Global Link Promotion + Bios are up!

Hey Pokéjunglers!

Ozy here, I finally got the problem with the editing system fixed, so now I’m back and hungry to post! Anways, like the title suggests, the offcial Japanese site has updated with a Global Link promotion , this is just a poll that goes from September 18th (The BW release date) until November 1st. This poll gives you multiple Pokemon to choose between (all can be seen above in the photo) and the the Pokemon who gets the most votes will be able to be seen and transferable in the Dream World form November 5th, 2010 until January 1st, 2011. Thanks to NL for the tip off!

Also, for those who didn’t read the P.S. in the last post, all of our bios are officially up! Just scroll to the “Team” button on our top bar and a droplist will appear, you’ll see all our names just click on one to begin reading! And to make sure you guys read them (and also not to mention this isn’t that much news)…we’re gonna have a little contest here. I’m going to give you several questions, one for each bio, a person with all the correct answers will be randomly chosen and you’ll get an undetermined prize from me! 😀 So, here are the questions:

  • What do we suspect NL really is?
  • What does ozy miss more than a nympho misses sex?
  • Who is Jonny’s inspiration?
  • What test is Kriffix going to take in the near future?
  • What is an activity Daigo does in school, and who is his rival?
  • What does PJ do when he’s bored?

Put your answers down in the comments! That’s it for tonight unless we get some Pokexperto tweets, and if that happens, I’ll update the post before this one. Doesn’t everyone look good in their bios? especially ozy right? :3

peace and love–ozymandis

P.S. We’re in the home stretch guy! After months and months of waiting and anticipating, Pokemon Black and White will be released THIS WEEK! Can you believe it? Only 5 more days to go! Hard to believe that at the end of this week, Pokemon Black will be in my DS…

  1. lol, they’re seriously going to make us choose between a torchic and an arceus…..i wonder if this will happen globally with all the releases?

      1. lol, the sheer emotion of the final episode with him in it may just be enough to get piplup over the line. sorry, darkrai, you’ve just been pipped xD

    1. The sad thing is, if there were a Pikachu available it would most likely win. This is Japan after all.

  2. NL is suspected to work for Pokebeach
    Ozy misses all his friends
    Jonny’s inspiration is Ozy
    Kriffix will take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.
    Daigo writes for a school newspaper is Ozy’s rival
    PJ hangs out with people in real life when he’s bored

    So what is the “proze form” you? :p

    1. wow, congrats on finding that all out in under 15 minutes of ozy posting 🙂 you must be as bored as me XD

  3. and is that supposed to be an “undetermined prize from me”? or an “undetermined prose from me” coz, ya know, i’d love a decent prose 😀 LOL

  4. -secretly workin for beach
    -his friends
    -highest level of the Japanese Language Proficiency
    -school newspaper; ozy
    -hangin out with people in RL


  5. Q 1: NL secretly works for PokeBeach.
    Q 2: Ozy misses his friends :'(
    Q 3: Ozy is his inspiration
    Q 4: He’ll challenge the highest level of the JLPT <— I envy you 🙁
    Q 5: Daigo writes for his school's newspaper and his rival is ozzy osbourne (?) Ok, no, ozymandis 😛
    Q 6: hangs out with ppl 😛

      1. First I need to learn german, then french, then italian… Then comes japanese 😛

        Well, my portuguese it’s not the best yet, I need to improve it too xD

  6. 1. A chipmunk.
    2. Posting threads.
    3. Yajima Biyoushitsu.
    4. Licence to kill test.
    5. Naked badminton, Ozy.
    6. Watches straight porn. (Like how straight people watch non-straight porn when they’re REALLY bored! :D)

          1. Contrary to popular belief and the crowds I hang out with, I’m 100% straight lol.
            It’s just that I happen to be a 21st century guy is all!

            Plus girl on girl is still technically gay pronz Ozy! xD;;

  7. What do we suspect NL really is? Hmm, I’d say an undercover Cactus agent.
    What does ozy miss more than a nympho misses sex? Probably the different chickens that he owned when he was little.
    Who is Jonny’s inspiration? The man himself, Peter Griffin.
    What test is Kriffix going to take in the near future? That Japanese one, but that’s probably the codename for Undercover Cactus horny exams.
    What is an activity Daigo does in school, and who is his rival? Paul, wait Gary, wait, Barry, wait..
    What does PJ do when he’s bored? Ermm, fap fap fap slpat slapt slapt *grabs tissues*

    Uhh, where we meant to actually gather the serious information? Cause I read your bio’s ages ago and know all the correct and serious answers :O

    1. idda know if it will….it probably will, but we’ll hafta see since this global link is entirley new!

  8. 1. A double agent that also works for Poekbeach.
    2. His friends
    3. Ozy
    4. the highest level of the JLPT
    5. Writes for his school paper; Ozy
    6. Hang out.

  9. And to get onto pokemon….. :p just seen the update for Pxp quite interesting to see a fish pokemon that’s not water for a change, very interesting.

  10. Hey, by the way who’s picking wich starter in black and white? I’m picking the grass type via black version.
    In generation 1 I picked the grass, in 2 the water, in 3 the fire, and 4 the fire.
    Who did you guys choose in the previous generations?

    The first pokemon game I ever played was yellow version, but on the remade green version I picked Bulbasaur.
    Serious question. Do you guys think you’ll ever get too old or mature for the pokemon franchise?

    1. I always pick a different one in each edition, for example: treecko in ruby, torchic in sapphire, mudkip in emerald, chimchar in diamond, turtwig in pearl and piplup in platinum. Now I’m chosing tsutaja in white, pokabu in black and finally miju in the 3rd game 🙂

      1. Picking Smugleaf in Black. White will just be reset for other pokemon and spare masterballs.

        As to the age question…I’m getting into my late 20’s. You’ll never truly grow out of pokemon, unless you stop playing video games, or only play it cos everyone else does….

    2. For me:

      1st Gen – Squirtle (Water)
      2nd Gen – Chikorita (Grass)
      3rd Gen – Torchic (Fire)
      4th Gen – Piplup (Water)
      5th Gen – Tsutaja (Grass)

      I can see a pattern developing :p I’m not sure if I’ll have a fire type in 6th gen if they keep slapping Fighting type on to it though. :S


      i’m pickin’ tsutaaja for my pokemon black, mikumaru in white and pokabu in grey
      my past generation starters:
      red: charmander
      yellow:pickachu (obviously)
      silver: cyndiquil
      crystal: chikorita
      ruby: torchic
      emerald: mudkip
      diamon: chimchar
      pearl: piplup
      platinum: turtwig

    4. and also, I’m 19.

      I’m a strong believer in if you love something enough you shouldn’t just leave it because it’s seen by others as childish or whatever. (Personally I don’t see pokemon as really childish) Just do what you want to do and like what you want to like.

    5. red: bulbasaur
      gold: chikorita
      ruby: mudkip
      diamond: turtwig
      white: tsutarja

      wow i didn’t realise i liked the ones with 4 legs (or no legs hey tsutarja 😛 )

    6. Never too old for Pokemon. ^^ Ever.

      In all seriousness, I was 5 when Pokemon came out. I started collecting with 1st edition base set cards. I’m not sure I’d know HOW to live without Pokemon. It’s not a hobby, it’s a way of life.

      1. im 20 and i still like them. The anime is the only reason it is labeled Childish imo. But thats mostly because people dont understand the japanese culture. Pretty much everything over there is over dramatized to the point that it sounds corny or insanely cute to the point that its “kiddie”. They have a different view on things than most people.

        I think pokemon should be introduced to every child at an early age. They should be encouraged to pick their favorites and such. It helps you further differentiate yourself from the crowd and find your place as an individual. That kind of thing should never get old since its basically being you.

        1. That’s exactly what I think. ^^; The anime is a horrible representation of the franchise as a whole, especially if you don’t have an understanding of Japanese culture.

          >.< At least they don't eat "Popcorn balls" and "Donuts" anymore, and Professor Oak doesn't BOIL WATER to cook his "Pizza". XD

    7. Hmm, I think I’m going with Mijumaru, cause my friend is getting Pkmn White and Tsutaja~

      I started with Emerald (or maybe it was FireRed.. idk), but that’s only because I didn’t know there were pokemon games until I saw a commercial for FireRed xDD I have allways been a huge Pokemon fan though.. I used to have a Pikachu that when you pressed it’s hand it would make a noise.. I have no idea where it is now D:

      SO, for my other Gen starters..
      Crystal- (I just got it lul) Cyndaquil~!
      FireRed- (restarted this one several times..) Charmander, Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander.. I think
      Emerald- Torchic, Mudkip, Treeko, Mudkip (And then I lost the 4th Emerald version I ever had.. still trying to get another LOL)
      Pearl- Piplup… (I hated all the starters so I never used it, instead I have a lvl 100 Staraptor lolol)
      HeartGold- Cyndaquil~! (it was a Quilava until lvl 72, I finally evolved it, now it’s lvl 83 xDD)

      You can never get to old for Pokemon! xD

    8. Picking Seress (Tsutarja) in White, Secile (Mijumaru) in Black, and Firig (Pokabu) in whatever the hell the 3rd version is. Getting White, then black, then third in that order!

    9. I use whichever ones I think are cute, then narrow it down to one after.
      Gen 1: tried ’em all, use Bulbasaur the most.
      Gen 2: Cyndaquil, occasionally Totodile.
      Gen 3: Mudkip, very rarely Torchic
      Gen 4: Turtwig. Tried Piplup and hated it.
      And for gen 5, I’ll be using all of them~

      You can never be too young for Pokemon, period.

  11. I wouldn’t want to vote a legendary just because it’s a legendary. :/

    If I can vote I’d vote for Torchic. :3 It’ll never win though. 🙁

    1. DON’T xD;;;

      it is japan and they go for anything cute, i wouldn’t be suprised if our winner was pikachu ==’

  12. Yay new shadow! 😀 It makes me think Baltoy 😮

    One question guys, I’m planning on getting a 3ds when it comes out. Do you think I’ll be able to use my old DS and my new 3ds to transfer pokemon from my 4th gen games to the 5th gen? Do you think my ds and the 3ds will be able to connect in that way? I hope so.

  13. NL works at Pokebeach
    Ozzy misses his friends
    Johnny is inspired by ozzy
    Kriffix will take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.
    Daigo writes for his school’s newspaper rival=ozzy
    PJ hangs out with his friends.

  14. these are my answers:

     What do we suspect NL really is?
     A spy from PokeBeach

     What does ozy miss more than a nympho misses sex?
     His friends.

     Who is Jonny’s inspiration?
     Ozymandis

     What test is Kriffix going to take in the near future?
     He’ll challenge the highest level of the JLPT – Japanese Language Profcieny Test.

     What is an activity Daigo does in school, and who is his rival?
     Activity: writing the schoolnewspaper, and his rival is News Writer Ozymandis.

     What does PJ do when he’s bored?
     Hanging out with people in real life

    ps: checked other posts. looks like i’m right! yay!

  15. Just found this on Pokebeach. Don’t think any of this was posted here.

    Mamoko, the Dream World girl, gives you HM01 Cut. This confirms HMs are still in the game despite TMs now being reusable.
    Chillarmy and Minezumi are some of the first Pokemon you see in the wild. (I guessed Mine was posted here, but didn’t know about Chilla.)
    Mijumaru knows Shell Blade by Level 7.

    1. Since TM’s are now reusable it could be possible that they game won’t really differentiate between what’s a HM and a TM anymore. Apart from maybe the description saying it has a field effect.

    2. Oh and since Mine used Cut. I guess it can learn it too. (And probably a lot of other field moves…i.e.strength)

    3. Actually the mijumaru thing isn’t nessecarliy true (Spelled Nessecarilu wrong, lol) true, if you look at the Filb video, it doesn’t use it until level [17] And it was probably thought that it was lvl7 because Ustream is really bad quality.

    1. Celebi is even worse to get. You can get Mew from My Pokemon Ranch, if you’re willing to download that game and have Pokemon Diamond/Pearl.

  16. -What do we suspect NL really is?
    “he secretly works for our rival site PokeBeach”

    -What does ozy miss more than a nympho misses sex?
    “a lot of really good friends”

    -Who is Jonny’s inspiration?
    “OZYMANDIS IS my inspiration and Daigo -_- is my rival lol”

    -What test is Kriffix going to take in the near future?
    “He will challenge the highest level of the JLPT- Japanese Language Proficiency Test”

    -What is an activity Daigo does in school, and who is his rival?
    “He is eternal rivals with fellow News Writer Ozymandis, and he considers him his Koon to Ozy’s Paddo.”

    -What does PJ do when he’s bored?
    “he’ll hang out with people in real life”

  17. 5 more days till BW huh ?? yup that 5th gen list can wait XD oh man which poke’s r good n which poke’s is not

    1. For the gear evo I found that someone just took the sugimori gears and just made one larger and turned it, and did the opposite for the small one.

  18. Oh, Pokabu’s evo are based on the same story as Infernape’s. It’s based on this character: from the story.

    Real imaginative Game Freak. “Fresh Start” my… yeah 🙂

    Yes it’s hard thinking up a Pokemon and also basing it on something, but they could have had Fire/Steel as in it fights with a Sword… =) Oh, it fights with a rake, even better for the /Steel!

  19. 1 ) We suspect NL is working for Rival site
    2 ) Ozy Misses his good friends more than Nympho misses sex
    3 ) Jonnys Inspiration is Ozymandis
    4 ) Kriffix is going to take the highest level Japanese test he can
    5 ) Daigo Writes for his schools paper, and is Eteranl* Rivals with Ozymandis
    6 ) When he is bored PJ spends time with REAL PEOPLE

    * (Singing): Vocab Vocab! Vocab Vocab! See the things that you can say with, Vocab Vocab! Vocab Vocab! YAY!!!!!!! (In barney voice) Hullo Kids! Today were going to learn Vocab!!!!! Todays word is: Eternal
    Do any of you know what it means????
    “Yeah! it means, Eat ernal”
    (Barney) Sorry but… YOU’RE WRONG! Huck huck huck!
    It means, lasting or existing forever; without end or beginning.
    That’s it for today!
    (Credits: Everything: David 😛 )
    Note: Reading this over (the barney thing) I’m kind of freaked out……

  20. * What do we suspect NL really is?
    A worker of PokeBeach

    * What does ozy miss more than a nympho misses sex?
    His friends

    * Who is Jonny’s inspiration?

    * What test is Kriffix going to take in the near future?
    The Japanese Language Proficiency test

    * What is an activity Daigo does in school, and who is his rival?
    He writes for the school newspaper; Ozymandis

    * What does PJ do when he’s bored?
    He’ll hang out with friends

  21. Has everyone forgot about Pokexperto today? There’s three up.

    605: Green Alien Pokémon. Big oval head, this mark on head ( ) and small body. Weird. Pure Psychic Type.
    606: Brown Alien Pokémon. Big trapezoid head (ufo-like), same mark on head and small body. Bigger than Pre Evo. Psychic Type.
    607: Ghost Candle Pokémon. Ghost / Fire Type. Fanart by Hiro:

  22. You know i MUST enter!

    NL – Secretly works for Pokebeach
    Ozy – Misses his good friends
    Jonny – I’M his inspiration, (but actually it’s Ozy…)
    Kriffix – JLPT Test
    Daigo – Ozy is his rival, and he writes for the newspaper
    PJ – Hang out with friends

  23. my mom said I have to make a good grade on my english test or no white version.
    good way to get me to study >.< geez

  24. ooh well now
    ive been comming here to the site religiously since the start of the summer and im just now finding out the creator is gay as well
    i am too, its nice to know it isnt only me…all my gay friends think im wicked stupid when the see my basement covered in pokemon cards <3
    i really dont look the part of a pokefan but i promise im the biggest

  25. 609: Ghost Candelabra Pokémon. A candelabra with a main bulb and four arms ending in purple flames. Fire / Ghost

  26. Ghost Fire is awesome OwO Now I wanna see the colored version of the polar bear >w<! Or Anteater but I doubt it is the Anteater ;P

    ISSHU 0WNED! <33

  27. Starter evo CoroCoro is FAKE!

    It says at the beginning that there are 18 NEW pokemon. If you count all the pokemon in the magazine, discluding Reshiram and Zekrom. You get 21. If you take out the starters that makes 18.Along with the reasons I listed, if you’re still not convinced, check this picture out, made by WTFNinja:

        1. Also, usually the pages are folded in, on the starter page, and Reshiram & Zekrom page, they are reversed, and there is no fold!!! How do you explain that?

          1. Oh, then just forget the rant of a conspiracy theorist against the evos! I actually like them, except Chaobuu. I guess I was just too busy screaming NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At Chaobuu’s typing that I would do anything to prove it wrong. My conclusion is that I like the evos, but not the final ones for them!

    1. The starters were in a pamplet alongside CoroCoro, not in the magazine itself. That explains the creases and everything. There are 18 in corocoro, not counting the 3 starter evos in the pamplet. Someone on serebii added the discrepant numbers for organizational purposes.

      1. Hang on, If the Aloe-Chaobuu thing was in CoroCoro, why wasn’t the starter’s evo’s revealed there too?

  28. 610: Kibago.
    611: Kibago Evo. Like Kibago but with longer horns and tail, and bigger. Green on top, grey on bottom.
    612: Ononokusu. Dragons.

  29. Dammit, why can’t I read Japanese!? D: If my school had a Japanese class, I would have learned enough for me to buy Pokemon Blaaaaaaack D:

    I hope the US gets one of these polls when B/W are released. And I vote for Jirachi!

    1. We just got Jirachi! I vote for Mew, ain’t had that in the west for as long as I remember, so I want one xP
      And not celebi cause we are likely to get that with the movie.
      I’m importing White, so getting Mew with it would be nice (and I don’t know a whole lot of japanese, so as long as I get English Black it shouldn’t be a problem 🙂 )

  30. Um im 19 almost 20 and i’ve been playing pokemon since diamond and pearl. . .I know not that loyal but my bf bought if for me so I played it and loved it! Never too old to start!

  31. 1) He might be working at Pokebeach.
    2) He misses all of his good friends.
    3) Ozy is his inspiration.
    4) The JLPT.
    5) He writes for his school newspaper. Ozy’s his rival.
    6) He hangs out with friends in real life.

  32. Well, my starters in the past have been:

    Yellow – Pikachu (duh)
    Gold – Cyndaquil
    Crystal – Cyndaquil
    Ruby – Torchic
    Sapphire – Treecko
    FireRed – Bulbasaur
    LeafGreen – Charmander
    Emerald – Torchic
    Diamond – Turtwig
    HeartGold – Cyndaquil
    White (when it comes to the US) – Splotter (Miju)

    Yep, this’ll be the first time I pick the water starter as my mainstay; I’ve always had to trade to get the water starters in the past. I knew that Water types were easy to run into in the games, so I never needed to start with a Water type. Now that Grass types are rampant and Fire types appear to be cropping up a lot more, and I haven’t seen a lot of good Water types yet, I think Splotter will be a good teammate. 🙂

  33. More interesting than bio’s. An opinion tab on the website. I like to hear well formulated thoughts about Pokemon news and the general fandom. I know the news section generally keeps opinions to a minimum, but I think there should be a tab for pure opinion.

    Just a thought. I’m sure the staff has unique opinions.

  34. What do we suspect NL really is?
    a PokeBeach Worker
    What does ozy miss more than a nympho misses sex?
    His really good friends
    Who is Jonny’s inspiration?
    What test is Kriffix going to take in the near future?
    Japanese Language Proficiency Test
    What is an activity Daigo does in school, and who is his rival?
    Writing for the newspaper, Ozy
    What does PJ do when he’s bored?
    Hang out with people in real life

  35. I’ll pick Deoxys- most of us won’t end up getting them any other way xP
    1. Younger than he actually is
    2. His friends
    3. Ozy
    4. His JLPT
    5. Daigo writes the newspaper and school, and his rival is Ozy
    6. PJ likes to hang out with real people and friends (god forbid xP)

    ~Prof. W.

  36. What do we suspect NL really is?
    – A worker for the rival site, Pokebeach.
    What does ozy miss more than a nympho misses sex?
    – A lot of his really good friends. ):
    Who is Jonny’s inspiration?
    – Ozymandis is his inspiration!
    What test is Kriffix going to take in the near future?
    The highest level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test
    What is an activity Daigo does in school, and who is his rival?
    – Daigo writes for his school newspaper and his rival is Ozymandis, the Paddo to his Koon.
    What does PJ do when he’s bored?
    – He’ll hang out with people in real life, yo.

    Thanks for the many updates! Pokejungle is becoming one of my favourite go-to sites. 🙂

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