Pokédex 3D Updated + New C-Gear Skin (UPD)

Got two nice little updates for you guys! I’ve been really busy the last few weeks and it will only get busier… Anyways, the first noteworthy thing is that the Pokédex 3D app (yep, that thing nobody uses in favor of better online-available Pokédexes) got an update. You now have a pause button to pause … Read more

New C-Gear Skin! (EU)

Like, seriously how often has that been the title of posts these past few weeks…? Anyways, a C-Gear has been localized for Europe! (‘Bout time :p) This C-Gear skin, which was released to the Japanese Global Link earlier this year, features Venusaur and will be available from now until January 19th, 2012. Nintendo also revealed that two … Read more

New C-Gear Skin! [UPD]

A new C-Gear skin has been announced! Featuring a skateboarding Pikachu, and designed with the 2011 Pokemon World Championships in mind, this C-Gear skin is available through the Global Link from now until September 15th. It requires a password that hasn’t been revealed yet. The password for it is WorldsCGear. As well as this one, the Audino … Read more