Dae asks: Completion Time

  Still slow news, but at least some are enjoying Rumble Blast and I can get my hands on with Zelda next month… This time no favorite question, but hard cold numbers (and some discussion). How much time do you take to complete the story in your main games? Are you doing it as fast … Read more

Pokémon Gray Coming Spring 2012?

During a Nintendo Financial Conference today, it was revealed a new Pokémon game will hit the shelves next Spring in Japan. Sadly, as it was more of a note towards investors and not the gaming audience, no details were given. However, we can speculate a bit about it. With the game coming out in Spring, … Read more

Dae asks: Favorite Ingame Moment

I’m back with a new Dae asks. Sorry for the lack of updates, I think we’re all three so busy with life that Pokémon comes in second place… This question was provided by Andrew, and I’ll be doing a variation of it in the next Dae asks. Here it comes! What’s your favorite moment ingame? … Read more

Pokédex 3D Updated + New C-Gear Skin (UPD)

Got two nice little updates for you guys! I’ve been really busy the last few weeks and it will only get busier… Anyways, the first noteworthy thing is that the Pokédex 3D app (yep, that thing nobody uses in favor of better online-available Pokédexes) got an update. You now have a pause button to pause … Read more

Dae asks: Favorite Rival

Some time ago I asked you guys to send in ideas for a new Dae asks, and a got a few responses. However I need more suggestions for the next community question, so send me a private message if you have something. Today’s question is courtesy of Jandro27, and is rather interesting. Who is your … Read more

Super Pokémon Rumble Release Date (EU)

Nintendo of Europe just announced the European release date for Super Pokémon Rumble (Rumble Blast in America), along with a shiny logo. The game will release on December 2th 2011. This is the same date as Mario Kart, so it seems a bit strange. But, more games for the 3DS can’t be a bad thing! … Read more