9/13 Experto News (UPD4)

It is rather hard to keep Experto news updated properly since people don’t check for updates if it isn’t the first article on my front page ._.;  Since it is now Monday I get to start a new one anyways though :]



  • #602 Small white fish, Electric
  • #603 Lamprey pokemon, Electric
  • #604 Lamprey evo, Electric
  • #605 Green Alien pokemon, Psychic
  • #606 Alien evo, brown with trapezoid shaped head, Psychic
  • #607 Candle pokemon, Fire/Ghost (pictured)
  • #608 Ghost Lamp Pokémon. Ghost / Fire Type (pictured)
  • #609 Ghost Chandelier Pokémon. A Chandelier with a main bulb and four arms ending in purple flames. Fire / Ghost Type.
  • #610:Kibago.
  • #611:Kibago Evo. Like Kibago but with longer horns and tail, and bigger. Green on top, grey on bottom.
  • #612: Ononokusu. Pure Dragon line

<3 pokejungle

ps- Am I the only one confused as to whether the fish is in the lamprey line by the way he updated his twitter?  I would think a fish would NOT get a pure ‘Electric’ typing either…