ do when he’s bored?

Put your answers down in the comments! That’s it for tonight unless we get some Pokexperto tweets, and if that happens, I’ll update the post before this one. Doesn’t everyone look good in their bios? especially ozy right? :3

peace and love–ozymandis

P.S. We’re in the home stretch guy! After months and months of waiting and anticipating, Pokemon Black and White will be released THIS WEEK! Can you believe it? Only 5 more days to go! Hard to believe that at the end of this week, Pokemon Black will be in my DS…