pokejungle’s bday party

And you are ALL invited!  Let’s have “free comments” on this post just to socialize and chat ^^  Anyone up for that?  I’ll be reading them too so if you have a question or suggestion for me feel free to post it.  Just to get us started, does anyone watch anime?  I often don’t, but there have been a few good shows that I’ve enjoyed.  Gantz is probably my favorite.

ps- If you want to get me a birthday present you can sign up and become an active member at our forums, Mt. Moon Community.  Hehehe.  As long as we’re on the subject of side sites, our old Oekaki’s splash page was at scanvas.net BUT I have let that domain go and you can reach the main oekaki board @ http://smeargle.pokejungle.net 

<3 pokejungle