Dae asks: Favorite Ingame Moment

I’m back with a new Dae asks. Sorry for the lack of updates, I think we’re all three so busy with life that Pokémon comes in second place…
This question was provided by Andrew, and I’ll be doing a variation of it in the next Dae asks. Here it comes!

What’s your favorite moment ingame? The awakening of a legendary pokémon, or something more personal like finding that one shiny you’ve been wanting for ages are all valid options. As always, explain a bit further, and I will not approve new comments that consist of only a few short words.

The place to discuss this is right below, in the comments, so go commenting!

  1. For me, it is always the begining of the game… not matter which game. I always like picking my starter, have a bttle with my rival(s) then go out and start my Pokemon catching adventure!!!

  2. Best in game moment was when I found a Dragon scale attached to a pokemon in Pokemon Emerald(my first pokemon game). It enabled me to get Kingdra thereby completing the entire pokedex. I was so happy when I went to collect my Johto starter from the professor after finishing the pokedex. That was a tough choice-I went Chikorita. even though Ive since played Heartgold and get easily get a Chikorita-the one on my emerald is special.

  3. Mine is probably catching a female shiny Blitzle on Pokemon Black – I hadn’t got a shiny without effort before, and to get one on my first day of the game was quite a nice experience – I couldn’t stop bragging about it.

  4. I have two:
    The first is what Lucario-man said. I love the feeling when I look at my party in the beginning and there is a level 9 Turtwig, a level 7 Shinx, and a level 6 Zubat. So on and so forth.

    The second is as I am about to face the Elite Four as I look into my party and see Torterra, Luxray, Crobat, Garchomp, and Lucario (my typical DPPt Team)

  5. To speak about Pokemon Black & White, i think the best moment is when you’re leading to Victory Road/Badge Checking Gates the moment Cheren and Bianca come up. The music of Route 10 is a masterpiece then Cheren talks about your journey, the moment you started it and all about memories and being champion; it was just amazing.


  6. As has been said, the beginning of the game is always great. You’ve begun a new journey with new Pokemon and you’re discovering new things! It’s awesome!

  7. The best moment ever in a pokemon game for me was Bianca confronting her dad in .. that city, with Elesa chiming in. It is probably the most heartwarming moment in a pokemon game (in an arguably densest storyline ever).

  8. Personally, for me I’ve always liked the end game. It does tend to hold the most sentimental value after all…

    I loved it when I got to the Indigo Plateau in Heart Gold. Turning around to talk to Feraligatr and just getting a silent nod in return…daaaw. Not to mention that some of the best fights in the game tend to follow your first step into the Pokemon league.

    A close second, though, would have to be facing Red atop Mt. Silver. Climbing that mountain, then facing the most powerful trainer in the game, it’s exhilarating. Even better when you win and the sweet, sweet credits music begins to play.

  9. for me, it can only be starting the battle against red in the original gold, with the amazing music n everything

  10. I agree with what everyone has been saying before, especially the beginning of the game when you pick your starter. Another favorite moment of mine was when I was breeding my Metagross in Emerald so I could transfer a Beldum to Pearl. I like to train bred Pokemon from level 1 in my next game because it feels better to know that I trained it from 1 to 100. Well when I hatched it, I got a shiny Beldum! And it was my first Shiny (besides the automatically shiny Gyarados), so it felt good. Plus, Metagross looks awesome in its gold and silver shiny form!

  11. For a personal experience..my favorite moment of mine was my first time playing Crystal and not knowing about the shinies, I ran into a pink Wooper and thought it was a legendary, it ran from me after throwing a Pokeball. I must have stayed in the patch of grass for 3 days trying to find it again. xD

    And as much as I hate it…I love when Joey calls to talk about his Rattata.

    Also what others have said about picking your starter and your first steps into the Pokemon world…there’s just that excitement of starting out, all the possibilities of a new team/family. It what makes me love Pokemon a lot. All the memories you make, inside jokes…they’re just irreplaceable, and something I’m glad I never forgot as I grew up.

    1. Yeah, I know the feeling of that first shiny. Mine was an orange geodude in Diamond, on route 212 i think. It used self destruct.

      The first shiny I caught however, had to be my light purple Lapras in Heartgold. The Safari zone, level 17.

    2. Jenny, I understand completely the feeling of that first shiny. Diamond, Orange Geodude, Route 212. It used Self destruct.

  12. I just love it when i battle the evil guy. especially in black/white. You get to battle N and Ghetsis. Those places always have epic cut scenes and battles.

  13. Mine’s kinda stupid but here goes. I’ve played Pokemon since the old days, but by far my favorite Pokemon ever is Cofagrigus (he reminded me of this extremely crude mummy-coffin Pokemon I made up when I was 7). So, finally catching one in White was a pretty awesome experience in my book.

    Runner-Up: Teaching my Nidoking how to use Surf in Pokemon Red and feeling like some kind of tactical genius.

  14. Basically when I got my Feraligatr to lv. 100 and it single-handedly destroyed the E4. Those were the times.
    But he’s gone now. 🙁

  15. The very beginning of a new Pokemon game is always exhilarating, but then you remember… I don’t have the effing running shoes yet!!! So then you walk (crawl) a couple towns over and THEN you get the shoes. FINALLY.

    One of the best moments for me in BW was the final battle with N & Ghetsis. Wish I could replay that. The elite four this gen are all right. Still kinda look back to Drake and his dynamic-duo-Dragonites. (Or were they a terrible trio?) The Steven Stone battle in Emerald is fantastic, why don’t people seem to remember?

  16. There you are, ready to be the very best that ever was, to test yourself by catching them and train them because that’s your cause…except that a stupid gym leader is in your way (a gym leader that will totally kick your ass at your team’s current level). Thus begins the tedious and horribly long phase of walking around grass like a mindless zombie, defeating every wild pokemon that appears (or, in my case for Black, slaughtering Audino after Audino) until, after five hours have passed and you’ve reached the point where your only thought is “ASDFGH SCREW THIS.THEY’RE STRONG ENOUGH.”. You march right into the gym leader, deafeat the other trainers and finally, upon initiating the awaited battle agianst the gym leader…You realize with joy that your weakest pokemon is three levels higher than the gym leader’s strongest pokemon. That moment of pure epicness, pride and evil laughs as you completely own the gymleader…*That* is my in-game favorite moment.

    Also the moment you step into N’s Castle and what follows. Pure awesomeness.

  17. The end of one of the special missions in Explorers in Sky. When Grovyle, Dusknoir and Celebi all get a new life. It brought a tear to that 15 year old boy :’)

  18. The moment when your starter evolves for the final time has always struck a cord with me. When my first Charmander became a Charizard when I was 8 I felt like I could take on the entire Pokemon world, and win. Successfully capturing a Scyther in the Safari Zone always felt great too. As did catching Mewtwo in a Great Ball. Those were the days.

    Running into my shiny Mewtwo in FireRed, completely by chance, on the FIRST ENCOUNTER was pretty awesome too.

  19. My best in game moment was when, I spent hours and hours of fishing for a Feebas on route 119, and just when i was about to give up a wild feebas appeared.
    I jumped up with excitement,nearly dropped my Gba xD.But then I realised I had only 4 pokéballs and on the 3rd ball I got him 😀 I evolved him into a Milotic and I still have him he’s in my Pokemon Black Team :D.

  20. i always enjoy the story until i realize it’s just another of the same formula that’s never changed. you all know what i mean. i go into every generation with the hope that it’ll actually be better, and while it IS usually better in some ways, it’s just more of the same. luckily there’s still the whole battling-your-friends aspect. lol

  21. Crossing Skyarrow Bridge for the first time was definitely a highlight for Unova for me 😀 When you first burst out of Pinwheel forest…I was just like “Woah what?” and then when you get to the part where you can see the skyline of Castelia City… In the evening, that looked damn amazing.
    Another highlight would be walking into the pokemon league in Unova-again, the view, simply fantastic.
    But my FAVOURITE would have to be when I finally beat the Elite Four, on my own, without cheating, and with a team i trained all on my lonesome 😀

  22. Probably those orgasmic moments when I’ve found shinies. Like the time I was training stuff on the one route where there are level 50 Audinos, and I ran into a shiny, purple Audino! But I only had a Master Ball with me, so now it looks fake >:( I just about died when, while replaying my Platinum, I came across a shiny ROSELIA!!! And I just about cried, because Roselia is one of my favorite Pokemon of all time :’D

  23. One of would be when I leveled up my emboar up to level 100 and my Kyurem. I was so happy also when i beat n and alder yeah.

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