Pokédex 3D Updated + New C-Gear Skin (UPD)

Got two nice little updates for you guys! I’ve been really busy the last few weeks and it will only get busier…

Anyways, the first noteworthy thing is that the Pokédex 3D app (yep, that thing nobody uses in favor of better online-available Pokédexes) got an update. You now have a pause button to pause the animations, to truly get that awesome move. All the AR-related things you had to unlock with having a certain amount of stickers are now unlocked automatically, which include a stopwatch, some musical notes, the background, the real size button and finally the scale slider.

And the last news I have for today is that the Summer Deerling skin pictured above is now available without a password on the Pokémon GL (this was for Japanese only) with password PB52XQ2H, as it is officialy summer in-game! I hope you enjoy it, as I’m too tired to get even a smile on my face. I still like it however.

That’s it! I except a new Dae asks soon, but until then, you can discuss this post in the comments!

UPD: It’s now available internationally, with a password required. Sorry for the mistake!