Dae Asks: Favorite Gym

There is a new Shaymin event coming to Japan soon, but I’ll report it once we get full details. So I’ve done a Trainer Class article some time ago, and now we’re going one step further: Gym Leaders and their Gyms. With five generations, and two remakes, we have seen a lot of different Gym … Read more

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American visitors. Just doing a quick post, since there is no real news to report, so we’re doing a Thanksgiving discussion today! Snorlax has eaten ten turkeys and much more, but what about you? What are you going to eat today? Are your uncles and aunts coming over? Is it … Read more

[UPD] PDW: Nintendo Power Winter Items

Better late than never, as always. Getting tired of Global Link promo’s though, that’s why I don’t update so often on them, but it’s the only news we have for now… The password only applies for the American Global Link, but Europeans get this without one. In the December Nintendo Power a password was revealed … Read more

Dae Asks: Being a Fan

New style for PJN, new style for my logo. Still trying to get a much better one, if time permits… Anyway, here’s the new question: What’s your favorite part of being a Pokémon fan? Why are you a fan? What’s so special about Pokémon that you like it so much? Do you tell people around … Read more

Gray To Be Announced at Jump Festa?

You guys still now when we reported that rumour that The Pokémon Company was attending Jump Festa 2011? Now we have confirmation, and they also told they will do a surprise announcement! Of course, it can be something lame, like a new movie that everybody knew that it was coming or a new spin-off, but … Read more

Dae asks: Favorite Pokémon

The one question that rules them all, the one that lies at the heart of every Pokémon trainer. Some will say they have no preference, but we all know that deep inside, they do have one. So, here it comes…. Who’s your favorite Pokémon of all generations? No need for me to explain it further, … Read more