New C-Gear Skin! [UPD]

A new C-Gear skin has been announced! Featuring a skateboarding Pikachu, and designed with the 2011 Pokemon World Championships in mind, this C-Gear skin is available through the Global Link from now until September 15th. It requires a password that hasn’t been revealed yet. The password for it is WorldsCGear. As well as this one, the Audino C-Gear, which was previously only available in Japan, can now be obtained in the US Global Link! It’s also available from now until September 15th, and requires a password. The latter of which has not been revealed yet. But stay tuned and we’ll post it once it becomes known!  Yahoo! Kids has finally revealed the password, it’s YAHOOAUDINO.

peace – ozymandis

P.S. Best C-Gear skin EVER. Am I right?